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05/25/18 Sometimes God talks to us but do we listen?
04/06/18 The quickest turnaround in show biz history: PART 2
03/21/18 The quickest turnaround in show biz history: Part 1
02/13/18 Treason matters
01/12/18 Who's that new lead-in to Limbaugh and Hannity?
11/22/17 Killing Justice
10/20/17 Bannon banning RINOs
10/02/17 Why Lefties are Russian to get rid of Trump
09/04/17 Trump: The Cinderella president
09/04/17 Trump's third party
08/21/17 Dems preparing us for genocide?
08/07/17 My special prosecutor can beat up your special prosecutor
07/14/17 The secret to a rich life is to have more beginnings than endings
07/04/17 Time for Trump to demolish the Deep State
06/19/17 Dem done it!
06/09/17 Time for a third party based on Trump agenda
03/10/17 Open letter from President Trump to Obama's communist insurgency
02/24/17 Congress morphs into Animal House
01/30/17 Donald trumped Dems race card
01/13/17 Israel: When you reach for the stars you have to look up
12/30/16 Jews who voted for Obama three times should consider converting to Islam
09/30/16 Memo to Trump: Take the spotlight off yourself and shine it on Hillary
09/09/16 Will someone please escort Hillary out before she hurts herself—and us?
08/26/16 How Hil victory may drive America to revolt
08/22/16 Hill Billy enterprises bigger than the mafia
08/05/16 Buffet offers limo rides to Venezuela
07/29/16 Trump: Sometimes acting dumb plants brilliant traps
05/23/16 Ryan dyin' for not relyin' on Trump
05/06/16 Like it or not Trump is the last stand of America
05/02/16 Trump plays chess while the rest play checkers
04/15/16 The underwater archaeologist
03/25/16 Rabbi fishes for Christian/Jewish coalition
03/10/16 The Evil Empire Strikes Trump
02/26/16 Whether Trump, Rubio or Cruz Republicans are on suicide watch
02/12/16 Governors vs senators and an aging socialist against Bernie
01/29/16 Obama sticking it to Jews anytime he can
01/15/16 Preparing your children to conquer the world
12/18/15 America's chickens have come home to reproduce
12/11/15 Trump guilty? Obama/Hillary created more jihadists than Mohammed
11/25/15 Killing good Will
10/30/15 How to get away with murder in America
10/09/15 Obama's spite for America has Israel on war footing
10/02/15 Boehner and McConnell: Two's a party three's a crowd
09/18/15 #blacklivesmatter has had it: THEY'RE GOING HOME!
09/04/15 No more Mr. Nice Guys? What about Doc Carson?
08/21/15 Next black president? The Donald
08/07/15 15 liberal hypocrisies
07/27/15 20 questions we asked about obama when he took office and beyond
07/20/15 Jewish state on its own as Obama declares war on Israel
07/06/15 Obama jobs: Bring on the ISIS Monument Men
06/26/15 Obama: World's chief vacuum salesman
05/29/15 Baltimore prosecutor relegates police to hauling black bodies to morgue
05/15/15 Killing Pamela
05/08/15 Remember that 'civilian national security force' Obama fantasized about?
04/27/15 Were the neocons right?
04/13/15 Obama's precedents make him a dangerous president
03/27/15 How to deal with a bully
03/20/15 Curb racism: Dismantle the Obama administration
02/20/15 ISIS hires a Hahvad lawyer
02/06/15 Blood on their hands? You bet
01/23/15 Can Western civilization survive 'progressive' ignorance?
01/14/15 Bury Barry in a bunch of bills
12/30/14 Dems running on stolen valor?
12/09/14 Ferguson lesson: Security cops should go on strike
11/24/14 Obama's unpresidential tantrum
11/06/14 Ferguson: The race war after the election
10/24/14 Barack Obama and the redistribution of death
10/03/14 Dr. Ezekiel Emanuel: 'Why I hope to die at 75'—why wait?
09/16/14 Farrakhan strikes Ferguson again
09/01/14 Farrakhan maligns Ferguson
08/22/14 Sometimes race is thicker than logic
08/15/14 Bibi taking care of business while Bambi runs out the clock
08/01/14 Genocide of Christians takes a back seat to hating Israel
07/25/14 Sometimes you have to vote for good when perfect isn't available
07/11/14 Where reasonable rules are ignored civilizations die
06/27/14 Obama votes no presence in Iraq: The Mideast goes up in flames
06/09/14 Jews seek reparations for being enslaved in Africa
05/30/14 Curb your entitlements
05/16/14 President Dogwhistle and his government of canines
05/09/14 Youth charge racism on top of old fogeys
04/28/14 Nine more Obama wars
04/18/14 Ten Obama Wars
04/11/14 The impending invasion of Europe: Who's vulnerable?
04/04/14 Has anyone in the Obama administration realized why they're failing?
03/28/14 Did Obama just deliver on his 'flexibility' pledge to Russia?
03/21/14 Obama: 20 things we don't give him enough credit for
03/14/14 Field Marshal Fritz and his favorite nephew
02/28/14 O'Reilly: Obama's a patriot!
02/24/14 The secret to a rich life is to have more beginnings than endings: Part 4
02/14/14 The secret to a rich life is to have more beginnings than endings: Part 3
02/07/14 The secret to a rich life is to have more beginnings than endings: Part 2
01/30/14 The secret to a rich life is to have more beginnings than endings: Part 1
01/09/14 Let Tea Party principles spur GOP to victory in '14
12/27/13 If a President breaks his own law 15 times why should we obey it?
12/19/13 Obamacare, the movie: The steamroller that flattened America
12/17/13 If you like your plan, doc or hospital -- you're screwed -- as death panel await
12/09/13 20 reasons why President Obama no longer represents me
12/04/13 The Obamacare appeal is only in its immediate destruction
11/22/13 Obamacare disaster rains racist attacks upon those who criticize dear leader
11/13/13 Obamacare : A 'big freakin' train wreck'
11/01/13 Wanna starve? Let Obama and Dems control our food supply
10/25/13 Enhance your life --- become a great customer
10/21/13 Bill O's future book?: Killing America
10/04/13 Obama crosses America's red line: McCain alert, Part two
09/25/13 Obama crosses America's red line: Part One
09/13/13 Obama turns Miss American Pie into Putin's Russian borscht
09/04/13 A dose of race reality in the shadow of MLK's dream
08/26/13 Does Obama's fascination with the Muslim Brotherhood border on schizophrenia?
08/16/13 Can GOPers choke off ObamaCare and win in '14?
08/09/13 Obama clicked heels three times; declared war(s) over
08/02/13 Obama scandals phony or have we elected a phony president?
07/29/13 O'Reilly for president of the NAACP
07/19/13 Thirty lessons learned from the Zimmerman verdict
07/12/13 OJ revisited: Will fear of race riots convict "white hispanic" Zimmerman
06/28/13 New Obama phenom to replace Carney? Final answers from Obama spokesman
06/21/13 Questions for libs part two: The regime strikes back!
06/17/13 Twenty questions for liberals about the Obama administration
06/10/13 The Islamic war on the West is a complete fraud
05/24/13 Obama and his crew use Sergeant Shultz defense
05/08/13 Washington: We have a problem
04/30/13 President infanticide reverts back to 'voting present' daze on abortion survivors
04/19/13 The secret to a rich life is to have more beginnings than endings
04/15/13 Libs: Obama's policies betray poor and middle class
04/05/13 Obama keeping hope alive with hate for us
03/29/13 What did Israelis do to get Obama to cave?
03/16/13 Filibuster this! RINOs get out of the way!
03/11/13 Sequester this! Apocalypse not!
03/01/13 If you could talk to the libs
02/25/13 Speaking truth to demagogues
02/15/13 Obama and Hillary caught sleeping through Benghazi
02/08/13 Let's face it: I'm just not 'subtle' enough to understand Obama
02/01/13: Jews should be a little more paranoid if they are to survive
01/28/13: What if Lincoln had run against Obama?
01/18/13: The mastery of Lincoln
01/11/13: The Schnucks of Lists: Forward by the UBARF (United Burglar and Rapist Felons)
01/04/13: Shootout on the Second Amendment
12/28/12: It's open season on Benghazi conspiracies
12/21/12: Protecting our children is job one
12/11/12: Conservatives must be resolute to prevent complete socialist takeover
11/30/12: Will Obama try to become president for life?
11/19/12: Succeed at the secede
11/03/12: 'Obama called the Seals and they got bin- Laden. When the Seals called Obama they got denied' (Banned from Facebook)
10/31/12: Interview with Mo senate candidate Rep. Todd Akin
10/19/12: Obama's rope-a-dope flop proves he can't avoid his record
10/12/12: Obama trauma: The world's #1 lawyer demolished by Romney
09/21/12: Obama a 'nice guy?' REALLY!?
08/08/12: "FIRE THE LIAR!" My Tea Party speech
07/23/12: The 'I didn't write this column,' column
07/12/12: Judge Roberts may have fooled everyone --- even himself
06/26/12: If you don't vote Romney you're on Obama's side
06/18/12: Will Obama survive the attacks from the Clintonistas?
05/30/12: Are those who dare vet Barack racist?
05/22/12: Wars from our president
05/09/12: Fight Barack's cliches, misspeaks and outright lies
04/25/12: Barry has no respect for employer/customers
04/16/12: Barack : A jack of all trades
04/03/12: Game Change: How Palin almost ruined McCain's quest to lose
03/27/12: Steve Jobs: To Infinity and Beyond!
03/14/12: Dear Leader Knows what's best for us children
03/06/12: Bad news for Barry: The unification of Christians and Jews
02/24/12: Obama's 150 million points of blight
02/17/12: Will occupiers turn their attention to Obama in Charlotte?
02/06/12: Mere mortals shouldn't mess with The Messiah
01/25/12: Newt joins Bubba in baggage handlers hall of fame
01/17/12: Who stands for 750 million Muslim women?
12/27/11: 2012 New Year's resolution: Time to take out the trash
12/20/11: Obama still delusional after all these years
12/09/11: Doctor Feelgood and his dancing needles
11/28/11: Occupiers: One and done or act two?
11/11/11: Rally Squirrel's case to succeed cards legend: Tony La Russa
11/01/11: Barack Obama: Our perfect president
10/24/11: Why the USA must be occupied
10/13/11: What if Republicans had done this?
09/28/11: Obama's Christian problem
09/20/11: Liberal Jews have always missed the point ---- until now
09/06/11: Congressional Black Caucus declares war on white America
08/26/11: Restoring courage in St. Louis
08/18/11: Sticks & stones may break our bones but slander will make us vote
08/11/11: Twitter, twitter little stars
08/03/11: Tea partiers making an offer nobody should refuse
07/26/11: Pilot Obama to passengers: IT'S YOUR FAULT PLANE IS CRASHING!
07/19/11: Dick Brams: Advertising legend
07/12/11: Militant blacks: Mr. Bigshot, who do you think you are?
07/05/11: Race wars coming to a town near you?
06/27/11: Obama: Do you hate us?
06/21/11: Palin's got mail
06/10/11: Show biz to Obama's rescue
06/03/11: Can a Palin or Bachmann be elected president?
05/25/11: Obama's Death to Israel speech sets precedent for world
05/17/11: A Tale of Two Cities --- scares the Dickens out of me
05/04/11: The legacy of Francisco Rodriguez, champion boxer
04/28/11: Planned Parenthood strikes back
04/19/11: Perk up America! The tea party is just starting to brew!
04/12/11: Want letters? Write about abortion and race
04/05/11: Planned Parenthood's focus on black babies
03/29/11: Mommy, stop them from killing me!
03/22/11: Lectures from my president: Proffesor Barack Hussein Obama
03/15/11: If we spend all our time looking for mice, the elephants will trample us
03/08/11: Holder: Saving his peeps and shredding the constitution
03/01/11: The running of the Cheeseheads: A time for reflection
02/22/11: President Obama: Israel has a birth certificate
02/15/11: In a more perfect world
02/07/11: Neocons not so nuts after all?
02/01/11: Don't cry for me MSNBC
01/24/11: Tuesday is Take a Socialist to Show and Tell Day
01/18/11: The strawman assassination of our free speech
01/11/11: The charge of the Right brigade
01/04/11: Nudging 'We the People' into an abyss
12/28/10: Obama continues to rule against the will of the people
12/20/10: New rules for new year
12/13/10: Wikileak: Arab/Muslim countries at war with USA
12/08/10: The Big Three on the Right: Palin, Limbaugh and Beck
11/29/10: TSA, TSA, TSAlltheway!
11/15/10: Ignore these Dems at your own peril!
11/08/10: Republicans, your mission is clear
11/01/10: Our choice: Sit in the back of the bus or take back the keys
10/25/10: Repubs: When did you stop forcing women to pray to Aqua Buddha?
10/18/10: The ultimate birther: Barack Hussein Obama
10/11/10: Dems Brown and allred kill Latino jobs
09/23/10: Fight the socialist programing of our kids
09/13/10: Got your taste of marxism? Bet you can't wait to spit it out!
09/07/10: Official 2010 Dem campaign song: ‘IT WASN'T ME!’
08/30/10: Are blacks who speak out against Obama racist too?
08/23/10: Obama and Dems take food from poor and give it to SEIU
08/16/10: Obama reminds us it's all about the motive
08/09/10: Mo tells O where to shove his ObamaCare
08/02/10: Farrakhan to America: PAY UP OR ELSE!
07/26/10: The Facebook follies: Arguing the race war
07/19/10: Barack Obama: The Payback President
07/12/10: The Amnestyville Horror: Coming to a state near you
07/02/10: Is Gen. Petraeus Obama's messiah?
06/25/10: Obama's Joe Wilson moment
06/18/10: Truthers, roosters and Birthers -- oh my!
06/11/10: The Silence of the Dem town halls
06/07/10: Bill gets Barack jiggy with impeachment strategy
05/31/10: The incompetence of the radicals
05/24/10: Obama pointing fingers, while leaking waivers to Big Oil
05/17/10: Don't die for US Arizona
05/10/10: Osama bin Laden shocked by Bush 9/11 response
04/30/10: Sorry Charlie, lovable losers are still losers
04/23/10: Barack Obama needs you to fail
04/09/10: A lot of us were born at night, just not last night. And we call ourselves The Tea Party
04/02/10: Ethnic Cleansing of Jews from Arab/Muslim countries
03/19/10: New intifada laid at Obama's hissy feet
03/12/10: Slaughter house rules?
03/05/10: Dr. Doolittle talks to us animals
02/26/10: Obama demands summit with the Divine
02/19/10: Strawman for President 2012
02/12/10: A distinct president with instincts that stink
02/05/10: A lame duck in a country of ruffled feathers
01/29/10: An unruly mob of won
01/25/10: Fourteen questions for Dear Leader
01/18/10: Americans are hotter than they were before the American Revolution
01/08/10: The inner attack against the United States
12/29/09: Billionaires to go out with a bang in 2010
12/22/09: Last chance to represent Americans

12/18/09: Last chance to represent Americans
11/26/09: Prostatectomy: Almost as painful as watching the Obama presidency
11/13/09: Part Two: Advising Obama how to regain his mojo: Or my future as a ‘psychiatric’ patient in northern Alaska
11/06/09: Soon to be outted: My trip to the White House
10/30/09: America's new criminal profiling: SWC (Succeeding While Conservative)
10/23/09: America's new criminal profiling: SWC (Succeeding While Conservative)
10/16/09: There should be no tolerance for intolerance … And other laws I'd like to see
10/09/09: Obama's gift
10/02/09: Ahmadinejad claims US slavery a hoax; Pledges to 'wipe America off the map'
09/25/09: All hail Obama: from community organizer to world emperor
09/18/09: Put a fork in Obamacare now!
09/11/09: Obama: Run on fraud; govern by stealth
09/04/09: Is 0bama's presidency the ‘crisis’ Biden warned about?
08/28/09: What's next: Codgers for caskets?
08/21/09: Nationalized medicine will not reduce medical errors and save lives
08/14/09: Hc debate out of control, as Obama strikes back!
08/07/09: Senators, congressman, Obama flunkies, would you mind answering a few questions?
07/31/09: Palin/Obama: A tale of two books
07/24/09: Our change should be for Barack's mind or job
07/17/09: Sotomayor disqualified by cross examination 101
07/10/09: Palin passes: Breaks press's full court press
07/03/09: King Obama's race to a socialist monarchy
06/26/09: Hot dog diplomacy while the banned march on
06/19/09: TV hits this fall: Leave it to Uigher
06/05/09: Why is President Obama dragging us down to oblivion?
05/28/09: Republicans who appease racists kill their credibility
05/22/09: If the disaster du jour ain't working, change the name
05/15/09: Hip hop Barack and our new constitution
05/11/09: A hail of two cities
05/01/09: Barack gets Pelosi to invoke the ‘I'm stoopid’ defense
04/24/09: Reading between the tea leaves
04/22/09: Adam Weinbaum: The leader of the pack, RIP
04/14/09: You couldn't have made Obama's first 80 days up
03/27/09: What are your defining moments? Here are mine
03/13/09: The president's exploitation of our fear and pain
03/06/09: The Silence of the Libs
02/27/09: Obama: The master of the South Side samba
02/20/09: Making money is easy if you have the ink and paper
02/13/09: Are Dems dumb or wise? I pick clever
02/06/09: Obama: We apologize, al-Qaeda
01/30/09: GOPers refuse to bend over just because Obama 'one'
01/23/09: One Jew's response to anti-Semitism
01/16/09: Seat senator Roland Burris, the Illinois one
01/06/09: Seat senator Roland Burris, the Illinois one
01/02/09: The way to a warlord's heart is a little lower than his belly
12/26/08: Holiday potpourri: Step on the gas, pull up the ladders
12/19/08: Holiday potpourri: Step on the gas, pull up the ladders
12/12/08: Impeachment is back on the agenda
12/08/08: The new Producers: bin Laden and Zawahiri
12/01/08: Let's be honest: We invaded a country that didn't attack us
11/21/08: It's That 90's Show starring Bill and Hil
11/14/08: Welcome to Barack World; paradox island
11/07/08: A celebaration of the greatest country in the world
10/31/08: A funny thing happened on the way to the polls
10/24/08: Biden endorses the experienced, tested candidate: McCain
10/17/08: Joe the Plumber Roter Rooters ACORN
10/13/08: GOPers are guilty! They let the Dems ruin the economy
10/03/08: I humbly ask these questions to find the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth about Barack Hussein Obama
09/26/08: Rock, paper, scissors; Eagles and Beatles
09/19/08: Obiden suddenly launching missiles at the mavericks
09/16/08: Obama's new politics
09/02/08: John McCain shocks and awes the world!
08/29/08: Hillary women to Obama: That's no way to treat a lady
08/15/08: Hillary to sue ‘love lips’ for causing loss to Obama
08/12/08: Dem playbook: How to paint yourself into a corner
08/05/08: Adam Weinbaum: The leader of the pack
07/29/08: The homes of the setting sun
07/18/08: Obama's New Change/Hope Strategy: Ready, Fire, Aim
07/11/08: Take another little piece of our rights baby
07/04/08: Will Do Stand Up Comedy 4 Food
06/27/08: Why doesn't Iran understand that Israel has no choice
06/20/08: Can McCain grow an economic brain?
06/13/08: Is there enough time for Obama to surrender?
06/06/08: The Boston Celtics ascend from the abyss
05/30/08: Hillary kneecaps herself with own mouth
05/23/08: Barack: Getting to know you, getting to know all about you
05/16/08: Hillary: It ain't over 'til the Pantsuit Lady sings
05/09/08: Barack/Hillary ticket: Do two negatives make a positive?
05/02/08: Rev. Wrong: USA, the land of the oppressed and hopeless
04/29/08: Wimps no more
04/18/08: Water skipping with Masters Arnold Gary and Jack
04/11/08: Bobbleheads for Obama's
04/04/08: Hillary Rodham Clintoni: The godmother
03/28/08: The hater, his celebrater and the fabricater
03/21/08: Hilobama lashing Democratic party to railroad tracks
03/14/08: The invisible elephant in the 'hood
03/07/08: Hillary gets her groove on
02/29/08: How a lib knows when it's time to surrender
02/22/08: How a lib knows when it's time to surrender
02/08/08: Obama nears the Promised Land
02/04/08: Obama refuses to remind Americans of Clinton scandals
01/25/08: IF I WERE A POLL MAN…
01/18/08: Verdict in: Edwards loses his appeal
01/11/08: Run like a man, emote like a woman
01/08/08: Osama can't turn the tide, damns the brothers
12/28/07: If you stop making hay it could be the last straw
12/21/07: I was going to be a psychic
12/13/07: Twenty-five ways to capture bin Laden
12/10/07: The teacher, the bear, the child, and the prophet
12/03/07: Hear about the Liberal Who Stopped Whining About the 2000 Election?
11/16/07: Hillary needs a campaign song — and a hug
11/12/07: If you have no leg to stand on, you'll fall flat on your face
11/05/07: Murney's men
10/22/07: Sandy's secret:
10/15/07: Why secular progressives are Soros at liberals
10/09/07: Don't know much about history...
09/18/07: Don't lose your head: Vote for Osama
09/07/07: Who said…What???
08/31/07: Make me a movie I can't refuse
08/24/07: The man that can save Air America from itself: Me
08/17/07: Golf: It's the hole thing
08/10/07: Don't cut the kid
08/06/07: You must be a liberal if …
07/27/07: Never play pattycake with a slasher
07/24/07: The party of conspiracy
07/06/07: CHA CHUNG! The Saga of the Missing Pants and the Judge that Pined Over Them
06/29/07: Hillary, the princess of Wal~Mart
06/15/07: Just another day in September
06/01/07: WHERE HAVE YOU GONE JOSEPH LIEBERMAN? Our Nation has a Special Place for You…Boo Hoo Hoo.
05/18/07: I wanted to be a lawyer, but I lost my appeal
05/07/07: I wanted to be a lawyer, but I lost my appeal
04/25/07: You shi, I shi, we all shi for sushi
04/18/07: IMUS: SHOCK JOCK TO ASTRONAUT — Let's get Sirius!
04/09/07: The Sultan of Skokie
04/02/07: Baseball been Berry Berry good to me
03/28/07: Presidential pinatas
03/02/07: “How's the weather…?” …Could get you 10 to 20
02/13/07: Non-binding solutions
02/07/07: AND THE WINNERS ARE… The Ronnie Results are in
01/31/07: THE RONNIES: A statue of Ronald Reagan riding his favorite horse
01/24/07: The Precedent of Iran: Is that a nuke in your pocket or are you just happy to see me?
01/04/07: Amateur night at the gallows
12/26/06: The great, great, great grandson of Frankenstein
12/06/06: Run like a lib, govern like a Bush
10/20/06: Desperate ex-presidents
09/19/06: Do Dems convert to Bushbots in booth?
08/18/06: Taking the Ahmadinejad debate challenge
08/11/06: Return to sender: Address Tehran
07/14/06: Stolen elections enable Bush to run again
06/30/06: Lib Law
06/01/06: Never build a wall without a window
05/26/06: They never had a day
05/10/06: General crud
04/26/06: The invisible Osama
04/12/06: Selling our souls for cheap labor
03/29/06: You don't have to have a title to be a leader
03/22/06: Bush ressurected by… Saddam?
03/07/06: I just woke up; did we lose the war?
03/02/06: Did Ronald Reagan destroy the Olympics?
02/24/06: Burning Bush
02/20/06: Supreme court seats on eBay
02/14/06: If you don't have a leg to stand on, you can't put your foot down
01/20/06: Now it's a real gamble to go to Vegas
01/13/06: When the dead bless the living: A beacon of light to those seeking a ray of hope
01/06/06: Dems demand FDR impeachment
12/30/05: Bush rope-a-dopes libs … again
12/21/05: Bush and the Three Stooges
12/13/05: Send Iran packing to France: The loftiest perch has the steepest fall
12/06/05: How will we know when we've won?
11/30/05: Bush vs Clinton: Who Made the Grade?
11/23/05: Save a (human) turkey
11/07/05: Apply schoolyard tactics to world's bullies
11/07/05: The new hippy dippy FBI
10/28/05: What's in your closet?
10/11/05: Current Events Quiz 3
10/06/05: Contrasts in leadership
09/06/05: P-gate: Finally a Scandal That Holds Water
08/31/05: Clinton hid it: Al Queda did it
08/16/05: I wish I wouldn't have said that
07/21/05: Net hate: Net hope
07/15/05: Liberal impeachment envy frenzy
06/28/05: Is it duck season yet?
06/09/05: Current Events 101 Quiz
05/23/05: Happy mediums or drunken psychics
05/10/05: The First Annual Weinie Awards
04/29/05: Dean: We lost to the braindead
04/21/05: The last billionaires ball 2010
04/14/05: You may be a news junkie if...
04/04/05: Never forget Terri
03/24/05: You can't save a child by cutting him
03/21/05: Current Events 101 Quiz
03/14/05: From A to Dubya: A satirist's snapshot of the world through the alphabet
03/04/05: Osama's employment crisis
02/25/05: You may be part of the right wing conspiracy if ...
02/07/05: Giving democracy the finger

© 2005; Dave Weinbaum