March 4th, 2021


Hill Billy enterprises bigger than the mafia

Dave Weinbaum

By Dave Weinbaum

Published August 22, 2016

Wanna hear a fairy tale?

Once upon a time there was a country who called their leader “THE PRESIDENT.” Every four years this executive would have to be reelected by the people. He (she) was expected to be an honest, good person, especially because he was in charge of executing the laws of the land.

This person was an accomplished politician. He knew that it was always good to do things against his opponent that if illegal he would always have credible deniability. Yes folks, welcome to the real world. The peons would have to take one for the boss.

President Richard Nixon wasn’t above that strategy. The breaking into the Watergate Democratic offices and the stealing of their files seems, in the face of the espionage thrashing FBI Director James Comey dropped on the wicked witch of Arkansas, like jaywalking at best.

But there is a striking connection to Tricky Dick and today’s Democratic nominee.

Hate the weed but admire its resiliency

If you were watching the Watergate hearings back in 1973, you may have seen “a girl.” Hillary Rodham was a 27-year-old lawyer on that committee. She worked for life-long Democrat and Chief Counsel for the House Judiciary Committee, Jerry Zeifman. He fired her from the staff because of her penchant for lying, taking things home and writing fraudulent rule changes against the right of Nixon to be represented by legal counsel.

The historic irony must not be lost upon us. Just a year before, this “girl” was brash enough to challenge her college hero, Saul Alinsky.

She wanted to use Saul’s strategy of petty group theft from Chicago restaurants to create a world-wide strategy for a scam bigger than the Mafia ever dreamed in its heyday.

Hillary took notice of Nixon’s lack of will to fight back against the adversity of political attack coming from all sides of the spectrum. She probably figured out that if Nixon had wanted to, he could have used his power to quell the charges and retain his presidency --- a lesson her and future partner in crime, Bill, would mimic.

After managing Bill’s bumbling-bimbo-blowouts and her own trail of hidden document accusations through scandal after crime after scandal, Hillary gained a well-earned reputation of being as eager a liar as Bill.

Fast Forward 43 years from the Watergate hearings and Hillary seems to have mastered the criminal aspect of politics. Her opponent, political newbie Donald Trump recently said he could shoot someone in Times Square and get away with it.

Hell, the Hill Billys have gotten away with selling 20% of our uranium to a Russian company. This could cause the deaths of the 8,000,000 Jews in Israel should Putin share with his Iranian comrades. Further, this development could cause the deaths of 20 to 50 million Americans if the Mullahs complete their alleged illegal long range ballistic missiles.

Even more irony: Don’t forget who the Secretary of State was when the Iran deal was concocted.

Hard to believe that she just made The Donald look like small potatoes.

Men are from Mars--women are from Venus--Hillary is from Jupiter.

Anybody can commit crimes. But if you control the entire justice system you have power beyond any other criminal and carte blanche until you are physically thrown out of power.

At this point, anything is possible and no one in our government has the cojones to stop them --- except for Trump.

The conclusion I’ve come to is that if Hill Billy gets away with it, the market for trading cash and favors for American riches, hostage ransoms, trading advantages, policies, military and intel secrets, will become the new way our government separates themselves from us average peons.

One day soon that formula will evaporate when the country runs out of patriots and valuables to sacrifice.

Look how crooked our large inner cities are run while poor minorities suffer and are turned to hating police and whites. Who are these despicable slumlords? Since the 60’s almost entirely the Democrats.

By the way: I hereby apologize to any Hillbilly who took exception to my application of an honorable American way of life; as opposed to the criminals whom I am referring to in this article.

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