March 2nd, 2021


Buffet offers limo rides to Venezuela

Dave Weinbaum

By Dave Weinbaum

Published August 5, 2016

If billionaires are so "smart" why are some of them backing a Socialist/Communist—Hillary Clinton? Forget for a moment FBI Director James Comey's verbal conviction of her for espionage, lying before Congress and fabrications to the American people. Of course Comey, in the same speech, inexplicably and illegally pardoned her, soiling the reputation of every FBI and intelligence agent in the country or overseas. One would think that wealthy "patriots" like Buffet, Cuban, Zuckerberg, Whitman, Bloomberg, Gates and Bezos wouldn't back such a sleaze. Didn't their opportunity come from being in a relatively safe, capitalistic country?

JINOS, Cuban, Bloomberg and Zuckerberg have no concern about the anti-Semitism, and anti-Christianity spewed in recent emails noting Bernie Sander's Judaism. Hillary's enthusiastic cooperation to destroy Israel with our current Jihadi-in-chief, Obama has been stunning. When was her last comment on the murders of thousands of Christian by ISIS?

According to Israeli Ambassador to the USA Ron Dermer, the Christian population in the Mideast has decreased from twenty percent to four percent in a small period of time. In fact, the safest place for Christians, Muslims and Yazidis is the Jewish State.

Remember the first day of the Dem convention? There were zilch American flags in the house. There was a plethora of Palestinian banners. These brilliant Jewish billionaires are traitors to their landsmen, Christians, Yazidis and Muslims facing the Islamic fanatic hordes all over the Middle East and Europe. Obviously, Buffet and Bezos could care less about Jews, Christians or moderate Muslims.

Yet, they follow behind Hillary like little puppy dogs!

"Twenty four cans of beer in a case—twenty four hours in a day—COINCIDENCE?" Steven Wright

These #CrookedHillary billionaire-backers claim to know what's best for the middle class. But as the third Obama term Hillary ain't changing a thing. She's touting the same old BS stimulus that continues to kill the middle class and funnel more money to—well—billionaires. Hillary and Obama's economic strategies have, to Warren's admission benefited those in our stock market immensely, while punishing the middle class and minorities. I know. I made some terrific gains by following some of Buffet's buy and hold strategies.

And why should Warren love Hillary? Maybe it's as simple as his purchase of Burlington Northern Santa Fe Railroad for $26.5 billion and Hillary's stance to kill the job-enhancing Keystone Pipeline.

Clinton even clamored for an increase in middle class taxes! Buffet, sitting behind her, applauded wildly along with the mindless Hillary toadies.

Further, if these billionaires were truly dedicated to the middle class and poor why not come out of your comfort zone and make real financial sacrifice? Give up 95% of your wealth that by your cockeyed standard was made at the detriment of the poor and middle class.

Warren says that the upper one percent's taxes going up a little bit wouldn't bother the upper crust. The problem with that is they haven't been listening to what our Socialist/Communist candidate who aligned herself with common thief and activist Saul Alinsky just before his death in the early 70's. She has touted control of business by being able to assign wage laws, redistribute large profits, as well as the continuing flow of government regulations so pervasive that most who emulate the American Dream as something that is attainable are stymied at first vision.

I think a couple of things motivate the super-rich to go Socialist/Communist.

1. Guilt at their good fortune.

2. Preventing future competition by curtailing other's opportunities.

Either way, they are following a woman who would appoint a Supreme Court that would shred the Constitution, kill the ability to start a small business, double down on the failure of Obamacare, copy the inept economic and foreign policy of a dictator wannabe, give up our borders and regulate and tax everyone up the gazoo. All I can conclude is—THEY GOT THEIR'S! ? Thanks for the offer Warren: I'll take a conservative cab to the polls.

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