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Dr. Ezekiel Emanuel: 'Why I hope to die at 75'—why wait?

Dave Weinbaum

By Dave Weinbaum

Published Oct. 3, 2014

 Dr. Ezekiel Emanuel: 'Why I hope to die at 75'—why wait?
One of the main authors of Obamacare, Dr. Ezekiel Emanuel wrote an article explaining why he wants to die at 75. It was published in the Atlantic online on September 17th of this year. Currently Dr. Emanuel is a healthy 57.

Normally, anyone who writes this kind of an article can be taken with a grain of salt. However, under the ever-creeping destruction of the Obama-sliced and diced Affordable Care Act, this is a scary notion for Americans. Dr. Zeke cannot be ignored because of the possibility of this becoming added to the existing law. You can't put that death serum back in the tube, not if you're Zeke Emanuel.

Isn't it enough that the government controls much more than they did before this President? Isn't it enough that our reporters are harassed, threatened and spied on ad-infinitum? Isn't it enough that our First and Second Amendments are being threatened? Isn't it enough that our healthcare system has become a redistribution of wealth scam and that healthcare for everyone will be worse—if attainable at all—and more expensive for the majority?

No weaseling out here, Zeke. When you write a 2,000-page government law entwined with every citizen's right to life, health and treatment and you let slide the President's lie to keep our own doctors and keep our own healthcare plans, PERIOD, then suggesting what you would do personally becomes a prelude to Socialist/Communist planning. Many, including me are fearful of the rationing care and reduced lifespans revealed in your column and our President's lies.

Now we have to listen to someone, a Jew no less, who thinks it's okay to play G0d. If G0d didn't give us a shelf life to be thrown away like a piece of moldy cheese, why should the government?

Who else dithered in that kind of delusion?

  • Adolf Hitler: His T4 euthanasia program killed thousands of physically and mentally disabled, the elderly, incurably diseased and depressed. I'm not mentioning the slippery slope of qualifying certain religions as beneath human—worthy of annihilation. I wouldn't want your blood pressure to spike, Dr. By the way, Adolf killed himself with Eva when he was 56. Guess his better days were before yours.

  • Margaret Sanger: The founder of Planned Parenthood was an eugenic idealist, who sought to reduce inferior races. That's why so many Planned Parenthood clinics are located in black-populated neighborhoods. Blacks represent 36% of the abortions in this country and only 12% of the population. Margaret, who lived to the ripe old age of 87, is directly or indirectly responsible for the murder of 55 million innocent babies—average age—before birth.

  • Mao Zedong: That great farmer of knowledge killed 45 million of his own people with his "Great Leap Forward—in just four years! If Dr. Zeke's concept of a life limit ever becomes law, we may challenge some of those numbers both from the revolution that will entail and from the government's euthanasia abilities. Mao lived to be 82.


Dr., you go on to describe your father, Benjamin about 87. He is a retired MD who has lived a full life. You point out that because of a heart attack when he was 77 and old-age mobility problems he can't get around as much as he used to. You go on to say he still lives with your 80-year-old mother, Marsha, in their home while kibitzing with his children of which you are one and probably with his grandchildren and others. Your father told you he was happy!

So what if he has slowed down? What if he wasn't happy and still wanted to live?

Who the hell are you to judge? Who knows—maybe he'll encourage his grandchildren to cure a disease, invent a new mode of transportation, discover unknown historical facts or become politicians who can reverse the horrible policies their dad imposed upon them.

Or maybe, just maybe, your father could come up with a better healthcare plan than you perpetrated on the American population. He couldn't do worse—even at his advanced age.

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