March 5th, 2021


#blacklivesmatter has had it: THEY'RE GOING HOME!

Dave Weinbaum

By Dave Weinbaum

Published Sept. 18, 2015

#blacklivesmatter has had it: THEY'RE GOING HOME!

As the political season starts its motor (mouths), a select group of Americans have decided they've had enough.

Hasn't everyone toyed with the fantasy of living in a place better than they are now? We're replete with celebrities like Kanye West Kardashian, Rosie O'Donnell, Alec Baldwin, Kim Basinger, Director Robert Altman and Michael Douglas. They threatened in this or previous campaigns to leave the country if Bush2 or now Trump wins. Most of these threats are welcomed by the supporters of these candidates.

The greener grass on the other side browns quicker

There's even a movement amongst blacks who claim America is too cruel for them. Some of the #blacklivesmatter philosophers have given up on the USA and what they consider as an intolerable place for blacks. While most in the African American community don't agree with those in the movement, some have started a #movebackhome organization that wants to return to their ancestral land of Africa. Some countries on that continent have cooperated. For example: Ghana.

I'm sure they'll be treated amazingly well, aren't you? Of course, they'll have to conquer rampant disease, terrible roads, food shortages, questionable sewage treatment, no Walmart, sketchy hair salons, shaky cable reception and no Wi-Fi.

Further, if they pull the kind of stuff they're currently getting away with in the USA with some of the despots over there, they may never be heard from again.

The timing is such that if they go to Africa, these returnees may get there just in time to be victimized by Obama's sponsored ISIS's Islamic State, now taking huge swaths of Africa. If these dejected American blacks get caught in the crosshairs, they may end up murdered, new ISIS recruits, Muslim converts, beheaded, crucified, drowned, raped and yes, once again, enslaved.

They'll soon find out how many #blacklivesmatter to these Muslim fanatics. They seem to be an equal opportunity murderer of everyone who disagrees with them—and then, . there are the children. . ISIS and its partner in Chad and Nigeria, Boko Haram are on a par with Planned Parenthood in the USA—even selling body parts of people it slaughters.

If they want to avoid the above, they can participate in the second wave of the mass migration to Europe where things are starting to get rather tawdry. Europe, initially taking in millions of migrants, has locked the gates and thrown away the keys. Even Muslim countries have slammed the door on them.

When the #blacklivesmatter crowd wants to come back to America, who will they blame then?

Sometimes our tallest hurdle is getting over ourselves

Tomika Anderson wrote an article for the Dishonorable NOI Minister Louis Farrakhan's blog, The Root. Naturally, she blamed all black problems on those murderous whites. Tomika cited the murderer of the Charlotte 9; Michael Brown, whose death was ruled legitimate self-defense—even by Obama's DOJ; and Trevon Martin whose death was the result of a fight by a mixed-race Mexican American, George Zimmerman. Zimmerman was absolved during his trial.

Ms. Anderson agrees with the #blacklivesmatter crowd. However, her list of places blacks should move makes more sense:

1. Thailand
2. Costa Rica
3. New Zealand
4. Hong Kong
5. Dubai.

If you can't name the 7 major land masses, does that mean you're incontinent?

The #blacklivesmatters group is misinformed. That being said, people migrate. The Fathers of our country escaped religious and political discrimination and despite the early years of slavery and Native American decimation, the progress in the USA in race relations has been miraculous, until, ironically the election of our first black president.

I've thought about where I would move my family if things got very bad for Jews here in America. After all, we migrated from a Jew-hating murderous Ukraine back in the early 1900s.

I think I'd make aliyah to Israel.

It would be like Norm Going back to Cheers.

They may not know my name but they sure as Hell would know my story.

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