April 22nd, 2021


Ferguson lesson: Security cops should go on strike

Dave Weinbaum

By Dave Weinbaum

Published December 9, 2014

  Ferguson lesson: Security cops should go on strike
Under the disgraceful leadership of the CBC, President Obama, the NAACP, Louis Farrakhan, Head of the Nation of Islam, Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, Governor Jay Nixon and the rest of the Communists of the Democratic Party, the only blacks who seem to have advanced are those I just mentioned. Then there are the whites who kowtow to them.

Sure there have been showbiz, sports and business successes—this from blacks who refused the victim status assigned to them from the above. Progress is such that these blacks and the aforementioned ones who have succeeded in advancing are living the American Dream as much as many whites who achieve success.

Those who have been kept down by the leaders mentioned above and their Democratic toadies are kept in welfare prison from being told the deck is stacked against them—this ironically, from a two-term elected black President and his black AG, Eric Holder.

One of the few liberal politicians who did some good for blacks was Bill Clinton who was forced, kicking and screaming by Newt Gingrich into putting limits on welfare. He did it to get reelected, thus saving his legacy from being just a blue dress-staining liberal.

More power to him. (Don't get any ideas, Bubba — it's just a saying.)

The way blacks are taught to think, cops are an alien occupying force in America. While there's truth to blacks being profiled, it's also true that profiling as part of law enforcement is legal when used with other indicators, according to the black Sheriff of Milwaukee County, David A Clarke, Jr.

Street corners make poor fathers

The bigger question is why are the percentages of cops in predominantly black areas incredibly low compared to their representative presence in the community? None other than the "Honorable" Louis Farrakhan, head of the Nation of Islam posed this question soon after the Michael Brown killing. Why with 2/3rd black population was there a white mayor, white prosecutor and only three black cops on a 53 officer force in Ferguson? I have no clue about the first two. After all blacks could have easily voted both out and gotten black representation in those areas.

As to blacks becoming cops, it seems as ludicrous to some as Louis Farrakhan converting to Judaism. Shall we say that blacks, in general, look upon fellow blacks who opt for law enforcement careers as traitors?

Originally I titled this column, "WHITE COPS SHOULD GO ON STRIKE." After thinking about the predictable consequences to the innocent should that happen, and listening to Charles Barkley's comments I opted for the current title. Charles opined that a strong police presence, white and/or black was critical to poor black neighborhoods. Without them, Charles said, black population centers would descend into the Wild West.

However, including the aforementioned Farrakhan, there are certain people who don't merit the protection of any police.

Therefore, by the power vested in me as a taxpaying citizen of the United States of America, I call upon each and every law officer, FBI agent, CIA, Homeland Security, Secret Service Agents, State Highway Patrols, local and private police, on or off duty to go on strike in guarding President Barack Obama, Eric Holder, Louis Farrakhan, Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, Governor Jay Nixon, the owners, players and coaches of the St. Louis Rams and every other NFL team and their personnel.

All of you can deal with the Michael Browns of the world, white or black, on your own and not have to worry about police overstepping their boundaries.

I'm sure that with the rhetoric emanating from the chorus of these libiots, Brown or an imitator would be bored to death within a hundred yards.

Let us know how it feels, being left to twist in the wind of uncertainty like you are doing to our police all over the country.

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