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Next black president? The Donald

Dave Weinbaum

By Dave Weinbaum

Published August 21, 2015

Next black president? The Donald

I know what you're thinking. The first black president, Barack Hussein Obama will be followed by Dr. Ben Carson.

Ben Carson might make it. He's calm under pressure and did well in the debates.

His story about growing up in a single-parent home and becoming a surgeon specializing in children is like a fairy tale. Dr. Carson is likeable and to quote Joe Biden "articulate."

I'm just not sure the average black will relate to an intellectual brain surgeon who has a plan to raise taxes on the poor and middle class while lowering it for the upper brackets.

My pick for the next black president is Donald Trump. Here's why:

  • He's for sending illegal aliens back to their home countries, all of them, freeing opportunities for adult and teen black employment.

  • He's a reality show pioneer and superstar.

  • He is light years ahead of any politician I know in going on TV, radio, news conferences and town halls. He was in last week's National Enquirer with a story he sponsored.

  • He is accommodating, calm, quick-witted and not afraid to tell people that, based on his success, he can fix America.

  • He can evolve on issues but he won't bald-face outright lie to blacks like Obama did.

  • He takes no crap. You get in his face and he strikes back ten times harder. Every black I know understands and likes this — men and women.

  • He's the Daddy Warbucks of our time — only with an abundance of red hair, whitening on the trims.

  • The Donald flies in his very own AF1, making his entrances and exits quite memorable.

  • He uses his helicopter for smaller venues — like Iowa—giving rides to all the kiddies, while Senators like Rubio are subject to throwing footballs at Iowan kids — hitting one of them right in the Hawkeye.

  • He don't need anyone else's' stinkin' money. As he's said for the thousandth time. "I'm rich. I MEAN REALLY RICH!" Who, especially poor blacks, don't fantasize about this!?

  • Sometimes polar opposites in appearance attract each other.

  • Just like JZ, Fittycent and Prince he's got interesting names — The Donald and Trump.

  • #Blacklivesmatters spokespeople said that Democrats are covertly biased and they won't be tied to the Democratic Party — even with the knowledge that Trump said he wouldn't allow said organization to pirate away a stage he owned — or rented.

  • Omarosa, a black TV game show host and former Apprentice star, said that Megyn Kelly had a bone to pick and she wasn't fair with the Donald. (From The Grio)

  • Chris Matthews said Trump is a much better leader at this point in the race than Obama was. (Understatement of the century)? (From The Grio)

  • He's a winner. Who doesn't want to be one?

I first recognized there might be a glint of support for Trump when I scanned the home page of Drudge Report. Two black gals looked back at me from atop the headlines. I listened to their YouTube. They were unabashedly Stumping for Trump and made sense doing it. They call themselves the WeBeSisters and you can find them on the website that bears their name. MSNBC banned them from an interview.

Trump is living the life that many poor, middle and upper class consider heaven. Even if he's white and had a rich dad, he has grown a company that spans the world. He epitomizes the American dream and can communicate how they can get there too.

And he's unapologetic .

He is not a lying, thieving politician. I'm sure, after the last seven years, many blacks know they've been hustled by President Obama and the Democratic Party. They feel it in their hearts and pockets. Plus, their neighborhoods are burning up with riots and black on black murders.

Trump can teach all of us to take advantage of Capitalism. It reminds me of the late 90's when then President Bill Clinton signed onto welfare reform after Republicans pummeled him to do it.

In my duties as a business coop president in St. Louis, I gave speeches to the Urban League and NAACP. I was amazed to see the positive attitude after Clinton executed the Welfare Reform Act of 1996. Black people were talking about that new job they had or the business that they had opened.

They were proud . They were eager to see how far they could go. THEY WERE NO LONGER VICTIMS !

One thing I do know is most blacks have a great sense of humor. They'll get a good chuckle from The Donald's campaign slogan:


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