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Obama: World's chief vacuum salesman

Dave Weinbaum

By Dave Weinbaum

Published June 26, 2015

Obama:  World's chief vacuum salesman

ISIS exists because of the vacuum Commander-in-Chief Barack Obama left when he pulled out all US Troops in Iraq. He's getting ready to do the same in Afghanistan.

Today the Taliban, backers of al-Qaeda, attempted to blow up the Afghan government.

Remember, Afghanistan was the "good" war, according to President Obama.

Now, lawyers for Gitmo-held terrorists are demanding their release because Obama declared the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan over. Once free, I don't think they'll be applying for jobs at the local Falafel House.

Police across the USA are hesitating and holding back after watching fellow officers vilified and physically attacked by thugs and the Obama Administration who is coddling them.

Here are more of the consequences Obama and his then cunning Secretary of State, Hillary accomplished:

Sucked out Jewish Israeli support for him. Currently 15% of Jews in Israel believe he's friendly to the Jewish State. They all await the ultimate deception Barry has hinted at in the UN.

Sapped faith in the USA out of Muslim/Arab countries. They've formed an unlikely coalition with Israel against ISIS, Hamas and advancing Iranian terror. This includes Saudi Arabia, Jordan and Egypt. It may grow to more of the Arab Gulf States.

Barry's inexplicable need for Iran to have nukes has everyone scrambling for survival strategies in the Mideast.

B. Hussein and Hillary have all Arab leaders shaking in their sandals after an in-control Libya's Muammar Gaddafi and Israeli peace partner's Hosni Mubarak in Egypt were summarily toppled. The former was tortured, then murdered and the latter jailed. This sucked in the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt and ISIS into Libya. The Egyptian army retook Cairo after a year of facing the domination of Barack-backed Muslim Brotherhood. Libya is run by ISIS who has showed their gratitude to Obama and Hillary by beheading Christians on the shores of Tripoli.

Obama's stand-down message to cops via his sycophants has the police hesitant in doing the tough job of policing rough neighborhoods. The hoods are out of control and many more young black bodies have gone to the morgue under this directive, some who are just caught in the crossfire.

Made a vacuum of our entire Southern Border. Intentionally led an invasion of illegals from Mexico, South America and who knows where else? He refuses to uphold Immigration Law. Courts have ruled this unconstitutional. Convicted illegal alien criminals and terrorists are running around the country creating havoc.

Some say the Obama-approved 450 American troops to train Iraqis to fight are strictly CYA. That few are already sucked up in the geometry of the kind of invasion Muhammed himself would have run. Obama has no desire to " degradeand defeat " the Islamic State. He's okay with tens of thousands Muslims and Christians tortured, crucified, beheaded and raped. He couldn't give a damn for the poor black girls in Nigeria who have been forced to convert, sold as sex slaves and used as human bombs to destroy Boko Haram's (now a branch of ISIS) enemies.

Many Americans believe with land and ocean separation, we're protected.

Not so.

How did that work out on December 7th, 1941 or September 11th, 2001?

Threat levels have been raised recently. Our military bases are on alert. ISIS has posted the personal information of 100 of our soldiers.

FBI Director, James Comey asserted that there are thousands of ISIS affiliates online to the Mideast at every hour.

It seems a daily occurrence that young ISIS sympathizers are arrested right here in the USA. I'm pretty sure they aren't gonna catch them all. How about you?

Obama's vacuum is so powerful our arrests of current ISIS recruits in the USA should startle us. Go back to 9/11/01 and review the videos and news stories from that day.

I think we can all agree:


Memo to President Obama: Hoover is hiring.

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