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Jonathan Tobin Archives

05/10/24: Biden's double game on Hamas should fool no one
04/26/24: 'Pro-Palestine' campus mobs think Jew-hatred is progressive
04/05/24: Outrage over aid-worker deaths is about saving Hamas, not civilians
03/29/24: Biden is conciliating, rather than confronting, pro-Hamas Dems
03/18/24: Schumer provides cover for Biden's smears of Israel
03/01/24: Why is Biden pushing for an immoral hostage deal?
02/23/24: Biden's 'help' at the UN will put Israeli lives at risk
02/16/24: Tunnel Vision: Biden thinks he'll have it both ways on Gaza war
02/05/24: It's Biden who's playing politics with the Gaza war, not Bibi
01/11/24: Don't look away from the primary cause of an epidemic of antisemitism
01/05/24: There's no middle ground in the fight against DEI antisemitism
12/22/23: Going 'woke' has endangered American Jews
12/18/23: Can Biden's cognitive dissonance let Israel win the war?
11/31/23: Who's winning the Biden administration's civil war over Israel?
11/20/23: Biden's dangerous Palestinian state fantasy
10/27/23: The UN is rationalizing the slaughter of Jews
08/28/23: Israel's supporters shouldn't fear a GOP foreign-policy debate
08/21/23: The problem isn't Bradley Cooper's schnozzola
07/31/23: Jew vs. Jew and the politics of contempt
07/21/23: What does 'pro-Israel' Dem mean in 2023?
07/17/23: First they came for the Christian bakers . . .
07/07/23: Surge in 'Palestinian' terror is a preview of a two-state 'solution'
07/03/23: The Supreme Court took a stand against real systemic racism
06/09/23: Telling the truth about Soros and antisemitism is essential
06/05/23: Why RFK Jr. flunked the Roger Waters test
05/15/23: Palestinians are addicted to an endless cycle of 'nakbas'
05/05/23: Jews don't need a heritage month, and neither does anyone else
03/27/23: Trump's blaming Soros for his legal woes is not a Jewish issue
02/17/23: Why keep pretending that Jews building homes prevents peace?
02/03/23: Biden's Mideast diplomacy isn't advancing peace --- or democracy
01/30/23: Israel's critics continue to hold the Jewish state responsible for Palestinian terror
01/11/23: Where's the outrage over Biden comparing illegals to Holocaust victims?
12/19/22: Chanukkah irony: The holiday's real message is alien to most American Jews
09/23/22: Searching for anti-Semitism on the right while ignoring it on the left
09/09/22: Why do Jews who worship social justice support social injustice?
08/01/22: Judaism deserves as much respect as Islam
07/27/22: Will Trump have the last word over Middle East 'experts?'
06/22/22: What's wrong with Jews embracing anti-racism?
06/01/22: Who's to blame for young American and Dem coolness towards Israel?
05/13/22: Even if they're wrong, we shouldn't be trying to silence them
04/15/22: 'Progressives' pushing the embracing of anti-Jewish Passover
04/11/22: New York A.G. is backing CAIR's efforts to silence a group that monitors Islamic extremism
04/06/22: Don't reward 'Palestinians' for a new wave of terror
03/08/22: The future of the Dems and the mainstreaming of anti-Semitism
03/01/22: The lessons for Israel from Russia's war on Ukraine
02/16/22: The 'genocide Olympics' gives the lie to human-rights rhetoric
02/07/22: The ADL's disturbing obsession with race
01/31/22: The problem with affirmative-action justice
01/28/22: A timely reminder of what groups enable anti-Semitism
01/17/22: The lost legacy of Martin Luther King Jr. gives the lie to holiday rhetoric
01/14/22: Islamist bigots are in no position to accuse Jews of backing hate
01/07/22: Harry Potter and the search for FAKE anti-Semitism
12/31/21: Why does 'diversity' have to lead to anti-Semitism?
12/29/21: Mainstream Jewish groups need to understand that interfaith dialogue legitimized CAIR
12/24/21: Too late for AIPAC to help lead a new bipartisan surge of support for Israel?
12/20/21: Can lib values make a comeback in a Jewish world dominated by the woke?
11/22/21: Biden gives a clinic on how not to negotiate with Iran
11/12/21: Genius Jews? Support for critical race theory undermines the battle against anti-Semitism
11/10/21: Is there a future in bipartisan advocacy for Israel?
10/22/21: Is Mayim Bialik too Jewish for 'Jeopardy'?
10/18/21: The undiagnosed issues with claims of school-board 'domestic terrorism'
10/13/21: Jews need to opt out of the 'woke victim' competition
09/15/21: Hey, ADL: The real lesson of 9/11 isn't a story about 'Islamophobia'
09/09/21: Why President Biden's lie about addressing anti-Semitism, matters
09/02/21: Flattery and empty promises won't preserve an alliance
08/27/21: Why the Crown Heights pogrom still matters
08/20/21: Can Biden reverse course and abandon Obama's policies?
08/09/21: Is the ADL a greater threat to liberty than the extremists it targets?
07/30/21: Why are 'progressive Jews' defending Ben & Jerry's?
07/09/21: Why are lib Jews still covering for Ilhan Omar?
06/28/21: The Jewish stake in the battle against Critical Race Theory
06/18/21: Can Israel's new government make up with Dems?
06/14/21: Omar forces a difficult choice for Jewish Dems
06/09/21: Detatching Lib Hatred for Israel from anti-Semitism
05/28/21: If the US wants to be humane, it won't 'rebuild' Gaza
04/26/21: Jewish groups should work for justice, not toxic race theories
04/23/21: 'Leftist AIPAC' is closer to power, but still marginalizes itself
04/15/21: Will the Biden State Department's new anti-Semitism monitor give a pass to anti-Semites?
03/26/21: Israel still can't make up its mind about Netanyahu
03/19/21: Partisan left-wing Jewish scholars give the anti-Semitism permission slip Israel-haters wanted
03/17/21: How Jewish libs encouraged Anti-Semitism at the Grammys
03/05/21: Why are Tucker Carlson and Peter Beinart trying to help Iran?
02/24/21: A gag about Israel and vaccines is more than a bad joke
02/17/21: The Hollywood blacklist is back, and now Jewish libs are fine with it
01/29/21: Reform's dangerous mixed message on defining anti-Semitism
01/22/21: It's time to stop counting Jews in the Cabinet
01/15/21: Will impeachment and censorship defend Jews against anti-Semitism?
01/11/21: The Arab Spring created a consensus against Middle East interventions
12/21/20: Is there something wrong with a program that encourages in-marriage?
11/30/20: Conspiracy theories and political insanity
11/20/20: Can Dems finally repudiate 'The Squad'?
11/13/20: The perils of perpetual political warfare
10/30/20: Will Trump's pro-Israel moves be for naught?
10/23/20: Trump illustrates the right kind of American intervention
10/16/20: The court and the right to faith in the public square
10/01/20: Asking the wrong questions about extremist violence
09/25/20: What does 'dangerous for Israel' and the Jews mean to Biden?
09/18/20: It wouldn't have happened without Trump
08/26/20: Who Should be angry about Pompeo's speech from Jerusalem?
08/19/20: The ADL is targeted for not being woke enough for extremists
08/14/20: A wake-up call for those addicted to the war on Israe
07/29/20: A Jewish opera legend's family is divided by cancel culture
07/15/20: Are Jews obligated to support reparations for blacks?
07/10/20: Jews aren't indigenous to Israel? According to whom?
07/03/20: A tale of two revolutions, and why America must be celebrated
06/24/20: Should Jewish groups make their peace with Black Lives Matter?
06/17/20: Why can't you get 'canceled' for anti-Semitism?
06/03/20: Outrage over Minneapolis murder doesn't justify intersectional myths
05/27/20: When should politicians think they're entitled to your vote?
05/08/20: Is there something wrong with people liking Jews?
04/24/20: Is it wrong to let Israel make decisions for itself?
04/22/20: Israel's new government is centrist, and that's OK with Netanyahu
03/27/20: Israel's democracy was never in danger
03/20/20: The pandemic is a time for prayer as well as action
03/06/20: Did Bloomberg give ammunition to anti-Semites?
02/28/20: Where was Bernie when Americans fought for Soviet Jewry?
02/21/20: Bloomberg's money and the anti-Semitism card
02/07/20: The Arab world wants no part of the Palestinians' endless war on Israel. But not the Dems who oppose Trump's peace plan
01/27/20: Time to end states' bias against funding of religious schools
01/22/20: Why Trump's Middle East peace plan isn't irrelevant
01/16/20: It's not trivial to know Bethlehem isn't in a non-existent nation
01/08/20: It was time for an administration to break foreign-policy 'rules'
01/06/20: Talking about 'Jewish genius' is now controversial
12/27/19: Time to shut down the Palestinian Chanukah and Christmas scams
12/18/19: Did the world miss the real lesson of Corbyn's defeat?
12/13/19: Trump's anti-Semitism order is a Rorschach test for Jews
12/09/19: Who can speak for American Jews against anti-Semitism? Not the ADL
11/22/19: Are Netanyahu's indictments the same as the push to impeach Trump?
11/18/19: 'Deep state' fought Israel and lost
11/13/19: Socialism becomes the anti-Semitism of the enlightened
11/08/19: Why the Dems don't have to go the way of Labour
11/01/19: Fear itself isn't the only thing American Jews have to fear
10/11/19: Whatever happened to the Palestinian 'diplomatic tsunami'?
10/04/19: It's time to put an end to labeling Trump an anti-Semite
09/25/19: Judaism's Reform movement launches a political war in time for the High Holidays
09/20/19: The Netanyahu era's last chapter begins
09/18/19: Election stalemate? Hardly. The future of the Mideast conflict has already been determined
09/11/19: With Bolton gone, will Trump make a deal with Iran?
09/06/19: The epidemic of attacks against Jews is an afterthought to groups interested in weaponizing the issue for partisan purposes
08/28/19: There's a disconnect between American Jewish ideas about Israel and the views of the overwhelming majority of Israelis
08/09/19: Tisha B'Av has a message for a divided, troubled America
06/14/19: Why do Obama's lies about the Iran deal matter now?
06/07/19: Can a black-Jewish congressional caucus bridge the divide?
06/03/19: Middle East peace can't be bought. But can Trump change the conversation?
05/24/19: Jewry's largest denomiation -- and its most liberal -- is embracing Al Sharpton. Can doing so be justified?
05/06/19: The Muslim Brotherhood and the Islamophobia trap
04/17/19: Jewish critics of Israel have a problem with Israelis, not with Netanyahu
04/12/19: Did Trump just accuse Jews of dual loyalty like Omar?
04/05/19: Is it Islamophobic to deny that 'Palestine' exists?
04/01/19: Jew-hatred poses as anti-racism in 'The New York Times'
02/22/19: Whatever happened to the ACLU?
02/15/19: The limits of American anti-Semitism
01/30/19: Can a new group save the Democratic Party for Israel?
01/23/19: Don't tolerate hate in the name of inclusion
01/18/19: The high price of 'unity' in the anti-Trump resistance
01/14/19: Is it OK for Congress to target Catholic groups?
01/09/19: BDS bill debate is about anti-Semitism, not speech
12/19/18: Discrimination against the Jewish state isn't free speech
12/12/18: Is Ocasio-Cortez really Jewish?
12/10/18: Anti-Semites and their Jewish apologists
12/03/18: The border analogy problem
11/30/18: CNN shows how not to normalize anti-Semitism
11/14/18: Hamas rockets and the idea of two states
10/15/18: Who speaks for the Jews, and why do we let them?
10/10/18: The woman who showed how Americans can succeed at the UN
09/28/18: Trump puts the ball back in the Palestinians' court
09/05/18: Where will America's rabbis lead us this year?
08/22/18: 'Fauda' and the two-state scenario
08/17/18: The British challenge for American progressives
07/13/18: What's the matter with a Jewish state?
06/29/18: Another step to the left for Dems
04/11/18: Gaza is nothing like Selma
03/28/18: Searching for meaning behind an empty metaphor
02/23/18: Does San Francisco depict the future of American Jewry?
02/20/18: When abusing children is considered OK
01/24/18: Have Republicans tried to redefine 'pro-Israel?'
12/11/17: Did Trump make the Israel-Diaspora divide seem smaller?
12/04/17: The method to Trump's supposed 'madness' on Jerusalem may make sense
10/26/17: Lib Jews and that inconvenient Israeli consensus
09/20/17: Do you really want to know why Jews are abandoning Israel?
07/07/17: Lib Jews get rude awakening from allies
06/14/17: How Donald Trump is saving a self-destructive secular Judaism from itself. Is that a good thing?
03/08/17: Trump as anti-semitic enabler?
03/28/16: Jews as the new WASPS: Why Anti-Israel Becomes Anti-Jew
03/21/16: Why Sanders is an AIPAC No-Show
01/27/16: Why a yarmulke Generates Hate
01/06/16: Charlie and the Jews One Year Later
11/16/15: Paris and Election 2016: What Won't Work
11/09/15: Obama's Captain Obvious Moment
10/19/15: Hey, Obama: Too Much Balance Leads to Violence
10/14/15: The Consequences of Mayhem
10/12/15: The Iran Deal Violations Begin
08/31/15: Revealed Secret Construction Makes Iran Deal Supporters Look Even More Foolish
08/26/15: Why Isn't Gaza Being Rebuilt?
08/19/15: The Sorry Spectacle of Obama's Pro-Iran Deal Jews
08/12/15: Why is the Administration Attacking Schumer?
06/26/15: Religious Freedom Can't Depend on a Whim
06/19/15: U.S.-Israel Alliance Won't Be Fixed Without Honesty
06/15/15: Is that line supposedly dividing anti-Zionism from anti-Semitism just a myth?
06/10/15: The Supreme Court Decision on Jerusalem Lets Obama Ignore Reality
05/20/15: The Pope's Better Angels of Peace
05/18/15: Sorry, Your Holiness, You are Dangerously Wrong
04/27/15: Another Jewish Charm Offensive Won't Fix What Obama Has Broken
04/01/15: Israeli Peace Gestures Not Only Don't Work. They Make Things Worse.
03/23/15: Bibi's a conniving, calculating -- and don't forget, dangerous! -- liar?
03/18/15: Why Did Bibi Win? Realism, Not Racism
03/16/15: Will Arab Votes Decide Israel's Election?
02/25/15: Why the Fake Story About the Mossad Contradicting Netanyahu?
02/11/15: How Obama and his mouthpieces are encouraging anti-Jewish behavior
02/02/15: Will Obama Give In to Iran? He Already Has.
01/26/15: Obama's Hollow Threats of Revenge on Bibi
01/12/15: Abbas at Paris kumbaya march: Hypocrisy Isn't Progress
12/29/14: Why Do Palestinians Want Both Statehood and 'Occupation?'
12/22/14: Israel's Critics Shouldn't Count on Hillary or the Palestinians
12/05/14: Neuter Netanyahu? Obama attempts it yet again
12/01/14: Defending the Right to a Jewish State
11/24/14: It Isn't Just Jerusalem That's Not Negotiable
11/17/14: Wage war, have the world give you billions --- Oh, you didn't know?
11/12/14: Obama's False Choice on Israel
11/03/14: After the stench of 'chickensh*t' clears
09/19/14: Will ISIS Votes Haunt 2016 Contenders?
09/05/14: Egypt offers to absorb Palestinians. Why did Abbas refuse?
08/20/14: A wake-up call that even the most dovish and delusional can't ignore
08/11/14: Care about the Jewish state's future? Obama, in interview, reveals even more reasons to worry
07/09/14: Obama and the Middle East Mess
05/30/14: The Dangerous Divided Jerusalem Fantasy
05/19/14: The United Nations has a role to play in Mideast peace talks
05/09/14: Obama's Holocaust Hypocrisy
04/09/14: Why Did Kerry Lie About Israeli Blame?
03/10/14: Will Obama Blame Israel for Abbas' 'No?'
03/05/14: Netanyahu's inaction to Obama's provocations sends a powerful message
01/13/14: Assessing Sharon's Complex Legacy
12/18/13: Religious Liberty Triumphs Over OCare
12/16/13: 'Big Love' Vindicated: Polygamy and Privacy
12/06/13: Mandela, patron saint of Israel haters?
11/27/13: SCOTUS Gives Religious Freedom a Hearing
11/25/13: Ayatollahs, 1; West . . . Damned
09/23/13:The Jewish problem with Judaism's most sacred site
09/16/13: Eliminate Israel and replace it with an Arab-majority nation? The New York Times just spent 2,300 words outlining how -- and why -- it should be done
09/11/13: Oslo 20 Years Later: Lessons Learned?
09/09/13: Could the Oslo Fiasco Have Been Averted?
09/04/13: Israel's defenders should be doing Obama's bidding on Syria, don't you know?
08/26/13: A Rabbi Who Can't Tell the Difference Between Iran and America
05/01/13: Blame Obama, Not Israel for Syria Push
04/08/13: What Part of No Preconditions Do American Jews Not Get?
03/22/13: Both Right and Left May Be Wrong About Obama's Speech
03/18/13: Why Debate the Jewish State?
03/08/13: Are Christians Guilty Until Proven Innocent?
02/27/13: Why MacFarlane's equal opportunity offender defense of his use of anti-Semitic stereotypes falls flat
02/15/13: Of course Netanyahu's the Obstacle to Two-State Solution
02/04/13: Can Jewish Groups Speak Out on Hagel?
01/21/13: Anticipating More Obama-Bibi
01/09/13: Hagel Backers Trying to Redefine Pro-Israel
01/04/13: Sotomayor's Blow to Religious Liberty
12/21/12: If Plan B Failed, How is a Deal Possible?
11/30/12: What the upgrading of the Palestinians' status at the UN is really about
11/26/12: Obama and the Morsi Dictatorship
11/16/12: The Threat to the Israel-Egypt Peace Treaty
11/07/12: The Conservatives' Obama Delusion
10/04/12: Romney Debates His Way Back Into Race
08/22/12: Why Obama Still Won't Go to Israel
08/13/12: Will Ryan Help Obama Win Jewish Votes?
08/06/12: Vidal, Buckley, and Anti-Semitism
07/27/12: Obama Buyer's Remorse Not About Adelson
07/17/12: Hillary's Role in Obama's Mideast Disasters
07/02/12: The Lessons of Yitzhak Shamir
06/13/12: The Beginning of the End for Liberal Jewry
06/11/12: Double Standards on Politicians in Pulpits
06/06/12: Winning Six Day War doomed Israel?
05/16/12: Iran Declares Victory in Nuclear Talks
05/04/12: Bibi v. Barak will be no contest this time around
04/16/12: Catholics Shouldn't Stand Alone in Religious Freedom
04/10/12: Dems Turn Passover Into Obama Worship
04/05/12: Friedman's Clueless Middle East Twofer
02/29/12: Not a Parody: Peace Now Shocked to Discover Arabs Don't Want Peace
02/06/12: Iran Threatens Israel With Destruction, But the New York Times Doesn't Hear It
02/03/12: Adelsonphobia Strikes in Nevada Caucus
01/26/12: Newt the closet anti-Semite?
12/19/11: Obama's Jewish Pitch: Liberal, Not Israel
12/12/11: Gingrich and the 'Invented People'
12/05/11: An Administration Ready to Blame Israel for Everything . . . Including Anti-Semitism
11/21/11: Obama Must Act to Stop Hamas-Fatah Deal
11/10/11: Resenting Israel, Not Netanyahu
10/26/11: Abbas to Pay Released Murderers' Pensions With U.S. Aid Money
10/07/11: UNESCO Vote Puts Obama to the Test
09/19/11: The UN Disaster is Obama's Fault
07/27/11: U.S. Pays Salaries to Palestinian Terrorists
06/29/11: Lawsuit Threat Slows Flotilla Launch
05/23/11: Obama's False Choice
04/04/11: Goldstone Recants! Will the Left Follow His Example?
03/24/11: Anti-Muslim Backlash? Justice Says 3-Week Vacation for Hadj is a Constitutional Right
02/21/11: How Pro-Israel is Obama? Assessing the United Nations Post-Veto Fallout
01/13/11: Palin and the Blood Libel
01/09/11: Left Shamelessly Seeks to Exploit Arizona Tragedy
12/06/10: So Much for Civility: Dem Senator Likens Tax Cutters to 'Terrorists'
06/14/10: Who's Angry Now? Brown Compares Whitman to Goebbels
05/10/10: If Jews Back Obama's Pressure, Why Was the 'Charm Offensive' Necessary?
05/03/10: Is Obama Winning His War on Jerusalem?
04/19/10: The New York Times Makes It Official: Obama Has Shifted U.S. Policy Against Israel
04/01/10: What makes Obama different?
03/29/10: New World's Record for Chutzpah: Obama's Seder
03/17/10: How Many Lives Is Biden's Pride Worth?
11/19/09: ADL Crosses the Line with Report Bashing Obama Critics
09/23/09: What Price Photo Op?
09/17/09: Get Out Your Crystal Ball!
08/18/09: No second thoughts
08/11/09: More Obama PR will not a successful Mideast policy make
05/18/09: Operatic perversion of ‘Samson’ is symptom of cultural decline and hate
05/04/09: The Death of Jewish Republicanism?
11/18/08: Does Barack + Bibi = Disaster?
11/11/08: Israel's security will be affected more by its own voting than by our election
11/03/08: Was He Wrong About Everything?
10/20/08: Government ‘Gifts’ Are Not Free
10/06/08: Ahmadinejad Isn't Too Impressed
10/02/08: Get Out Your Crystal Ball!
09/17/08: The Whole World Is Watching
09/10/08: There's Something About Sarah
08/20/08: Misleading Platform Platitudes
08/13/08: Georgia should be on their minds
08/08/08: Speak the Truth; Defeat the Lies
07/30/08: Does Israel need ‘tough love‘?
07/23/08: The Mufti of Jerusalem's Nazi ideology lives on among contemporary Islamists
07/14/08: ‘Alternatives’ to Logic Won't Work
07/02/08: Appeasers Make Poor Patriots
06/26/08: Real Friends and Real Enemies
06/18/08: Still Dancing Around Jerusalem
06/11/08: UNRWA and NGOs: the Real U.N. ‘Insult’
06/04/08: Misgivings on the Road to Damascus
05/29/08: Rediscovering the Will to Win
05/21/08: Finding Appeasers in the Mirror
05/15/08: Finding a Reason to Do Nothing
05/08/08: Still Fighting the Same War
04/30/08: Dream Teams May Test Party Ties
04/23/08: Making Sense of the ‘J Street’ Jive
04/16/08: A Prayer for Sderot's Children
04/14/08: Will the Olympics help to wake up the world to Chinese tyranny?
04/02/08: Unreasonable Accommodations
03/24/08: Your Tax Dollars at Work in Gaza
03/17/08: The Circus Comes to Town
03/05/08: Bill Buckley and the Jews
03/03/08: Obama's Spurned Supporters
02/25/08: Put It Back on the Table
02/18/08: Interfaith dialogue must be based on the principle that respect is a two-way street
02/11/08: Know-Nothing Flameout
01/31/08: Were They Really So Wrong?
01/24/08: The Audacity of Criticism
01/18/08: Olmert Can Always Say ‘No’
01/03/08: Can the voters think straight about the one thing we elect presidents to do?
12/27/07: The Party's Over for the Last of His Kind
12/21/07: Should We Fear Faith?
12/10/07: Iran Forecast: Don't Worry, Be Happy?
12/06/07: Dreaming of a ‘Green’ Chanukah? 11/26/07: Recall but don't romanticize political triumph
11/19/07: Is ‘Surrender’ Not an Option?
11/12/07: We can't wait for Hillary
11/06/07: We can't wait for Hillary
10/29/07: Film Bombs in ‘Jerusalem’
10/18/07: ‘My son, the Navy Captain’
10/12/07: It's not a parlor game! Assigning blame for Annapolis summit's probable failure presents clear danger
10/02/07: Can the Center Hold? Hillary and Rudy are both in the lead, but electability means more to Democrats
09/26/07: Ahmadinejad on Broadway
09/20/07: Get Out Your Crystal Ball! Time to take the 5768 Jewish pundit quiz on the new year's news
09/18/07: ‘Lobby’ lies make a comeback
09/05/07: 9-11 fatigue ignores real meaning of date
08/29/07: Golden Ticket to Oblivion
08/27/07: Biased CNN ‘Warriors’ crosses the line
08/22/07: Choosing Between Courage and Despair
08/06/07: ‘Realist’ policy built on sand
07/30/07: ‘Flying Imams’ and Reichstags
07/23/07: Just another fool's errand
07/09/07: Pandering Won't Be Enough
07/02/07: Holy Land hotties?
06/13/07: Anti-Zionists Left and Right: A strange alliance of extremists links traditional anti-Semites with Israel's foes
05/30/07: The Heavy Burden of Victory: Lamenting the 'occupation' won't make the facts that led to '67 conflict go away
05/14/07: Broken Engagement
05/03/07: The Consequences of Failure
04/26/07: Choosing allies over principles
04/23/07:Another Pulitzer Prize Disgrac
04/17/07: Two Pols Fail Leadership Test on Terrorism
04/05/07: Misleading analogy ignores history: Irish peace agreement gives false hope to those who want more pressure on Israel
03/27/07: Standing Against the Tide: Jewish organizations are wise to avoid jumping on the anti-war bandwagon
03/20/07: Stepping Over the Line
03/12/07: Film reminds us that combining religion and politics can make a righteous cause
02/26/07: When Skepticism Becomes Dangerous: Drawing the wrong conclusions about Iraq shouldn't lead us to worse mistakes on Iran
02/19/07: Prominent 'progressive' Jewish critics of Israel stake a false claim of victimhood
02/07/07: One defeat might yield another
02/01/07: Who Will Speak for the Jews? Effort to ban Israel's internal critics pits free speech against crisis of delegitimization
01/18/07: Out of Focus on Foxman: The offensive against pro-Israel voices finds a target in the ADL's autocrat
01/10/07: An Idea That Goes Way Back: New book shows U.S. involvement in the Middle East long preceded 'Israel lobby'
01/03/07: Ancient Lies No Basis for a Policy
12/28/06: The Real Case of Denial: Iranian threat requires action, not just harsh talk about Holocaust buffoonery
12/07/06: What's the Matter With Jimmy?
11/22/06: Recycled Trash Makes Poor Policy
11/13/06: Dirty little secret about Jewish prejudices
10/31/06: 'Rachel Corrie' Was a Liar: Play about a 'martyr' is potent symbol of rising intellectual tide of anti-Israel activism
10/23/06: Kisses From Condi: Push to undermine AIPAC aids possible U.S. tilt toward Palestinians, not peace
10/16/06: Let the Parties Compete! Taking Israel off the table as an election issue is not in the community's interest
10/05/06: Stalking the elusive Arab ‘moderate’
09/26/06: Time to take the 5767 Jewish pundit quiz on next year's news
09/20/06: Who Should Apologize? Not the Pope. The link between faith and violence must not be ignored
09/14/06: Post-9-11 recriminations should lead to focus on action against Iranian nukes
08/28/06: Something Less Than Victory: The notion of an Israeli "defeat" tests Diaspora support in more ways than one
08/08/06: Bush critics need to acknowledge unparalleled support for Israel
07/27/06: Who Really Teaches Hatred?
07/20/06: Drawing Lines in the Sand
07/11/06: The Real Religion of ‘Peace’
06/22/06: Photos Really Do Lie
06/01/06: Despite applause for Olmert, he can't count on unconditional American support
05/19/06: The Conflict in a Nutshell
05/02/06: The Limits of Sympathy
04/25/06: Shutting Up Won't Quiet Critics
04/12/06: Don't let non-Exodus theme Seders overshadow the original story
03/29/06: If you build it, will they come?
03/15/06: Halting aid to the P.A. means nothing if funds shift to the 'humanitarian' front
03/09/06: Dubai deal raises sticky questions, as well as hypocritical carping
03/03/06: Should we just give Hamas a chance?
02/22/06: ‘Ethics’ legislation will only make the system less democratic
02/17/06: Who Gets Left Behind? Church-state purists are facing a conundrum
02/09/06: Do ties to terror really matter?
01/16/06: Focus on pliability of Sharon's successor ignores the real 'peace process' story
12/07/05: Spielberg's not so subtle commentary about our post 9-11 world is the ultimate obscenity
12/07/05: How to Stop Academic Bias? Cut Off Their Funding!
11/30/05: GOP and Dems take aim at Jewish vote with calls to arms against different foes
11/23/05: The Blame Game Continues
11/16/05: Putting Islamism on the defensive
11/07/05: The anniversary of Rabin's murder leaves some as befuddled as the event itself
10/31/05: Is the choice Abbas or the abyss?
10/24/05: Kofi's U.N. charm offensive
10/17/05: Religious tests and the Court
10/07/05: Apologies Aren't Necessary!
09/26/05: The implosion of Israel's leading party will have consequences for the U.S. alliance
09/15/05: Some unwanted history lessons
08/22/05: Don't Expect Any Applause: Why territorial concessions don't make Israel more popular with its critics
08/11/05: ‘Now the Stones Will Speak’
08/03/05: It's the Act That Counts!
07/21/05: The Selling of the Jewish State
07/13/05: Dumbing down the War on Islamic terror
06/30/05: Righteousness comes cheap
06/23/05: How partisan politics — the real motive behind the huffing and puffing about Guantanamo — can lead otherwise sensible people to loose their grip on common sense
06/15/05:Bush's romance with Abbas leaves GOP with some explaining to do
06/06/05: Dialogue of the deaf
05/23/05: The ‘Martyr’ and the Matriarch
05/23/05: Getting tough with the wrong guy
05/13/05: How Pure Must a Good Cause Be?
05/09/05: Theocracy or Hypocrisy?
05/02/05: Myths of the Intellectuals
05/02/05: Myths of the Intellectuals
04/11/05: A Nation of 'Fourth Sons': How do you educate Jews who don't even know how to ask a question?
04/11/05: A double-barreled scandal
04/11/05: Helping and hurting
04/04/05: Unsettling diversions
03/17/05: Learning our lesson: Palestinian-aid debate shows perils of both ignoring the past and living in it
03/01/05: Put the celebrations on hold: The war against Israel isn't over
02/22/05: Closed Door? GOP split on immigration makes for an issue with a confusing set of allies
02/22/05: The Conquest of 'Eurabia'
02/14/05: Who's Being Silenced?
02/07/05: Lower Our Voices?
01/25/05: Will good deeds go unpunished?
01/21/05: Harry Shirt flap obscures real anti-Semitism
01/17/05: Cheerleaders and skeptics of latest peace moves need to be careful
01/10/05: Jewish groups that take sides in budget and tax wars wind up pursuing somebody else's agenda
01/03/05: Do new ‘brands’ bring meaning, money and happiness to Jewish groups?
12/23/04: Faith in democracy is at stake in debate about Iraq and the Palestinians
12/16/04: That Old Standby — the Scapegoat
12/10/04: A ‘Chrismukkah’ world
11/30/04: A pro-Israel group teaches us a lesson about Evangelicals and ourselves
11/19/04: Conventional wisdom rides again
11/11/04: They still don't get it
11/08/04: What ‘reform’ wrought
11/01/04: Civic Sacrament
10/25/04: In praise of inertia
10/19/04: Doubts about 'Palestinian' credibility ought to sound alarm for journalists
10/13/04: Decoding 'Palestinian' strategy helps us understand another threat
10/11/04: At U.N., No Division Between Aid and Terror
10/04/04: Celebrating 350 years of Jewish life shouldn't mean ignoring real problems
09/27/04: Do Journalists Take Sides?
09/22/04: A Monument to Failure
09/14/04: Time to take the 5765 Jewish pundit quiz on next year's news
09/01/04: Shadow on the Alliance
08/26/04: Game Over?
08/19/04: We may be ‘One’, but which ‘One’?
08/13/04: Sucker's Bet
08/05/04: Lessons from the other Warsaw Uprising
07/28/04: America's Europhile candidate needs to address the continent's anti-Israel tilt
07/26/04: Media tales of victims leave out the real culprit
07/21/04: There's nothing wrong with a pandering platform
07/14/04: International court grants Arabs a right to terror and Israelis a right to die
07/09/04: Political pulpit-phobia
06/25/04: Attempts to cast the war in Iraq as a plot should give its critics pause 06/16/04 Too high a Wall
06/09/04 Reagan's place in Jewish history rests on more than record number of votes
06/03/04: Pause and Remember
05/21/04: Politics and pictures
05/13/04: Tortured reasoning
05/03/04: Unilaterally Yours
04/23/04: A historic shift
04/16/04: The Javits Factor
04/08/04: An Overrated Virtue
04/01/04: Tenth Plague Revisited
03/24/04: Yassin's death is justice long overdue
03/19/04: No Way Out of War
03/10/04: Tap dancing to Washington
03/01/04: A safe place for what?
02/24/04: The Children of ‘Commentary’
02/12/04: Don't Bow to the 'Beeb': Collapse of BBC's credibility isn't just a British issue
02/09/04: The Bones of Our Dead
02/02/04: Joining the Party
01/26/04: Politically Incorrect Historian
01/20/04: Backlash against Bush immigration proposal confuses fear with security
01/08/04: 'Move On' Over the Edge
12/28/03: Urban Legends of Vermont: Overreaction to Dean's loose tongue shouldn't stifle questions about candidate's stands
12/11/03: He's No Angel: Kushner book illustrates the need for liberals to take back the left for Israel
12/11/03: Anti-Israel and Anti-Semite
12/04/03: A False Peace
12/01/03: Let's Make Believe
11/24/03: It's not 1938, but anti-Semitic violence should cause us to focus on the war against terror
11/13/03: When Some Money Talks, Don't Listen
11/10/03: No Tribal Solidarity
10/31/03: Who Lost the Campus? Animus against Israel goes deeper than policy disagreements with Sharon
10/27/03: Should America blame itself for the Muslim world's hatred?
10/17/03: So much for democracy
09/12/03: The Cult of Objectivity
09/02/03: Get Out Your Crystal Ball!
09/12/03: An Uncomfortable Feeling
09/12/03: An end to the delusions
09/02/03: Unnecessary Quagmire
08/25/03: Speaking Truth to Jewish Power
08/08/03: Second-guessing Tom DeLay
08/01/03: Tabling the Truth
07/25/03: ‘The Obstacle is Terrorism’
07/17/03: A Pointless Sacrifice: How did a New Jersey teen come to embody everything we hate about high school?
07/11/03: Deja Vu All Over Again: Will U.S. and Jewish support for the Palestinian Authority aid peace?
06/27/03: ‘We Must Teach Our Children’: The battle to prioritize Jewish day schools is still being fought
06/20/03: Prey to the same trap: Bush needs to return to a vision of moral clarity on the Middle East
06/13/03: Trading Places: Left- and right-wing Jews are both changing their minds about President Bush
06/09/03: Lessons From History: Some analogies make for bad advice to peacemakers and historians
05/30/03: Bush's flight plan to nowhere
05/23/03: The 13th Tribe Speaks
05/16/03: Credibility on the Line: Lack of trust for journalists didn’t grow out of a vacuum
05/12/03: Redefining ‘Pro-Israel’: American Jews who lobby for pressure on Israel are pushing the envelope
04/25/03: One, Two, Three Strikes They're Out
04/21/03: Critics of the Iraq war ought to be held accountable for their folly
04/11/03: The next battle: Delegitimizing pro-Israel voices is priority for Arab lobby after Iraq
04/04/03: Road map, road kill: Israel might pay a heavy price for the Iraq war, but there's a chance it won't
03/28/03: No time to keep quiet: Fear leads some Jews to avoid speaking out in favor of the war in Iraq
03/21/03: "Shielded" From the Truth
03/13/03: Scapegoats anyone?
03/10/03: Can't buy him love
03/03/03: Stereotypes and settlements
02/24/03: The darker side of peace protests
02/13/03: Prudence, not Prejudice
02/06/03: Misunderstood Verdict
01/24/03: Clearing up some misconceptions about the upcoming Israeli election
01/21/03: You're on your own now, Joe
01/14/03: Unneeded Advice
01/07/03: Figuring Out Bush
12/31/02: Gambling with lives
12/23/02: History counts
12/16/02: An end to the deception
12/10/02: In praise of troublemakers
12/02/02: Out of the mouths of the 'ignorant'
11/18/02: Seeking a Jewish Agenda
11/11/02: The other election: Count on the media to get it wrong, too
11/07/02: Too Late for the 60s: Campus opposition to Iraq war is driven by nostalgia and animus for America
10/30/02: A Pitcher and a Mentsh: Sandy Koufax's 'Jewish sensibility' made him an unlikely Jewish hero
10/23/02: This controversy is more about who we are than how many of us there are
10/14/02: Is there anything dumber than repudiating Christians who support Israel?
10/09/02: Academic mafia targets truth-teller Pipes
10/07/02: The Soul of the Democrats? With Gore sliding to the left, Lieberman's voice is needed on Iraq
09/30/02: Let them hit back
09/23/02: Can great music transcend politics?
09/17/02: No Guts, but Lots of Glory: Prominent Jewish dissenters on Israel aren't showing courage
09/09/02: Get out your crystal ball!: Time to take the 5763 Jewish pundit quiz on next year's news
09/03/02: This is no time for American Jews to pull their political punches
08/26/02: Sales pitch or selling out?
08/20/02: Rumsfeld to the Rescue: The Pentagon chief is a bastion of common sense
08/05/02: Passing the Test
07/29/02: Anti-Israel Green cranks belong on the fringes of American politics and Jewish life
07/22/02: Midsummer Night's Questions
07/15/02: Unknown History, Unheroic Martyrs: Telling the story of some of Stalin's Jewish victims
07/08/02: Not the Sum of Our Fears
07/03/02: Of Thee We Sing: Bush push for democracy is fitting tribute to Fourth of July
07/01/02: Off-Key Dissent: Bush's Middle East peace speech was great, but some Jews didn't get it
06/24/02: Our own worst enemy?
06/17/02: NPR Strikes Back
06/10/02: June 1967 Revisited: New book on war debunks myths and offers insight into a war that never ended
06/03/02: Jews are wrong to worry about America, right to be alarmed about the rest of the world
05/28/02: Back to Reform School
05/20/02: Who's Trying to Silence Free Speech? Media counterattack against bias charges misses the point
05/13/02: Does the truth even matter? Why does the world ignore proof of Saudi and Arafat links to terror?
05/06/02: 'Acceptable' Terror: For some people, killing of "settlers," is no crime
05/01/02: Massacring the Truth
04/29/02: Push for humanitarian aid to 'Palestinians' ignores terror links
04/22/02: We Know Who's in the Right
04/15/02: Bush isn't the only one who doesn't quite comprehend what is at stake in the Middle East
04/05/02: The backlash against Israeli self-defense is pure hypocrisy
03/22/02: Empty places at the table: How much will Israel be asked to sacrifice this year?
03/15/02: No Shortage of Stupidity
03/08/02: No sanctuary for terror
03/01/02: Tom's Big Peace Proposal
02/19/02: The man who knows too much
02/11/02: Though his cause is discredited, Arafat's friends in the media still go on the counterattack
02/04/02: Can Sharon parlay Bush's support into future security for the country?
01/28/02: Secular rabbis Planting Mischief
01/21/02: Shipping out: Why the 'Karine A' story failed to register on some radar screens
01/15/02: Is there life after liberalism?
01/07/02: Believing Christians better wake-up to Arafat's ultimate goals
12/24/01: Confounding his critics, Bush is getting it right on terror
12/20/01: Complacence led to belated effort against Hamas front
12/17/01: Are the Suburbs Bad for the Jews?
12/10/01: An End to Illusions
12/03/01: Reconciling Justice and Security: An America at war experiences Israel's legal dilemmas
11/26/01: Academia's Arabist Cheering Section
11/19/01: The limits of tolerance
11/12/01: In whose interests?
11/05/01: The Price of Principle
10/29/01: Israel cannot be asked to sacrifice any more of its people merely to please Colin Powell and the Saudis
10/22/01: They've Got to Be Kidding! Peace-prize committee and State Department have trouble connecting the dots
10/15/01: Divide and Conquer: The war on terror is just, but Powell's efforts to isolate Israel are not
10/08/01: Glamour-girl newsies fall prey to Arab lies
09/28/01: The Limits of Fairness
09/24/01: Some of those complaining the loudest about anti-Arab prejudice have themselves justified terrorism
09/20/01: Rather than blaming Israel, America must join with it to fight terror
09/11/01: Israel crisis highlights problem of creating next generations of educated Jews
09/04/01: The Price of Euphoria: Oslo helped disarm Israel and legitimize a terrorist regime
08/27/01: Hillel Kook, aka Peter Bergson, showed American Jews how to stand up and be heard
08/13/01: In Praise of Unilateralism
08/06/01: Israel's critics re-write history to justify Arafat and Oslo
07/30/01: In Cold Blood
07/20/01: The up-and-down career of a warrior for democracy
07/17/01: Who Will Speak for the Jews?
07/10/01: Exporting American Values
07/05/01: Missing in Action
06/22/01: Examining the high price of separation of religion and state at work and at school
06/15/01: Face to Face With the Jewish Future
05/30/01: Did You Have a Nice 'Catastrophe' Day?
05/21/01: No moral equivalence
05/14/01: Pope John Paul II’s precious legacy was trashed by Vatican policy and Syrian hate
05/07/01: Civility and deicide
04/30/01: Unasked Questions: The Bill Clinton Road Tour Commences
04/23/01: Painful debates over Allied inaction during the Holocaust continue to fester
04/16/01: Big League Jews
04/12/01: In Every Generation
04/10/01: X-treme Politics
03/23/01: Anti-Semites Past, Present and Future
03/16/01: A good deed that will not go unpunished
03/12/01: Faith and accountability
03/02/01: From Bach to Wagner via Jerusalem
02/23/01: Did the Jews make him do it?
02/15/01: Stop Apologizing!
02/09/01: Sharon's landslide sends a signal to American Jews
02/02/01: Getting Ready for Arik
01/26/01: Perceptions of media bias against Israel are more than just Jewish paranoia
01/19/01: Who Showed Leadership on Jerusalem?
01/15/01: Forget about Jews in the Cabinet, 'charitable choice' is the real issue to debate
01/09/01: Clinton’s Last Stand
01/05/01: Will American Jews find their voice as Jerusalem is carved up?
01/02/01: Dividing Jerusalem
12/25/00: The Real December Dilemma
12/22/00: A Time for Miracles
12/18/00: Their Worst Nightmare
12/13/00: The perils of partisanship
12/04/00: Was Clinton Israel's 'Best Friend'?
11/28/00: Blaming Ourselves
11/17/00: A Jewish identity based on left-wing politics is no more survivable than last month’s bagels and lox
11/10/00: Struggling With a Crisis of Faith: Clap your hands if you still believe in Oslo
11/03/00: Handicapping Bush and Gore on Jewish Issues
10/27/00: The Lieberman Watch
10/23/00: American Jews must not let Israel be isolated
10/13/00: When Ideology Collides With Facts
10/03/00: Get Out Your Crystal Ball: It’s time to take the 5761 Jewish Pundit Quiz!
09/26/00: When neutral observers aren’t so neutral
09/15/00: The Friends of Our Foes
09/08/00: Unfortunate Pilgrim
09/01/00: A Place for Faith
08/25/00: What a Country, Indeed!
08/18/00: Convention Fluff Shows Genius of American Democracy
08/11/00: Religion in Politics, Jewish-Style
08/04/00: In the Land of Oz
07/28/00: Republicans struggle for wedge issues with Jews
07/21/00: The Righteous Among the Nations
07/14/00: Don’t Blame Bill
07/07/00: Separation Anxiety
06/30/00: Questionable Sentences and False Martyrs
06/22/00: Off the Reservation
06/16/00: Falling for Dictators
06/14/00: From Lebanon to Jerusalem
06/02/00: Is It Kosher to Boycott Dr. Laura?
05/26/00: Chutzpah or Quiet Diplomacy?
05/19/00: Embracing the rhetoric of compassion is not the same as defending Jewish interests
05/12/00: Human Rights or Cash?
05/05/00: Post-Zionist Headache
05/02/00: A Justified Obsession
04/25/00: What Questions Did We Ask?
04/14/00: When the Diaspora Must Speak Up
04/07/00: Injustices & Impositions
03/31/00: Romancing Assad
03/24/00: Are We Ready for a Jewish Veep?
03/17/00: Voyage Into the Heart of Liberal Darkness
03/10/00: Re-educating American Jewry
03/03/00: The Company They Keep
02/25/00: A Misstep on the Road to Reconciliation
02/18/00: A Long Tradition of Scandalmongering
02/11/00: Eyes Wide Shut: Outrage over Haider ignores real source of anti-Semitism
02/04/00: How Assimilation Can Work for Us
01/28/00: Something is Missing This Year
01/20/00: Whose Jerusalem?
01/14/00: Racialism Run Amuck
01/12/00: Arguing About Peace
01/07/00: The ‘Peace Bug’ Strikes Home
01/03/00: Ending the Argument
12/23/99: Movement of the Millennium: The Zionist Top 10
12/17/99: Does Middle East Peace Mean the End of History?
12/13/99: The Bottom Line of the Holocaust
12/02/99: Can the Jewish state afford a more moral foreign policy?
11/24/99: Pondering the Panderers
11/18/99: Blood Libel Revisited
11/12/99: Jewish Pride and a Career Are a Good Match
11/05/99: The Price of History: Understanding the Legacy of Pope Pius XII
10/25/99: Can We Still Ask, 'Is It Good for the Jews?'
10/08/99: Advocates of reform need to remember the law of unintended consequences
10/04/99: All's Fair in Love, War and Jewish Politics
09/24/99: The Silence of the Pundits
09/17/99: When Forgiveness Becomes a Political Question
09/14/99: Get Out Your Crystal Ball: It's Time to Take the 5760 Jewish Pundit Quiz!
09/03/99: Two Degrees of Outrage: From burgers to the Holocaust museum: stories worth getting angry about
08/27/99: Opening up Historical Cans of Worms: Myths and facts about Edward Said and Israel's War of Independence
08/20/99: Don't let the California Jewish community center shooting distract us from our real problems
08/13/99: Hebron: Where Past, Present and Future Collide
08/06/99: Probing The Limits of Civility: When Community Relations Collides With Communal Interests
07/30/99: What They Covered and What We Did Not
07/23/99: Barak and American Jews: Laying down the ground rules for dissent in the era of Ehud
07/16/99: Oy, Hillary!: The dubious pleasures of political pandering
07/12/99: Summer Stories: The Devil Is in the Details
07/02/99: The Elusive Search For Editorial Balance
06/25/99:Who Changed the Rules?: Among American Jews, it's getting harder to tell the difference between mainstream and marginal
06/11/99: Choosing the Jewish Future: The question is: What kind of a Jewish community do we really want?
06/11/99: Small Stories With Important Conclusions
06/04/99: Local Heroes Wanted: Taking Hebrew School Seriously
05/28/99: Kosovo's Chicken Hawks and Cluster Bombs
05/19/99: Not to Bibi: Netanyahu's Downfall Is His Own Doing
05/13/99: The search for Jews in outer space continues
05/10/99: Cheering From the Sidelines: American Jews are more than interested observers of Israel's election
05/05/99: Perilous Diplomacy: Palestinians Want To Go Back To 1947
04/30/99: Politically Conservative and Jewish: Not an Oxymoron After All
04/23/99: Notes From the Home Front
04/16/99: The Sporting Jews: Making America's Game Our Own
04/09/99: From Silence to Cacophony: Holocaust metaphors are the coin of the realm
04/05/99: A Righteous but Confused Cause: Kosovo war shines a light on our principles and our hypocrisy
03/19/99:Jewish Art, Jewish Artists: Making beautiful music is no guarantee of goodness
03/17/99: When Jewish Foes Come Together
03/11/99: The Lingering Romance of the Jewish Left: When naming names was a righteous cause
03/05/99: Sacred Cows Make the Best Hamburgers
02/25/99: Changing Our Minds on School Choice
02/18/99: Morality Play: Mixing Politics and Values Is a Tricky Business
02/11/99:Of Human Rights and Wrongs
02/05/99:The Bibiphobia Conspiracy
01/27/99: Israel and Us: Putting Up or Shutting Up
01/20/99: The High Cost of Jewish Education
01/14/99The Good, the Bad and the Ugly: Have American Jews finally arrived?
01/06/99 Israel: The Millennial Theme Park
12/30/98 Memo to Bubba: Israel ain't Monica, keep yer hands off!
12/22/98 Calling Things by Their Right Names
12/12/98 Good news...and bad news
11/05/98 What price free-speech?
10/30/98: Haunted by the past
10/23/98: American Jewry: Ethnicity or faith?
10/15/98: Converts, saints and Jews: Confronting the story of Edith Stein
10/02/98: Bibi: No Messiah, just a politician
9/11/98: Politics ‘98: By their enemies shall ye know them
9/04/98: Pro-terror groups' cry of discrimination rings hollow
8/28/98: Defending the undefendable;Or, the AJCongress should stop wasting Jewish resources
8/21/98: Is 'Jewish journalism' an oxymoron?
8/14/98: Holding on to our heroes
8/07/98: Three strikes, but they continue to play
7/23/98: Zionist vs Zionist
7/17/98: Summer news stories: Large and small
7/13/98: A step closer to school choice
6/26/98: The Holocaust Museum and Mort Klein
6/12/98: What price Jewish education?
6/5/98: Ten books for a long, hot summer: A serious vacation reading list for Jewish history lovers
5/29/98: Double standards here and there: Hypocrisy raises its ugly head in Israel and the U.S.
5/26/98: Hartford Seminary tangle points to bigger issues
5/22/98:The importance of being Bibi
5/14/98: The ‘dream palace' of the anti-Zionists: Hartford Seminary controversy has historic roots
4/26/98: All-rightniks versus the alarmists: Focussing on the Jewish bottom line
4/13/98:Of ends and means and victims
4/5/98: Hang up on Albright
3/29/98: Bigshots or activists?: Clinton's three clerics return from China
3/27/98: Will American Jews help Clinton push Israel into a corner?
3/22/98: Anti-Semitism then and now
3/15/98: Still searching for Jews at the opera
3/11/98: Remembering Eric Breindel
3/8/98: Getting lost in history
3/5/98: Follow the money to Hamas
2/22/98: Re-writing "Anne Frank" - A distorted legacy
2/15/98: Religious persecution is still a Jewish issue
2/6/98: A lost cause remembered (the failure of the Bund)
2/1/98: Economic aid is not in Israel's interest
1/25/98: Jews are news, and a fair shake for Israel is hard to find

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