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Like it or not Trump is the last stand of America

Dave Weinbaum

By Dave Weinbaum

Published May 6, 2016

Like it or not Trump is the last stand of America

What do you call a New Yorker who wins the Republican nomination for President of the United States of America— IN INDIANA!? HOOSIER DADDY! Enough celebration for Trump supporters like me. Itís easy for us.

Even though I would have voted for Cruz over Hillary, I had serious questions about Ted and his campaign tactics — just like Cruz supporters had for Trump. There was no doubt all were guilty of overreach, lying and misrepresentation.

Only, Trump was better at it.

Before I came out for Trump, I thought of trotting with Walker. Then I was almost willing to go cruise for Cruz, keeping my mind open for Trump all the time. I searched for answers on Trump and Cruz sites on Facebook. In fact, I may be the only person to be thrown out on my buttocks from each group.

It certainly wasnít with the magnificence of evidence from either sideís supporters that I concluded that Trump was better suited for the presidency than Cruz.

Sure Iím angered by some of the insults I endured—especially the anti-Semitic ones from the Cruz group. But we are on a mission to save our country from its true enemies, the Communists, AKA the Democratic Party.

Hillary Clinton and the other Communists must be stopped. Think of the three to six Supreme Court justices who will be picked in the next eight years. That alone should put shivers up your whining conservative spine. Let time and common sense replace your hurt feelings.

Now is the time to ask what you can do for your country.

Sometimes you have to put your foot down to get a leg up

To multiple nays with the #nevertrump crowd, I posted this on Facebook: ďCruz is out. Cruz supporters: Take a few weeks off and get back in the game. I feel your pain—but I know we have a staunch Communist enemy to beat. We welcome you—just as I would have supported Cruz to beat this enemy. I ask you to do the same for America. Itís the only way to have America survive.Ē

After writing this, two Cruz supporters praised me--and fifteen of them beat me up. If Trump is to turn the tide of the haters and draw enough from Dems, independents, prissy conservatives and die-hard Cruzers, heís got to come up with the best team available. Trump should strategically pick the best conservative minorities, women, politicians ever. He should do it ASAP so he can lower his negatives and appease petulant conservatives like Krauthammer, Will and Rove. Heís got to put together a ďteam of rivalsĒ just like Lincoln.

And yes, that includes Ted Cruz.

This must be aligned with geography, especially where swing states are ripe for the taking. For those who say Trump is the same as Hillary, nothing could be further from the truth. The policy part is easy. There are tons of differences. But I want to focus on this for now:

Hillary and Billís fortune, estimated from $150 to $200 million came from deals so crooked and corrupt that the FBI has 150-plus agents investigating Hillary.

And I havenít even mentioned her emails, yet. Sheís facing some serious jail time if the DOJ indicts—political suicide if they donít.

That, in and of itself, should be enough to convince you. Trump, no stranger to courtrooms as most business owners—including myself — isnít under any threat of any kind of indictment that Iím aware of. Hillary and possibly Bill face federal corruption or espionage felonies. Hillary faces from two to three thousand counts just from her e-mails, alone!

Finally, thereís the MASSIVE advantage that Trump has as a natural media darling. Hillary is a miserable panderer who couldnít tell the truth if her life or our military lives depended on it. And thatís provable!

Youíre going to be hearing these two words an awful lot in the next six months— may as well remember them now:


As I answered one stubborn appendix to Cruz who attacked and insulted me personally:

ďMy emotion is for my country. My people fled countries with leaders like Hillary and Obama. I'm voting anti-Communism. By sitting out, you're voting for Communist domination for the next 50 years. Conservatism does not stand for losing

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