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Ferguson: The race war after the election

Dave Weinbaum

By Dave Weinbaum

Published Nov. 6, 2014

  Ferguson: The race war after the election
Rumors are not news. Yet, when prestigious liberal rags like the NY Times and the Washington Post publish leaks from the Ferguson Grand Jury, a red flag has to go up. For those in Branson, that's the gathering of citizens who heard evidence on the killing of unarmed teenager, Michael Brown (black) by Officer Darren Wilson (white). Another drip came out on Glenn Beck's THE BLAZE. It claims that on Monday, November 10th, the public will learn that there will be no charges against Officer Wilson. Other rumors put the announcement on the 9th.

These droppings came from the DOJ leader, a resigning Eric Holder. He probably ordered it in the first place—waited a week—and told his DOJ to "Shut up!"

All hell is supposed to break loose in St. Louis—maybe elsewhere. The Federal Government just approved a no-fly policy over 37 miles of St. Louis — not for safety — but to keep the press from seeing what's happening on the ground.

If only Democrats had manipulated this earlier, they could have used the riots as yet another racial injustice scam. Yet, it was Obama who put the full force of the Federal Government to lynch — I mean — bring justice to Officer Wilson regardless of what a Grand Jury might conclude. President Obama had the audacity to bring the Brown/Wilson episode up as a shameful example of what our nation represents as the case was being heard. Some lawyer that Barack! Ain't he?

After Ferguson, I'd advise any white cop in a black neighborhood to resign and go elsewhere. Don't leave your fate to race punks.

Chicken-sh#ts and Prime Ministers

Ironically, several unnamed heroes in the Obama Administration called the leader of our best ally, Israel, a "Chicken-sh#t." No apology was given, nor was there an adequate explanation. One would assume that Israeli Prime Minister, Binyamin Netanyahu, who served his country in three wars plus many other excursions in Israel's Special Forces, would get a little respect--especially from an Administration led by the Chum Gang leader and community organizer, Barack Hussein Obama. I don't recall B. Hussein Obama serving in any wars—only losing ones already won.

A window of opportunity won't open itself

Soon there will be a chance for race-baiters to show their courage and commitment. Let's draft all those tough guys in our Commander-in-Chief's own Barack Battalion. We can call them Chum Gang, Too. They can go arm-in-arm and lead the "demonstrations" just like Dr. Martin Luther King did in the 60s:

Louis Farrakhan-the head of the Nation of Islam and one who compared the apparent legal killing of Michael Brown as self-defense to Israel's legitimate war with Hamas. Any word on stopping the beheading and raping of innocent Christians and Yazidis?

Jesse Jackson-A man who could raise money from a blood-test-pin-prick

MO Governor Jay Nixon-He demanded justice for the Brown family but had nothing for the cop forced to hide due to death threats.

Al Sharpton-Gonna give him the bullhorn as he's been wrong or lied about more racial cases than Obama and Holder put together. Plus he has a radio show!

The NAACP-for their amazing lack of leadership in general and in this case specifically.

The New Black Panthers-what a chance to get up close and personal with all those white piggies.

Eric Holder-resigning AG. Since he personally interceded the feds into a local situation let him lead the charge!

President Barack Obama-once again leading from the back as he has interceded himself as Messiah. He opines on all racial cases and he's been wrong every single time.

To be consistent, I don't expect the above to have their normal cadre of armed body guards. You never know when an 18-year-old 6'4" 300-pound baby might run full-speed at you with hands up saying, "Don't shoot!" One of those white Secret Service guys might revert back to his prejudices and take unnecessary action to protect The President.

Now's your chance to put up—or as Eric Holder shrieked at his DOJ, "Shut up."

Maybe, if Bibi isn't too busy fighting terror attacks against Israel he could come down and provide security…by himself.

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