March 5th, 2021


Can Western civilization survive 'progressive' ignorance?

Dave Weinbaum

By Dave Weinbaum

Published Jan. 23, 2015

  Can Western civilization survive 'progressive' ignorance?
In light of the furor over President Obama's failed foreign policies, a plethora of people have come in praise of President George W. Bush. Our last president was savaged by Democrats and the foaming-mouth press for the last 13 years as a warmonger and torturer. In response to a daily din of demand that War Criminal Bush must withdraw all the troops in Iraq, President 43 retorted in 2007 with a psychic prediction.

Dubya prophesized if we pulled all the troops out too soon, Muslims would commit atrocities. Further, competing Muslim armies with captured US weaponry and vehicles from fleeing Iraqi troops would cause mass murder and genocide. He also predicted land grabs. It wasn't so much that Bush was a military genius. He wasn't — and he knew it. He consulted with military experts both within and out of the armed forces.

Just to show they aren't all about the murder of Jews and Christians, these psychos lined up 13 Muslim teens in Mosul, Iraq and mass executed them in public with machine guns. Their crime? They were watching a soccer game on TV, thus violating Sharia law — PRAISE ALLAH! The bodies of these lads were left in public for hours as a lesson to the rest of the town. Even their parents knew better than to collect their sons for burial. If we don't do something now this could soon be playing out in Euroarabia and the USA.

Thank goodness, President Obama is above all that. The Messiah is the smartest man who ever lived. Just ask him. He's the "WON"—the Bo Jackson of Presidents:

  • Obama knows climate change, AKA global warming, climate disruption, glaciergate, polarbeargate and now, thanks to the Patriots, deflategate.

  • Obama knows taxing the wealthiest one percent.

  • Obama knows affordable health care.

  • Obama knows bin-Laden dead, GM alive.

  • Obama knows we've stopped ISIS—even if they don't know it, yet.

  • Obama knows Israel is the cause of all the troubles in the Mideast and the world.

  • Obama knows it can't be Islam that's responsible for Jihadist terror, despite Boko Haram, al-Qaeda, Hamas's thousands of rockets sent to murder Jewish men women and children in Israel, decapitations and crucifixions of Christians in Africa and the Mideast.

  • Obama knows women's rights, unlike the unequal pay of his female staff compared to men, the thousands of female survivors who are kidnapped, sold and sodomized by, dare I say, Islamonazis?

  • Obama knows foreign policy.

  • Obama knows that police are racist.

  • Obama knows traitors. This genius traded American traitor Bowe Bergdahl for five battle-tested Taliban who we all know will never go back to the battlefield or kill more Americans.

  • Obama knows we must cut our military to WW1 levels so the world will know no threat from us.

  • Obama knows nicknames. ISIS=JV team, Syria and Russia are Red liners, and Bibi Netanyahu is a Chicken $hit.

What Obama and Progressives don't know is the world has passed them by. His speeches are a spiraling rehash of old Socialist/Communist ideas that never worked anywhere. Besides, Americans stopped believing Obama and the Progressives, AKA Democrats, somewhere between the 15th scandal, 50th lie and 70th misjudgment.

The good news is that Barry has one SOTU left

The bad news is Barry STILL has one SOTU left

Barry can't get out of office fast enough. He is the barrier to this country's pride and dignity. Only then can we reduce the flame of racism and class war the Progressives have stoked up and get people off welfare with jobs. Then we can help minorities and the poor understand that we can all pursue life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Then we can rebuild our armed forces and challenge the Islamofacists where they live instead of relying on France, Belgium, Sweden and — I almost forgot — Yemen.

It should be obvious to all that this president doesn't care enough to protect this country. His inability to identify our foes as extremist Islamic Jihadists should frighten all of us. Obama is a barrier to this nation's respect in the world from friend and enemy alike.

The most enjoyable thing and a real symbol of our freedom will be to revoke Al Sharpton's pass to the Oval Office. It'll take a year just to get the stench of his idiocy wiped from the grounds.

The first step to economic recovery should be to arrest Sharpton and make him pay the taxpayers of this country back.

Then we can put the IRS out of its dreadful existence.

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