March 4th, 2021


Ryan dyin' for not relyin' on Trump

Dave Weinbaum

By Dave Weinbaum

Published May 23, 2016

Ryan dyin' for not relyin' on Trump

So a businessman who supported a lot of politicians from both sides sees that his country is going to hell in a handbasket. As a result, he decides to run for president against a horde of candidates. Some are governors, others Senators. He beats them all: the last seven straight contests in a YUUUUGE majority, AKA a BLOWOUT!

Someone on Facebook said Trump and his minions were "rank amateurs." My response: "íRank amateurs?í" Heís been a politician for 11 months. He just beat 16 others, many of whom have decades of political acumen. Maybe, just maybe, the voters have had ENOUGH OF THE LYING INCOMPETENTS IN CHARGE!"

Trump turned those voters out at the polls! The Republican Party, many of them of the ingrate elitists, saw a 60% increase in primary voting with about 100,000 switching from Dem registration to Repub, so far.

Speaker of the House Paul Ryan, knowing all this, hiked up his thong from his precipice and decided to look down his nose to deny the rightful and overwhelming delegate and voter hero of the Republican Party—Donald Trump. Oh, they "met" and they "talked" but Trumpís still not kosher enough to get King Ryan to crown Trump for what he has earned.

Since then, Donald has made nice-nice with arch enemy, Megyn Kelly, responded to a Hillary hit ad calling him a misogynist, and another Hilary/NY Slimes piece that interviewed Trumpís female relationships. According to the women who were in the article it was contorted to falsely describe Donald. Trump called out the Slimes and brought out the "RAPE" word in regard to Bill.

Result? Right after the concessions of Cruz and Kasich Trump was down 16 points to Hillary. Everyone who hated Trump was pontificating at his supporters. "See? Trump canít beat Hillary!" Kind of ironic from those who backed experienced political icons who just got a whole barrel of whoop ass dumped on their noggins from the rookie, donít you think?

That was about two weeks ago. Today, according to a new Rasmussen Poll, Donald was UP BY FIVE! THATíS A TURNAROUND OF 21% and he hasnít really started yet.

"To every survivor of sexual assault...You have the right to be heard. You have the right to be believed. We're with you." — Hillary in a Tweet

As Sean Hannity pointed out, I canít wait for the NY Slimes to come out with the interview of Billís rape victim Juanita Broaddrick. That goes for those who claim he assaulted them: Kathleen Willey, Paula Jones and about three dozen more who all claim they were molested by President Clinton. Maybe they can ask how Paula spent the almost $900,000 she got from Bubba in a settlement.

Of course, it wasnít just Bill who attacked these women. Hillary and her little anti-Semitic dog, Sidney "Vicious" Blumenthal allegedly ran a blackmail campaign that included intimidation, threats and, in one case, a reported disappearance of Kathleen Willeyís cat.

Voters are king, their representatives are their employees

One question about Ryan: How did this cowardly wonk become the guardian of the Tabernacle of Conservatism? Ryan took Boehnerís place recently as Speaker. Some thought, finally our "conservatives" in Congress could dare say NO to our enemy-loving traitor-in-chief.

But Ryan rolled in line like a three-foot putt by Jason Day. He voted to fund all of Obamaís favorite things without one damnation from Pelosi or Reid. They were grinning from one porky ear to the other.

Sarah Palin promised to primary Ryan during í16 election, prompting an interesting fund-raising letter I received from one of the worldís biggest losers, Mitt Romney.

I gave Romney some money so now, in his capacity as the current Republicansí BIGGEST LOSER, heís raising money for the Robin to his Batman, little Paulie. This is why Americans hate their politicians. Anyone who dares demand they live up to their promises are doused with gas, blamed and fined for hurting the environment— then have lit matches thrown at them until they are charred into silence, oblivion or worse.

Not falling for it Mittens, Paulie, Hillary or Bill.

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