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Bury Barry in a bunch of bills

Dave Weinbaum

By Dave Weinbaum

Published Jan. 14, 2015

  Bury Barry in a bunch of bills
Barack Obama is not just a lame duck president. He's an angry and twisted lone duck. Methinks his actions during the midterm elections further revealed a bitter narcissist. One party hated him and he was shunned by his own. His pleading to the American people that all his policies were being voted on last November was a cry for attention.

Dems ran, all right—as far away from The President as their scrawny legs would take them. Since nothing has ever been Obama's fault, I'm sure he blames the Dem politicians who suddenly treated him like he'd just kissed an Ebola nurse.

Also, there's no excusing us peons who were too dumb to vote for Barry's policies or too lazy to wrench ourselves from our welfare bonanzas long enough to keep his toadies in the House and Senate. Obama is a man who doesn't like bad news and will deny any fault in its happening. Just ask Bush—if he ever comes out from under Obama's bus.

Our President is a desperate man. He doesn't care who he destroys now. It shouldn't go unnoticed that after said elections, Obama unilaterally decided to cozy up with Fidel and Raul Castro and the head cleric of Iran. All by his lonesome, and against the indictment he peppered himself with 22 times in the past, Barry decided to accommodate illegal aliens. This illegal act encourages the continuing invasion of our borders and punishment for those who chose to obey our laws.

Remember, Cuba is a 53-year enemy and Iran a 36-year foe. Cuba aligned with the Soviet Union to put Russia's atomic weapons 90 miles from America's shores and Iran, under the Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini, attacked the US Embassy in Tehran, kidnapping 52 Diplomats and staff. They were captives for 444 Days. The day Ronald Reagan was Inaugurated in1981 was the day they were released. One wonders if this is a deliberate attack on the first achievement of Reagan's wildly successful presidency.

Cuba and Iran practice cruelty, torture and annihilate many of their own citizens.

While Barack is coddling our enemies, he's bitch-slapping Israel like they perpetrated 9/11. I believe he blames this treachery on Jews and AmeriKKK, as Reverend Wright preached while Obama attended his church for over 20 years.

Republicans must stop this dictator wannabe in his tracks. If they let this go much longer, they will be as responsible as the Dems for a Constitutional crisis.

Sometimes you have to put your foot down to get a leg up

Republicans have the advantage. Dems demonstrated they can't hold on to their Congressional Seats while the stench of Barry's policies all over their constituents. While they should be wise, it's imperative for conservatives to be aggressive. Sure you can start with the Keystone Pipeline and medical device taxation, but don't let that stop you from going for the throat of Obamacare. REPEAL IT!

Dems will stall and defer and Obama will veto everything in the kitchen sink of bills sitting on Harry Reid's desk — but get that defiance of the American People on the record!

It's imperative that Republicans save our armed forces from sequester. Isn't it obvious that we're in a world war with Islamic Jihad? We can't be seen by allies or enemies reducing our forces to pre WW1 levels in the increasing danger President Obama have subjected us to.

Democrats will tire from futile denial of what the American people demand. Republicans can't stop there. They need to collect the twine of Dem refusals to govern, and twist it into a taut rope.

Then hang 'em high during the '16 elections and beyond. Republicans won't have to brag about how "we won" to Democratic politicians. The American people and our allies will know because they'll be the real winners.

America will be back while Democrats struggle for reasons to justify existence.

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