March 6th, 2021


America's chickens have come home to reproduce

Dave Weinbaum

By Dave Weinbaum

Published Dec. 18, 2015

America's chickens have come home to reproduce

This column is dedicated to all those who voted for B. Hussein Obama for a second term and all those stupid, so-called conservatives who sat glued to their couches instead of voting for Mitt Romney in 2012.

I’m particularly miffed at fellow Jews, some of them relatives who voted for Obama the second time. You mean you didn’t understand his pandering deal plea to Iran and the implications to Israel’s survival? The Ayatollah and Mullahs won Powerball and the Lotto combined. Step right up Khamenei and collect your $150 billion—with a clean road to a Muslim A-bomb! Gonna burn Israeli and American flags?


Gonna wipe Israel off the map and murder more Jews than Hitler killed in the Holocaust?

NOT OUR PROBLEM! Just wait ‘til we get out of office first so we can blame it on the new president. My conclusion is these disgraceful Hebrews are more Liberal than Jewish and don’t give a Shiite whether Israel survives or not. I see no redeeming rationalization for their treason.

Obama and his Liberal hordes have gotten chaffed riding the jackass brays of “ America is getting what it deserves--America is evil” long enough for the mass of the slow-to-react-lest-they-be-called-racist American people’s patience to run out.

Whatever guilt they felt has diminished like CO2 to the atmosphere. The only positive for the crazy left is it could cause some of the “climate change” they’re lying about.

Being dumfounded is the first step to losing stupidity

People aren’t censoring their words anymore. They’re cussing out Obama, Hillary, AG Loretta Lynch and any Democrat who sponsors the invasion of our country with a combination of South American and Mideast immigrants with ISIS infiltration all over the place. The leftists will do anything to this country including leading us into terror nightmare just to overwhelm the US with a surge of dependent Dem voters. The turning point was San Bernardino, the worst terror attack on American soil since 9/11.

America is done with Obama’s lies and coddling of ISIS-infested illegals who would destroy this country. Seventy percent of Americans aren’t buying the BS that if you criticize the Obama Administration you’re “Racist, homophobic, Islamophobic, classist, white-privileged, one-percenter, police-loving, gun-toting rightwing nut-jobs.

Obama not only co-created ISIS with Hillary, he brought an unscripted wild man into the fray, Donald Trump. He’s saying exactly what’s on the mind of Joe and Jane American Citizen, much to the angst of the MSM and RINOS. Even Putin is joining the Trump choir, calling Trump outstanding, bright and talented. He must have tired of dealing with a feckless weakling like Obama. At least Trump wouldn’t lie down and let Putin trample him, like Barry continues to do.

Saudi Arabia recently announced a 34 country coalition to fight ISIS and Iran. The Obama Administration is so distrusted by all parties in the Mideast that they weren’t notified.

We are so vulnerable to terror attacks, fraudulent emails from Germany closed down the LA school system, threatening death and disrupting an entire city. They were forced to gather up some 700,000 students and get them to safety. Many other cities received similar threats but refused to shut their schools down.

Below are national concerns about terror:

according to the National Enquirer. FBI Director Comey has admitted as much. • Our vulnerable schools, from nursery through university campuses have no or little armed security.

All government work places that carry the suicidal dictate of NO GUN ZONES. These are advertised on signs and may as well say YOU’RE SAFE TO HUNT AMERICANS HERE!” The San Bernardino workplace was supposed to be gun free. How’d that work out?

Even in Missouri we have threats:

A large purchase of cell phones at a Kansas City Walmart. These are often used as detonators.

The theft of empty propane tanks, also in KC—ideal for making bombs.

The FBI was called about several Middle Eastern men asking questions about Bagnall Dam in the Lake of the Ozarks.

Multiply this in every state and you realize the Obama Administration has intentionally put this country into a terror spiral that’s only going to grow.

I don’t know if we’ll still have a country by the time Obama leaves office.

Just to make sure no one is going to read this from Barry’s Administration, I’m gonna post it in Facebook!

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