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Whether Trump, Rubio or Cruz Republicans are on suicide watch

Dave Weinbaum

By Dave Weinbaum

Published Feb. 26, 2016

Whether Trump, Rubio or Cruz Republicans are on suicide watch

It's still a little early. But I believe the die has been cast. After the third big win in a row, this one by over 22 points in Nevada, Donald Trump looks like the shoe-in for the Republican nomination for the Presidency of the United States.

Yes, I know there are still many delegates and primaries to go. So I'm going to hedge my prediction in order to focus on a mental illness I see that's spread to millions in the Republican Party. It's called NOTMYPICKNOVOTAPHOBIA. The Yiddish name for this is GLUEDTUCHASTOCOUCHSYNDROME.

There have been outbreaks before. I'm sure Reagan, once a Democrat, felt some of its effects. Most swallowed their pride and sucked up the glue with special endorphins developed during the Jimmy years.

But it was a milder case. Apparently, the disease has morphed. It's been invasive of so-called conservative brain tissue. A normal right-winger would in no way deliver a Communist wannabe dictator to the presidency.

The choices we make dictate the lives that we lead

In '08, McCain encouraged this infection to multiply when he refused to vet B. Hussein. He further spread this conservative plague when he picked the most popular governor in the US at the time, one Sarah Palin, and proceeded to muzzle her.


Palin's instinct was to reveal Obama's ties to Communists, Bill Ayers, Reverend Wright and Nation of Islam's Louis Farrakhan. One had to wonder why war hero McCain was scared to tell the truth about Obama. Even so, a McCain-damaged Palin nearly dragged his sorry ass across the finish line.

In comes Romney. He seemed to have the cure early on. The Governor cleaned the floor with Obama in the first debate.

His people put a stop to that!! As I yelled out to a clueless-as-to-how-Romney-lost comment from one Donald J. Trump giving a speech to CPAC in 2013, Mitt had LAID DOWN IN THE LAST TWO DEBATES ! After that, Romney rolled up in a fetal position for the rest of the campaign.

Obama started his destruction and didn't let up-lying about it all the way- especially after Benghazi. Please note here that Republicans with the above disease were given front and center knowledge of one Hillary Clinton with proven lies to the families of the Benghazi four. These brave men sacrificed their lives as her employees as victims to her criminal neglect.

Romney managed to lose to Obama with millions more conservatives glued to the couch, than the '08 debacle. Mark Levin opined that a can of soup would be a better president than Obama.

Despite Romney's wasted opportunity, yesterday he called out Donald Trump saying that sources told him there could be a big problem with Trump's taxes. After some pressing from Neal Cavuto, Romney refused to reveal his source. Ironically, this is exactly what Harry Reid did to Romney in '12.

Whether he was sent by GOP bigwigs or he was on his own, Romney-currently residing at the bottom of the bucket of crab losers-has reached out to an escaping, victorious Trump to drag him down to Mitt's level.

More irony. Why isn't Romney attacking the Communists on the other side? Just what is Hillary NOT HIDING ?

Going back to The Donald, people seem to confuse him with Hillary, Bernie and Obama. They say he's as bad or worse than them.

My judgment is this. Trump is a natural as a politician. He's able to save himself from mistakes that would have tanked others. He single-handedly stopped Cruz in his tracks, even taking the evangelicals away. Despite the continuing circus of his assured demise from some of the best political analysts in the world, not only is he alive-HE'S THRIVING !

Despite his own gravitation over time toward conservative positions and giving to politicians of all stripes including liberals, Trump claims he's a "common-sense conservative." He's:

Pro life

Pro second Amendment

Pro Capitalist

Lower taxes except for very rich

Anti Communist

Pro jobs

Experienced in how to negotiate with foreign governments

Pro police

Not willing to kiss up to Black Lives Matter or groups like it

Shown an ability to get all categories of people to vote for him

Not willing to curl in a fetal position during a debate

A fighter

Willing to work with allies and renegotiate with enemies

Proud to be an American

Got no record in elected office

"The person who agrees with you 80 percent of the time is a friend and an ally-not a 20 percent traitor." -- Ronald Reagan

Read this two times a day and vote for the Republican on November 8th.

Conservatives and America will be on the road to recovery from the disaster of the Dems.

Comment by clicking here. He is a businessman, writer and part-time stand-up comic and resides in a Midwest red state.