March 6th, 2021


No more Mr. Nice Guys? What about Doc Carson?

Dave Weinbaum

By Dave Weinbaum

Published Sept. 4, 2015

You know the quote, "Nice guys finish last." In the case of the last two presidential races that's true. Of course, in a Clintonesque comparison, one could assert that it depends on what the definition of "nice guys" is.

I don't think there's any question on whether Dr. Ben Carson is a nice guy. Who wouldn't want to engage the good doctor in a conversation over a steak and some wine, or try to beat his brains out in a game of pool as friend and Blacksphere owner Kevin Jackson did a couple of days ago?

This black retired children's savior of a brain surgeon is a "nice guy." His story is replete with the heroism of his single mother who brought him up to beat the odds. He's proud that he came up from poverty. His illiterate mom forced him to read. Kid Carson liked it so much, after a while he devoured books like a starving man having a Matt's Steakhouse filet sizzling close to his face. His likeability ratings are among the best in politics. Currently, he's tied in the polls with The Donald in Iowa —quite a political achievement for a novice at media and campaigns.

While it's important to be nice,
it's imperative to be truthful

Never conflate "nice" with being a traitorous suck-up.

Amenable, polite and thoughtful, Carson is anything but a suck-up. He stood up as an unknown and ravaged the first black president of the USA at a prayer breakfast, while Obama was sitting seats away. He sliced and diced our brilliant Lawyer President so badly he earned himself an audit from the Obama's personal Gestapo, the IRS.

A few weeks ago, the good doctor made a case to Chris Wallace on his Fox Sunday news show that Obama was an anti-Semite. He said that, based upon his interactions with the Jewish citizens of Israel, they think President Obama has abandoned them, each and every one he talked to. He said that to be against the Jewish State is anti-Semitic. I concur.

His debate performance was probably the best of the first-string wannabes—second only to The Donald—who BTW, according to one poll, is in a dead-heat with Trump in Iowa.

Here's what we don't want—politicians who won't fight back:

Senator John McCain, the Republican candidate in 2008, refused to talk about the background of Obama. He was reticent in talking about Obama's Communist upbringings and connections, his community agitating, his 20 years in front of the racist Reverend Wright, his association with cop killers Bill Ayers and his wife Bernadine Dohrn and his association with racist Muslim terrorists, one of whom runs The Nation of Islam, the dishonorable Louis Farrakhan.

Romney was far worse. McCain had to deal with a candidate that had little experience. If it wasn't for ruining Sarah Palin's attempt to save his sorry ass, I could understand him losing to the Race Hustler-in-Chief. Mitt discarded any chance of support from the 47 million Americans he dissed in private. After he killed in the first debate, he crawled into a fetal position, giving CNN's moderator Candy Crowley and Barack Obama a free pass to a second term. That's unforgivable after Obama's horrible performance during his first term.

During a Trump speech I attended in February, 2013, Trump told the audience that he had supported Romney. He said he couldn't understand how he lost. I couldn't help myself. I shouted back at The Donald. He lost because "HE LAID DOWN IN THE LAST TWO DEBATES!!" Trump looked over at me and said, "I think you're right!"

SHEESH! Why wasn't that evident to everyone?

Nice guy or not, it's the duty of our candidates to reveal and attack important issues about policy, background and facts about their opponents.

Not to do it is downright traitorous.

Or am I wrong?

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