March 5th, 2021


The Evil Empire Strikes Trump

Dave Weinbaum

By Dave Weinbaum

Published March 11, 2016

The Evil Empire Strikes Trump

Donald J. Trump is stirring up a category five hurricane of politics, social media, entertainment, energy, amazing support and destructive enemies. And now, as if heís already won, Donald preaches unity. He wants to be recognized as the YUUUUUGEST winner of them all—no biters yet from the assumed losers. Are they in denial? Two of them are, Rubio and Kasich. Only one seems to have a long shot of overcoming The Donaldís lead, Ted Cruz.

This comes after Trumpís Tuesday victory over the other three and the entire evil establishment of the Republican Party. Pleading the case for the Evil Empire was its most recent loser, failed presidential candidate, Mutt Romney.

Muttís assassination speech was followed by an all-out air attack with vicious slams and exaggerated wrongs against The Donald. The elites spent upwards of $40 million in ads calling Trump everything but a good boy. The bombing of Trump did garner some results as he lost Idaho to Cruz.

And the beat goes on with next weekís critical elections. Up to $70 million anti-Trump ads will be spent to crush him.

Just think, if only Romney had that kind of vehemence against BarackÖ

Donít forget. The Empire hates Cruz almost as much. Apparently, even Cruz canít hurt the ruling class as much as Trump can.

Why is that?

I believe the Elite have decided that they can work with Cruz better than Trump. Like them, heís beholden to corporate or private donors. If self-funded Trump wins, the Party is OVER! Pun intended.


It has been revealed that Ted Cruz just alluded to Trump supporters as ďlow information.Ē

Remind you of anyone?

Mutt Romney said he wouldnít waste his time on 47 million American voters in a meeting he held in private. Gee, he lost by five million. You think Donald Trump isnít going to go after them?

Paying attention to those people may have won the election. Romney blew an opportunity to sell the American dream to those who were poor and black.

Donald Trump has not and will not raise his nose against this important segment of the population. Heís too savvy for that. This is an indication that Cruz not only sounds like a snob—he actually is one.

Think itís a coincidence that 40,000 Pennsylvania and 20,000 Massachusetts Democrats just changed from Democrat to Republican? The Republican vote is up 60% thus far and the Dem turnout is very low.

As Rush said, it could be because there are stricter election laws in many states. Looks like the road leading from the graveyards to the polls has been shut down to the Dem candidates.

Hey, this is an opinion piece. I think youíre entitled to my opinion. Iíve been leaning this way for a while. Let me share some Facebook experiences with you first:

I may be the only person thrown out of both a Trump group and Cruz group within a month.

The Trump group dumped me because I called Donald out for ditching the Iowa debate.

I was asked to leave the Texas-centered pro-Cruz group because the administrator suggested I put up with anti-Semitic slurs, my girlfriend being called a whore and Donald Trumpís and my life being threatened.

I wonder if the Jews of Texas know about these business-owning Jew haters or, for that matter, the employer of the administrator. Maybe I should bring this to Cruzís attention and see whether heíll disavow this group as Trump was made to disavow a phony endorsement by David Duke and the KKK.

In any event, I think Cruz just disqualified himself to be president. I donít think heís electable.

Yet, if Cruz and his ethically challenged campaign wins, I would vote for him any day of the week and ten times on Sunday!

That being said, hereís the Tweet I just sent to Trump.

@realDonaldTrump #Cruz just called you backers #lowinformation.Reminds me of #Romney ignoring 47M poor W/Minorities #gamechanger! Use it!

Itís a Tweet. No spelling wisenheimers need apply.

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