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Barack Obama and the redistribution of death

Dave Weinbaum

By Dave Weinbaum

Published Oct. 24, 2014

 Barack Obama and the redistribution of death
Our President is a busy, busy man. He mires himself over 20 foot putts, makes millions at fundraisers where Hollywooders grow weak in their-speak. Barack flies non-stop back and forth all over the world, blaming us while screwing-up America and its alliances at every stop. Then he attacks what really bothers him and his fellow leftists: Climate change the lowest priority of Americans—recognized as a hoax by John Coleman, co-founder of the Weather Channel.

Now, after 100's of golf outings, vacations and fundraisers one of which he left the WH for during the Benghazi terrorist attack, President Obama has done the unthinkable. He postponed a fundraiser to meet with staff on Ebola. Of course little was done. Airplanes still fly in 150 a day from infected countries in W. Africa, the CDC has shown its ineptness by poor protocols, brave but untrained nurses, and hospitals so clueless and uncaring, they are considering the non-treatment of Ebola patients, AKA DEATH PANELS.

President "Two-Years-Late" Obama refuses to do the obvious once again. Two-thirds of the American public want a ban on flights to and from W. Africa. It's such a common sense solution that as Peggy Noonan from the WSJ pointed out; even an 11-year-old understands that if he sees a sick/contagious person walking toward his open door, his first reaction is to close the door. Not our President. Nope! There are much more important things than saving the lives of average Americans:

  • As Dr. Thomas Frieden, CDC head, said, West African nations are fledgling democracies with fragile economies. In other words, a few more shekels in the hands of Liberians is more important than saving American men, women and children from exposure to Ebola.

  • Americans should suffer like the rest of the world. According to Obama selector, Louis Farrakhan, whites are responsible for spreading Ebola to Africa. Now it's payback time?

  • Another Obama selector, Reverend Jeremiah Wright, self-proclaimed friend of Obama's for over 20 years said, "We bombed Hiroshima, we bombed Nagasaki…we supported state terrorism against the Palestinians and South Africans and now we're indignant about the stuff we've done overseas is now…brought back to our front yards? America's chickens are coming home to roost!"

The craziest thing is how vulnerable we are from our open borders in the South. If Ebola ever spreads to South America and Mexico, where do you think millions of sick and contagious people are going to go? Don't think so? We have another epidemic in the USA right now! Enterovirus D68 has entered the country through vast invasion of illegal youths and spread this respiratory disease to our children. According to CNN this disease has slain four young Americans.

Ideas are king—their sources commoners

Seems the theory is that along with the above reasons, closing incoming and outgoing flights to Africa are racist. Yet President Obama had no qualms about shutting Israel's main airport from incoming and outgoing flights. The excuse used was a Hamas missile dropped a mile and a one-half from Ben Gurion. The real reason was Israel's effectiveness at blasting the enemy's terror tunnels and missile launchers. Anti-Semitic? You decide.

The hypocrisy of the Ebola air-ban strategy refusal is what W. African countries are doing to fight Ebola. They are blockading other infected countries from guess where? Africa! Was this a sign of tribal ire, ethnocentricity of one Black Country VS another? No! It was a planned solution to help as many people survive as possible.

Results? Nigeria has just declared itself Ebola free. Senegal will echo Nigeria's boast very soon. Others are at varying degrees of progress.

President Obama would do us all a favor if he could fathom the world as it is and not how he imagines it should be.

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