April 22nd, 2021


Trump guilty? Obama/Hillary created more jihadists than Mohammed

Dave Weinbaum

By Dave Weinbaum

Published Dec. 11, 2015

Trump guilty? Obama/Hillary created more jihadists than Mohammed

The MSM is in a state of shock. They thought The Donald's ban-Muslim comments would look nice on his tombstone. In fact, Josh Ernest, the mouth of B. Hussein uttered in clear Obama-like arrogance Trump is disqualified to be President—as if his boss hadn't showed his incompetence from his first days in office.

Hillary, the unethical, indictable pantsuit, called Trump racist and paranoid and said his comments would help ISIS recruit. If it weren't for her and Obama, ISIS WOULDN'T EXIST!

Carly Fiorina expounded that if Donald were the candidate, Hillary would wipe the floor with him. As Rush pointed out yesterday, if that were the case why hasn't Carly dominated Donald?

It wasn't just the liberal press that foamed at the mouth at Trump's ban-Muslim comments. Every Republican candidate and both Republican Congressional leaders called out Donald's comments as unconstitutional, racist and un-American— with the interesting exception of the cleverest them all, Ted Cruz. But along with RINOS, talking news heads like Megyn Kelly and Muslim terror enablers like CAIR and al Jazeera, American reaction to the San Bernardino murders are resonating throughout the land. The common folk have had it.

The shock is that, despite Trump seemingly falling on his sword, the MSM can't find his decomposing body. While they were looking down for his bloody remains, The Donald was actually soaring with the eagles. He didn't just reassure his own supporters, HE GOT THOUSANDS AND THOUSANDS NEW ONES! He now leads his next opponents by 15 points. The media is beginning to realize that they have one of the only people they've ever encountered who owns them, not the other way around. They hate him—yet they are addicted to him and the ratings he brings.

Two simple Facebook polls got me to thinking that maybe, just maybe, the San Bernardino Radical Muslim Terror attack and Obama's and his AG, Loretta Lynch's reactions may have been the straw that broke the Progressive's façade, in the foreseeable future:

Trump has called for a temporary stop to Muslim immigration to America. Based on Obama's lack of a plan and Lynch's threat to arrest those who criticize radical Islam, do you think Trump has gone too far?

Attorney General Loretta Lynch responded to San Bernardino's Islamic Terror attacks by saying the Justice Department will prosecute anyone saying something bad about Islam. If YOU had a chance to say something to General Lynch, what would you say?

Granted the questions are slanted. I was only surprised by the number of responses and the awful language used in my fellow Facebookers' answers.

General Lynch's threat to arrest anyone saying anything bad about Islam caused people to vent in the most venal language I've seen in one place. My usual responses to questions like these are about 20. These three polls earned about 500 responses combined. People are still posting almost two days later.

Loretta's comment should be of most concern to all Americans for these reasons:

It threatens every American's First Amendment Right.

It creates an atmosphere of damned if I do and damned if I don't. A witness to the ruckus going on at the Sayed Farook home wanted to call authorities before the murders. She decided it wasn't worth being called a racist if she did. Chances are authorities could have stopped this attack. ·

The Muslim boy who claimed he made an innocent clock was handcuffed and his invention confiscated because many in authority at his school thought the clock looked like a bomb. The boy has moved to Qatar and is suing for $15 million after an audience in the WH with Obama and a visit with the President of Sudan. AG Lynch has opened an investigation on whether Clock Boy's civil rights were violated.

How about a mixed message very dirty martini—shaken and scared?

To those who are foaming at the mouth in disgust at Trump's mean and anti-constitutional screed, settle down, drink some Cab and digest this:

Immigration is not a "right." In fact, it was terminated from 1924-1965 in order to assimilate the millions we took in legally. FDR, Obama's hero, labeled American Germans and Japanese "enemy aliens" and incarcerated 120,000 Japanese and 11,000 Germans during WW2.

Iran took over the US Embassy in 1979. Jimmy Carter, citing the Nationality Act of 1952 meant to keep Communists out, ordered 50,000 Iranian students to report to immigration for investigation. He ended up kicking 15,000 of them out of the country. As I recall, no war was declared at that time. There are signs America has figured out who the enemies of the US are from the inside. If that's the case, then get ready to welcome President Donald Trump and watch the liberals implode. Oh, and because he isn't a dope like the rest of the Republican candidates, say hello to Vice President Cruz, too.

It'll take a while to recover America's greatness, but it'll be fun watching.

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