March 6th, 2021


Jewish state on its own as Obama declares war on Israel

Dave Weinbaum

By Dave Weinbaum

Published July 20, 2015

Jewish state on its own as Obama declares war on Israel

The capitulation to Iran is a done deal. Our President has revealed himself for the anti-Semite he is. Are American Jews up in arms against President Obama's putting more Jews at risk than Hitler? I KNOW Israeli Jews are.

Think I'm kidding?

Not only will the Iranian agreement guarantee Iran nukes. After Obama's outright lie about 24-7 anytime inspections, we found out about the 24-day delay from notice to nuke plant scrutiny. PLUS, Iran's right to appeal will cause further stalling and cajoling for the already lying and cheating Iranians. As Netanyahu said, they'll have plenty of time to flush the meth down the toilet.

They could produce a nuke within months with that much rope.

Merely five days before signing on the winning lottery ticket, the President of Iran took it upon himself to lead in the burnings of American and Israeli flags to the chants of "DEATH TO AMERICA! DEATH TO ISRAEL!" We call it "Friday" but in Iran this could be any day.

That's not all. The USA, under the Obama regime, will provide Iran, along with other Euros, the knowledge of how to combat Israel's ability to attack this imminent threat to its very survival. They've locked the door on the Israeli dream of surviving in a tough neighborhood with America's help.

Israel is on its own.

If Obama is the closest thing to a Jew then I'm the second coming of LeBron

Obama and the equally Jew-hating Euros and UN put Israel at a tipping point— damned if they do—dead if they don't. Barack Obama just started the next Mideast war. If his policies remain consistent, it could morph into WW3.

For the Jewish State: It's no longer a matter of "if." It's a matter of "when" Israel attacks Iran.

According to Ambassador John Bolton, Israel should blow up Iran's nuke plants right now, before they become too entrenched. Further, this deal will create a worldwide nuclear race the likes we've never seen.

Why should Israel care? Why should American Jews care?

  • If any country, especially one the size of Iran, issues 35 years of threatening to "Wipe (name a country) off the map," you'd have to have a death-wish to ignore it.

  • If you give the world's biggest and baddest terrorist country the rights to build nukes or the opportunity to easily hide what they're doing, then you've set the precedent for all other countries to accomplish the same no matter how bad their behavior is. The whole Mideast will fill up with Nukes.

  • Via its rockets supplied to Hamas in Gaza and Hezbollah in Lebanon, Iran has already abetted in bombing and killing Israelis.

  • Iran is tied to terrorism that has killed thousands of Americans.

  • Israel is known to the Iranians as the "one-bomb country"—as in, one bomb could wipe out more Jews than Hitler murdered in the Holocaust. They could care less how many thousands of Muslims they kill in the process.

  • Besides hundreds of billions of dollars, Iran gets conventional weapons and ballistic rockets—powerful enough to reach most of the USA.

Whatever Israel decides, I believe they will be unified to the extent that any country of free expression can be. The responsibility of Israelis to protect their country at all costs is huge. They are defending more than their children, more than their families. They are defending the right of Jews everywhere to live, pray, laugh, marry, have children and grandchildren, and yes die—a normal death, in the land that G-d gave them unequivocally and infinitely.

No one and I mean NO ONE has the right to extinguish the beacon of light to the world that shines from the land of Israel. To snuff it out would be a sin of historical proportions, maybe what President Obama really wants for his legacy.

Congress will vote the Iran agreement down and Obama will veto it. However, I believe the final vote is already being deliberated.

And if G-d doesn't agree with Obama, so be it.

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