Inspired Living
Why matzah?
By Jeff Jacoby

What is so significant about eating unleavened bread? How is dry flatbread an icon of redemption? Why does Scripture repeat again and again that Jews should eat matzah to remember their deliverance from Egypt?

War on Jihad
Jewish Yale student stabbed in eye with PLO flag

She was filming an anti-Israel demonstration on campus -- including the removal of an AMERICAN flag -- when she was assaulted

Netanyahu thanks U.S. after House approves new military aid for Israel
By Niha Masih

Calls "support for Israel a defen[ce of] Western civilization"

Reality Check
What happens when children seize the wheel
By Caroline B. Glick

The U.S. posture in this war has rattled Israel and the U.S.'s Sunni allies to their core

Must-Know Info
11 Truths That All Investors Must Accept
By Jonathan I. Shenkman, AIF®

Getting rich quick and seeing regular returns in the mid-teens are just two unrealistic expectations of inexperienced investors. Read on for nine more.

Well. Being
A blood test to detect cancer? Some patients are using them already
By Marlene Cimons

New blood tests measure "signals" in the blood to help detect cancer. Experts say more study is needed to determine if the new tests save lives

Passionate Parenting
My 3-year-old son just gets angrier when I try to calm his tantrums
By Meghan Leahy

Good for your son!

Ess, Ess/ Eat, Eat!
The Kosher Gourmet
By Becky Krystal

This Passover, make a matzoh pizza stand-in, rather than just an also-ran with input from some culinary greats

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9 to 5 by Harley Schwadron

Bottom Liners

Chip Bok

A.F. Branco

A.F. Branco BONUS!

Ed Gamble

Bob Gorrell

David Hitch

Steve Kelley

Tom Stiglich

Tom Stiglich BONUS!

Gary Varvel

Michael Ramirez

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News of the Weird: Time To Buy a Lottery Ticket

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Dick Morris: The Odd Similarity Between Alvin Bragg's Strategy And Kenneth Starr's

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