March 6th, 2021


Killing good Will

Dave Weinbaum

By Dave Weinbaum

Published Nov. 25, 2015

Killing good Will

I watched with fascination as Bill O'Reilly used his bully pulpit in an attempt to eviscerate fellow Fox employee, long-time columnist and commentator, George Will. O'Reilly, the top gun on the numero uno cable news show for 19 years didn't waste any time parading his power. He pointed out imperiously that he didn't even have to call Will. All he needed to do was push a button. Who doesn't know what that could mean in modern lexicon?

Will's crime?

He dared review O'Reilly and Martin Dugard's book, KILLING REAGAN. Will challenged O'Reilly's credibility as a journalistic historian.

Bill, a long-time award-winning journalist and future Factor Guy, performed as a high school history teacher in Miami.

Although I generally agree with O'Reilly and use clips from The Factor on the Dave Weinbaum Show, I have called O'Reilly out for his occasional wrong-minded comments and his penchant to bully those he perceives as weak. In my opinion, Bill suffers some form of Tourette syndrome. He spouts outlandish and self-defacing wrongs—then doubles down just like Obama—when confronted. Please read my column, KILLING PAMELA.

The only way to fight a bully is to face him head-on

Seems O'Reilly needs his ego massaged on occasion. He prefers someone he can use as a punching bag on national television.

Mild-mannered George Will entered into the "No Spin Zone" and found himself in a cage fight with the self-acclaimed toughest guy in media. From O'Reilly's perspective, the subject seemed whether George should by fired or beheaded by King Bill's edict —or both.

Unlike O'Reilly and his fawning interview of Obama at halftime of the 2014 Super Bowl, Will showed up knowing full well what was about to happen to him. Now that's bravery. No one should forget that Bill's interview with the President at halftime of the 2014 Super Bowl resembled more professional courtesy amongst bullies, as Barack floated lie after lie after lie. Just to cement the issue, a few days later the no spin guy called Obama a "patriot."

Last night, Bill confessed that he's given up on our "patriot" president. I'm just wondering if O'Reilly will be doing the next commercials for a hotel chain as Captain Obvious. Where have you been for the last eight years?!

Back on O'Reilly's turf, George was consistently cut off by Bill's rants. Will was branded a libeler, hack and a liar. I don't remember O'Reilly calling Obama such names after he slurred everyone's intelligence except for Bill. Remember, George was reviewing a book whose title was misleading. Ronald Reagan died 23 years after the assassination attempt.

O'Reilly acknowledged that the important part of Will's criticisms were correct. The Cannon memo was the defining crux of O'Reilly's book. One Reagan aide believed President Reagan wasn't competent. He brought it to the attention of Howard Baker, Reagan's Chief of Staff. Baker and Cannon took two other aides and observed Reagan for a couple of hours. Result? The Cannon Memo was discarded.

Here's where it gets interesting. O'Reilly admitted never seeking the Cannon memo until the book was already out. O'Reilly still hasn't seen it. How does one write a book based on a memo you haven't sought or seen?

Oh, but there's more!

O'Reilly readily admitted to never interviewing Ed Meese, Jim Baker and George Schultz. They knew Reagan best. O'Reilly's excuse? "They had skin in the game," meaning they would lie to shore Reagan up.

So, by definition, Bill interviewed outsiders who might lie to make Reagan look bad. How the hell is that fair?

I thought history was about garnering raw data and sifting through it— all of it—to find the truth. Was there a deadline involved? Did Mr. No Spin Guy place cash over accuracy?

By Bill's own admission, he didn't seek out the truth. Calling this a history book is the sham here.

As to O'Reilly's accusations of libel against him by Will, why doesn't he man up and sue him? I hear Bill's real familiar with the court system. What does the toughest guy in media do when there's proof of his guilt?

He pays off.

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