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Curb racism: Dismantle the Obama administration

Dave Weinbaum

By Dave Weinbaum

Published March 20, 2015

 Curb racism: Dismantle the Obama administration

The Obama Regime has again demonstrated its hatred for police, its willful destruction of American cities and funneling the constant flow of race lies to blacks. Eric Holder and his army of DOJ lawyers, 40 FBI agents and a number of forensic experts couldn't find a thing Officer Darren Wilson did wrong as Michael Brown perpetuated attacks on the officer's life. Further, Wilson knew Brown committed felonies at a convenience store minutes before their encounter. Thus the DOJ's report on whether Wilson had violated Brown's civil rights was redundant and unnecessary because the Grand Jury had thoroughly exonerated him.

Yet Holder could not let it go.

Darren Wilson deserved myriad apologies for slander and libel received. He is owed financial compensation. He should get into a generous federal protection program. He's been metaphorically lynched by Holder and his DOJ who spread the myth the Grand Jury was not to be trusted.

Eric Holder was not man enough to admit his overreach. Then he doubled down. In a cherry-picked investigation of the city of Ferguson and its police force, Holder uncovered racial animus on the part of Ferguson and its police department. "Hey, look over here! We got a new way to blame that white-devil cop!"

If he was so concerned about an accurate representation, there are all kinds of black led towns around Northern St. Louis, or just across the river in Illinois and in the rest of the USA. I'm sure those studies will be done but many blacks still believe Darren Wilson murdered Michael Brown as he was on his knees yelling, "HANDS UP! DON'T SHOOT!" His accomplice, Dorian Johnson falsely testified to this. Eric Holder's report builds the deceit of his guilt.


It worked! Protestors, many from outside Ferguson, were back earning the paychecks from George Soros.

In the meantime, the behavior of Holder, Obama, Sharpton, Soros, Nixon, de Blasio, the New Black Panthers and the Nation of Islam's Louis Farrakhan has led to more racial suspicion, misinformation and hatred. The city of Ferguson is becoming like the South Side of Chicago, the black areas of Detroit, New York City and Watts in LA. All have seen unprovoked attacks on police.

Remember the mobs who blocked streets in Manhattan while chanting "What do we want? Dead Cops! When do we want it? NOW?" During that little ditty, a man approached a police car in Brooklyn and shot two policemen who were eating lunch. At the funeral of NYPD Officers Rafael Ramos and Wenjian Liu most of the attending NYPD turned their backs on Mayor Wilhelm de Blasio. Would that chant have been allowed without comment from an accommodating press if the words "a Dead President" had been subbed for "Dead Cops?" Maybe under the Bush Administration, but not under Obama.

In many, if not all the areas named above, cops have resigned themselves to let the thugs take over the streets. The police become akin to the city garbage men. They clean up the bodies and report the carnage after the fact. Can you blame them? With the likes of Missouri Governor Nixon, Chicago Mayor Emanuel and NYC Mayor de Blasio why would they risk their lives? These leaders are nicer to the criminals than to the victims.


A full 72% of black children are born to unwed mothers. That's triple the number from the Moynihan Report of 1965. While many black single moms try their best, they must earn a living and care for the kids. Children need fathers to love them, guide their behavior, follow up with school and deliver reasonable consequences for bad behavior.

While no one has all the answers, when I asked Supreme Court Judge Clarence Thomas, who was brought up by his grandfather, what can be done for the fatherless in the hood he had a suggestion.

The kids should go into the armed forces and get the discipline they are missing on the street corners.

It may not be the ideal solution but until we figure out how to force absent fathers to take care of their kids, it's better than nothing.

Michael Brown's life would have been saved had he taken to the discipline he would have received.

At least Michael would have learned that charging a trained gunman head on in a hail of bullets was not a good idea.

Eric Holder and Barack Obama are responsible for the deterioration of race relations in this country. Both should fess up, reform or resign.

After all, don't all lives matter?

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