April 22nd, 2021


Trump: Sometimes acting dumb plants brilliant traps

Dave Weinbaum

By Dave Weinbaum

Published July 29, 2016

Conservatives have long had the proverbial football tugged within an inch of our kicking the pigskin through the uprights. Most of us are sore from landing flat on our tuchases . But we’re willing to get up and kick that ball again and again. With holders like McCain and Romney, how could we be surprised?

Romney buried the possibility of weaning 47 million Americans off the government dole to vote for him. In fact he injected them with resentment.

McCain stifled his tigress of a VP pick, Sarah Palin, then the most popular governor in America. Senator RINO participated in her stifling by clasping a muzzle so tight, the DNC and MSM finished the job of her spaying rather easily.

You’ll never be number one if you insist on being full of number two The latest yank was made by FBI Director James “Pig-Pen” Comey. Respected Fox News and JWR contributor, Judge Napolitano assured us that, based on already leaked information, the FBI would be forced to recommend indictment for Hillary’s multiple felonies. The judge’s prediction was squashed by two connected events:

1. A “secret” meeting of accused rapist Bill “Hillbilly Don” Clinton and Comey’s boss, Attorney General Loretta “Lucy” Lynch was held on her private jet. What prosecutor does this? Someone on the Mafia payroll, that’s who. When questioned, she had the gall to regurgitate that she and Don Bubba were merely talking golf and grandchildren --- for 30 effing minutes!? How did she keep a straight face?

2. Five days after the snakes on a plane payoff (Lynch keeps her job if Hillary wins?), her employee, FBI Director “Pig-Pen” Comey follows through by throwing the book at Hillary for breaking all kinds of espionage and obstruction of justice felonies. Then, as we were inches from our toes laying blow to pigskin, we flew uncontrollably and once more landed hard on our Butkus. Comey had just compromised the best investigative force in America. Then he made them sign a non-disclosure letter preventing them from ever talking about Hillary’s felonies.

However, Hillary can’t escape her email trail, even after destroying over 30k of taxpayer-owned work product churned through her illegal private server. Apparently the smartest woman in the world didn’t know that someone may have hacked her before she had her lawyers obstruct justice.

WikiLeaks’ Julian Assange guaranteed a whole bunch of DNC emails being released, causing distress amongst the Bernie followers and deals with Sanders on the DNC Platform. Bernie did his job by endorsing Hillary, after which most of his supporters promptly left their seats and walked out. DNC Chair is canned on the first day of the Dem convention!

Bernie just quit the party.

Trump sarcastically called out Russia that if they had Hillary’s emails and released them, they would make a coup with our press. Donald’s seemingly faux pas created a well-coordinated attack from Crooked Hillary media and political toadies. How dare Trump encourage espionage from a foreign country!?

When did the MSM and Lib sycophants get distressed before about our national security? Even that Israel-hating Jew, Bernie Sanders opined early on that he was tired of hearing about her “damned emails.”

Wait a minute!

Weren’t those emails and illegal servers eliminated by Hillary’s lawyers because they were non-threatening to our security? According to the crooked one, they were private messages to Bill, wedding emails about Chelsea and yoga appointments. Nothing to see here! What harm could having those benign memos released?

Unless --- they included a multitude of classified and/or indictable emails that showed Hillary’s intent to lie to the FBI and to a judge who authorized subpoenas to acquire these documents. What if they contained details of The Clinton Foundation and the deals the Clinton Crime Family made with friend and foe alike, putting America and its citizens in peril?

As Charles Krauthammer opined, Trump set a straight-up trap to catch a Crooked Hillary and a system of corruption in our system that reaches to the very tops of our three branches of government.

Charlie Brown never got that kick off. He lived his life with a black and blue tuchas.

Maybe we should be kicking at something other than the ball.

Comment by clicking here. He is a businessman, writer and part-time stand-up comic and resides in a Midwest red state.