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02/26/21: 'Party of Government': Dems put their interests before the people's
01/15/21: Parler's lawsuit against Amazon is destined to fail
12/29/20: Listen to science --- but listen carefully
11/13/20: Why Joe Manchin is more important to the Dems than AOC
11/04/20: De-emphasizing politics may be the best way to mend fences
10/30/20: Pandemic and politics aside, it's a great time to be alive
10/21/20: Libs panicking over possibility of a 2016 repeat
10/16/20: Barrett's 'originalist' stance is the only one that makes sense
10/14/20: Biden blew it on the court-packing question
09/30/20: Trump isn't unpatriotic because of tax avoidance
09/25/20: Times owes an explanation for 1619 Project reversal
09/23/20: Confession: I was naive
09/15/20: Scrapping the Electoral College is a bad idea
09/14/20: Trump aside, Hispanic vote is not a given for Dems
09/09/20: In American politics today, the center is a lonely place to be
09/04/20: In defense of looting
08/26/20: Trump campaign shouldn't take solace from Bush-Dukakis race
08/21/20: It's not always as easy as asking, 'Why not?'
08/06/20: Shocked to learn that the media had any trust left to lose
07/20/20: This 'anti-racism education' sure looks awfully . . . racist
06/23/20: History of policing gets unfairly twisted
06/12/20: The brilliance of enraged libs
06/03/20: Wait, did China just criticize America over human rights?
05/22/20: Hawkishness toward China is fine, but what do we want to achieve?
05/15/20: COVID-19 could shake the foundations of higher education
05/08/20: Idiocy unmasked: Face coverings aren't a symbol of tyranny
05/01/20: Burden of proof is on Biden to deflect Reade accusations
04/29/20: A modest proposal to counter Chinese pressure on Hollywood
04/17/20: Cowardice isn't driving the American response to COVID-19
04/08/20: What will post-pandemic GOP politics look like?
03/27/20: 'No budget for that' liars?
03/25/20: Coronavirus crisis is sure to spawn new political realities
03/20/20: Coronavirus is just more fodder for Chinese propaganda campaign
03/18/20: Biden doesn't have to let Sanders pull him leftward
03/04/20: California's primary shows why early voting is a bad idea
02/28/20: Just call him 'Head-in-the-Sand Sanders'
02/26/20: Why aren't Dems issuing a Sanders alert?
02/21/20: What you need to know about Bernie-the-Commie --- and his grasp of reality
02/19/20: The top Dems may be cliches, but their battle is critical
02/14/20: Dems, Republicans have undergone a role reversal
02/07/20: Iowa's big bungle, and the dismantling of political parties
01/15/20: Dem battle is reminiscent of 2004 Kerry-Dean race
01/10/20: French pedo flap a cautionary tale for our cultural aristocrats
01/03/20: Will EU's genetic flaw lead to its demise?
12/27/19: If this has been super-decade, why are we still so angry?
12/13/19: Diversity panic hits the Dem field
12/04/19: Nostalgia is the ace up Biden's sleeve
11/27/19: Presidential candidates love to say they'll unite the country. Hah
11/22/19: Opponents of 'unfettered capitalism' are fighting a phantom
11/20/19: Louisiana election may not be a crushing loss for conservatives
11/15/19: Republicans' impeachment strategy a tribute to Jackson Pollock
11/13/19: Shaking down the rich is bad for democracy
11/01/19: Cancel the primaries
10/30/19: Trump's best option for avoiding impeachment: an apology
10/11/19: NBA air-balls its response to China controversy
09/27/19: Little doubt he did it, but should Trump be impeached?
09/20/19: The Ridiculous Campaign Against Vaping
09/13/19: In war, time is less expensive than human life
09/11/19: A theory on why Trump's GOP approval rating (the real one) is so high
09/06/19: Climate change a convenient excuse for Dems to transform economy
09/04/19: White libs have moved to the left of black voters
08/30/19: Biden's best bet is a front porch campaign
08/16/19: Maybe liberty isn't a lost cause in China
08/14/19: Epstein's death reflects our new age of conspiracy theories
08/09/19: We have problems, yes, but let's put things in perspective
08/07/19: Left and Right are converging --- and that should not be celebrated
08/02/19: Debates show how much Obama's presidency has shrunk
07/31/19: Congressional impeachment show needs to be canceled
07/26/19: Unity can be worse than partisanship
07/19/19: Social-media shock stories amount to lazy journalism
07/12/19: The real danger of categorical politics
07/10/19: Political leanings can't be reduced to genetic programming
07/04/19: Nike's neo-Nazis
07/03/19: Dems' leftward turn was a reaction to Hillary Clinton
06/26/19: Why won't US politicians talk about Chinese authoritarianism?
06/21/19: Media have a double standard on culture-war controversies
06/12/19: The conservative divide
06/07/19: Does reality change ideas, or vice versa?
05/24/19: The silliness of the generation conflagration
05/22/19: Abortion debate is leaving no room between extremes
05/17/19: De Blasio is the Ferris Bueller of Dem presidential candidates
05/15/19: Holding Barr in contempt is a case of dirty politics
05/10/19: Washington's dirty little secret: No one is running the show
05/08/19: If Dems crave return to 'normalcy,' why are their candidates so radical?
05/03/19: Economic nationalism is just socialism on the right
05/01/19: Will NRA become a casualty of the culture war?
04/24/19: Dem leadership can't find its backbone on impeachment
04/19/19: Mueller report offers little in black and white
04/12/19: Why 'tax the rich' demands are so unreasonable
04/10/19: Nielsen wasn't right for Trump's 'bad cop' role on immigration
04/05/19: Is the heat on Biden politically driven?
04/03/19: Both sides are wrong about the border crisis
04/01/19: Dems taking a nonsensical approach to Armageddon
03/28/19: The Mueller report is in, but the collusion story may never end
03/20/19: The cult of Beto
03/15/19: Something's wrong when the diploma is worth more than the education
03/08/19: House Dems finding it hard to confront anti-Semitism
03/01/19: Two cheers for Trump's summit fiasco
02/27/19: Audience has already made up its mind about 'Waiting for Mueller'
02/22/19: Reaction to Bernie's candidacy shows a shift within Dem Party
02/15/19: Dems -- including 'progressives' -- are clueless about how 'New Deals' really work; who'll gain most
02/13/19: Go Left, dear Dems. Go Left
02/08/19: Green New Deal backers embrace their fantasies
02/06/19: The problem with 'social justice'
02/01/19: Abortion maximalists stand on shaky moral ground
01/29/19: Pelosi, Trump have few incentives to compromise, so madness will continue
01/23/19: Trump could very well face a primary challenge
01/18/19: Trump's border wall is a MacGuffin
01/16/19: The Manchurian president revealed?
01/09/19: 'Green New Deal' a product of ideological recycling
01/03/19: Dogs have their day in our politicized society
12/28/18: Border wall a symbol of our symbolic politics
12/21/18: The congressional recessional
12/14/18: Maybe Trump can't win in 2020, but Dems certainly can lose
11/30/18: Rejection of identity politics is part of American history
11/28/18: Hillary is right (and wrong) about immigration, populism
11/21/18: Lessons learned from the debate over election irregularities
11/16/18: Stan Lee's work a reflection of his times
11/14/18: Midterms set the table for a crazy 2020 race
11/07/18: Political parties can no longer harness their bases
11/02/18: Maybe America just wants to have a parliamentary system?
10/24/18: Mistakes of the past complicate the Khashoggi affair
10/19/18: DNA doesn't define who we really are
10/17/18: Complaints that the Senate is undemocratic ring hollow
10/12/18: Lurid tales of blood and sex from the crypt
10/05/18: It's wrong to assume Kavanaugh would be a partisan justice
10/03/18: Could Kavanaugh's anger be righteous indignation?
09/28/18: The problem with Trump's 'doctrine of patriotism'
09/26/18: Belief now outweighs truth in the Kavanaugh hearings
09/21/18: Partisan politics are trampling American ideals in Kavanaugh saga
09/18/18: Feinstein's handling of Kavanaugh accusation has made our politics even uglier
09/14/18: Hillary Clinton, Brett Kavanaugh and the art of trolling
09/12/18: Democratic norms are now weapons rather than guidelines
09/07/18: Theater of the absurd has taken over Senate
09/05/18: Being inspired by U.S. achievements should not be partisan affair
08/31/18: DeSantis guilty only of Trump sycophancy, not racism
08/29/18: How McCain's patriotism can still best Trump's nationalism
08/24/18: Trump's self-interest vs. the public interest
08/22/18: Turning a blind eye to discrimination in China
08/17/18: The center does not hold
08/15/18: The problem with the left's attempts to redefine racism
08/10/18: Are we to blame for the Alex Jones problem?
08/08/18: We're all living in Trump's kayfabe world
08/03/18: On the constant hunt for fresh outrage
08/01/18: Will Russia back the Dems in 2018 midterms?
07/27/18: Having a personal following the new key to political success
07/25/18: Don't buy the polls showing Republican approval of Trump's Helsinki performance
07/20/18: Obama's words on identity politics better late than never
07/18/18: Trump's deference to Putin is less about collusion than character
07/13/18: 'ScarJo' is latest target of social-justice warrior mob. Popular website responds by self-victimizing
07/11/18: Trump Doctrine is getting a noisy rollout
07/06/18: Our strange relationship with the word 'patriotism'
07/04/18: Trump must stick to his Supreme Court list
06/29/18: 'Living Constitution' faces a mercy killing
06/27/18: Partisans on both sides are hell-bent on total victory
06/20/18: Reasonable politicians need to take immigration more seriously
06/15/18: Pruitt, Carson trapped by the trappings of power
06/11/18: Taking the 'beauty' out of beauty pageants
06/06/18: Could Trump pardon himself? It's complicated
06/01/18: How many divisions does the Deep State have?
05/30/18: We've lost sight of the plot in the immigration debate
05/25/18: Conservatives need to argue about ideas, not about Trump
05/23/18: Conspiracy theorists in Trump-Russia investigation see black and white in an ocean of gray
05/16/18: The right must reckon with its generation gap
05/11/18: Concentrated power inevitably leads to political backlash
05/04/18: Cultural-appropriation outrage shows people are desperate to be offended
05/01/18: Criticism of Michelle Wolf, Kanye West shows our coalition instinct
04/27/18: When will machine-like thinking prompt moral panic?
04/25/18: North Korean regime can't be swayed through diplomacy
04/20/18: America not as intolerant as we make it out to be
04/18/18: Trump's message to Syria is a muddled one
04/13/18: Tighter regulation would probably make Facebook more profitable
04/11/18: Dems need more than an anti-Trump platform
04/09/18: Like Lincoln, King now belongs to the ages
04/04/18: Trumpism does not mirror Reagan-style populism
03/30/18: Stevens makes at least one good point in controversial essay
03/28/18: Omnibus spending bill is no betrayal of Trump
03/21/18: Republicans may come to regret their silence on Trump
03/16/18: Let's hope Bannon never comes back from European tour
03/14/18: North Korea's dark history should frame any negotiations
03/09/18: Hollywood should accept McDormand's inclusion-rider dare
03/06/18: Trumpism is a psychology, not an ideology
03/02/18: Patterns and trends can often lead us astray
02/28/18: Stances on guns, immigration reflect the sea change in cultural politics
02/23/18: The child soldiers of the gun-control war
02/21/18: Don't overestimate Trump's ability to knowingly collude with Russia
02/16/18: If nationalism is on the rise, where's the outrage over Russsia?
02/14/18: The fallacy of 'crumbling' American infrastructure
02/09/18: Reminders that in China, life is a job
02/07/18: Why the 'cult of Trump' has taken hold
02/02/18: Policy earthquakes have ground shifting beneath our feet
01/31/18: OMG, have you heard the news?! It will change everything!
01/26/18: Trump's tariffs are statism on the march
01/24/18: Trump's wall should be a bargaining chip on immigration
01/19/18: Does the California model really work?
01/17/18: Is diversity a strength, and should strength be a core value?
01/12/18: Why we've let actors become our moral guides
01/10/18: Don't be too quick to dismiss 'Beltway insiders'
01/06/18: 'Fire and Fury' is much ado about nothing new
01/03/18: Beyond the Orb: Institutional failure is the source of current American weirdness
12/27/17: Trump's list of accomplishments isn't small, but the party is running the show
12/22/17: GOP's tax-reform parlay is an improbable long shot
12/20/17: Socialism still popular in US despite Venezuelan example
12/15/17: If he's lost Fox viewers...
12/13/17: Tax reform could be the GOP's Obamacare
12/08/17: Trump puts fact ahead of fiction in Israel
12/07/17: Pols are selective about when debt and deficits matter
12/01/17: The New York Times does a super PAC imitation
11/29/17: Pelosi's double standard an example of shameless partisanship
11/22/17: Taking harassment seriously requires serious distinctions
11/17/17: Helping America isn't part of Putin's plan
11/14/17: Roy Moore's supporters chalk up scandal to conspiracy
11/10/17: GOP can't afford to chase away its own
11/08/17: Why there is inaction on gun laws
11/03/17: Could it be that both parties are doomed?
11/01/17: Legalization isn't the solution to the opioid crisis
10/27/17: The Clintons are just not that into you
10/25/17: Conservatives now appeasing right-wing crackpots rather than deflating them
10/20/17: Self-anointed rainmaker Bannon only dances during cloudbursts
10/19/17: Trump is the 'talent,' not the head of state
10/16/17: GOP hog-tied by a divided Senate
10/11/17: Weinstein scandal leaves a trail of hypocrisy
10/09/17: Politicians and guns: Follow the votes, not the money
10/04/17: GOP base is beyond Trump's control
09/29/17: The 'Blade Runner' curse and the overestimation of corporate might
09/27/17: Does our society still support the right to be wrong?
09/25/17: Dogs' love of man isn't just a con job
09/20/17: Only one of two new health care proposals qualifies as 'extreme'
09/15/17: Immigration hawks licking their wounds after Trump's about-face
09/13/17: Trump and his supporters care about 'wins,' not ideology
09/08/17: Desperate for a win, Trump shafts his party
09/06/17: No, they aren't terrorists, but stop appeasing antifa
09/01/17: How do you solve a problem like North Korea?
08/30/17: Harvey reveals the better side of a divided America
08/25/17: Monument removal is a symptom of an old Western disease
08/23/17: With Trump, the abnormal is the new normal
08/18/17: Alt-right's despicability doesn't make 'antifa' the good guys
08/16/17: Political victories can't justify alt-right presence in conservative movement
08/11/17: Falling for manufactured 'diversity' flaps
08/09/17: Rigid party strategies pave a lane for an outsider
08/02/17: Vulgarity is the starter pistol in race to the bottom
07/28/17: Don't be shocked (shocked!) by Alaska threats
07/26/17: It's Trump, stupid
07/21/17: Health care fight shows Washington at its worst
07/19/17: Rand Paul a man for all seasons on health care
07/14/17: Rise of the 'Ugly Environmentalist'
07/12/17: Charlie Gard's fate shouldn't be decided by the state
07/07/17: The dangers of arrogant ignorance
07/05/17: Trump's relationship with media is one of codependency
06/30/17: Beware the motives of 'progressive' companies acting altruistically
06/28/17: Rhetoric boils over in health-care debate
06/23/17: We're on an unusual path to a more functional system
06/21/17: We ignore free speech's paradox at our detriment
06/16/17: Does big government feed the epidemic of violence?
06/14/17: Trump will be impeached if Republicans lose the House
06/09/17: Comey testimony confirms Trump is still his own worst enemy
06/07/17: London attacks followed by same old stale argument
06/02/17: Hillary blames America first
05/31/17: Government-provided health care doesn't assure better health
05/26/17: Why Trump is right about terrorists being 'losers'
05/24/17: Trump 's warm welcome in Middle East is no surprise
05/19/17: Roger Ailes, one of a kind
05/17/17: Dear Vice President Pence: It's time to take a stand
05/12/17: Why the Trump White House is so leaky
05/10/17: Courts, Colbert enabling Trump's violations of democratic norms
05/05/17: Is empathy a distraction in health-care debate?
04/28/17: Columnist Stephens stirs up a climate of anger
04/28/17: Berkeley didn't birth 'free speech' but seems intent to bury it
04/26/17: Immigration the common thread between French, American elections
04/21/17: Death penalty opponents are being dishonest in their arguments
04/19/17: Trump is borrowing from the lame-duck playbook
04/14/17: Must supporters let Trump be Trump?
04/13/17: Dems aren't the party of science
04/05/17: The president is this presidency's worst enemy
03/31/17: Reaction to Pence story shows traditional Christians face double standard
03/29/17: Paul Ryan a convenient scapegoat for Trump's failure
03/24/17: Unveiling of budget proposal is just an empty ritual
03/22/17: Republicans are finding it hard to play defense
03/17/17: A leisurely drive down the wrong road
03/15/17: Given a choice between fear and apathy, I'll take fear
03/09/17: Trump era's vicious partisanship born of small differences
03/08/17: Twitter is proving to be Trump's Achilles' heel
03/03/17: Low expectations make Trump speech seem like a triumph
03/01/17: Can a scientific law explain the Oscar-night debacle?
02/24/17: Press is not the enemy, but . . .
02/23/17: CPAC's odd tango with Milo Yiannopoulos
02/17/17: 'Passionate intensity' has brought about political consequences
02/15/17: 'Middle East conflict' describes more than just Israeli-Palestinian dispute
02/10/17: Media criticism of Conway reveals a double standard
02/09/17: The right can't defend Trump's behavior
02/08/17: Trump's rhetoric on Russia throws US under the bus
02/03/17: Why Supreme Court nominations prompt scorched-earth warfare
02/01/17: Trump is taking the Bannon Way, and it will end in disaster
01/27/17: Humiliating Mexico over border wall would be a big mistake
01/25/17: 'America first' isn't a Trump creation
01/20/17: The science of intellectual tribalism
01/18/17: Trump's lust for respect makes national unity implausible
01/13/17: Obama's farewell address a campaign rally in disguise
01/11/17: Will Trump's Twitter fixation drive away his allies?
01/06/17: Partisan politics and the Russian hacking imbroglio
01/04/17: Obama going out in a blaze of self-interest
12/28/16: Does a 'Never Trumper' need to be forgiven?
12/23/16: Media guilty of double standard on terror attacks
12/21/16: Will Trump be the 'transformative' president Obama wanted to be?
12/16/16: Should we be wary of a looming plutocracy?
12/14/16: Trump and the Russian hacking claims: a toxic situation
12/09/16: Trump presidency an opportunity to sell liberals on federalism
12/07/16: Can we really take Trump seriously, not literally?
12/02/16: Don't fall prey to bear propaganda
11/30/16: Even in death, Castro still has 'useful idiots'
11/23/16: Building infrastructure that even a conservative could love
11/18/16: Complaints about the 'normalization' of Trump are hypocritical
11/16/16: Obsession with race is stretching beyond reason
11/11/16: Obama helped pave the way for Clinton's defeat
11/09/16: Reflections on an otherworldly campaign
11/04/16: If voting is sacred, early voting must go
11/02/16: Team Clinton has a laughable double standard on protocol
10/28/16: The 'transactional' nature of Clinton Inc.
10/26/16: McMullin scenario a last-ditch hope for dismayed voters
10/21/16: Bans on political donations help reporters hide bias
10/20/16: WikiLeaks emails will poison Hillary Clinton's presidency
10/14/16: Billy Bush is collateral damage in Trump tape controversy
10/12/16: When Republicans wish upon a 'star'
10/07/16: Gore's support not exactly a game-changer for Hillary
10/05/16: Oblivious Trump can't avoid self-sabotage
09/30/16: From Congress to Obama, a dis best served cold
09/28/16: Narrative-building has become a political obsession
09/23/16: Clinton's personality, Trump's policy expertise open to debate
09/21/16: Obama's trolling helped give rise to Trump
09/16/16: Sports and politics mix like oil and water
09/14/16: Hillary's health is a valid issue
09/09/16: Trump smashes the moral compass of conservatism
09/07/16: Schlafly's death a reminder that conservatism still matters
09/02/16: Why now is the right time to talk about ethanol
08/31/16: In denouncing alt-right, Hillary treads where GOP will not
08/26/16: Hillary and her wheelbarrows
08/24/16: Hypocrisy on presidential golf is out of bounds
08/19/16: As Gawker learned, media corporations aren't above the law
08/15/16: 'New Nationalism' Amounts To Generic White Identity Politics
08/12/16: Hillary's advantage is that she's boring, not shocking
08/10/16: Trump has left GOP with no good options
08/05/16: When is a ransom not a ransom? When it's inconvenient to call it that
08/03/16: Why Hillary's candidacy is more 'historic' now than in 2008
07/27/16: Media has a 'cry wolf' problem with Trump
07/22/16: Can America afford to have a ceremonial president?
07/20/16: GOP convention has become a stomach-churning affair
07/15/16: Despite marketing efforts, Clinton and Trump aren't changing
07/13/16: Week of tragedy reveals our ideological blind spots
07/08/16: No charges but plenty of blame for Hillary
07/06/16: Trump-Gingrich ticket would be a riot of rhetoric
07/01/16: The left's different approach to rights that it opposes
06/29/16: The wisdom of Mencken, Nock seems fresh today
06/24/16: Time for Trump to put up or shut up
06/22/16: England's Brexit issues mirror our own
06/17/16: Political Distractions Abound in the Wake of Orlando Shooting
06/15/16: Orlando shooting reaction has the feel of eternal recurrence
06/10/16: Going to extremes to start a conversation
06/08/16: Ryan's endorsement of Trump a bitter pill to swallow
06/03/16: Katie Couric, more reality TV star than real journalist
06/01/16: Constitutionalists need a new political home
05/27/16: Clinton's style of deception more insidious than Trump's
05/26/16: Four-way race for president not out of the question
05/20/16: Who are the real deniers of science?
05/18/16: Despite the rise of Trump, conservatism isn't dead yet
05/13/16: Millennials embrace socialism, but do they know what it is?
05/11/16: Perry, other Republicans selling their souls to Trump
05/06/16: Trump can sell a more entertaining story than Hillary
05/04/16: Denationalizing our politics would help draw us together
04/29/16: Ed Schultz chooses limelight over principles
04/27/16: With Indiana a critical battleground governor must pick a side
04/22/16: Purpose of GOP convention: find a party unifer
04/20/16: Higher minimum wage is well-intentioned but problematic
04/15/16: TV shows its conservative side on abortion issue
04/13/16: Ice may be thawing between Cruz, GOP leaders
04/08/16: Arguments against free trade are deeply flawed
04/06/16: John Kasich: The candidate who wouldn't leave
04/01/16: Clintons are in no position to surf the populist wave
03/30/16: Charting a course around a Trump nomination
03/26/16: Let's get this straight: Trump is no Reagan
03/23/16: It's the end of the line for GOP as we know it
03/18/16: Garland nod the latest move in Dems' game of thrones
03/16/16: Trump not solely to blame for violence at his rallies
03/11/16: Anti-Trump conservatives might need to swallow pride, support Cruz
03/09/16: Conservative purists are capitulating with support of Trump
03/04/16: Trump backers shouldn't complain about how the game is played
03/02/16: For Trump supporters, a reckoning is at hand
02/26/16: Savile case highlights danger of 'culture of deference'
02/24/16: A Rubio-Cruz ticket might be the only way to stop Trump
02/19/16: Our foreign policy problems go well beyond Iraq
02/17/16: If Obama really wants to reduce 'meanness,' now is his chance
02/12/16: Spammers at the gates
02/10/16: Hillary's use of the gender card isn't working
02/06/16: Conservatives: Don't throw around 'Republican Obama' label lightly
02/04/16: Hillary's Iowa 'win' is a big loss for Dems
02/03/16: The decline of political party power
01/29/16: Iowa caucuses, a subsidy for Iowa's political establishment
01/27/16: After years of false alarms, the 'conservative crackup' has arrived
01/22/16: The Kochs' biggest sin: disagreeing with liberal narrative
01/20/16: Can Congress get its swagger back?
01/15/16: The bogeymen of the 'billionaire class'
01/13/16: GOP race hasn't stuck to the script
01/08/16: No Cindy Sheehan-style media attention for Benghazi victim's father
01/07/16: Obama -- and FDR -- set precedent for Trump's one-man rule
01/06/16: The term 'neocon' has run its course
12/30/15: Populism from unlikely candidates
12/24/15: The perfect presidential candidate for an imperfect time
12/23/15: The politics of nutrition science
12/18/15: What's eating America?
12/16/15: Why the war on guns has failed
12/11/15: Trump doesn't represent the conservative base
12/09/15: Chicago police scandal highlights problems with one-party rule
12/04/15: Prayers for shooting victims prompt a dubious front page
12/03/15: Planned Parenthood and those villainous Christians
12/02/15: Blame for Planned Parenthood killings rests with shooter alone
11/30/15: Illogical spins on the logic of diversity
11/25/15: Too late for Carson to catch up on homework
11/20/15: Obama's strategic bumbling is theater of the absurd
11/18/15: Obama stubbornly sticks to script on Islamic State
11/13/15: Netanyahu's framing of Middle East situation is spot-on
11/11/15: Campus commotions show we're raising fragile kids
11/06/15: Imagining a world without polls
11/04/15: Cruz and Rubio are outflanking the GOP field
10/30/15: Being a minority and a conservative is not a contradiction
10/28/15: Why family structure is so important
10/27/15: Trump's early campaign success is a wake-up call
10/21/15: Hillary Clinton's enabler-in-chief
10/16/15: Civil, yes, but first Democratic debate was a softball game
10/14/15: How a Biden bid could help Hillary Clinton's campaign
10/09/15: Flip-flops show Hillary's long on ambition, short on principles
10/07/15: Why Obama prefers politicizing to actual politics
10/02/15: Putin cutting Obama down to size
09/30/15:To replace Boehner, why not Newt Gingrich for speaker?
09/25/15: A solution to the government's VA problem
09/24/15: It's not Fiorina who's wrong in the Planned Parenthood fight
09/18/15: Syria just one of Obama's foreign-policy failures
09/16/15: Is Joe Biden really the answer to Dems' problems?
09/11/15: Putting an end to the 'refugee crisis'
09/09/15: Rebranded Hillary is just more of the same
09/04/15: An arsenal of smoking guns in Clinton email scandal
09/03/15: Superheroes no more
09/02/15: What the other GOP candidates can learn from Trump
08/26/15: Liberal hypocrisy on the subject of constitutional tinkering
08/21/15: Peter Schramm: 'You Americans invented freedom'
08/19/15: Sanders and Trump: Two peas in a pod?
08/14/15: Will computer equipment take the fall for Hillary?
08/12/15: GOP's Trump problem will fade, but Dems' Bernie Sanders troubles are just beginning
08/06/15: What Hillary's learned from her 'mistakes' --- and what America has still yet to
08/05/15: Defunding Planned Parenthood not the same as repealing the right to abortion
07/31/15: Huckabee's 'oven' remark taken out of context
07/29/15: How to kill the summer job
07/24/15: Obama has failed to bridge the partisan divide
07/21/15: The Trump lesson that Bush and Clinton should heed
07/17/15: Liberal theory of justice doesn't support abortion
07/16/15: Zero tolerance for Confederate flag, nuance for Islamic terror
07/10/15: Estrangement from the truth a problem for Hillary
07/08/15: Trump is a bad deal for the GOP
07/03/15: Pundit's death marks end of an era for Democrats
07/01/15: You can't compromise with culture warriors
06/26/15: Libs are playing a racial shell game
06/24/15: In the South, grace and dignity after Charleston church shootings
06/19/15: Proving Nietzsche correct
06/12/15: Why are we ignoring a cyber Pearl Harbor?
06/12/15: Al-Qaida's out, ISIS is in!
06/10/15: Hillary Clinton needs a do-over
06/05/15: Left plays fast and loose with issue of gender identity
06/04/15: Lawfare is killing the death penalty
06/03/15: The false populism of George Pataki
05/29/15: Absence of a smoking gun doesn't equate to innocence
05/27/15: Holy warriors of the left and right
05/22/15: Will accomplishment deficit be Hillary's undoing?
05/20/15: Jeb Bush has bigger problems than Iraq war stumble
05/15/15: Dems get a taste of Obama's arrogance
05/13/15: Mark Halperin's biased grilling of Ted Cruz
05/08/15: The left's inconsistent stance on provocative art
05/07/15: Speak truth to narrative
05/06/15: To break the cycle of poverty in Baltimore, fix the culture of poverty
05/01/15: Libs do themselves no favor by denying their ideology
04/29/15: The Clintons lower the bar --- again guarantees failure
04/24/15: Clinton Restoration could be in jeopardy
04/22/15: Martin O'Malley's modern-day know-nothingness
04/17/15: Vote for Iraq War underscores Hillary's greatest weakness
04/15/15: Obama coalition isn't a coupon that Hillary can redeem for votes
04/13/15: Boston bomber conviction puts death penalty opponents in an awkward spot
04/09/15: Iran nuke deal is no deal at all
04/08/15: Rolling Stone ignored basic journalism with bogus UVA rape story
04/03/15: RFRA not like Jim Crow laws at all
04/01/15: How do 'religious freedom' acts encourage discrimination?
03/27/15: Can Jewish Americans support both Democrats and Israel?
03/25/15: Washington, D.C., comics: Dr. Ignoro vs. Bibi
03/20/15: Coffee, tea, or a frank discussion on race?
03/18/15: The inconvenient truths in Tom Cotton's letter to Iran
03/13/15: Jeb Bush isn't the GOP's ideal 'change' candidate
03/11/15: Carefully scripted Hillary knocked out of comfort zone
03/06/15: Email scandal won't doom Hillary, but supporters should feel uneasy
03/04/15: It's prime time for Scott Walker, whether he's ready or not
02/27/15: Is liberalism exhausted?
02/25/15: Hillary Clinton's identity crisis
02/20/15: Silly denials of Islamic terrorism bring a silver lining
02/18/15: The University of Michigan's tolerance problem
02/13/15: Conservatives face bad-faith question of faith
02/11/15: Brian Williams: puffed up anchor, puffed up tales
02/06/15: Obama's comparison of Christianity, radical Islam defies logic
02/04/15: The vanilla power of Republican Scott Walker
01/30/15: Saudi Arabia opens window of opportunity for Obama
01/28/15: Obama, ignoring realities, sticks to his comfort zone
01/23/15: Obama still reading from the same old script
01/21/15: Why Jews suffer under mob rule
01/16/15: Ducking reality: Administration goes to rhetorical extremes on terror attacks
01/14/15: The problem with Romney nostalgia
01/09/15: Paris attack puts Western world in a bad spot
01/07/15: Why is Jeb Bush smiling?
01/05/15: Truth is, there's no one behind the wheel
12/31/14: Ringing out the year with liberal double standards
12/29/14: Dear GOP: Show, don't tell
12/24/14: Blame game in New York cop killings shows a demonization double standard
12/22/14: No superheroes in 'The Interview' capitulation
12/17/14: Jonathan Gruber should've been Time's Person of the Year
12/12/14: Thinking about torture
12/11/14: What Schumer wants to embrace
12/10/14: Using allegations of rape in a grab for power
12/05/14: Rand Paul is right: Cig taxes factored into Garner's death
12/04/14: Rape story sends shock waves --- and stretched credulity
11/28/14: Ferguson too complicated for easy allegory
11/26/14: Obama's immigration goal: enrage Republicans
11/21/14: One last take: Gruber flap reopens not-so-old wounds
11/19/14: The feminist freakout over the scientist's gaudy shirt
11/12/14: Dems' loss is not a win for Hillary Clinton
11/07/14: Maybe Big Data should play smaller role in our politics
11/05/14: Extended voting period has cranked up the demagoguery
10/31/14: A word about monsters, real and imagined
10/29/14: A D.C. cure: Take the hard votes
10/24/14: Why narratives are more powerful than ideas
10/22/14: The good news about offshore oil rigs
10/20/14: The return of the Clinton Democrats (not really)
10/15/14: Ebola is much less scary than Hollywood's 'Contagion.' Or is it?
10/13/14: Colombian hooker flap a microcosm of administration's problems
10/08/14: Libs storming bedrooms
10/03/14: Wrong ideological choice has cost Obama dearly
10/01/14: Obama's mixed messages on war
09/29/14: Does Bill O' really deserve to be thought of as a 'pinhead' by both those on the Left and Right?
09/24/14: What 'war on women'?
09/19/14: The challenge of stopping do-it-yourself jihadism
09/17/14: Obama is rushing into war against Islamic State
09/12/14: Is the Islamic State really un-Islamic?
09/10/14: Upholding America's honor in a dangerous world
09/05/14: A foreign legion for losers
09/04/14: No military dog left behind
09/03/14: Obama's non-ideological foreign policy not working
08/27/14: If 'evil' doesn't apply to Islamic State, what does?
08/22/14: Obama's small-screen worldview
08/20/14: In Ferguson, a race to be wrong
08/15/14: America's selective libertarianism
08/13/14: Prepare for a long war against the Islamic State
08/08/14: Obama remains consistent in his indifference to slaughter
08/07/14: WWI demons live
08/06/14: Libs come late to the pot party
08/01/14: Proposed amendments reek of hypocrisy
07/30/14: Dems' impeachment fixation
07/25/14: UN a club in need of higher standards
07/23/14: Will big business become the left's faithful lapdog?
07/16/14: Attacking Israel with the big lie
07/14/14: Obama put's politics first, border security second
07/09/14: Hollywood, where liberal values reign --- except at the box office
07/04/14: Resentment behind the waning patriotism of liberal Americans
07/02/14: Alito agrees: Your birth control is not your boss' business
06/27/14: Warren positioned to take advantage of Clinton's flaws
06/25/14: A questionable game of 'shut up' on Iraq
06/20/14: The naked self-interest of the bureaucratic class
06/18/14: The IRS email scandal: Where's the outrage?
06/13/14: Obama has painted himself into a foreign-policy corner
06/11/14: Reading between the lines of Clinton's 'Hard Choices'
06/06/14: Bergdahl's free, but at what cost?
06/04/14: Advice for presidential GOP candidates: Do your homework
05/30/14: Mass killers hold culture -- and country -- hostage
05/28/14: Putin's well-worn fascist lies
05/23/14: Hillary's dilemma: How to distance herself from Obama
05/21/14: The peculiar madness of 'trigger warnings'
05/16/14: Moral compass points toward retribution in Nigeria
05/14/14: Why Jeb Bush's turn may not come
05/09/14: Supreme Court rules on public prayer --- but should it?
05/08/14: Policing thought crime
05/07/14: Clayton Lockett: A just execution, regardless
05/02/14: Whatever happened to free-speech panic?
04/30/14: The myth of the wild
04/28/14: There's no Plan B for Obama's foreign policy
04/23/14: Obama's Keystone pipeline trap
04/18/14: Obama's diplomatic dance with Putin is a sad sock hop
04/17/14: Holder's race card
04/11/14: Klein, Krugman offer biased views of confirmation bias
04/09/14: What principles rule the GOP?
04/04/14: Obama's stand-up routine is laughable indeed
04/03/14: Climate activists uncaged
04/02/14: Jeb, Hillary and the case of tarnished political brands
03/28/14: Don't assume libs always put principles before profits
03/21/14: The emptiness of the right side of history
03/19/14: Not your father's Cold War
03/14/14: Obama deserves share of blame for millennial cynicism
03/12/14: Channeling Ronald Reagan in 2016
03/06/14: Obama in denial on Russia
03/05/14: In the case of My Brother's Keeper, race does -- and should -- matter
02/26/14: Want an America that works? Innovate, don't regulate
02/21/14: Liberal students have a funny definition of 'diversity'
02/19/14: Obama, the shrinking imperialist president
02/14/14: The Search in Sochi: Hannah Arendt where are you?
02/12/14: A too-early look at the 2016 presidential race: Bet on a dark horse
02/07/14: Free the job-locked poets!
02/06/14: Think power inequality
02/05/14: Free the Keystone XL pipeline, Mr. President
01/31/14: Davis, Democrats sneak past inconvenient realities of abortion
01/29/14: Hollywood, propaganda and liberal politics
01/24/14: Government overreliance: The devil is in the details
01/22/14: A New York state of mind: Illiberal liberal values
01/17/14: President's poll numbers give Dems the midterm blues
01/10/14: Escaping the rat maze of the welfare state
01/09/14: Define income inequality
01/08/14: A millennial's Rolling Stone rant offers up some tired old 'solutions'
01/03/14: Will states' rights go to pot?
01/01/14: Myths to ditch in 2014
12/25/13: 'Duck Dynasty' and a free society
12/20/13: Outrage over 'reality' star's comment smacks of artificiality
12/18/13: Obamacare: Silence of the insurers
12/13/13: Disinformation behind Obamacare runs deep
12/11/13: Triumph of the vulgarians
12/06/13: Coming to grips with rise of the machines
12/05/13: Liberals are culture war aggressors
12/04/13: Not a good enough Obamacare fix
11/27/13: Hail to the panderer in chief
11/22/13: Dems, Republicans failing to live up to brands
11/20/13: Oprah, Obama and the racism dodge
11/15/13: Obama in the dark on
11/12/13: Watch out, your character is showing
11/08/13: Trust us: This will be good for you
11/07/13: Obama health lie freaks Dems
11/06/13: The Big Apple's turn left
11/01/13: Obamacare fiasco proves president is no chess master
10/30/13: Obama's big lie
10/25/13: Obamacare's square-wheeled rollout has Democrats on the hot seat
10/23/13: GOP: Grand old potshots
10/18/13: Tea Party wasting energy hunting an extinct species
10/16/13: Redskins: No harm, no foul, Mr. Costas
10/11/13: Obama's confession of indifference
10/09/13: Obamacare's next round
10/04/13: Obama showing his vindictive streak
10/02/13: The irony of Michelle Obama's water campaign
09/30/13: A funny definition of anarchy
09/25/13: Ted Cruz, the GOP's Obama
09/23/13: Truth and consequences for Benghazi
09/18/13: Obama's bait-and-switch on Syria
09/11/13: The grand myth of live-and-let-live liberalism
09/09/13: Is there more than madness to Obama's methods?
09/04/13: For a better GOP, start with better storytellers
08/30/13: What's so great about coalitions?
08/28/13: Martin Luther King Jr.'s real message
08/23/13: MSNBC has full deck of race cards
08/21/13: Run, Joe Biden run!
08/16/13: The 'to hell with them' doctrine
08/08/13: Excuse me? GOP to blame for ObamaCare?
08/07/13: The GOP isolationist myth
08/01/13: Hillary just isn't all that interesting
07/31/13: Bending the Trayvon Martin tragedy to fit
07/24/13: Cynic-in-Chief
07/24/13: The real Helen Thomas
07/19/13: After repeated controversies, Sharpton is still smokin'
07/17/13: Rand Paul's paleo problem
07/12/13: Why Obama's smart-government initiative is dumb
07/11/13: Civil libertarians' hypocrisy
07/10/13: Obama wings it in Egypt
07/05/13: 'We don't live in that world anymore'
07/03/13: Inhospitable Earth --- compared to what?
06/28/13: Abortion rights not synonymous with women's health
06/26/13: The GOP's immigration tussle
06/21/13: A challenge to young Obama supporters
06/19/13: Snowden a fool, not a spy
06/14/13: Freedom: The unfolding revolution
06/12/13: We can't trust Obama
06/07/13: Time to dial up some healthy skepticism
06/06/13: Press shield has holes
06/05/13: Syria's religious war
05/31/13: Dole takes his turn in political parlor game
05/29/13: It takes two to end a war
05/24/13: First Amendment clause-trophobia
05/22/13: Obama's 'idiot' defense
05/17/13: IRS follows Obama's lead
05/15/13: Benghazi's smoking guns
05/10/13: Bad faith and Benghazi
05/08/13: Niall Ferguson's blooper
05/03/13: Sanitized society puts hygiene hypothesis to the test
05/01/13: Sci-fi worthy of Malthus
04/24/13: 'Right wing' doesn't equal 'terrorist'
04/19/13: America's just not that into Obama
04/17/13: Kermit Gosnell and abortion's darkest side
04/12/13: Conversation starters Paisley, Paul are taking their lumps
04/10/13: What 'the Iron Lady' forged
04/05/13: The AP's complicated word-association test
04/03/13: Is disability the new welfare?
03/29/13: Can GOP reverse the damage done by Iraq?
03/28/13: The wisdom of Dan Quayle
03/22/13: 'One of these things is not like the other'
03/20/13: Fusion power on the right
03/15/13: Who would follow our example on Keystone?
03/13/13: What Rand Paul got right
03/07/13: Greatest generation the most entitled
03/06/13: It's 'I told you so' on ObamaCare
03/01/13: CPAC unwise to snub Christie, gays
02/27/13: A ruling on racial progress
02/22/13: Blame game rages on over looming sequester
02/20/13: Leave liberal Hollywood to the liberals
02/15/13: Operation Hubris
02/13/13: A message to Obama, served cold
02/08/13: Two cheers for rebranding
02/07/13: Torture helped get bin Laden?
02/06/13: Education spending that isn't smart
02/01/13: Can GOP's local success translate to federal level?
01/30/13: Soldier girl blues
01/25/13: Hillary Clinton's dodgy testimony
01/23/13: Good sense and gun control
01/18/13: Wake up, socially liberal fiscal conservatives
01/16/13: Time to grow up, GOP
01/11/13: Biden's faulty lifeguard logic
01/09/13: A petty decision by Obama
01/04/13: Winning ugly: Obama and the fiscal cliff
12/28/12: Don't tread on six-toed cats
12/21/12: Liberal obsession with race is growing old
12/19/12: On Newtown, mourn first, then act
12/14/12: Federalism could be the solution to GOP branding problem
12/12/12: The GOP --- not a club for Christians
12/07/12: The Stone truth: Left-wingers are boring
12/06/12: Let the taxi app roll
11/30/12: Brain-lock inside the Beltway
11/28/12: Egypt's 'moderate' despot
11/23/12: To appeal to black voters, GOP must run gauntlet of racism accusations
11/21/12: Obama needs a family plan
11/16/12: Compassionate conservatism redux
11/14/12: The right isn't waving a white flag
11/09/12: A victory for creatures of the state
11/07/12: Nate Silver's numbers racket
11/02/12: Storm saves Obama from himself
10/31/12: Benghazi --- no mere 'October surprise'
10/26/12: Obama's 'Battleship' argument has holes in its hull
10/24/12: A vote for Election Day
10/19/12: Obama's economic spin: a new pony or manure?
10/17/12: Red, blue and faithful
10/10/12: Quit blaming Bush
10/05/12: The undoing of the Storybook Man
10/03/12: Obama's foreign policy follies
09/28/12: Tribe of liberty
09/25/12: What has Obama learned?
09/21/12: Free speech isn't the problem
08/29/12: After Romney's birth certificate joke, Dems play the race card
08/22/12: The politicization of violence
08/17/12: A storied presidency
08/09/12: Mitt, more gaffes like this, please
08/08/12: No more boring white guys for the GOP
08/03/12: De-Bushing Romney
08/01/12: What's behind hatred of Obama?
07/27/12: Death penalty foes won't take a stand in Colorado
07/25/12: Brian Ross' brain cramp
07/20/12: Co-sponsoring your success
07/18/12: Romney's hysteria bubble
07/13/12: Tilting at the UN windmill
07/11/12: Blame Barclays, not capitalism
07/06/12: Symptoms of a sick culture
07/04/12: Live free --- and uninsured
06/29/12: Roberts' ruling took guts
06/27/12: Voter apathy isn't a crime
06/22/12: Obama's truthiness
06/20/12: Are the Dems doomed?
06/15/12: Liberal nostalgia for the good ol' days of conservatism
06/13/12: Obama's 'fine' mess
06/08/12: Searching for a surrogate
06/07/12: 'Compromise' is not a dirty word
06/06/12: The upside of the downside
06/01/12: All (green) thumbs
05/30/12: Spending debate creates an opportunity for Romney
05/25/12: Big business gets the Hollywood treatment
05/23/12: Which kind of capitalism? A debate for Obama and Romney
05/18/12: Generation pap
05/16/12: Romney's media handicap
05/11/12: 'Money primary' pushes Obama to the left
05/09/12: Romney feeds the crocs
05/03/12: Republicans have bad brains?
05/02/12: The false modesty of 'nerds'
04/27/12: My papers? No thank you
04/25/12: Obama's tainted bundler
04/20/12: Issues vs. 'distractions'
04/18/12: Obama's problem? His record
04/13/12: In battle for young voters, Romney should play it uncool
04/11/12: Free the markets, Mr. Romney
04/06/12: Obama energy policy: very few of the above
04/04/12: Obamacare will be Romney's savior
03/30/12: Conservative interpretations
03/28/12: Playing the race card yet again
03/23/12: A Fawlty slip of the tongue
03/21/12: The federalist solution
03/16/12: Politics: A never-ending game of 'hot potato'
03/14/12: Obama's pump debacle
03/10/12: Someone take the wheel
03/07/12: Birth control agitprop
03/02/12: Breitbart a provocateur to the end
02/24/12: Lack of enthusiasm isn't just a GOP problem
02/22/12: Mr. Right eludes the GOP
02/17/12: Obama's cynicism for me, not for thee
02/15/12: Free health care? That's rich
02/10/12:The GOP race gets messy
02/09/12: Libs are the true aggressors in culture wars
02/08/12: A U.N. --- but for good guys
02/03/12: The case for Romney
02/01/12: Political finger-pointing
01/27/12: Obama's vision for a Spartan America
01/24/12: Newtzilla conquers all?
01/20/12: A question of priorities
01/18/12: People Inc.
01/13/12: To take down Obama, Romney must win Battle of the Bloat
01/11/12: Romney's authenticity problem
01/06/12: An imperial sham
12/30/11: 2011: You can't win for losing
12/28/11: Conservative establishment divided against itself
12/23/11: Santa's not pagan
12/21/11: Ron Paul's naive promises
12/16/11: Wedging both ways
12/14/11: Newtzilla to the rescue
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12/08/11: GOP presidential race: What's the rush?
12/07/11: Gingrich the compassionate
12/02/11: The problem with China envy
11/30/11: Courting Joe the Puppeteer
11/25/11: The real prison industry
11/23/11: Sizing up a Gingrich-Romney showdown
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11/16/11: In Debates, Newt Gingrich's Real Target Is Obama
11/11/11: 'Right to Riot' Cemented in Campus Culture
11/09/11: Blame It on Brokaw
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10/28/11: Why Occupy Wall Street Needs a Republican President
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10/24/11: Biden Sticks to the Playbook
10/19/11: Obama Wears a White Hat
10/17/11:The Diminishing Returns of Reasonableness
10/12/11: Morality, Not Theology
10/07/11: Sorting Out the 'Extremists'
10/05/11: Obama's Terrorist Dilemma
10/03/11: 'Centrists' Are Abandoning Ship
09/28/11: A Bear of a Problem for Obama
09/23/11: Why Death Penalty Opponents Can't Win
09/21/11: Tyranny of the Typical
09/16/11: Looking for Love
09/14/11: Debate Jars Perry Out of Sweet Spot
09/09/11: Lean Forward? You First!
09/08/11: Banned Books Week Is Just Hype
09/07/11: Obama, Abroad, Is Adrift
09/02/11: My Fellow Americans ...
08/31/11: Seduced by the Cult of Experts
08/26/11: My Rick Perry Problem --- and Ours
08/24/11: America's 'Green' Quagmire
08/19/11: The Adventures of Captain America
08/17/11: The Right Candidate
08/12/11: Riot Rationalization Misses the Mark
08/10/11: Wake Up and Smell the Tea
08/05/11: Grass Trimmed, but Landscaping Postponed
08/03/11: Obama Is Out of Options
07/29/11: Reagan Playbook No Longer Applies
07/22/11: The Terminology of Taxation
07/20/11: The Ideologue in the Oval Office
07/15/11: Republican Show-and-Tell
07/13/11: The Presidency Matters, But How Much Does Obama?
07/08/11: Obama's Reagan Parallels Are Falling Away
07/06/11: 'That's Racist' as a Punch Line
07/01/11: Corporate Jets and Tax Breaks
06/29/11: Rage Against the TSA Machine
06/24/11: GOP Should Hope Primary Race Is a Marathon, Not a Sprint
06/23/11: Simply Madness
06/22/11: Libya and America's Commitment Problem
06/21/11: A Shovel-Ready Punch Line
06/10/11: Simply Madness
06/08/11: It's Obama's Economy, Stupid
06/03/11: Is Weiner Being Frank?
06/01/11: Obama and the Shifting Ground of Race
05/27/11: The Die Is Cast
05/25/11: Run, Paul Ryan, Run
05/20/11: French Should Feel Shame, But We're No Puritans
05/18/11: A Sharper GOP Field
05/13/11: White House Hoping Triumph Will Transfer
05/11/11: Why the Hurry to Gloat About Bin Laden?
05/06/11: Even With Bin Laden 'Bounce,' Some Lessons From '92 Still Apply
04/29/11: A Thorny, Porn-y Issue for N.Y. Public Library
04/27/11: Cooling on Global Warming
04/22/11: The Unhappy President
04/21/11: Duck, It's The Donald!
04/15/11: Budget Battle, Budget Prattle
04/13/11: Free Speech and Burning Korans
04/08/11: Complaints About Budget Plan Veer Off Path
04/07/11: China Sees the Evil of Plastic Bags
04/06/11: Obama's Sideline Strategy
04/01/11: The Failure of Obama's Conventional Wisdom
03/30/11: Taking Feminism Overseas
03/25/11: Biden Rails On
03/23/11: Obama Missed a Fast-Break Opportunity in Libya
03/18/11: President Takes a Bogey in a Time of Crisis
03/16/11:Talk About a Meltdown
03/11/11: Dems Wield Dull Budget Scissors
03/09/11: On the GOP Menu for 2012
03/04/11: Drawing a Line Between Garbage and Gold
03/02/11: The Fighters vs. the Fixers
02/25/11: Throwing in the Towel on the Constitution
02/23/11: Public Unions Must Go
02/18/11: Liberty, 21st Century-Style
02/09/11: The Real 'Realism' on Israel
02/04/11: Liberal Bouquets for Dead Conservatives
02/03/11: Obama's Sputnik Analogy Doesn't Fly
02/02/11: Hope Amid the Chaos in Cairo
01/25/11: The 'HealthStat' Seduction
01/21/11: A Solution at Obama's Fingertips
01/19/11: America's China Syndrome
01/14/11: Haiti's Tourniquet Isn't Healing the Wound
01/12/11: The Exploitive Rhetoric of Tragedy
01/07/11: Islam's Hijackers and Hijackees
01/05/11: Dysfunctional Duo's undoing
12/31/10: Shortcut to Redemption
12/29/10: As Gay Becomes Bourgeois
12/24/10: Post-Census Party-Pooping
12/22/10: The Would-be GOP Kings
12/17/10: Thrown Under the (Omni)Bus
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12/10/10: When Words Fail
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12/08/10: Save the North Koreans!
12/03/10: A 'Never Mind' Energy Policy
12/01/10: A WikiLeaks Wake-up Call
11/25/10: Travel, the TSA and Teutonic Terminology
11/24/10: This Pope Plays It Right
11/17/10: Obama Can't Play Center
11/10/10: The Bashing of American Exceptionalism
11/05/10: Defeat, Then Denial
11/03/10: Demography Isn't Political Destiny
10/29/10: All Quiet on the Black-Ops Front
10/27/10: Taking the Public out of NPR
10/22/10: Fools Rush in Where Europe Rushes Out
10/20/10: Shovel-Ready White Elephants
10/15/10: Tax, Spend and Shovel
10/13/10: Obama's Outsized Ego
10/08/10: Green Fervor, Red Blood
10/07/10: To Obama's Chagrin, Young Voters Get Serious
10/06/10: America's Assassination List
10/04/10: Constitution and Politics a Toxic Mix to Many Liberals
09/30/10: Stephen Colbert: Can't Handle the Truthiness?
09/29/10: The GOP's Ante
09/22/10: GOP Civil War? Think Again
09/20/10: A Convenient Excuse
09/15/10: You Can't Rule on Personality Alone
09/13/10: The Next Hoover
09/08/10: I, Market Economy
09/03/10: Obama Could Use Some Clintonesque Salesmanship
09/01/10: Glenn Beck's Ecumenical Moment
08/27/10: Dorsal Fins Surround White House
08/25/10: Islamophobia? Not really
08/20/10: China Wealthy? That's Rich!
08/18/10: Lack of Foresight Let Mosque Controversy Balloon
08/13/10: Race-Card Payment Coming Due
08/11/10: Constitutional Amendments and Citizenship Rights
08/06/10: Low Volt-age
08/04/10: Nostalgia for Buckley et al. Is Misplaced
07/30/10: A Crisis Gone to Waste
07/27/10: The New Journalism
07/23/10: Open Conspiracy Is No Longer Merely Ajar
07/21/10: The Boundless Beneficence of Big Brother
07/16/10: When Did the Rules Change?
07/14/10: Obama's Crisis Is GOP's Opportunity
07/09/10: See You Next Tyranny Day!
07/08/10: The New Frontier: 'Covering' Conservatives
07/07/10: One Giant Leap (Backward)
07/02/10: Byrd Tributes Go Overboard
06/30/10: The UnBorkable Elena Kagan
06/25/10: The Dems' Vision Problem
06/23/10: The Latest Thievery: Best Friends
06/18/10: He Blinded Me With Science
06/16/10: Oil: The Real Green Fuel
06/11/10: Obama's Tough Talk Is a Real Kick
06/09/10: Israel's Gaza Blockade: It Works
06/04/10: The Convenient Villain
06/02/10: In a Welfare State, How Much Is 'Enough'?
05/28/10: Biden's Brussels Spout
05/25/10: Rand Paul's Civil Rights Act Comments Revisited
05/21/10: Over the Rainbows
05/19/10: Left, Right and Wrong
05/14/10: Slipping a Mickey to California Dems
05/12/10: The Robert Bennett Message
05/07/10: Is Arizona Law Still Wrong if It Works?
05/05/10: On Inclusiveness, GOP Just Can't Win
04/30/10: States' Rights (and Wrongs)
04/28/10: Arizona's Ugly but Necessary Immigration Law
04/23/10: Capitalism vs. Capitalists
04/21/10: Tea Parties a Delayed Bush Backlash
04/14/10: Empathy and the Supreme Court
04/08/10: How Much Taxation Is Enough?
04/07/10: The Monster-Victim Mix-up
04/02/10: The Same Old Drill
04/01/10: The Hostility Follies
03/26/10: The Definition of 'Freakout'
03/24/10: The Reality of ObamaCare
03/19/10: An American Divide
03/17/10: Reading Tea Party Leaves
03/12/10: Health-Care Hell
03/10/10: Where Feminists Get It Right
03/08/10: Big Business Is, Simply, Vampiric
03/05/10: Credit Where Credit Isn't Due
03/03/10: A Knife in Obama's Back?
02/26/10: Health-Care Humdrum
02/24/10: Better Here Than There
02/19/10: Pick an Excuse, Any Excuse
02/17/10: Brennan, Politics and National Security
02/12/10: Planned Summit Is Just an Infomercial in Disguise
02/10/10: Audi's Gorewellian Super Bowl Ad
02/05/10: Hollywood Has Seen the Enemy . . .
02/04/10: Partisan Stimulus Poisoned the Well
02/03/10: Obama Appears Blinded by His Own Ideological Biases
01/29/10: Obama Letting It Ride on a Bad Bet
01/27/10: It's Time for Obama to Look at Terrorism Differently
01/25/10: Feeling the Heat, Obama Pours Kool-Aid
01/20/10: Tough Love the Only Long-Term Cure for Haiti
01/15/10: Dems Feeling Heat Over Kennedy Seat
01/13/10: Playing Race-Card 'Gotcha'
01/08/10: What the GOP Can Learn From a Pizza Chain
01/07/10: For Liberalism, It's Hangover Time
01/06/10: A No-Fly List? Count Me In
01/01/10: Capitalism Fingered as Fiend of the Past Decade
12/30/09: ‘Avatar’ and the Faith Instinct
12/23/09: Obama Has Failed His Words
12/18/09: Global Wealth Can Heal the Planet
12/16/09: America Through the Reality Lens
12/11/09: Global Warming as a Political Tool
11/25/09: Winner Take All on Health Care
11/20/09: Palinophobes Hate First, Ask Questions Later
11/18/09: It's No Way to Fight a War on Terror
11/11/09: Unconnected Dots
11/06/09: The End of an Era That Never Began
11/04/09: True Conservatives Just Want a Turn
10/30/09: He Came, He Saw, He Kowtowed
10/28/09: Fido, a.k.a. the Climate Criminal
10/23/09: Can Civility Be Lost If It Was Never Found?
10/21/09: Perotistas on the march
10/14/09: Regime Is Iran's Disease; Nukes Are Just a Symptom
10/14/09: Reading Between the Lines of Obama's Poetry
10/09/09: The Dawn of a New Era in Infotainment
10/07/09: We Need a Bigger House
10/02/09: Polanski Controversy Shouldn't Be Controversial
09/30/09: A Pragmatic Look at Obama's Pragmatism
09/25/09: Afterthoughts from the U.N. Address
09/23/09: Irving Kristol's Clear Thinking
09/18/09: A Tackle Box Full of Race Bait
09/11/09: A Ring of Truth(ers)
09/09/09: Teacher Tenure Must Go
09/04/09: More Cowbell…er, Obama
09/03/09: Hypocrisy hoedown
09/02/09: Global Warming and the Sun
08/28/09: A Test of Kennedy Currency
08/26/09: Obama and Faith
08/21/09: A Deck Stacked With Race Cards
08/18/09: Why 'ObamaCare' Is Failing
08/14/09: Testing ObamaCare's Meddle
08/12/09: Dogs don't care about dogma
08/07/09: Dems' Fear Is Showing on Health Care
08/06/09: Still a Good Question: Why Biden?
08/05/09: How Much Is That Clunker in the Window?
07/31/09: The god who bleeds
07/29/09: Planet bull's-eye
07/24/09: The Folly of Obamacare
07/22/09: 'Never again' in North Korea? Think again
07/17/09: Anger Over CIA Flap Is Misplaced
07/15/09: Ruth Bader Ginsburg and a Question of Eugenics
07/09//09: Spread Freedom? Not so Much
07/08//09: Post's ‘Salon’ Mess Brazen, Not Shocking
07/03//09: A Letter to Sarah
07/01//09: Pork --- it's for everyone, including Obama
06/26/09: Endless love
06/24/09: Obama's Iran policy is a bomb?
06/19/09: Et Tu, Big Business?
06/17/09: Obama's choice is not to choose on Iran
06/12/09: A silly game of Connect-the-Dots
06/10/09: Plan to Combat Global Warming? Pie in the Sky
06/05/09: The Prism of Obama
06/03/09: The Sotomayor debate is a chance to talk it out on race
05/28/09: Cheney an unlikely beacon for conservatives
05/27/09: Empathy v. impartiality
05/20/09: Pelosi the political logjam
05/15/09: Photos or No Photos, It's Hard to Picture Obama Winning Over U.S. Enemies
05/13/09: Katz and dogs
05/08/09: We need a hero
05/07/09: What does the future hold for GOP?
05/06/09: Trickle-down corruption
05/01/09: Necessary ‘shortcuts’
04/29/09: Obama's liberal arrogance will be his undoing
04/24/09: Giving back cold war gains
04/22/09: The EPA is choking democracy
04/17/09: (Right) winging it at the DHS
04/15/09: How to solve the pirate problem
04/13/09: The ideologue beneath every ‘realist’
04/08/09: The administration has created a lexicon that masks reality through the gauzy world of euphemism. To the world, it's just words
04/08/09: Obama's bailout for the despots
04/03/09: The long arm of Uncle Sam
04/01/09: Libs' dirty shame
03/27/09: Big bedfellows
03/25/09: Labor's ‘card check’ tricks
03/18/09: Mixing politics and bonuses doesn't pay
03/13/09: The Gitmo 5's burn notice
03/11/09: Obama's fear-mongering
03/06/09: The waiting game
03/04/09: The tired war on Rush Limbaugh
03/03/09: A blueprint for a ‘ remaking’
02/27/09: The politics of fear
02/25/09: Obama finds the Bush center
02/20/09: A cowardly conversation starter
02/18/09: The ‘truth to power’ gap
02/13/09: Into the belly of the beast
02/11/09: On stimulus bill, centrists are over the line
02/06/09: The Great Overreach
02/05/09: The honeymoon continues: One of the great tests of news media bias is when the storyline has become unfalsifiable
02/04/09: Dems are hypocrites when it comes to paying taxes
01/30/09: Catching up with the British parade
01/23/09: A free pass for the indispensable man
01/21/09: What Obama brings to conservatives
01/16/09: Don't punish public for blundering constables
01/14/09: Skeptical of Obama's stimulus plan
01/12/09: Obama and the Democratic brand
01/09/09: Dems melt in the heat of Burris fiasco
01/07/09: Who are the real Nazis?
01/02/09: The squeegee men of the New World Order
12/31/08: Samuel Huntington's true vision
12/24/08: The ‘Ought’ Decade
12/19/08: Cinderella vs. the Barracuda
12/17/08: It's no time to panic
12/12/08: A little Blago for everyone
12/10/08: O.J., Obama and race in America
12/05/08: The foggy crystal ball
12/04/08: Left behind
12/03/08: An ugly attack on Mormons
12/01/08: Financial rescue: Bolder beats bigger
11/26/08: The true school scandal
11/21/08: Honestly, another Abe?
11/19/08: 'No' to Obama's experimental government
11/14/08: GOP road sign: Keep Right
11/12/08: The GOP looking glass
11/10/08: Election questions no one ever asks
11/07/08: Progressivism's achilles' heel
11/05/08: Taxes: A fair share for all
10/29/08: Obama's not 'new'
10/24/08: Racy content
10/23/08: The media vs. Joe the Plumber
10/17/08: Let's hope ‘temporary’ isn't temporary
10/17/08: Obama is getting off easy
10/10/08: The best-laid plans ...
10/09/08: McCain's course for victory
10/08/08: Biden, the master gasbag
10/03/08: Hoover-era ghost stories no longer apply
10/02/08: No one's clean in this mess
09/26/08: Gray Lady dons a cheerleader skirt
09/24/08: The media play the race card on Obama
09/19/08: Wall Street fat cats aren't at fault this time
09/17/08: E-mail to Obama: Dishonest TV ad, wrong audience
09/15/08: Feminist army aims its cannons at Palin
09/11/08: Very different visions
09/10/08: McPalin rattles Team Obama
09/05/08: Palin-bashing press keeps swinging and missing
09/03/08: The new life of the Grand Old Party
08/29/08: Economy of words
08/27/08: Obama flubs the ‘presidential’ test
08/22/08: Obama: Nothing new here?
08/20/08: Good and evil and Obama
08/15/08: Nightmare on Dem street
08/13/08: Obama without his script
08/11/08: McCain's last frontier
08/06/08: Forgetting the evils of communism
08/04/08: The spoiled children of capitalism
07/30/08: '68 Olympics salute deserves no honor
07/23/08: For McCain, surge is a losing strategy
07/21/08: K Street traffic runs both ways
07/16/08: Throwing gas on the oil fire
07/11/08: The black hole of extreme political correctness
07/10/08: Forced servitude in America?
07/04/08: McCain should play ‘Pin Obama on the donkey’
07/03/08: Obama's real patriotism problem
07/02/08: Can Obama rescue Bush?
06/27/08: Congress: Supreme Courtiers
06/25/08: The risk of silly putty policies
06/20/08: That '70s show
06/18/08: Canada's thought police
06/13/08: ANWR not the frosty paradise it's cracked up to be
06/11/08: Dining room dollars
06/06/08: A messiah in our midst?
06/05/08: Conservatives, fear not
06/04/08: Why Obama's judgment on Iraq falls short
05/30/08: Book worm: self-serving mcclellan throws out the ‘P’ word
05/28/08: Michelle Obama: Fair game
05/23/08: McCain's running mate --- Why not a Democrat?
05/21/08: The church of green
05/16/08: Why Hillary won't quit
05/14/08: Why we need nukes and Gitmo
05/09/08: TAKE THAT, BIG OIL!
05/08/08: The Clintons and race: What goes around ...
05/07/08: Give voters a clue
05/02/08: Tall tales about Tuskegee
04/30/08: Looking for Mr. Wright
04/25/08: Time magazine's environmental war whoop
04/23/08: How neo are the neocons?
04/18/08: Courting disaster
04/16/08: Obama, the yuppie candidate
04/09/08: The genocide loophole
04/04/08: Dems' tussle is right up Repubs' alley
04/02/08: The evolution of religious bigotry
03/28/08: The same old shpiel about a ‘new‘ New Deal
03/26/08: A race conversation? What are you talking about?
03/21/08: Mamet vs. the Greek chorus
03/19/08: A great speech but for deja vu
03/14/08: A road map to Democratic disaster
03/12/08: The Left's patriotism gap
03/07/08: The care and feeding of an angry territory
03/06/08: An ode to uncertainty
03/05/08: An early autopsy on the clinton campaign
03/03/08: The prince of polysyllabism
02/27/08: Radicals never say sorry
02/22/08: The Gray Lady's double standard
02/19/08: A few minutes well spent
02/18/08: Should conservatives back Mac?
02/13/08: Obama's rhetoric, American realities
02/08/08: Taking issue with the Democratic race
02/06/08: Western civilization and other fairy tales
02/01/08: The myth of Camelot
01/28/08: We were warned
01/25/08: A ‘Godzilla’ for modern times
01/23/08: What ‘The Daily Show’ cut out
01/18/08: Cloudy fortunes for conservatism
01/16/08: Obama's real fairy tale
01/14/08: Putin's role model
01/11/08: The big-business beehive
01/09/08: Voting in the age of ‘Dr. Phil’
01/04/08: Held hostage in Iowa
01/02/08: Trend obituaries for 2007
12/26/07: Politics? We'll take good cheer
12/19/07: Clinton triangulation comes full circle
12/14/07: Wishy-washy on waterboarding
12/12/07: The Dems' feel-good guy
12/06/07: Our gold-star world
12/05/07: Romney's JFK moment
11/30/07: Cell mates are in full backpedal
11/28/07: At peace with Pax Americana
11/21/07: Ron Paul isn't that scary
11/16/07: iPod democracy
11/14/07: The rich aren't made of money
11/09/07: Green around the gills
11/08/07: Is fake news now the standard?
11/07/07: ‘Anti-’ doesn't sell
10/31/07: A few questions, Sen. Clinton …
10/31/07: Conservatism's buzz-kill
10/26/07: The borking of American politics
10/24/07: Candidate Hillary: The GOP's dream
10/19/07: We'll always have Paris — and Pam, and Madonna ...
10/17/07: Why be pro-life?
10/12/07: The Gipper's glass slipper
10/10/07: Belgium: Europe's canary in a coal mine?
10/09/07: Unlearned lessons: Hillarycare II
10/08/07: If Limbaugh is the kettle, dems are the pot
10/03/07: The unspeakable American culture
10/01/07: Speech disorder
09/26/07: Stick to your guns, Rudy
09/21/07: ‘Hurricane Dan’ still blowing hot air
09/19/07: Bashing Bush with Greenspan
09/17/07: Hillary the careful weaver
09/12/07: The real ‘blowback’ behind Osama
09/07/07: Wrapping my head around Fred
09/05/07: The media's Katrina malpractice
08/31/07: Moralizing for me, but not for thee
08/29/07: It was always about Al
08/24/07: Man's best, and man's best friend
08/22/07: Popping the Left's Internet bubble
08/17/07: Envy: The underrated sin
08/15/07: Karl Rove: Bush's Napoleon
08/10/07: Uncommon criminals
08/08/07: Our centers of the universe
08/06/07: Lowering the bar in Iraq
08/01/07: In Too uninformed to vote?
07/25/07: In Iraq, liberals flip on genocide
07/09/07: You can't say that
07/06/07: Time to check candidates' expiration dates
07/05/07: The wealth between our ears
06/29/07: (Free) speech disorder
06/27/07: The Cheney irony
06/20/07: Western fictions, Arab realities
06/15/07: The liberal media's misguided hero-worship
06/13/07: Do away with public schools
06/08/07: England goes to war over wine
06/06/07: Immigration's bad guys
06/01/07: Better off Fred?
05/30/07: John Edwards' poor scam
05/25/07: Cocktails, anyone?
05/22/07: The redemption of John Ashcroft
05/18/07: Who says it's wrong to take sides in a civil war?
05/16/07: Just how crazy are the Dems?
05/11/07: Strange bedfellows
05/09/07: Netroots on shaky ground
05/04/07: Better licking through chemistry?
05/02/07: Between Tenet's lines
04/25/07: The will of the uninformed
04/20/07: In time of tragedy, media are at their worst
04/18/07: PC Kabuki Theater
04/13/07: Shocked, shocked by shock-jock
04/11/07: Conservatives, don't ignore McCain
04/06/07: Have the British gone wobbly?
04/05/07: The ‘Queen of Nice’ goes nuts
03/30/07: Under the gun, libs give ground on Second Amendment
03/28/07: Campaign reform? Try campaign inflation
03/23/07: Turning up the heat on Gore
03/21/07: Betraying their base — Dems can do it, too
03/16/07: Fox, John Edwards and the two Americas
03/14/07: Unity is overrated
03/09/07: The Joe and Valerie Show
03/07/07: GOP candidates don't fit the mold
02/23/07: Tortured ‘24’ politics
02/23/07: Tortured ‘24’ politics
02/21/07: Which candidates will pass the beer test?
02/16/07: Maybe a Dem should win
02/14/07: Global cooling costs too much
02/09/07: Much ado about the “a” word
02/07/07: Much ado about the “a” word
02/02/07: It's not the Jews, stupid
01/31/07: Hillary's failure to connect
01/26/07: Fight today or occupy forever
01/24/07: Child's play
01/19/07: Blinding us with science
01/17/07: Kerry prankster
01/10/07: Banned by the man
01/05/07: Isolation, the right and wrong
01/03/07: Charitable nation
12/29/06: Jerry Ford's magic
12/27/06: Are you certain about that?
12/22/06: America's tough guy
12/20/06: Jellyfish of the Year
12/15/06: Iraq needs a Pinochet
12/08/06: It's a war, not a buffet
12/06/06: Spare us a rerun race in 2008
12/01/06: It's losing we hate, not wars
11/29/06: A recipe for cynicism
11/24/06: Why it's foolish to turn your back on tradition
11/22/06: ‘Borat’ long on laughs, short on ‘Cultural Learnings’
11/17/06: Why Trent Lott?
11/15/06: Racism by any other name
11/10/06: Blame the politicians, not the ideology
11/08/06: Religion digs in its heels
11/03/06: A border bonfire smolders
11/01/06: Kerry, Kerry, quite contrary
10/27/06: These are Democrats?
10/25/06: Economy needs no help from politicians
10/20/06: Iraq was a worthy mistake
10/18/06: Let it grow
10/13/06: When multilateralism falls short
10/11/06: The magnifying trick of liberal paranoia
10/06/06: Foley flap highlights Dems' hypocrisy
09/29/06: Terrorists' excuse du jour
09/27/06: When push comes to torture
09/22/06: ‘Confession’ of a bad governor
09/20/06: Jihad enablers
09/15/06: Bring on the Dems
09/13/06: Conspiracy Nation
09/08/06: Analogy vs. analogy
09/06/06: Chum in the water sets off media feeding frenzy
09/01/06: Give Bush a break
08/30/06: Fool's Goldwater
08/25/06: Wal-Mart drives 'em batty
08/23/06: The living Constitution's double standard
08/18/06: The swastika and the scimitar
08/16/06: Screening for terrorists as nicely as possible
08/11/06: The last hawkish Dem leaves the building
08/09/06: Will Israel suffer Poland's fate?
08/04/06: Welfare kings on tractors
08/02/06: Israel's lose-lose proposition
07/28/06: We don't need Beavis and Butt-Head voters
07/26/06: The Michael Dukakis moment
07/21/06: The great U.N. delusion: Find another false idol to worship, multilateral fetishists — the U.N. is a failure
07/19/06: Why a cease-fire makes no sense for Israel
07/14/06: What's libs' big idea? Who cares?
07/07/06: Superman vs. The Lone Ranger
07/05/06: Because the NYTimes says so
06/30/06: We're all progressives now
06/28/06: Unity on a newspaper's terms
06/23/06: The web's yellow DNA
06/22/06: Woodrow Wilson's curse
06/16/06: Abortion rhymes with death
06/14/06: Gore's horror theater
06/09/06: The price of ‘nice’ for Canada
06/07/06: Should America do windows?
06/01/06: Congress finds its backbone — in the freezer
05/31/06: The case for extremism
05/26/06: Same Al Gore, different day
05/24/06: The media's imperfect storm
05/19/06: It's Iraq, stupid
05/17/06: What if Mexicans were crack?
05/12/06: Of course guns rile men up
05/10/06: Big sham on campus
05/05/06: Running on empty on gas prices
05/03/06: Is Bush the new Nixon?
04/28/06: Radical Islam — globalization for losers
04/26/06: Should we remain in Iraq? Let Iraqis decide
04/21/06: Seeing red over ‘green scare’
04/18/06: Can't you hear the whistle blowin'?
04/17/06: D.C. — on screen and unfiltered
04/12/06: First things first: Fix Mexico
04/07/06: Egalite, liberte, 401(k)
04/05/06: Bar the door --- it's Katie
03/31/06: Failing their own
03/29/06: Blurring the immigration issue
03/24/06: Right invasion, wrong explanation
03/22/06: Do conservatives need psychological help?
03/17/06: Don't get cocky, libs
03/15/06: VIVE LA SLOTH!
03/10/06: An economic virus
03/08/06: Hollywood's eye contact with social issues
03/03/06: No more black and white
02/24/06: Free speech — sometimes
02/24/06: Going overboard
02/22/06: The U.S. Constitution: dead or alive?
02/17/06: Don't blame me
02/10/06: One sorry mess of a party
02/08/06: Controversy is about culture clash, not cartoons
02/03/06: And the cheat goes on
02/01/06: Islamism's willing executioners
01/27/06: Many faces of Hillary — none a winner
01/25/06: Whose side is technology on, anyway?
01/20/06: The right way to reform
01/18/06: Wanted: An Iranian Saddam
01/13/06: … And so what if you are?
01/11/06: Fighting off the radical feminist assault
01/06/06: The clay feet of liberal saints
01/04/06: ‘Munich’ succeeds as a film, fails as political commentary
12/30/05: What's wrong with partisan politics?
12/28/05: ‘Meet the Press’ summit reveals elite media's flaw
12/23/05: Firebrand? He's nuts and he's after nukes
12/21/05: Public won't hold surveillance flap against Bush
12/14/05: Time for a Republican reformation
12/07/05: Free advice for libs: Duke it out among yourselves
11/30/05: Tortured logic
11/25/05: Dawn of the bland
11/21/05: The not-so-simple truth about statesmanship
11/16/05: Speak, (selective) memory
11/11/05: Trouble in Gaulistan
11/09/05: Whose side should they be on?
11/04/05: We said that?
11/02/05: The Grinch who stole Fitzmas
10/28/05: The secret files of the anti-hypocrite squad
10/27/05: Defrocking the priesthood of the press
10/21/05: Is he one of us?
10/20/05: ‘Merlot Democrats’ to the rescue
10/14/05: Batty about Harriet
10/12/05: In (qualified) defense of cronyism
10/07/05: Bennett's critics prefer to misunderstand him
10/06/05: After Miers nomination, rumbling Left and Right
09/28/05: Gale-force exaggeration, Katrina's other consequence
09/23/05: Is this the end of ‘compassionate conservatism’?
09/21/05: Hurricane coverage veers off course
09/16/05: Oh, Gosh, Sen. Feinstein's at it again
09/14/05: Red America stands firm in sea of European blue
09/09/05: Since we're talking about race and class…
09/07/05: In Katrina's aftermath, racial generalizations aren't helpful
09/02/05: Voodoo meteorology
08/26/05: The shifting terrain of Iraq war — and Muslim opinion
08/24/05: Divided over a wall
08/19/05: A mighty wind
08/17/05: The fallacy of authenticity
08/12/05: The people, not so much
08/10/05: A bunch of guys barking
08/05/05: Bombers got rights, too, you know!
08/01/05: Excuses, excuses
07/27/05: No more power to the people
07/22/05: It's about Iraq — so what?
07/20/05: The red foam of the River Thames — or, come back, Enoch Powell, all is forgiven
07/15/05: Britain's Muslims must turn on terrorists in their midst
07/13/05: Friend of Bush is a bit too chummy with identity politics to merit spot on Supreme Court
07/08/05: In a free society, the press is not above the law
07/06/05: Live8 message: We care!
07/01/05: What public broadcasting is and isn't
06/29/05: Better off dead
06/24/05: Genes determine the funniest things (just don't tell Larry Summers' enemies)
06/22/05: Nazis uber alles
06/17/05: The overselling of stem cell research
06/15/05: Gitmo by any other name is still … necessary
06/08/05: The Roosevelt mystique
06/03/05: Brussels is burning
05/27/05: The 2 percent solution for the budget deficit
05/25/05: Compromise is not always good, argument is not always bad
05/20/05: A pox on everybody
05/18/05: Invasion of the America snatchers
05/13/05: The Christians are at the gates, but they don't want in
05/11/05: Why shouldn't we apologize for Yalta?
05/06/05: Michael Jackson: Hollywood's man in the mirror
05/04/05: They come to recycle the old media, not to bury it
05/02/05: Sometimes, it simply isn't Vietnam
04/29/05: Environmentalism is dead — long live environmentalism!
04/27/05: You're a mean one, Mr. Bolton — and that's why we need you at the U.N.
04/22/05: Let Cookie Monster be Cookie Monster
04/20/05: B-16 in the house … and how we got there
04/15/05: The darker side of quotas
04/13/05: Disrobing our masters
04/08/05: After decades of war in Iraq, a cause for joy
04/06/05: The splendor of truth
04/01/05: It's the end of the world, and I feel fine
03/30/05: Cracked
03/29/05: Hypocrisy without principles is the worst kind of all
03/25/05: The mixed blessing of progress
03/23/05: Sense and sensitivity
03/16/05: First, kill the cats
03/11/05: Danny, ye hardly knew ye
03/09/05: Upholding Kennedy's brain
03/04/05: What ever happened to the most important story on earth?
03/02/05: The medium isn't the message, actually
02/25/05: The end of ideology (as we know it)
02/23/05: Bob and Carl's imaginary friend
02/18/05: No news is bad news for local politics
02/16/05: The rise of the ‘Bike Path Left’
02/11/05: Chilling for thee, but not for me
02/09/05: Defining monstrosity down
02/04/05: Moving the goalposts on Iraq
02/02/05: Slothnor needs Liberals
01/28/05: The All American skin games
01/26/05: Don't take the President's word for it — take Zarqawi's
01/21/05: Fighting tyranny, a revolutionary idea
01/20/05: What's gender got to do with science? Don't ask!
01/14/05: Democracy has to be good — not perfect
01/13/05: How many Armstrongs are there?
01/07/05: The Alberto Gonzales show
01/05/05: I say it's odious, and the h-ll with it
12/31/04: My 2004
12/29/04: Kofi's stingy uncle
12/24/04: La Belle France, fromagerie of the world's misfortune
12/22/04: Lighten up
12/17/04: FDR is dead
12/15/04: The European Model: First-rate posturing, third-rate policy
12/08/04: The fourth estate rumbles for more privilege
12/03/04: Not his party
12/01/04: Jesusland for thee, but not for me
11/29/04: Conservatives don't always wear black hats
11/24/04: Giving thanks in trying times
11/18/04: When he wins he loses
11/18/04: Be careful whom you tolerate
11/12/04: Exit Ashcroft — abused, maligned, but right after all
11/10/04: What's bad for the party isn't necessarily bad for America
11/08/04: Make theirs a double
11/04/04: Don't Believe the Hype (2004 Remix)
10/27/04: Untrustworthy times
10/22/04: The myth of the disenfranchised
10/20/04: Why we need to defend the Electoral College
10/18/04: A man for some seasons
10/13/04: Send in the clowns
10/11/04: Why we fight — and why we need to be clear about it
10/06/04: Looks like a veto, acts like a veto — it's the "Global Test"
10/04/04: Iran at the tipping point
09/29/04: The Kerry Syndrome
09/24/04: The gang that couldn't report straight
09/22/04: Kerry has a war record — Bush has ideas
09/20/04: The perils of Dan-nial
09/15/04: Rather be wrong
09/10/04: John Kerry, International Man of Nuance
09/08/04: What's wrong with you people?
09/03/04: ZellzaPoppin'
09/01/04: The herd that is our press
08/27/04: Vetting free speech not such a swift idea
08/25/04: Vetting free speech not such a swift idea
08/23/04: The Man can't bust our votes
08/13/04: Fear and mongering on the campaign trail
08/11/04: Carpetbagging, and other threats to small-r republican principles
08/06/04: Sacrificing the ends for the sake of the means
08/04/04: The eternal Sharpton
07/30/04: Let's pretend
07/28/04: J'accuse! The Republicans want to win in '04
07/26/04: Berger's revealing footnotes
07/21/04: The Imperial Middle
07/16/04: Kerry/Dole '04!
07/14/04: Not safer, but better
07/09/04: Malign condescension — or benign neglect?
07/07/04: Kerry's fateful choice
06/25/04: Parallel lives, parallel lies
06/23/04: Hawkish clothes itch doves
06/18/04: Madonna: Like a hypocrite
06/16/04: In war on terror, Geneva Convention doesn't apply
06/11/04: Truly conservative rhetoric missing under Bush
06/09/04: Reagan, thankfully, was no pragmatist
06/04/04: 'Buffy' and the battle against evil
06/02/04: Lenin's logic in Iraq
05/28/04: Patriotism and populism in journalism
05/25/04: Too quick to cry 'anti-Semite,' instead of 'buffoon'
05/21/04: Why the flip-floppers rise to the top
05/19/04: Russert: The Media Est Moi!
05/14/04: This is bigger than Bush
05/12/04: Media ethics, consistency questionable in release of photos
05/07/04: CBS shouldn't have aired inflammatory footage
05/05/04: Difficult, but necessary, surgery in Iraq
04/30/04: Conservative dividing lines
04/28/04: Contradictions at the core of Kerry campaign
04/23/04: Libs are learning the wrong lessons
04/20/04: A question of patriotism
04/16/04: Franken stuck in no-originality zone
04/14/04: Let's face it: Not doing 'everything they could' was policy
04/09/04: Kennedy's Vietnam remarks ill-timed and inappropriate
04/08/04: Clarke makes a good case — for Bush's re-election
03/31/04: A vote for delayed elections in Iraq
03/25/04: Clarke's criticism of Bush leaves us wondering about motives
03/22/04: Thank goodness for C-SPAN
03/17/04: Linking Al-Qaida and Iraq
03/12/04: Bush and Kerry need to focus on debate, not feelings
03/10/04: If voting is for old people, irony isn't
03/05/04: What I know about deficits — they don't matter
03/03/04: Guess who's changing tune on Constitutional amendments?
02/27/04: 'Let them eat cake' economics distorts free market
02/25/04: Israel's barrier not a ‘Berlin wall’
02/20/04: Bush-Kerry foreign policy debate: Bring it on
02/13/04: Racial preferences more harmful than legacy policies in college admissions
02/11/04: War hero Kerry shows no policy leadership
02/06/04: The dividing line in American politics
02/04/04: Jackson flap exposes ennui
01/30/04: The many faces of the Democrats
01/28/04: Straightforwardness would defuse WMD issue
01/23/04: Gap widening between Bush and conservatives
01/21/04: Jumping the shark: Dean takes deep-water dive
01/16/04: 'Bush lied' and the lying liars who perpetuate it
01/14/04: Dean's pedicured foot firmly in mouth
01/09/04: Tackling the immigration mess
01/07/04: Conservative's case for Dean nomination
12/31/03: Globalization would help quake-shaken nations
12/26/03: Bush's strong foreign policy successful
12/24/03: Bah, humbug: Blame uninformed voters
12/19/03: Answer to redistricting: Enlarge Congress
12/17/03: Imagine Iraq war through movie lens
12/12/03: Court endorses wrong kind of censorship
12/10/03: Gore's endorsement shows changing motives
12/05/03: Kerry's arguments don't carry
12/03/03: Scrap the U.N., create League of Democracies
11/26/03: Thankful for the paradox of progress
11/14/03: Youth debate fail to 'keep it real'
11/13/03: Vermont's Dean too green for White House
11/07/03: Flag flap: Dean destroys his chances
11/05/03: Israel isn't peaceful
10/31/03: War: What are Dems Good for?
10/30/03: Blame the responsible party
10/24/03: French Fried: France turns into even bigger foe
10/22/03: It's not the president, stupid
10/17/03: 'Imminent threat' is revisionist spin
10/10/03: Power tools: Schwarzenegger can use popularity to effect change
10/08/03: Bush critics' claims usually don't stick
10/01/03: Dems take U-turn
09/29/03: Recall election shows too much democracy is dangerous
09/24/03: Clark boomlet ignores issues, ideology
09/19/03: The Patriot Act: Separating hysteria from fact
09/16/03: Farm subsidies harm the poor
09/12/03: Certainty is dwindling --- a surefire disadvantage
09/10/03: Bush puts all his chips on table
09/03/03: Marriage too ‘boring’ for gays
08/27/03: Anti-globalization = anti-American
08/06/03: Dems want to bench judges of faith
08/01/03: Arab democratic deception?
07/30/03: Conservative study reveals academic bias
07/25/03: Gaping holes in Dems' 'security gap' argument
07/23/03: I don't understand why Ashcroft gets such a bad rap
07/18/03: Bush becomes 'big government conservative'
07/16/03: Can you say ‘Senator Springer’?
07/11/03: Baker Dusts off stereotypes, hypocrisy
07/09/03: The only good Constitution is a dead Constitution
07/04/03: Voters must face Gray consequences
06/27/03: Get facts straight before crying 'liar'
06/25/03: Still legally unconstitutional and socially racist?
06/18/03: Rich-poor divide shows poverty is relative
06/13/03: Bush's spending binges
06/11/03: Enough with the Hillary hoopla
06/06/03: DNC's layoffs undermine Dems' diversity rhetoric
06/04/03: Media consolidation and the free market
05/30/03: Libs need to get hip to young conservatives
05/28/03: We should be doing more
05/21/03: Defenders of racial preferences want double standard
05/16/03: Libs twist privacy arguments
05/15/03: Feasting on the Times' 'fraud'
05/09/03: Bush's symbolism sends message of power
05/07/03: Liberal hypocrites blast Bennett
05/02/03: Delay democracy in Iraq
04/30/03: Does Hollywood purposely confuse criticism and censorship?
04/25/03: A welcome blow for ineffective intellectuals
04/23/03: Conservatives want change --- when it's necessary
04/16/03: Bush falls far from the tree
04/11/03: I want to rub it in the anti-war crowd's face so badly
04/09/03: Arab world is blind to coalition's intent
04/07/03: Democratic party turns French
04/02/03: The shame being taught in our elite schools
03/26/03: Media miscalculates in its war coverage
03/21/03: Time and patience: Ingredients for wartime success
03/19/03: 'Saddened' by Daschle's anti-war statement
03/14/03: Busting neoconservative blame game
03/10/03: Hollywood should stick to acting, not activism
03/05/03: What if PETA ads pictured dead Palestinians?
02/28/03: More debate? Enough already!
02/26/03: Liberal talk radio? Keep laughing
02/24/03: Returning Roe to the ballot box
02/19/03: Comparing Saddam to Hitler is justified
02/10/03: Anti-war argument based on emotions, not facts
02/03/03: A few good lessons for Europe
01/30/03: Springer candidacy points to what's wrong with celebrity politics
01/27/03: The U.N. ain't what it ought to be
01/24/03: France motivated by its own oil argument
01/21/03: Michigan race case equates to unfair quota system
01/17/03: Ryan's death row decision lets families hang
01/10/03: Saddam's 'idiots'
01/08/03: Creating tax system with 'shared sacrifice'
01/06/03: Different treatment needed for Iraq, N. Korea
12/30/02: List of the year's losers is long
12/26/02: Dems dredge up irrelevant race issue
12/20/02: NOW is so then
12/18/02: Racial doublespeak on both sides
12/13/02: Lessons learned from cross-burning case
12/11/02: A whole Lott of nothing
12/09/02: Libs ignoring evidence against Saddam
12/05/02: Kerry reminiscent of Gore, Clinton
12/02/02: Muslim 'backlash' exaggerated
11/27/02: Daschle's Rush to condemn Limbaugh
11/22/02: 'New' Gore is same old bore
11/20/02: Americans enjoy more freedom today than ever
11/18/02: Nixing Saddam's nuclear weapons plans
11/15/02: Anti-American attitude? Blame Canada
11/12/02: Avoid getting swept up in election sweep
11/06/02: Deadlines are hallmark of democracy
11/04/02: The politics of evil
10/30/02: The American empire --- as viewed from London
10/23/02: Media on target for sniper story
10/21/02: Carter gets his prize --- and N. Korea develops nukes
10/16/02: Linking al-Qaida to D.C. sniper attacks
10/15/02: More muscle behind pledge of 'never again'
10/09/02: Does it really matter why Christians support Israel?
10/07/02: Knocking down knee-jerk arguments
10/02/02: Liberal hypocrisy: High price for U.N. approval
09/30/02: The new San Francisco Democrat
09/23/02: A call for censorship
09/17/02: Nixing metaphors: War on terrorism real
09/13/02: Let's put it to a vote
09/09/02: Speeding to a solution
09/03/02: 'Seeing through Saudi PR effort
08/29/02: 'Sustainable growth' is not sustainable solution
08/26/02: A patriotic question
08/21/02: Let's Keep 9/11 'Simplistic'
08/19/02: Gore redux looks like sad inevitability
08/07/02: A fighting chance
08/02/02: In Europe, talk is cheap
07/31/02: Invasion of Iraq is overdue
07/24/02: Fat chance: Food cops are closing in
07/22/02: Rodney King redux
07/17/02: Debating war against Iraq
07/15/02: Bush is a Hypocrite, So What?
07/10/02: The Jackson Two jive
07/05/02: Celebrating Americans' independence
07/03/02: Gore's conceit masks inevitable defeat
06/28/02: Rushing to the defense of the Creator
06/26/02: Mentally confused over the mentally retarded
06/24/02: Increase in women's sports not due to Title IX
06/19/02: The Nazis aren't coming
06/17/02: Don't hold America hostage to civil rights
06/13/02: Hispanic terrorist proves profiling works? You bet it does!
06/10/02: Mars needs women --- and men too
06/06/02: The war on euphemisms
06/03/02: Dire straits: India and Pakistan are brothers with arms
05/30/02: What's so special about Daniel Pearl?
05/23/02: No such thing as natural
05/20/02: Off-base: Bush strays more to the middle
05/16/02: Jimmy Carter: America basher
05/13/02: The trouble with Title IX
05/08/02: Fortuyn told of Europe's future
05/06/02: Free Speech: Rotting from the Inside Out
04/30/02: Stop the war on 'terror'!
04/26/02: Statements show inherent hatred of America
04/23/02: U.N. vote undermines 'human rights'
04/17/02: Too many people are afraid of holding black politicians to the same standard as everybody else
04/15/02: The networks shouldn't be protecting us from being disturbed when being disturbed is what we need to be
04/08/02: The argument against Arafat
04/05/02: View of ANWR at Night: Priceless
04/01/02: Media, government rationalize Mideast violence
03/27/02: The right for every man, woman and child to have unrestricted access to porn
03/25/02: Nuclear waste repository is radioactive issue
03/20/02: Ideology matters more than biology
03/18/02: Jumping ahead of Japan
03/13/02: Steeling ourselves for real economic travesty
03/11/02: No battle 'buts' in American military
03/06/02: Terrorists may have a reason, but not an excuse
03/04/02: Civil liberties zealots have been so busy defending the distant outposts of freedom, they didn't notice the enemy forces deep within our perimeter
02/27/02: Sharpton's presidency
02/25/02: Supreme Court shouldn't kill school choice program
02/20/02: Memo to Buchanan: American culture isn't eroding
02/15/02: Let's get honest about 'reform' --- in all areas of society
02/13/02: What protesters don't get: Globilization = more democracy
02/11/02: Journalists deny good looks' role in TV news
02/06/02: Bush speaks the truth with 'Axis of Evil' label
02/04/02: The ironies of anti-globilization protesters
01/30/02: Enron's no reason for campaign finance reform
01/28/02: Dems' plan to blame GOP for economy won't work
01/23/02: Terrorists shouldn't be considered Muslims
01/18/02: Factual correctness supersedes statue's symbolic gesture
01/16/02: Don't blame the Bush administration for Enron
01/14/02: Deportation efforts are lawful, sensible
01/09/02: As Harvard University turns
01/07/02: Racial profiling? Maybe, but so what?
01/03/02: Businesslike new century brings realistic goals
12/27/01: Giuliani's a hero, but not 'Person of the Year'
12/24/01: Geraldo's working hard to discredit Fox News
12/19/01: Ashcroft is no McCarthy
12/14/01: Jewish Defense League plotters are terrorists
12/12/01: Government was too distracted, not too small
12/10/01: Let's not stop bashing Clinton just yet
12/05/01: Arafat has never been 'partner in peace'
12/03/01: Attacks on Ashcroft are out of line
11/29/01: Let's address the why of cloning before the how
11/21/01: Civil liberties debate reveals chasm on Right
11/16/01: What are the anti-bombing pundits saying now?
11/14/01: Making voting easier won't fix apathy
11/12/01: We're gonna to be Ramadamned if we do and Ramadamned if we don't
11/07/01: America's war for freedom
11/05/01: Journalists' neutrality tips scales against America
10/31/01: I am an Islam 'hater'
10/29/01: In current context, racial profiling makes sense
10/24/01: Is Islam the problem?
10/17/01: If I had a nickel for every wrong wartime cliché …
10/15/01: Time to return to colonialism?
10/11/01: Israel not to blame for anti-American sentiment
10/08/01: Bringing back big government isn't the answer
10/04/01: Free-speech fretters overreact
09/28/01: "Enterprise" revives values and enthusiasm
09/26/01: Maher mars 'Politically Incorrect'
09/25/01: Terrorism is elusive target for war
09/20/01: Repugnant commentaries place blame on America
09/15/01: We can rebuild it --- better, stronger
09/13/01: Profiles in cowardice
08/27/01: Momma don't preach: 'Material Girl' as role model
08/22/01: Report from the heartland: Bush's vacation not stalling nation
08/17/01: Americans wouldn't tolerate terrorism at home
08/15/01: Even from grave, economist drives 'doomsayers' nuts
08/13/01: Condit story is real news, not just ratings hype
08/10/01: President Bush contracts Potomac Fever
08/07/01: Who is being unreasonable?
08/01/01: A point about pointless laws
07/31/01: Laws would not prevent child car deaths
07/26/01: Hypocrisy enters genetic research debate
07/24/01: Harldy a pretty place: Use ANWR for oil exploration
07/18/01: Illegal motion: Bush amnesty plan faulty
07/13/01: Kiss this: Why I hate the French
07/11/01: Condit unbecoming
07/09/01: A grizzly view of bear repopulation
07/05/01: Wanna stop racial profiling? Hassle more whites
07/02/01: Stossel's yanked segment: kids kept green around the ears
06/28/01: AIDS sufferers are the new Holocaust survivors?
06/22/01: Rebel gets indignant without cause
06/20/01: Take hot air out of Global warming debate
06/15/01: Lock them up --- and keep 'em there!
06/13/01: Humanize, then euthanize
06/11/01: With executions, America more democratic than Europe
06/06/01: Bush needs to nix his Nixon act
06/01/01: Concentrate on real tragedies, not 'Hurricane Israel' debate
05/30/01: McCain's moment is gone
05/29/01: Jeffords is slandering his former colleagues for reasons that have remarkably little to do with principle
05/24/01: Back To Bork: Liberals revive old tactics for new nominees
05/21/01: Washington's favorite game: Political payback
05/16/01: Romance overrules reason in ANWR about-face
05/14/01: Racial classifications seem step back in time
05/10/01: Don't dismantle Mother's Day
05/03/01: A lesson in the obvious
04/27/01: Turning men into monsters
04/25/01: Finger Points to Permissive Parents
04/23/01: Eliminate federal taxes for D.C. residents
04/18/01: Bush brings refreshing silence to presidency
04/16/01: In defense of PETA
04/11/01: Decrying hoopla over diversity in newsrooms
04/06/01: Dan Rather tries to dodge the liberal-bias bullet
03/30/01: No time to clown around with cloning
03/28/01: Cast a negative ballot for Internet voting
03/23/01: Hollywood's high on action films, for global market success
03/21/01: Republicans should be cautious of 'compassionate conservatism'
03/19/01: "Traffic" moves propaganda into drug-policy debate
03/15/01: Appeal of 'Sopranos' lies in strict code of honor
03/09/01: Organic claims are cleverly written fiction
03/07/01: Snow job: There the media go again
03/02/01: It's a vision thing
02/28/01: SAT is best measure of general aptitude
02/26/01: Easing the estate tax
02/23/01: Clinton defenders finally admit to his power abuses
02/21/01: Failed dot-coms missed rules of the marketplace
02/15/01: Clinton heeds my Harlem advice
02/12/01: Harlem could be Bill's best move yet
02/06/01: Lying, betrayal essential parts of journalism
01/18/01: How to polarize candidates
01/15/01: Dems never tire of using 'race card'
01/11/01: Taking the celebrity out of politics
01/08/01: Unfairly 'borking' Ashcroft
01/04/01: Want to be more efficient? Increase number of politicians
01/02/01: Whole lotta exploitin' goin' on
12/28/00: Hypocrisy police pounce on Clinton book deal
12/26/00: Sometimes, it's good to be a Grinch
12/21/00: Though symbolic, Bush's diversity sends a message
12/19/00: Gore concedes --- but why did it take so long?
12/14/00: Is 'Queer as Folk' what we asked for?
12/11/00: Election mess hardly a 'civics lesson'
12/07/00: Clinton's tacky legacy
12/05/00: Marriage civilizes the manly beast
11/30/00: Gore's speech more pompous posturing
11/28/00: Rabble-rousing Dems act irresponsibly
11/27/00: Duking it out with democracy
11/16/00: Issues irrelevant to most voters
11/14/00: Gore's us-vs.-them campaign
11/10/00: Dot-com disasters missing brand-name success
11/06/00: Conventional wisdom turns with the polls
11/03/00: Clinton photo, appropriately, hits below the belt
11/01/00: Electoral college ensures democracy
10/30/00: New Yorkers, media letting Hillary off the hook
10/23/00: Gore needs to put first things first
10/20/00: Treatment of Farrakhan glosses over odd issues
10/16/00: Secrets of election can be found in 'Star Trek'
10/12/00: Arafat hardly 'provoked' into violence
10/10/00: Undecided voters may be ignorant, not discriminating
10/06/00: The importance of character isn't debatable
10/03/00: Conservatives are the true friends of science You know why?
09/29/00: Symbolic 'born alive' vote makes sense
09/25/00: Conservatives adopt abandoned liberalism
09/21/00: Ventura's media backpedaling makes fiction of his new book
09/18/00: Tough questions target Hillary Clinton's elitism
09/14/00: Hollywood morality to blame
09/11/00: Specifically, AlGore's detailed plan is meaningless
09/07/00: Time-honored tradition: Insult the press
09/05/00: Scouting out justice
08/30/00: The ADL's historical revisionism
08/28/00: Sitcoms will survive, post-"Survivor"
08/24/00: Candidates' choice of movies shows refreshing honesty
08/21/00: An AlGore victory? Only if dead birds fly
08/17/00: AlGore is doomed, but Dems ignore warning signs
08/15/00: Proud and true: He's a Jew
08/10/00: Exploiting religion would be tragic mistake
08/08/00: Cheney serves up tempting appetizer
08/03/00: Republicans now 'nice,' media still nasty
08/01/00: Presidential campaign could use some anti-metric mania
07/27/00: Government shouldn't subsidize Reform Party
07/25/00: Campaign finance 'reform' gives too much power to liberal media
07/20/00: Hillary slur speaks volumes
07/18/00: AlGore's McCarthyism
07/11/00: 'Survivor' shows hypocrisy of animal rights groups
07/05/00: McDonald's deserves a break today
07/03/00: On July Fourth, time to reflect on America's founding
06/28/00: America bashing becomes international pastime
06/23/00: If Fonda is sorry, let her say so
06/06/00: NAPSTER exposes artists' hypocrisy
04/18/00: Not much difference between TV journalists, TV actors

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