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Wesley Pruden, JWR contributor for nearly two decades, dies at 83

07/16/19: The four noisy horseladies of the Apocalypse
07/12/19: Pity the poor professor adrift in the sea of politics
07/09/19: A mob of Dems goes after Joe Biden
07/05/19: The turning of the shrew
07/02/19: The Trump-Kim flattery of convenience
06/27/19: The fantastical parade of the debutantes
06/25/19: Here comes the parade of Dem nobles
06/18/19: Not quite a return of the Gong Show
06/14/19: The impossible Bernie and his impossible dreams
06/11/19: Why the deal with Mexico is a good one
06/07/19: Pomp, fakery, shock, rage, and crisis averted
06/04/19: Who will answer when a nation calls for greatness
05/31/19: Robert Mueller just wants to feel the love again
05/28/19: A colluder with the Russians called to account
05/21/19: Biden's rumble in the jungle of stolen rhetoric
05/17/19: The most important 44 words in the Constitution
05/14/19: Breaking up is hard to do
05/10/19: Hillary's noisy ghost stalks the election of 2020
05/07/19: A fever subsides, leaving Dems to focus on 2016
05/03/19: When the third time won't be the charm
04/30/19: The old bird who can't remember how to fly straight
04/29/19: 'Sleepy Joe' shakes up the Geezer Primary
04/23/19: In certain precincts, we're all snowflakes now
04/19/19: Once more, coal in the Dems' Christmas stockings
04/16/19: An imaginary look at an imaginary 2020 election
04/12/19: The Wikileaker about to face melancholy music
04/09/19: One foolish remark and a presidential candidate is toast
04/05/19: The invasion of the six-inch tall nobodies
04/02/19: Only segregation can save the women
03/29/19: The college that deserves all the respect it can get
03/26/19: For all but the press, the Mueller report is good news
03/22/19: Like him or not, Trump speaks fluent political prose
03/19/19: Every candidate learns his past is never past
03/16/19: Justice Roberts and a flirtation on the dark side
03/12/19: When fear threatens good times in the friendly sky
03/08/19: Old rages survive to ride again
03/05/19: Where a little learning would be unusual
03/01/19: The relentless Democratic pursuit of the unicorn
02/26/19: Is that a dark and grim future dead ahead?
02/22/19: Never a final curtain on the Mueller minstrels
02/19/19: This would be a hate crime for the ages
02/15/19: No time for Trump to step on his necktie
02/12/19: Second thoughts in the Unicorn Caucus
02/08/19: A curtain call for the Virginia Minstrels
02/05/19: For Virginia Dems, there goes the wheel that comes around
02/01/19: The long, painful slide down the slippery slope
01/29/19: The Dems attempt to exploit the failure of Congress
01/25/19: The best and worst times for America
01/22/19: A sordid day for the gentlemen of the press
01/18/19: Gillette takes the unkindest cut right on the chin
01/15/19: It's OK now to ask whether Mueller has anything to say
01/11/19: The graveyard ghouls and a lather of speculation
01/08/19: A tear for the schoolmarm teaching civics to the House
01/02/19: A lot of noise before the storm
12/18/18: We're still waiting for Inspector Clouseau
12/14/18: The lady at bay in Old Blighty
12/11/18: Presidents and their tweet stuff
12/07/18: Civil is nice, but winning elections is better
12/04/18: No. 41, the man in full
11/30/18: Hysteria can make the news go down
11/27/18: Only hanging the senator will satisfy the Dems
11/23/18: It's not war, but a remarkable skirmish at the top
11/20/18: A new kind of congressman --- bold, rash and ignorant
11/16/18: The politicians think it's tough in Old Blighty, too
11/13/18: A little corruption greases the election wheels
11/09/18: Why can't us genius journalists get a little more respect?
11/06/18: So long to the end of the beginning
11/02/18: But is it still 'the economy, Stupid'?
10/30/18: The noisy rage for serene 'civility'
10/26/18: Never letting the outrage go to waste
10/23/18: The little surprises of October are at hand
10/19/18: Looking for answers beyond the pale
10/16/18: Playing percentages of the noble blood
10/12/18: Lurid tales of blood and sex from the crypt
10/09/18: Singing only sad songs is no fun
10/05/18: The long, long trail of trashed reputations
10/03/18: Desperate Dems, have you no shame?
09/28/18: Whatever happened to the old Dianne Feinstein?
09/26/18: A puff or two of smoke, but no fire
09/21/18: Farce over Kavanaugh hearings descends into tragedy
09/18/18: The October surprise, arriving a month early
09/14/18: When debate turns to visions of murder
09/12/18: The Dems' trash-the-flag strategy
09/07/18: Tall tales spin, the plot thickens
09/04/18: Show-biz funerals and high-church grief
08/31/18: The monkey with a well-done nothingburger
08/28/18: Interrupting Trump bad news with Trump good news
08/24/18: The Dem pursuit of the unholy dream
08/21/18: How President Xi Jinping makes more Chinese Christians
08/17/18: Awash in moral victories and intramural success
08/14/18: Jews are smart
08/10/18: Waking up the sleeping beauties
08/07/18: Creative writing about Mr. Trump's troubles
08/03/18: The derangement virus stalks the land
07/31/18: The clash of noisy election-day dreams
07/27/18: A sport of calling out 'them lyin' newspapers'
07/20/18: Awash in a tsunami of trivia
07/17/18: The Donald courts hellfire in Helsinki
07/13/18: This will be no NATO for deadbeats
07/10/18: Maybe there's life in Old Blighty yet
07/06/18: Making book on a sure thing
07/03/18: The inevitable search for a litmus test
06/29/18: The Dems flirt with an old fantasy
06/27/18: Barking mad and proud of it
06/22/18: The Dems in a lather over good news
06/19/18: Is California too much of a good thing?
06/15/18: Sex, lies and betrayal at the FBI
06/12/18: The rumble and the thrilla in Singapore
06/11/18: Panic time approaches at Camp Mueller
06/05/18: The gay times roll, but the Supremes stop the music
06/01/18: The on-again, off-again Unpredictability Summit
05/29/18: The Confederacy's gift to the nation
05/25/18: The wounded printed page strikes back
05/22/18: Mr. Mueller's fishing pole needs a rest
05/18/18: The collusion of lawyers is finally collapsing
05/15/18: Throwing rocks at the wrong villain
05/11/18: Looking for morality among the senators
05/08/18: John Kerry's 57 varieties of mischief
05/04/18: When there was no crying in the newsroom
05/01/18: The Iran nuclear deal begins to crumble
04/26/18: RA friendly 'adios' to California
04/24/18: Rocket Man's travel plans imperil the summit
04/20/18: The Democratic terror of a miracle in North Korea
04/17/18: Waiting for the garlic bullet
04/13/18: Paul Ryan and the long goodbye
04/10/18: Fear, loathing and John Bolton
04/09/18: Robert Mueller, villain and breaker of hearts
04/03/18: In hot pursuit of George Orwell
03/30/18: Hollywood gets a few lessons in story-telling
03/27/18: All flash and no flesh: The Stormy Show
03/23/18: Trump, Biden and the septuagenarian smackdown
03/20/18: A hero only to a lynch mob
03/16/18: One last dance with Hillary
03/13/18: Can California do what the Confederacy couldn't?
03/08/18: A turning worm upsets the immigration debate
03/06/18: Dems ponder a second McGovern fling
03/02/18: The president Donald Trump could have been
02/27/18: The dreamy dreams of the Dems
02/23/18: Billy Graham in the belly of the beast
02/20/18: Vlad the Imposter and Robert Muellerís indictment game
02/16/18: The snookered press at Pyeongchang
02/13/18: A new world order coming right at you
02/09/18: The surveillance state is here, and to stay
02/06/18: First Amendment, beware the Judas goat
02/02/18: The deadly ignorance on the road to Rome
01/30/18: The thriving friendship between evangelicals and Jews
01/26/18: Trump at the gasbaggery festival at Davos
01/23/18: A brief respite from a congressional tantrum
01/19/18: Olympian pause in the War Between the Words
01/16/18: Dems sacrifice the Dreamers to life in the swamp
01/12/18: The Trump witch hunt moves to the looney bin
01/09/18: Happy times and starry-eyed dreams in Tinsel Town
01/05/18: Frau Merkel gets a lesson in free speech
01/02/18: Rocket Man offers an opening --- or a trap
12/29/17: Waiting for Mueller's red-meat main course
12/26/17: The media ice begins to crack around Trump
12/19/17: A collusion bombshell, but not on target
12/15/17: All the Dems need now are more child molesters
12/12/17: Big media's terrible, horrible, not very good week
12/08/17: Al Franken and Democratic strategy for 2018
12/05/17: Robert Mueller's mighty tuna shrinks to a goldfish
12/01/17: When prey becomes predator
11/28/17: The stink of the '60s lives with us still
11/24/17: No country for the squeamish of any age
11/21/17: The swamp is deeper and dirtier than we thought
11/17/17: Gropergate! The halls of Congress under siege!
11/14/17: Coming home from an Asian tutorial
11/10/17: Retrieving opportunity from Republican ruins
11/07/17: We can't let a massacre go to waste
11/03/17: More bones from the Democratic ruins
10/31/17: Robert Mueller's railroad job that that can't find the tracks
10/27/17: Hillary's Russian collusion connection
10/24/17: Paying the price of Trump Derangement Syndrome
10/20/17: The bad, awful, no-good playbook of the NFL
10/17/17: An Austrian thumb in the eye of the elites
10/16/17: A Weinstein verdict to suit the Red Queen
10/10/17: Having fun diagnosing The Donald
10/09/17: The presidential president Donald Trump promised
10/03/17: Reducing disaster in Puerto Rico to mere politics
09/29/17: The crass politics of windy compassion
09/26/17: Once upon a knee at the old ball yard
09/25/17: The sad tale of two stumbling parties
09/19/17: One last scheme to make good on a Republican promise
09/15/17: The furtive romance at the White House
09/12/17: Hillary gives a big hand to the little lady
09/08/17: Trading the ass for a little horse sense
09/05/17: When nothing deters the clever tyrant
09/01/17: The ill wind that blows the shyster good
08/29/17: Sheriff Joe finds a little justice
08/25/17: A newspaper fight over fake news
08/22/17: Madness! Even the giraffes have gone crazy
08/18/17: The Dems search for another Lost Cause
08/15/17: A riot with an unwelcome lesson
08/11/17: Trump's plain speech, loud and clear
08/08/17: Life gets tough for just about everybody
08/04/17: Witches, broomsticks, lawyers and a ride over the swamp
08/01/17: A grown-up finally takes command
07/28/17: Another burden for Willie and Joe
07/25/17: Why should Israel have a right to self-defense?
07/21/17: The swamp strikes back
07/18/17: What to do about the narcissist's children
07/14/17: A big Bastille Day for the Americans
07/11/17: Another dead horse, another beating
07/07/17: At last, someone is wide awake at the White House
07/04/17: The 4th of July speech Obama didn't make
06/30/17: The coming crash of the lawless media
06/27/17: Can't any Dem find a message that works?
06/23/17: The party's over and no place to call home
06/20/17: Justice from the Alice-in-Wonderland School of Law
06/16/17: The lawyer finds a permanent
06/13/17: Flirting with an assassination fantasy
06/09/17: Mr. Comey's very bad day
06/06/17: Washington's birds on a wire
06/02/17: Trump redeems a fair-weather promise to America
05/30/17: The easy riders take a fall at the summit
05/26/17: News from the president in exile
05/23/17: Trump's Boffo Performance on the Road
05/19/17: Anything goes in the Great American Snipe Hunt
05/16/17: In search of a really, really big catastrophe
05/12/17: It's a carnival, and there's a monster on the midway
05/09/17: The elites finally have something to cheer, but it's in France
05/05/17: A squeak and a reprieve for the Republicans
05/02/17: A pity party for the unlovable press
04/28/17: Spooked by the power of words, words, words
04/25/17: The status quo survives in France, but in ruins
04/21/17: The high price of Fox hunting
04/19/17: The coming death of the death penalty
04/14/17: Donald Trump and his flexible mind
04/13/17: An about face in a world of fright and fear
04/07/17: An epidemic of TDS in the Marx Bros. media
04/04/17: The crazy fat kid with nuclear weapons
03/31/17: Girding Republican loins for war
03/28/17: The agony of finding a parking place for the spare Mercedes
03/24/17: Here comes the judge
03/21/17: A tap dance by James Comey
03/17/17: Budget Theater, now opening with the follies
03/14/17: When paranoia is 'what's for dinner?'
03/10/17: Breaking up in the Trump Era is easy to do
03/07/17: A Time Out from the Children's Hour
03/03/17: On the eve of insurrection
02/28/17: No hot date for the Nerd Prom
02/24/17: Trumpspeak, a language rich in hyperbole
02/21/17: An expensive lesson for conservatives
02/17/17: When the high-minded stoop to the low-down
02/14/17: How Trump's 'disarray' may be merely strategy
02/10/17: The painful education of Neil Gorsuch
02/07/17: Exporting the new American revolution
02/03/17: The coming testing of Donald Trump
01/31/17: The special relationship is on again
01/27/17: A nation derided for doing the right thing
01/24/17: Trump puts the squeeze on the government dollar
01/20/17: A hearty last laugh from the Donald†††††
01/17/17: Wasting time at the wake that won't end
01/13/17: Dems at bat: no hits, no runs, no errors
01/10/17: Stop the press! Vlad the Intruder tried to game our election
01/06/17: Terrorism made easy when nobody's looking
01/03/17: The Obama era's cheap and cheesy climax
12/30/16: John Kerry's practiced betrayal of friends
12/27/16: A knife in the back with Obama's fingerprints
12/20/16: Putting Campaign '16 to bed at last
12/16/16: The Democratic hangover is on the way
12/13/16: Trying to overturn a free and fair election
12/09/16: The killer wind from Hurricane Donald
12/06/16: The spreading revolt of the peasants
12/02/16: The churls and their denial and grief
11/29/16: The melting of the snowflakes
11/25/16: The agony of watching the transition
11/23/16: The continuing education of the reluctant scholar
11/18/16: Transition in chaos, business as usual
11/15/16: The Clintons and a long goodbye to Arkansas
11/11/16: Drowning the elites in the gene pool
11/08/16: At last, a day to separate the losers
11/04/16: Reprising Hillary's choke of 2008
11/01/16: Now, or later, the Clintons will be toast
10/28/16: A suspicious wind in the rigging
10/26/16: The coming media settlement with Hillary
10/21/16: Hillary as fashion leader. Who knew?
10/19/16: Will The Donald get lost in the rigging?
10/14/16: Trash talk and the White House
10/11/16: Hillary and the art of the dirty mouth
10/07/16: If this is peace, where's the war?
10/05/16: And now the season of October surprises
09/30/16: Rough justice for Obama and the Saudis
09/27/16: Goats in the White House
09/23/16: The riot that dares not speak its name
09/20/16: Reading the handwriting on the wall
09/16/16: Hillary demonstrates the peril in running a mouth
09/13/16: So it's only pneumonia, but what else?
09/09/16: Nancy Pelosi's plea for Republican mercy
09/06/16: A few good questions about Hillary's health
09/02/16: The sacred right of jerkhood
08/30/16: Helping those who help themselves
08/26/16: The endless war against the Jews
08/23/16: For sale, a president who's a glutton for anybody's cash
08/19/16: The humiliation of a president
08/16/16: Life is fairer to some than to others
08/12/16: When a presidential race rages out of control
08/09/16: Hillary's falls recall health questions JFK tried to dodge
08/05/16: An untold woman's story of World War II
08/02/16: Neither wit nor humor, but a whole lot of lyin'
07/29/16: An unstoppable force of nature. Maybe.
07/26/16: A sad tale of disposable veeps
07/22/16: The Republican donors begin to come home
07/19/16: The last yelps of the sore losers
07/15/16: A rousing week for the Gaffe Patrol
07/12/16: The election that terrifies us all
07/08/16: The lawbreaker 'too big to jail'
07/05/16: It's always 'Look for the woman'
07/01/16: A workable alternative to synthetic soldiers
06/28/16: Nobody does hysteria like the media
06/23/16: The bad moon rising over Hillary
06/21/16: Crunch time in Old Blighty
06/17/16: All hands on deck for the Pity Party
06/14/16: A tragedy that couldn't go to waste
06/10/16: And now the real fun begins
06/07/16: Dick's hatband gets a little tighter in California
06/03/16: Smelling an upset in the California air
05/27/16: The Clintons and the comeuppance at hand
05/24/16: Turning the president loose in Asia
05/20/16: When it's Hillary who poisons Hillary
05/17/16: Hillary hails a flying saucer to the White House
05/13/16: No requiem for old white guys
05/10/16: When scary times stalks the beloved country
05/06/16: Now to pick the running mates
05/03/16: More news to rattle the Republican elites
04/29/16: Donald Trump confounds the Gaffe Patrol
04/26/16: One last attempt to derail The Donald
04/22/16: A true heroine, right on the money
04/19/16: Why Hillary is not yet a slam dunk
04/16/16: The global-warming assault on free speech
04/12/16: A late lesson about the birds and the bees
04/08/16: Here comes trouble, and it looks like Bubba
04/05/16: The unexpected peril of a brokered convention
04/01/16: The peasants have tasted the milk and honey
03/29/16: The dark menace gaining on Hillary
03/25/16: The teaching moment, lost in Havana
03/22/16: The great Republican snipe hunt
03/18/16: Playing a game with the Supreme Court
03/15/16: The wise men forget Mr. Stupidís mistake
03/11/16: Hard times for the Nixon of the Democrats
03/08/16: The Trump message to Lower Slobbovia
03/04/16: How could everybody get it so wrong?
03/01/16: Panic on the eve of destruction
02/26/16: The dilemma of frightened Republicans
02/23/16: The Trump phenomenon spreads to Old Blighty
02/19/16: A modest suggestion for choosing the judge
02/16/16: The judge who set words on fire
02/12/16: Drip, drip, drip becomes splash, splash, splash
02/09/16: Let no child be left unconfused
02/06/16: Finding a surgeon for Hillary's charisma transplant
02/02/16: A big night for small surprises
01/29/16: The election when nobody showed up
01/27/16: The low vulgarian and his high-minded critics
01/22/16: The Socialist thinks he wants a run at the Merry Prankster
01/15/16: The befuddled president without a clue
01/11/16: The evolution of the Grand Old Party
01/08/16: The past is gaining on the Clintons
01/05/16: The angry man for all good reasons
01/04/16: Bonnie and Clod ride again
12/29/15: Christmas tales of the weird and not-so-wonderful
12/22/15: Surviving the season of the sophomores
12/18/15: The deadly dereliction of duty at the top
12/15/15: How Obama saved the world
12/11/15: The pariah at the Republican funeral
12/08/15: Obama lets a tragedy go to waste
12/04/15: A nation in search of leadership, not mush
12/01/15: The showboating student, hard at work
11/27/15: Weak, confused and 'unable to grasp'
11/24/15: How Obama cooks the terrorism numbers
11/20/15: The outrage at evil begins to recede
11/17/15: Is there a leader in the house?
11/13/15: Hillary tells it to the Marines
11/10/15: Ben Carson learns about his 'place'
11/06/15: Jeb! Just too darn nice for his own good
11/03/15: Putin continues the late education of Barack Obama
10/30/15: A rowdy night with television's junior varsity
10/27/15: One pothole after another. It's a Clinton thing
10/23/15: Lies, lies and whoppers in the Middle East
10/20/15: Hillary as our first prisoner-in-chief
10/16/15: The political passion for obsession
10/13/15: Catnip for a Clinton
10/09/15: The cipher in the White House
10/07/15: Gumming up the works over Benghazi
10/02/15: When world leaders got garbage for lunch
09/30/15:The hunting of Ben Carson
09/25/15: Farewell to an All-American oddball
09/22/15: Angling for a piece of the pope
09/18/15: This is how we get a president
09/16/15: Can anybody here 'catch the moment'?
09/11/15: The coming deluge on Hillary's parade
09/09/15: A novel solution to racial resentment
09/04/15: The Donald does one for the team
09/01/15: New pronouns for the traveling freak show
08/28/15: A late apology in clintonspeak
08/25/15: Now the real fun is about to begin
08/21/15: Those birds circling over Hillary Clinton
08/18/15: The Hillary Horror Movie, a Sequel
08/14/15: Good news at last from Africa
08/11/15: Barack Obama's inability to grasp reality
08/07/15: The unlikely man with the message
08/04/15: No second thoughts about a bomb for Hiroshima
07/31/15: Life's a scream on the slippery slope
07/28/15: When the Big Lie becomes the legacy
07/24/15: The mullahs rub some noses in Obama's folly
07/21/15: Hillary Clinton tries to go home again
07/17/15: The leaking rancid details of the surrender to Iran
07/14/15: The summer the nation went mad
07/10/15: Hillary catches the 'inevitability disease' again
07/07/15: The Civil War that never ends
07/03/15: The surging Republican truth-tellers
06/30/15: Why gays 'can't get no satisfaction'
06/26/15: Here's to getting your ethnic cleansed
06/23/15: Letting no tragedy go to waste
06/19/15: The candidate who says the darndest things
06/16/15: Blues for a first lady
06/12/15: A bipartisan betrayal of trust
06/09/15: Hillary moves to the edge of the cliff
06/05/15: The not-so-gay guessing game
06/02/15: Obama's legacy in the Middle East desert
05/29/15: Reprise of a famous bimbo eruption
05/22/15: As close to the flame as Hillary dares
05/19/15: When Hillary gets an unexpected spanking
05/15/15: Marco Rubio fires an impressive opening shot
05/12/15: The timid defense of free speech
05/08/15: To be a man, for all that
05/05/15: An unusual field crowds the Republican pool
05/01/15: More love and marriage ahead, American style
04/28/15: No Election Day for Dummies
04/24/15: The Clinton money-market account
04/21/15: The body politic grows soft and fat
04/17/15: The land of the cheerful giver
04/14/15: Women at war, and the enemy is us
04/13/15: What do you properly call a Hillary?
04/07/15: A late education in rape culture in Charlottesville
04/03/15: A deal with Iran built on lies
03/30/15: They're ready for Hillary, but is Hillary ready?
03/27/15: Barack Obama's love-bomb offensive
03/24/15: Fear and loathing inside the bubble
03/20/15: Curdling the cream in a cup of Starbucks
03/17/15: Regrets for doing the right thing
03/13/15: Trifling with the iron rule of politics
03/10/15: Hillary Clinton's Nixon moment
03/06/15: More bad news for the sorcerer's apprentice
03/03/15: The occasion the Dems asked for
02/27/15: Simple tastes for a president
02/24/15: A job too big for Cupid
02/20/15: The blind indifference of Barack Obama
02/17/15: A year that smells like 1938
02/13/15: In the mood for drawing more red lines
02/10/15: When facts take a drubbing
02/06/15: Obama's sermon to the choir
02/03/15: Scott Walker and a midwinter breakout
01/30/15: When a good time goes bad
01/27/15: Free speech on the run
01/23/15: On Mr. Obama's island, life is always good
01/20/15: A big night for the choir
01/16/15: Why Hillary can't run
01/13/15: Doomed to remember more dates in infamy
01/09/15: Standing up tall to Islam
01/06/15: The fearful Republican revolution arrives
01/02/15: Success in a curious turn in Washington
12/30/14: Technology breeds broken throwaway culture
12/23/14: Here's a toast to the loud and eager
12/22/14: Hollywood cowers at this laff riot over 'The Interview'
12/16/14: Be careful who takes you to lunch
12/12/14: Putting Americaís important virtue at risk
12/09/14: When a likely story goes bad
12/05/14: Scent of the old women
12/02/14: Doesn't Al Sharpton deserve a rest?
11/27/14: A dog whistle by the master
11/25/14: Hillary's dreams turn a trifle sour
11/21/14: Obama puts the cat among the pigeons
11/18/14: Shootout time on the Potomac
11/14/14: Dems working through the five stages of grief, still in denial
11/11/14: Good times rolling on the bayou
11/07/14: Trying to be gracious on a bitter night
11/04/14: Bipartisan good news on election eve
10/31/14: 'A new kind of hell to pay'
10/28/14: Obama White House bothered, bewildered and on the ropes
10/24/14: Ben Bradlee and the end of a rowdy era
10/21/14: It was a dark and stormy Democratic night
10/20/14: The deadly virus in the electorate
10/14/14: Letting no panic go to waste
10/07/14: A virus, media boobs and the perfect storm
10/03/14: The unlikely restoration of 'civility'
09/30/14: A promise to defend America on the cheap
09/29/14: When nobody dares indulge straight talk
09/23/14: Obama's all-American show in Iraq
09/19/14: Obama's coalition of the unwilling
09/16/14: Scotland the brave, on the brink
09/12/14: Off to a war, maybe
09/09/14: When boredom is not an option
09/05/14: Obama gets a booster shot in Britain
09/02/14: Mr. Obama looks for a horse
08/29/14: Another look at a savvy loser
08/26/14: No naps for the war-weary
08/22/14: Dealing with mad dogs requires a rabid response
08/19/14: Brutal politics in a not-so-gay place
08/15/14: Huggin' and chalkin' on the campaign trail
08/12/14: Swimming in a sea turning red
08/08/14: Something heroic for Obama's legacy
08/05/14: A panic more lethal than a virus
08/01/14: Cooling the manufactured impeachment panic
07/29/14: When the hangman botches the job
07/25/14: The mice under Hillary's feet
07/22/14: The deadly enemy within
07/18/14: The president finds his legacy
07/15/14: The costly fantasy of impeaching Obama
07/11/14: Harry Reid plays the dirtball game
07/08/14: When atrocity invites atrocity
07/04/14: En route to a Third World USA
07/01/14: A modest proposal to Hillary Clinton
06/27/14: Race-baiting and betrayal in Mississippi
06/24/14: Obama and a world on fire
06/20/14: The shame of the Indian givers
06/17/14: Going AWOL in the war on women
06/13/14: Stumbling over the obvious
06/10/14: Hillary the poor little rich girl
06/06/14: D-Day, the 6th of June 1944: How a New Orleans boatbuilder put history's mightiest invasion force ashore
06/03/14: Sentiment, politics and a bad bargain
05/30/14: Feeling a boot in the backside
05/27/14: Putting granny on the grill
05/23/14: A tomorrow without a Clinton
05/20/14: Running out of white folks
05/16/14: Happy, hilarious days are here again
05/13/14: The hot pursuit of trash and trivia
05/09/14: Barack Obama's dysfunctional Washington
05/06/14: Terrorizing the Republican establishment again
05/02/14: The NBA's Sterling-Silver showdown
04/29/14: Fear stalks the Democratic senators
04/28/14: Obama's fishy Asian adventure
04/23/14: The pee-pee bureaucracy unbound
04/18/14: When a bored president 'mails it in'
04/15/14: Paying a debt to plain language
04/11/14: When killing gets a sanction
04/08/14: Boiling a rival in an artist's oil
04/03/14: When not to play the Pollard ace
04/01/14: The EPA smells a new tax? Cows passing gas and global warming hysteria
03/28/14: Hail the distinguished drop-outs
03/25/14: Goodbye to an infamous tormentor
03/21/14: A test of the Republican old order
03/18/14: Creepy-crawlies and November voters
03/14/14: How to rain on your own parade
03/11/14: Missing airliner, stolen passports fuel wild speculation
03/07/14: War drums along the Potomac
03/04/14: Playing the chicken in Kiev
02/28/14: A flag and 15 yards for a slur
02/25/14: Destroyers of the common culture
02/21/14: Loose lips to sink Republican ships
02/18/14: Hillary's war on women
02/14/14: Suppressing the urge to survive
02/11/14: The end of the snow job
02/07/14: Theologians at the United Nations
02/04/14: Another ink bomb for Christie
01/31/14: The Republican suicide strategy
01/28/14: No sex, please, we're Republicans
01/24/14: Where have the big-time grifters gone?
01/21/14: Has anyone seen any grit?
01/17/14: The question that haunts the West
01/14/14: Christie's debt to a traffic jam
01/10/14: The stampede of skeletons
01/07/14: Revenge of the goose-killer
01/03/14: Where greed is not good
12/31/13: Betrayal that whitewash won't erase
12/27/13: You've got to know the territory
12/19/13: 'Tis the season for apologies
12/17/13: The scam that will not die
12/13/13: The last living witnesses
12/10/13: Mandela without the tears
12/06/13: The risks in free speech
12/03/13: Backlash in the 'social dump'
11/29/13: The price of presidential weakness
11/26/13: Obama's full grovel to Iran
11/22/13: The colliding myths of November
11/19/13: Bed time in the Middle East
11/15/13: So who's your daddy now?
11/12/13: Saved by the fighting Frogs
11/08/13: A day late and a dollar short
11/05/13: The dreamboat with barnacles
11/01/13: The indifference of knaves
10/29/13: It's not arrogance, just stupidity
10/25/13: Putting the shutdown in the shade
10/22/13: Dr. Quackenbush's health-care cure
10/18/13: And now the blame game
10/15/13: Frying an egghead on a hot stove
10/11/13: Why despising Washington is not a hate crime
10/08/13: Rangers vs. the walker brigade
10/04/13: Taking it out on the public
10/01/13: A president as clueless as ever
09/24/13: Hillary's roots give her away
09/17/13: Laughter drowned in sorrow
09/13/13: Measuring Putin for Mount Rushmore
09/10/13: Obama's war with no name
09/09/13: A legacy for Barack Obama
09/04/13: The government keeps no secrets
08/30/13: Up the hill and down again
08/27/13: A teaching moment for Barack Obama
08/23/13: Up to our ears in snake oil
08/20/13: Choosing a bad side in Egypt
08/16/13: Sleepy time guys at the White House
08/13/13: When pigs fly over Arabia
08/09/13: On the run is no place for a president
08/06/13: Trust but verify, and hunker down
08/02/13: More fake peace for the Middle East
07/30/13: Fracking the good news
07/26/13: When a president mails it in
07/23/13: Waiting for the Repo Man
07/19/13: The part-time horror show
07/16/13:The bitter lesson in the law
07/12/13: Waiting for a verdict in Florida
07/09/13: Who's the most opinionated in of all?
07/04/13: 'The fiasco for the ages'
07/02/13: No gallantry for Hillary
06/29/13: A bigger bed for the honeymoon
06/25/13: Barack Obama's enduring ineptitude
06/21/13: Barack Obama's really bad trip
06/18/13: An abundance of villains
06/14/13: Immigration 'reform' to gag on
06/11/13: Would the government lie to you?
06/07/13: When a bow is not enough
06/04/13: The death of a faithless dog
05/31/13: Funeral rites for a perfidious presidency
05/28/13: Mike Bloomberg's gun accident
05/24/13: Bubba, the weenie and a New York minute
05/21/13: Mr. Obama and green persimmons
05/17/13: Obama's indifference to incompetence
05/14/13: Obama finds his legacy
05/10/13: The betrayal at Benghazi
05/07/13: Payback time in the hen house
05/03/13: A resistant culture of corruption
04/30/13: How to intimidate a paperclip general
04/26/13: Panic on Capitol Hill
04/23/13: The bottom of the slippery slope
04/19/13: An angry wind from the left
04/16/13: Chipping away at the iron legend
04/12/13: 'Son of Watergate' struggles to be born
04/09/13: The perils of blinksmanship
04/05/13: A useful pipeline spill in Arkansas
03/26/13: Evolution of the wedding party
03/22/13: The late education of Barack Obama
03/19/13: The puzzling papacy of Pope Francis
03/15/13: There's nothing like a brawl
03/12/13: Obama packs for an Israeli adventure
03/08/13: The tall talker and the old geezers
03/05/13: The fire sale at the White House
03/01/13: A White House under siege
02/26/13: The Gotham nanny who jerks sodas
02/22/13: Beware of good ol' Joe and his shotgun
02/19/13: Up the hill and down again
02/15/13: The president's annual letter to Santa
02/12/13: All the presidentís googly men
02/08/13: The death penalty, what it used to be
02/05/13: Shooting blanks at the pigeons
02/01/13: Immigration reform that won't reform
01/29/13: The skeet shooter among the pigeons
01/25/13: The craven retreat of the generals
01/22/13: Some good advice from ol' Bubba
01/18/13: The second time and the thrill is gone
01/15/13: The long season of rage ahead
01/11/13: The terror threat of runaway testosterone
01/08/13: Spoiling for a fight over Chuck Hagel
01/04/13: A miracle cure with estrogen
01/01/13: California dreamin' in Gruesome Gulch
12/28/12:Taking aim on the easy target
12/21/12: Running out the clock on Benghazi
12/18/12: When tragedy strikes, the hysterics rule
12/14/12: Another low bow to radical Islam
12/11/12: The game plan at the lip of the cliff
12/07/12: Over the cliff in a barrel
12/04/12: The peace talks to nowhere good
11/30/12: Obama's challenge to the three amigos
11/27/12: Republican retreat at Fiscal Cliff
11/23/12: Ho, ho: a rally to Twinkie's defense
11/16/12: The ill wind blowing past Benghazi
11/16/12: The little lady is back in town
11/13/12: The web of deceit begins to fray
11/09/12: Let's have a little perspective, please
11/06/12: When mere rhetoric was for sissies
11/01/12: All the signs say it's Romney
10/30/12: A big wind for the final week
10/26/12: Throwing in the kitchen sink
10/23/12: Waiting for a blowout to settle the dust
10/19/12: Clearing the record of a fiasco in Libya
10/16/12: Betrayal as clear as a sore toe
10/12/12: Quelling panic in the ranks
10/10/12: No weenies expected Thursday night
10/05/12: Deadly peril outside the media bubble
10/03/12: Once more, Stupid: It's the economy
09/28/12: The great media slide continues
09/25/12: Why media spin on Nov. 6 is all wet
09/21/12: The Gaffe Patrol, shooting blanks
08/21/12: No campaign in lotus land
08/17/12: Picking on poor Ol' Uncle Joe
08/14/12: Getting serious about November
08/13/12: October panic for mid-August
08/07/12: A lot of clucking and no foul
08/03/12: Hollywood and box office terror
07/30/12: The Jewish problem for Barack Obama
07/27/12: Trouble, trouble at the Olympics
07/24/12: 'The greater love' survives a massacre
07/20/12: Fighting clothes for Mitt Romney
07/17/12: The sure cure for newsroom blahs
07/13/12: There's no time for grown-ups
07/06/12: The new terrorists — they're all of us
07/06/12: Getting us all on the dole
07/03/12: The seduction of a chief justice
06/29/12: The court's gift to Mitt Romney
06/26/12: There's campaign cash in brides
06/22/12: A revolution by another name
06/19/12: Ignorance runs in on stinky feet
06/15/12: Looking for love in lonely places
06/12/12: Counting racists lurking among us
06/08/12: Remembering the boys of summer
06/05/12: Waiting for a survivor's tale
06/01/12: The curse of a golden tongue
05/29/12: Sticks, stones and dangerous words
05/25/12: The dark arts of race-baiting
05/22/12: When factoids are better than facts
05/18/12: A little salt on the polls
05/15/12: Navigating past the 'ick factor'
05/11/12:Creepy-crawlies for the evolved Obama
05/08/12: Can Indiana nice save an old lion?
05/03/12: Nary kiss nor hug for the blind man
05/01/12: A modest fix for randy bodyguards
04/27/12: It's Romney vs. guilt and gilt
04/24/12: Bling Bling vs. A French waffle
04/20/12: A big fortnight for big spenders
04/17/12: A big day for Swiss cheese
04/13/12: Seeking justice at the circus
04/10/12: Why won't Rick and Newt quit?
04/06/12: When clever only looks like dumb
04/03/12: A gift of gaffe from the chief
03/30/12: Figuring the odds on ObamaCare
03/27/12: Spins and needles for Barack Obama
03/23/12: An attack of the fruit fly
03/20/12: Bonnie and Clod in the air again
03/16/12: A curious experiment in gun control
03/13/12: A modest proposal for Barack Obama
03/09/12: A discount on the 2-cent endorsement
03/06/12:The romance of the empty rhetoric
03/02/12: He's doin' what comes naturally
02/28/12: The blindness of Rick Santorum
02/24/12: Old Scratch riles the unschooled
02/21/12: Demons, devils and an unholy campaign
02/17/12: The coming end to endless talk
02/14/12: Over the top to the guillotine
02/10/12: Condoms are only part of it
02/07/12: Waiting for the big cupcake
02/03/12: The Gaffe Patrol abandons Newt
01/31/12: When the earth refuses to warm
01/26/12: Off to the moon with randy Newt
01/24/12: Newt and the 'moral thing'
01/20/12: A soap opera for our time
01/17/12: The half-grovel at the urinal
01/13/12: A crawl through the fairy dust
01/10/12: 'Obama' is how you spell relief
01/06/12: Castor oil and all the dorks
01/03/12: The night the music stops
12/30/11: More than malarkey in the Strait
12/27/11: A little humility at the crossroads
12/20/11: Sharing a grave with evil aplenty
12/16/11: Winning the war against 'civility'
12/13/11: Fluff, trivia and the real thing
12/09/11: Deadly peril in a fantasy world
12/06/11: A marketing caution for Republicans
12/02/11: Stricken by an excess of excess
11/29/11: Presidents in the Age of Twitter
11/25/11: If only pigs really could fly
11/22/11: A jabberwonky with a flavor
11/18/11: When a tantrum gets a little old
11/15/11: Raise a jeer for State U.
11/11/11: No toaster for Herman Cain
11/07/11: Rattling sabers at the Iranians
11/04/11: When innuendo is enough to kill
11/01/11: A little cloud over Mississippi
10/31/11: The awful sin of Herman Cain
10/25/11: A 'kill bump' not to die for
10/24/11: Unhappy times at the White House
10/18/11: Anybody but Obama takes the lead
10/17/11: An evil wind in the Arab Spring
10/11/11: The sincerity of hype and hope
10/07/11: The futile search for Mr. Goodbar
10/04/11: A flavor turns flat and sour
10/03/11: An ugly preview of campaign '12
09/27/11: Flying high with the Gaffe Patrol
09/23/11: A faithless lover run to ground
09/20/11: A crash recalls a mighty machine
09/16/11: Joe Btfsplk rains on the Dems
09/13/11: Looking for omens in two campaigns
09/09/11: When good news is mostly bad
09/06/11: Seeking a slogan to satisfy Stupid
09/02/11: A religious test for a president
08/30/11: Goodnight, Irene. (What a floozie)
08/26/11: When a quake really was a quake
08/24/11: Obama dusts off old campaign strategy
08/19/11: The jetliner that changed everything
08/16/11: Scary nights in old Blighty
08/12/11: The failure of of liberal gods
08/09/11: The terror of penitent prayer
08/05/11: Disorientation Week for the Dems
08/02/11: Hope and change in a magic tea pot
07/29/11: A purple footnote to a distant war
07/26/11: A symphony by Congress at work
07/25/11: Crashing the party at Pearl Harbor
07/19/11: Waiting to call someone's bluff
07/15/11: The tantrum in a high chair
07/12/11: Waiting for the enemy to blink
07/08/11: When 'reality' leaves justice undone
07/05/11: It's tough out there for a roue
07/01/11: No panic yet, but real fear
06/28/11: On the cutting edge in San Francisco
06/24/11: Something new from California
06/21/11: The Eagle Scout hits the sawdust
06/11/11: Nothing gentle to droppeth here
06/07/11: She gets it right, you betcha
06/03/11: Life in the land of make-believe
05/31/11: Marking the mystic chords of memory
05/27/11: The Messiah finds his time warp
05/24/11: Nothing grand in this old party
05/20/11: Obama's great gift to the Palestinians
05/17/11: A randy Frenchman takes a mighty fall
05/10/11: A tortuous route to the right thing
05/06/11: The insult to the American soldier
05/03/11: A needed triumph of American arms
04/29/11: The conspiracy of ridicule and raillery
04/22/11: The ghost from birthdays past
04/19/11: Dead mules and the Big Sleep
04/15/11: Curdling the cream in everybody's coffee
04/12/11: Tough decisions for the ditherer-in-chief
04/08/11: Tripping the clumsy Obama three-step
04/05/11: When nuthood was in flower
04/01/11: The kinetic warriors playing at war
03/29/11: The answer man speaks only Arabic
03/25/11: A timid commander with no battle cry
03/22/11: On-the-job training for the president
03/18/11: Saving the games from the thugs
03/15/11: The tsunami of panic in the wake of tragedy
03/11/11: Masterpiece theater for a merry prankster
03/08/11: A snowdrift is no place to hide
03/04/11: When Jane Russell came to lunch
03/01/11: Fear (and loathing) of the fruitcake
02/25/11: There's trouble brewing back home in Indiana
02/22/11: No time for Pollyana and more euphoria
02/18/11: It's time to wake up our sleeping spooks
02/15/11: 'Regime change' gets a happy face this time
02/11/11: Sometimes evil just runs in the family
02/08/11: The big banana is where you find it
02/04/11: Cheaper than booze, but what a hangover
02/01/11: Mouth shut tight, all options open
1/28/11: The little train that shouldn't
1/25/11: A night to cheer, and to stay awake
1/21/11: The booger man of left-wing dreams
1/18/11: Resisting clip jobs for the Obama party
1/14/11: Obama's prescription for what ails us
1/11/11: Only a president can cool this lynch mob
01/07/11: The clatter of dirty dishes in the sink
01/04/11: Grits to enliven a diet of custard
12/31/10: A little learning to teach the teachers
12/29/10: Fitting free speech into elite 'context'
12/21/10: Nothing neutral about this unholy scheme
12/17/10: The noisy display of dead ducks
12/14/10: The second banana at the White House
12/10/10: A bitter retreat into the politics of envy
12/07/10: Where have all the grown-ups gone?
12/03/10: Turn out the lights, the party's over
11/30/10: All atwitter about news of the obvious
11/27/10: Wild, crazy guys and sheeps for shearing
11/26/10: Stripping for a full travel experience
11/16/10: On second thought, we're not all doomed
11/12/10: Obama's grim pursuit of Muslim romance
11/09/10: Here comes 2012, with incivility intact
11/05/10: A coconut-free respite for President Obama
11/02/10: The gap big enough to swallow a party
10/29/10: A little fakery makes the medicine go down
10/26/10: Going to the dogs in the final sprint
10/22/10: How to defeat American arms
10/19/10: The poisonous elixir from the Europeans
10/15/10: It's time to look to the graveyard
10/12/10: A small earthquake tips Arkansas red
10/08/10: Familiarity breeds only contempt this year
10/05/10: The scandal card fails in Louisiana
10/04/10: t's a refudiation, not a recovery
09/28/10: The killing field for the Dems
09/27/10: The unwanted reminder of broken promises
09/21/10: A wave of rage with no U-turn
09/17/10: These tea parties are getting rough
09/14/10: The time to fight is a time to flee
09/07/10: Stealing the strategy to save Nancy Pelosi
09/03/10: Looks like a prince, sounds like a frog
08/31/10: Nursing a hangover from a tea party
08/27/10: The lonely lives of fruit inspectors
08/24/10: The 'Zionist plot' to build a mosque
08/20/10: Al and the prince with royal advice
08/17/10: Flim-flammery in the name of faith
08/13/10: Searching for strong men in big-boy pants
08/10/10: The big spender's armada to Spain
08/06/10: A bold decision that doesn't mean much
08/03/10: An end not as nigh as we were told
07/30/10: Just another day at Ways and Means
07/27/10: The salesman doesn't know the territory
07/23/10: Where is the teacher for this right moment?
07/20/10: Playing word games to relieve the misery
07/16/10: With a whine and whimper, a presidency splits a seam
07/12/10: Borrow your convictions and slather with butter
07/09/10: Flying to the moon on feel-good pills
07/06/10: As hysteria subsides, a calm second look
07/02/10: A vague, vapid mystery for the Supreme Court
06/29/10: A president to rival Rodney Dangerfield
06/25/10: Sacking the general doesn't change much
06/22/10: 'Donít you know thereís a war on?'
06/18/10: Playing the bully is fun, tempting even a president
06/15/10: A bad season for plugs and ducks
06/11/10: Would Obama settle for kicking a mule?
06/08/10: When politicians say the dumbest things
06/04/10: Trying to plug a hole with rant and rage
06/01/10: A shocking story of Israeli survival
05/28/10: A president best suited for ceremony
05/25/10: Dreaming big on the Mississippi
05/21/10: Setting up 'Miss Blank' for the smack-down
05/18/10: A salute to FEMA in Nashville
05/11/10: The First Amendment under 'progressive' siege
05/11/10: A stealth mission for Elena Kagan
05/07/10: Oil spreads across the Atlantic
05/04/10: Old Blighty gets a taste of hopey-changey time
04/30/10: Calling in the clowns to reform Wall Street
04/27/10: It's time to play the race card
04/23/10: Fear and loathing on the money trail
04/20/10: Won't anybody here read the Constitution?
04/16/10: Surrendering an ally is no strategy at all
04/13/10: Opportunity for 41 votes and a spine
04/09/10: No nukes is not always good news
04/07/10: Some presidents talk too much
04/02/10: The protection of Easter in Jewish Jerusalem
03/30/10: Shunning the party of the whiners
03/26/10: Can Israel survive friends like these?
03/23/10: Now comes November
03/19/10: The Dems descend into the twilight zone
03/16/10: The Dems' suicide mission
03/15/10: 'Tis better to kill the corpse now
03/09/10: Joe's Israeli adventure
03/05/10: No flip-floppery, just flim-flammery
03/02/10: An FDR lesson Obama missed
02/26/10: Time for a nap, then a retreat
02/23/10: Laying a trap for the Republicans
02/19/10: Obama's two-step to the right
02/16/10: The red-hot scam unravels
02/12/10: Scaring a president straight isn't easy
02/09/10: Hatching the Silly Bowl
02/05/10: There's nothing gay about this mission
02/02/10: An Alcatraz solution for Obama
01/29/10: Racing towards destination unknown
01/26/10: When 'change' isn't all it's cracked up to be
01/25/10: Is Obama the physician, or the embalmer?
01/19/10: Spinning the lesson of Mass.
01/15/10: Google tells China: No more dirty work
01/12/10: Another raid by the Gaffe Patrol
01/08/10: There's no penalty for sleeping on the job
01/05/10: New Year's Resolutions, Fed-style
01/01/10: Not much to show for year's work
12/29/09: Most important civil right of all
12/22/09: How to lose friends and get not much
12/18/09: High season for fraud and farce
12/15/09: Relief from rotten calls from Denmark
12/11/09: Obama's remarkable tutorial
12/08/09: Saving world from Copenhagen crackup
12/01/09: More Dr. Bureaucrat horrors
11/27/09: Trouble afoot for high priests
11/24/09: Obama's due process doctrine
11/20/09: The Third World and Obama
11/17/09: Obama bows, the nation cringes
11/13/09: On vacation with Mr. Dithers
11/10/09: Fatal reluctance to see evil
11/06/09: Corpse sits up, gets nice salute
11/03/09: Day of reckoning for the GOP
10/30/09: Great Pumpkin soon upon us
10/27/09: Something really scary for Obama's Dems
10/23/09: Obama's Third World press rant
10/20/09: Obama wingnuts get a toke of respect
10/16/09: The peacenik gets a lesson
10/13/09: Obama's ignoble prize
10/09/09: It's a cruel world for Obama
10/06/09: Obama dithers and dithers
10/02/09: Obama takes a holiday
09/29/09: Reality intrudes on ‘West Wing’
09/25/09: Adventure at the Children's Hour
09/22/09: Arrogance and envy with a begging bowl
09/18/09: Christmas arrives early for Putin
09/15/09: No rush to call undertaker
09/11/09: At the top of the televangelist's game
09/08/09: A crucial week for Obama's teleprompter
09/04/09: Slip-siding toward nasty Sept.
09/01/09: Force-feeding sauce to haughty ganders
08/28/09: Celeb grief to save Obamacare?
08/25/09: More chickens home to the roost
08/21/09: A dread disease, no known cure
08/18/09: Finding no buyers for snake oil
08/14/09: Life's confusing beyond Bubble
08/11/09: Recycling the contempt
08/07/09: Kim Jong-il plays ‘Let's make a deal’
08/04/09: Peddling the Edsel when nobody's buying
07/31/09: An old dog keeps his teeth
07/28/09: A teaching moment in class warfare
07/24/09: Obama's killer disease slips into remission
07/21/09: The bigger the talk, the harder the fall
07/17/09: ‘Wise Latina’ routs gang of white men
07/14/09: Franken, a clown for all seasons, arrives in time
07/10/09: Ministry of Apology would cure all ills
07/07/09: Big overflight news suddenly in the air
07/03/09: Ol' Stupid begins to notice things
06/30/09: America's Princess Di moment
06/26/09: Here's the hot one from the Dems
06/23/09: Stopping the bomb what counts
06/19/09: Congress refines the perp walk
06/19/09: Congress refines the perp walk
06/16/09: Obama feels the clenched fist
06/12/09: When discontent stalks the land
06/09/09: Every man had to be a hero
06/05/09: 'Inner Muslim' at work in Cairo
06/02/09: Walking the talk back to Arabia
05/28/09: A limp legacy of the weak and wet
05/26/09: A little mockery from Axis of Evil
05/22/09: Shattering illusions in California
05/19/09: The frilly Valentine is not for friends
05/15/09: Lady's got ants in her pants
05/12/09: Even a messiah loses his training wheels
05/08/09: Borking machine gets early tuneup
05/05/09: But would you buy a car from Obama?
05/01/09: More to panic about: Joe's hoof-in-mouth
04/28/09: A pandemic of panic — are we dead yet?
04/24/09: A steady descent into the third world
04/21/09: The insults were only for America
04/17/09: Hail the tea bag, weapon of terror
04/14/09: No work here for Mr. Nice Guy
04/07/09: Tickling with cheap flattery
04/03/09: Mr. Obama discovers a complicated world
03/31/09: If only America could be more like Europe
03/31/09: If only America could be more like Europe
03/27/09: We've got trouble in Toyland
03/24/09: Prez is aware not only that ‘it's the economy, Stupid,’ but that Stupid can't think about two bad things at once
03/20/09: The faith healer's tent in tatters
03/17/09: A little stubble hints of trouble
03/13/09: ‘Blaming the Jews’ doesn't always work
03/10/09: Can't anybody here play this game?
03/06/09: It's a scary movie, but the plot is old
03/03/09: A Back to a future fit for a serf
02/27/09: A lively tale revives a capital mystery
02/24/09: A Flying Dutchman in pursuit of speech
02/20/09: Nothing cowardly about good manners
02/17/09: The big bureaucratic chill
02/13/09: Prescription for medical malpractice
02/10/09: The clenching of the Israeli fist
02/06/09: Now for something really different
02/03/09: Looking for change in unlikely places
01/30/09: A Senate gobsmack for the Oracle
01/27/09: No easy sleep for mitigator in chief
01/23/09: Making speeches to the Almighty
01/20/09: The honeymoon ends promptly at noon
01/16/09: Big wet kisses beg the questions
01/13/09: That was then, but this is now
01/09/09: A great oak with nowhere to grow
01/06/09: The dirty joke from Minnesota
01/02/09: Oh, woe is us: A new year ahead
12/30/08: It's time once more to blame the Jews
12/26/08: Only 26 days left for Bush-bashing
12/19/08: A Senate test for high celebrity
12/17/08: Some more change to believe in
12/12/08: Ray of optimism in Big Easy
12/09/08: Stunning surprises in unlikely places
12/05/08: An impostor in the White House?
12/01/08: In from the cold, a familiar Obama
11/25/08: A late education on a steep curve
11/21/08: The killer frost for global warming
11/18/08: A steamroller aimed at Barack Obama
11/14/08: A cream puff for used-car salesmen
11/11/08: Fairer to One than the other
11/07/08: A heartfelt toast to the new chief
11/06/08: Curtain going up for Campaign of '12
11/04/08: Taking everything on blind faith
10/31/08: Marching toward a dark river
10/28/08: A game-changer by Obama
10/24/08: Good old Joe lifts the curtain
10/23/08: A long patrol with new pals
10/17/08: A few days late, a dollar short
10/16/08: Obama's acolytes turn it ugly
10/11/08: Smells from the shadows
10/07/08: The kitchen sinks are ready
10/03/08: Time to bail, saving the villains
10/02/08: A job for the right woman
09/26/08: Politics at the edge of an abyss
09/23/08: Bonnie and Clyde, banking pioneers
09/19/08: Scary times on ‘the third rail’
09/16/08: No more Wall Street encores
09/15/08: A bad week for a running mate
09/09/08: The media's gift to McCain/Palin
09/05/08: A live dream for Hillary's women
09/04/08: No caving for the moose killer
09/03/08: Striking fear in a handful of dirt
09/02/08: The humiliation of a young girl
08/29/08: The nowhere man and his conscience
08/28/08: The torch passed to the radicals
08/26/08: A revival meeting, not a hanging
08/22/08: Dark tales from the Chicago crypt
08/19/08: Going for brass in Beijing 2008
08/15/08: A legacy lurks in the shadows
08/12/08: Burning a path through Georgia
08/11/08: Learning Olympics lessons
08/05/08: Now a campaign like all others
07/29/08: The messiah who can't break away
07/28/08: Maliki Votes for Obama
07/22/08: A new airlift to feed the frenzy
07/18/08: A bad day for the red-hots
07/15/08: When both guys look like losers
07/11/08: Something else to worry about
07/08/08: No season for the billy goats
07/01/08: A pariah leads the way to hell
06/27/08: The Court defers to plain language
06/24/08: Saving us from the race card
06/20/08: A little trouble with the image
06/17/08: Not dead yet, and cooling
06/13/08: Search for one-eyed man
06/11/08: The faith healer for our time
06/06/08: A large crowd under the bus
06/03/08: The corpse still won't lie down
05/30/08: Betraying friends on the cheap
05/23/08: Standing by for the booby prize
05/20/08: A flirtation with Chicken Little
05/16/08: A little rock hits a noisy target
05/13/08: The pot holes on the high road
05/09/08: Broken eggheads make no omelets
05/05/08: A patron saint for George W.
05/02/08: Has anybody got a flag pin?
04/29/08: A trashy decade threatens Obama
04/25/08: Here comes 2012, ready or not
04/22/08: The flying pillows of Pennsylvania
04/18/08: 'Twas the night the primaries died
04/15/08: The high price of a holy sneer
04/11/08: Something more than audacity
04/08/08: The hidden costs of meaning well
04/04/08: April is cruel, that's no joke
04/01/08: Obama's past, right at him
03/28/08: Slam dunks are only in basketball
03/25/08: TA buzz of boycott on Mount Olympus
03/21/08: The masterpiece of a disaster
03/18/08: A crisis grows into its prime
03/14/08: The plain things nobody can say
03/11/08: Kissin' is easier than making up
03/07/08: The lively corpse in the parlor
03/04/08: A descent into Twilight Zone
02/29/08: Weighing words for straight talk
02/26/08: All our poetry is only doggerel
02/22/08: A suspect story seals a deal
02/19/08: Call the brokers, we need relief
02/15/08: Drawing a line in the water
02/12/08: No time to spit into the wind
02/08/08: Looking to cats for inspiration
02/05/08: Nobody's entitled to relief just yet
02/01/08: When a bargain is a challenge
01/28/08: Camelot restored, for one day only
01/25/08: A campaign for the Gelded Age
01/22/08: The late education of Bonnie and Clod
01/18/08: So far, we've got a lot of losers
01/15/08: Taking a switch to the candidates
01/11/08: No spare change for these worthies
01/08/08: Broken hearts in the snow
01/04/08: A modest proposal for a little smoke
01/02/08: A little learning, with difficulty
12/28/07: A little sanity on the border
12/21/07: That's their story, and that's that
12/18/07: A campaign crater for the Clintons
12/14/07: Then it's agreed: They're sorry
12/11/07: On a prayer and a shooting star
12/07/07: Now we can all go back to sleep
12/04/07: Beware of bears named Muhammad
11/30/07: The Maginot Line doesn't always hold
11/27/07: Need a legacy? Al's got a hot one
11/23/07: What happens here may not stay here
11/21/07: Not quite so big, but still easy
11/16/07: 53 reasons to stay at home
11/13/07: A cloud no bigger than a lady's hand
11/09/07: M. Sarkozy shows how to seduce
11/06/07: Three cheers for ‘terrible news’
11/02/07: Grouchy Old Party finds a rare ray
10/30/07: A modest proposal for suicide
10/26/07: Where there's fire, there's politics
10/23/07: Tipping Louisiana to the Republicans
10/19/07: A frustrating week on another planet
10/16/07: Off we go again, to process peace
10/12/07: Nothing noble about Al's ‘shockumentary’
10/09/07: It's revival time for the Dems
10/08/07: The cold cackle of opportunism
10/02/07: Deathbed ‘religion’ makes thin soup
10/01/07: Reality intrudes on the Dems
09/25/07: Getting tough in the Ivy League
09/21/07: Ground Zero is not for crashing
09/18/07: No promises by the Dems
09/17/07: Blowing a chance for a smackdown
09/11/07: Terror on Capitol Hill
09/07/07: Hankering to hear some bad news
09/04/07: Centrifugal force imperils the peace
08/31/07: Collateral damage in high places
08/28/07: With damage done, it's back to Texas
08/24/07: Word to the wise — is anybody listening
08/21/07: The three amigos, erasing borders?
08/17/07: A miracle cure for what ails us
08/14/07: On second thought, let's think again
08/10/07: Looking for a cure for campaign insanity
08/07/07: When good news is awful news
08/03/07: Ain't nobody here but us chickens
07/31/07: No booby prizes in this campaign
07/27/07: The curious timing of a crackdown
07/24/07: A little fatigue goes a long way
07/06/07: Hair-raising stuff from good ol' Bubba
07/03/07: Halfway toward righting a wrong
06/29/07: Good week for law but not order
06/26/07: At Ground Zero, only sour notes
06/21/07: A coming cold day for a warm globe
06/19/07: No time to go wobbly, George
06/15/07: The Terminator gets a life
06/12/07: The Gaffe Patrol spots a bogey
06/08/07: Killing the coalition with poison pills
06/05/07: A wary stroll down Memory Lane
06/01/07: Leaving the legacy nobody wants
05/22/07: What's an amnesty among these friends?
05/18/07: More bad news for Scarlett O'Hara
05/15/07: A look at the past for a glimpse of now
05/11/07: When Hillary speaks, a lady emerges
05/08/07: The Frenchmanand the right royal
05/04/07: Printers' ink blues (save the tears)
05/01/07: Down to the Bijou to hiss George W.
04/27/07: 558 days to go on a track of mush
04/24/07: Emissions Control, we have a problem
04/20/07: Rationing hysteria among the panicked
04/17/07: Those are bullets, but it's not a war
04/13/07: No smackdown, please, we're Republicans
04/11/07: Anger and appetite in the Big Easy
04/06/07: Nancy's epiphany on the Damascus road
04/05/07: The big squeeze for a third term
03/30/07: Millions for bandages, nothing for bullets
03/27/07: The long shadow over new hostages
03/23/07: Not a good time to go wobbly
03/20/07: The lonely voice where lions dwelled
03/16/07: Dancing a two-step to a little jive
03/13/07: Taking the gospel to Old Blighty
03/09/07: When a pardon balances accounts
03/06/07: Besieged, and with no exit in sight
02/23/07: The Early Show, live and in color
02/20/07: The new-age faith of the hysterics
02/16/07: Relevance means to be first in line
02/13/07: The sucker bet, but a big payoff
02/09/07: Now is the time for wishy-washy
02/06/07: A second yankee heads for Dixie
02/02/07: Maybe Biden-Kerry is just the ticket
01/30/07: What? Me worry? Time to scuttle
01/26/07: It's important to “keep hate alive”
01/23/07: Ah, there's joy in Mudville's precincts
01/19/07: Neutering bull is a speaker's job
01/16/07: Does anyone here want to survive?
01/12/07: If nobody listens, say it louder
01/09/07: Waiting for a bomb, with a lot of salt
01/05/07: It's estrogen, stupid, and plenty of it
01/02/07: Abusing the art of the gallows
12/29/06: A scoopful from the newly dead
12/22/06: The big task ahead for the new speaker
12/19/06: The unlikely cats in the elite pews
12/15/06: California idea whose time is here
12/12/06: Some of our most distinguished statespersons are polluting the environment with a certain strain of flatulence
12/08/06: For this we waited all these months?
12/05/06: Making the case for another killer
12/01/06: The strategy FDR never thought of
11/28/06: A hit job worthy of the KGB
11/21/06: There's no draftin' here, Charlie
11/17/06: When purple prose can be deadly
11/14/06: Cheer, cheer for old Revenue U.
11/10/06: Finding a legacy to ‘grow’ on
11/07/06: ‘The people rule,’ for a day, anyway
11/03/06: When insult reveals the inner boy
10/31/06: The Senate race and a Gothic twist
10/27/06: A little sewage, a lot of hope
10/24/06: Is that a cloud on yon horizon?
10/20/06: A challenge from the suicide state
10/17/06: Indulging the luxury of some plain talk
10/13/06: The expensive gift that keeps on giving
10/10/06: Blasting the world back to sanity
10/06/06: There's trouble in a school for scandal
10/03/06: Mortuary Bob's back, with fresh dirt
09/29/06: Keeping hate alive in a Virginia race
09/26/06: Maybe it's an omen, maybe just a blip
09/22/06: Back to the old days, if only for a minute
09/19/06: Paying tribute to ignorance
09/15/06: Better to escape into Dreamland
09/12/06: Mr. Blair's warning to the sleepyheads
09/08/06: No cheesy surrender for the Americans
09/05/06: Sending a 'scandal' off to bed
09/01/06: Taking a high road, avoiding San Francisco
08/29/06: A little rubble can be very persuasive
08/25/06: The painless reply to a death threat
08/22/06: Birds and bees teach an old lesson
08/15/06: Zeal can be good, but it's dangerous
08/15/06: A few modest tips for airline safety
08/11/06: There's no retreat to the shroud
08/08/06: It's hot out there, so hysteria rules
08/04/06: Time to recalibrate the Big Lies
08/01/06: Sometimes survival gets a bit noisy
07/28/06: Keeping the trust is the first order
07/25/06: Paying the price for moderation
07/21/06: The grousing begins about what's next
07/18/06: A slip of the tongue can tell you a lot
07/14/06: Looking for trouble, the thugs find it
07/11/06: No orange blossoms, just more lawyers
07/07/06: Once more in Korea, a dear old scam
07/05/06: South of the border, some good news
06/30/06: The missing troops on the border
06/28/06: A public hanging might be overkill
06/23/06: Inconvenient truth about global warming
06/20/06: A break, maybe, for the illegals
06/13/06: Whatever happened to the blowhard?
06/09/06: Some good news, and no asterisks
06/05/06: Some straight talk about privilege
05/30/06: The yahoos revolt, and bigots vanish
05/26/06: Living a good life outside the law
05/23/06: The Church Lady, with a hot flash
05/19/06: A word that dare not say its name
05/16/06: This skirmish goes to Corporate Wing
05/12/06: Just the circus, and no elephants
05/09/06: A modest proposal: Save America first
05/05/06: Jose, can you see in all that glare?
05/02/06: Bubba rides again — in Old Blighty
04/28/06: Seeking the fixers, but they R us
04/25/06: Uncle George lifts a lamp at the door
04/21/06: A political world turned upside down
04/18/06: Paying the bill for goofing off
04/17/06: Rallying the troops with a timid cry
04/11/06: A little warming, a lot of hysteria
04/07/06: ‘Furl that flag,’ for 'tis leery
04/04/06: Only more chaos will preserve order
03/31/06: How to intimidate Republican senators
03/28/06: The straight talk nobody hears
03/24/06: Sacking Jesus, saving a convert
03/21/06: A tough old cuss with a hard head
03/17/06: When a carrot stings like a stick
03/14/06: Great Mentioner goes to Memphis
03/10/06: Looking for virtue in a wrong place
03/07/06: Looking for virtue in a wrong place
03/03/06: It's not a holiday, but it beats Dodge
02/28/06: Something useful from a blunder
02/24/06: Taking a chance on love for sale
02/21/06: Putting our trust in eager emirs
02/17/06: Free speech takes a British pounding
02/14/06: The boys of ‘Scoop,’ hot on the hunt
02/10/06: Picking the right provocation
02/07/06: Western wimps missing chance to teach important lesson
01/31/06: Trying to look tough with terrorists
01/27/06: Indulging the romance of a lost cause
01/24/06: The victory laps for Sam Alito
01/20/06: Some big talk from the bug cave
01/17/06: Here we go again; Is anybody coming?
01/13/06: Soap and a scrub, a wink and a smile
01/10/06: A grand day for strut and splutter
01/06/06: Looking for virtue in a wrong place
01/03/06: Can this scandal finally be saved?
12/30/05: Horror in Hollywood — it's not a movie
12/27/05: A few sour notes from Hollywood
12/20/05: A matter of trust, a duty to verify
12/16/05: Down on the levee, a little good news
12/13/05: A vigil of agony in California
12/09/05: White flags on the road to ‘peace’
12/06/05: Out of the bunker and into the fray
12/02/05: Driving Dems off the cliff
11/29/05: A tiny ray of light in New Orleans
11/25/05: Pastepot princesses are important, too
11/22/05: The dark drama of the living dead
11/18/05: Mortuary Bob exposes another cover-up
11/15/05: The mean trick on the critics
11/11/05: Ominous fluttering in the henhouse
11/08/05: No more lessons from French tutors
11/04/05: Tuesday's big test for the Terminator
10/27/05: The left gets what it asked for
10/27/05: Time to bring in two slices of ham
10/21/05: Maybe it's time for a little peace
10/20/05: Here's real terror, in a bird's eye
10/14/05: The rising chorus, sour notes all
10/11/05: Stuffing a goose for Mardi Gras
10/07/05: If it won't compute, order a do-over
10/06/05: Frustrating friends, inviting enemies
09/30/05: The scent of fear hangs in the air
09/27/05: When peace ain't what it used to be
09/23/05: Revelation in the eye of the storm
09/20/05: George and Bubba, just like old times
09/16/05: Heroes of the storm abound in the land
09/13/05: When the flood empties the ATM
09/09/05: Opportunity knocks for the knockers
09/06/05: Not much traction with the abuse
09/02/05: The blame game can start now
08/27/05: Guarding the rights of the states
08/27/05: Loose lips, tin pots and loud mouths
08/23/05: Seeking a strategy in gloom and doom
08/22/05: In an angry land, a promised redeemed
08/16/05: Difficult to find a common characteristic among terrorists?
08/12/05: Consoling a mother is never easy
08/09/05: Why Rove must kill the Internet
08/05/05: It's a day to thank Harry Truman again
08/02/05: The creepiness of fake diversity
08/01/05: The creepiness of fake diversity
07/26/05: Yea, and a child shall lead the way
07/22/05: When even Borking might not work
07/19/05: The summer squall is hard upon us
07/11/05: Something nice for a good buddy
07/05/05: Slaking a thirst with a fire hose
07/04/05: When the law gets big for its pants
06/21/05: When good news is bad news
06/20/05: The master plan for party suicide
06/15/05: On the scout with the Apology Patrol
06/13/05: The totally awesome Governor Dean
06/07/05: The sawdust trail at Guantanamo
06/03/05: The ‘scoops’ still rain on Watergate
05/31/05: Puzzling out the meaning of no
05/27/05: A grand regiment, even in retreat
05/25/05: Psssst. You wanna hear a good insult?
05/23/05: Terminating swag, blighting the lotus
05/17/05: The future intrudes in L.A. (maybe)
05/13/05: The layered panic in the streets
05/10/05: Lest we forget, ‘trust but verify’
05/06/05: A timid, grudging Churchillian choice
05/03/05: And now a word from the soreheads
04/29/05: Life gets tough on memory lane
04/26/05: Past time to get down and dirty
04/22/05: The really friendly skies of Pan Am
04/18/05: Trying to play the Jesus card
04/12/05: Scaring Republicans is this week's game
04/08/05: Not quite a fake, but inaccurate
04/05/05: Sam's small pants saves the republic
04/04/05: The story ends, the story begins
03/30/05: A modern version of ‘the hot squat’
03/28/05: The worms triumph and a woman dies
03/23/05: Mr. Fox's elephant at the summit
03/21/05: The nursing home for tired nations
03/16/05: Playing Ping-pong with Condi Rice
03/14/05: The big shake-up of the easy riders
03/09/05: Scouting for votes in the barnyard
03/07/05: With Democrats on the high ground
03/02/05: The earth moves, thousands cheer
02/25/05: A lot of blowing for not very much
02/23/05: A little hysteria and a killer bug
02/21/05: Passionate pallor struggles in L.A.
02/15/05: Breaking bones with the Terminator
02/11/05: The big hand for a few real heroes
02/01/05: Can't anybody here play this game?
01/28/05: The bright light amidst dim bulbs
01/25/05: A little good news from the abyss
01/21/05: No nation building, but a world awaits
01/18/05: The grim nightmare of secular hysterics
01/14/05: No time for chiefs in this man's Army
01/11/05: The little Moonvies take the sacking
01/11/05: Thanking Allah for the infidels
01/04/05: Kofi gets a cuddle from his friends
12/31/04: Look who's talking about ‘stingy’
12/21/04: The moving finger must write, in ink
12/20/04: The long goodbye by the soreheads
12/14/04: In a blue state, a little relief
12/10/04: We're not supposed to notice the aroma
12/07/04: Cheer, cheer for old Siwash U.
12/03/04: Cutting no slack for Romans and Rebels
11/30/04: Wanted: a bottom with ego to match
11/29/04: Not every turkey is not for dinner
11/24/04: Giving no quarter for cut throats
11/19/04: Presidential dreamin' down on the river
11/16/04: The harsh theology of the elites
11/12/04: A scoundrel gone, and good riddance
11/10/04: Driving the blues from Jesusland
11/08/04: And why shouldn't we gloat?
11/01/04: Even yellow dogs are exhausted
10/29/04: There's no surprise for this October
10/26/04: Running on empty is not an option
10/22/04: A steadying hand, missing in actionc
10/19/04: Polls and polls — too soon to panic
10/15/04: Streaking toward the silly season
10/13/04: Trying to outsource the president's job
10/11/04: A schoolyard brawl, and none too soon
10/06/04: How to eliminate the heebie-jeebies
10/04/04: Time to decide who we want to be
09/27/04: Stinging Kerry with the luck of the Irish
09/21/04: Blowing hard, glowing red
09/20/04: The Kerry insult of the Guard
09/10/04: Kerry's hot pursuit of demons and worms
09/07/04: Time to wake up the girlie men
09/03/04: A point of honor, but no dueling
08/31/04: Lots of sinners, but no sawdust
08/27/04: Thanks for helping, now I'll sue you
08/20/04: The questions that won't go away
08/17/04: Seeking a martyr in a squalid place
08/13/04: Stiffing your friends for your enemies
08/10/04: Tracking Lt. Kerry down in the delta
08/06/04: The futile assault of the girlie men
08/03/04: Sometimes a war can get personal
07/30/04: And now to test the honeymoon
07/29/04: A long goodbye to the Kennedys
07/27/04: An unconventional Ladies' Day
07/23/04: Finding meaning in Sandy's pants
07/20/04: Hating the crime, hating the criminal
07/16/04: It's payback time, but who's paying?
07/13/04: The dumbest idea of the season
07/12/04: Nothing says lovin' like a little huggin'
07/06/04: A grave offense against the faith
07/02/04: Tall Turkish tales, affirmative amnesia
06/25/04: A good day's work by the Supremes
06/25/04: Just like old times with Bill and Al
06/22/04: A little whitewash for pesky facts
06/18/04: A man for the ages belongs to the ages
06/15/04: The class reunion for ‘Forty-one’
06/11/04: The imperfect idyll of Saddam Hussein
06/08/04: The virulent venom of frustrated rage
06/01/04: The enduring legacy to a generation
05/28/04: Staying in love by staying apart
05/25/04: The perfect storm, aimed at Boston
05/21/04: When Saddam meets Jerry Springer
05/18/04: Hitching a ride, lovebug style
05/14/04: A little night music in the heartland
05/11/04: What did they know? When did they care?
05/07/04: He said the word. Who's sorry now?
05/05/04: Taking a ba'ath with the enemy
04/30/04: Sometimes a war can ruin dinner
04/27/04: The Monsieur takes a ride in a tank
04/23/04: The lesson missed in the graveyard
04/20/04: A terminating idea from California
04/16/04: A little assurance for everyone
04/14/04: Is war a place for a tofu president?
04/09/04: A dishy schoolmarm gets the good lines
04/08/04: Enough to drive Democrats to drink
04/05/04: The lively ghosts that haunt Monsieur Kerry
03/30/04: Now we can lay us down to sleep
03/26/04: The public tantrum of a bureaucrat
03/23/04: A sheik departs, very, very quickly
03/19/04: The rage of Paris, but sour at home
03/17/04: Bearing the burden, paying the price
03/15/04: Here comes Hillary, but not to rescue
03/09/04: Saving the streets from Martha Stewart
03/05/04: Fishing for a veep in a shallow pool
03/02/04: A voodoo venture in nation-building
02/27/04: The Love Sponge seeks a refuge
02/20/04: Looking to break a losing streak
02/17/04: When trouble comes in 57 varieties
02/13/04: A new patriotism, such as it is
02/10/04: A promise keeper spooks the pols
02/06/04: Trying to mount a dead horse
02/03/04: A Muslim campaign to erase stereotypes
01/30/04: Uneasy rides the pol on a skittish horse
01/27/04: Looking for holes in the bloody shirt
01/23/04: The perils of chasing election-day phantoms
01/20/04: Reading the caution in the returns
01/16/04: Is there another inevitable nominee?
01/14/04: A disillusioned dog ponders the party
01/12/04: Inviting contempt with this amnesty
01/05/04: Learning to sweat the important stuff
01/05/04: A familiar dilemma on the pothead left
12/30/03: We're all supposed to be dead by now
12/26/03: Moving south on the sawdust trail
12/24/03: A deadly attack of the goo-goo
12/22/03: The Terminator meets his match
12/12/03: Blowing some smoke at the border
12/09/03: Keeping the options close at hand
12/02/03: Hating George Bush, and loving it
11/28/03: Now to sabotage the sinking ship
11/21/03: A band of brothers, challenged again
11/19/03: London's gathering of the clang
11/17/03: The Pundit Primary has a winner
11/07/03: Our Saudi friends get a lesson
11/07/03: A word to Dixie: Drop dead, please
11/04/03: When the wise guys aren't very wise
10/31/03: The good news is the economy, stupid
10/29/03: It's getting late for the rescue
10/27/03: Shall we silence the Christians?
10/23/03: In these precincts, no olive branch
10/15/03: Waiting to amend the Constitution
10/21/03: A harsh new reality for the Middle East
10/13/03: The right and proper thing to do
10/07/03: Gropers and gripers down to the wire
10/03/03: A tight squeeze for the Terminator
10/01/03: A slight pause for course correction
09/29/03: A stand for bravery when politics calls
09/24/03: A rubdown can't cure everything
09/22/03: Wesley Clark may actually think he's running for president
09/17/03: The job too big for a general
09/15/03: The patriot's game in a time of war
09/10/03: Panzers, pop guns and easy riders
09/08/03: A little help now from our friends
09/04/03: The Hillary wagon begins to roll
09/02/03: When saying goodbye means good riddance
08/28/03: Trapping the unwary with false security
08/12/03: A crushed coup and a second chance
08/08/03: Twinklers, nuts and holy high rollers
08/05/03: Wannabe a governor? California's calling
07/30/03: Saving the game from the sewer
07/28/03: To hell and gone with the Dems
07/22/03: Avert your eyes: Candidates at work
07/18/03: Ready or not, here come Bill and Hillary
07/15/03: The fearsome reality of the surreal
07/11/03: The times get tough, and it's time to punt
07/08/03: The barracks bellyache is an art of war
07/01/03: The critic catches tax-cut fever
06/27/03: When racism is oh, so refined
06/24/03: Let's be fairer to some than to others
06/20/03: The 57 varieties of John Kerry
06/18/03: Yellow dogs and Miss Nightingale
06/09/03: Ma Clinton's turn to wear the pants
06/04/03: You want the news? Write it yourself
06/02/03: Thanks, Ski-nose, for the memories
05/27/03: Once upon a time, in a vanished land
05/23/03: When life is just a bowl of beans
05/20/03: The wake-up call to banish visions
05/16/03: A deadly gift from our Saudi friends
05/13/03: 'Call us peaceful, or you die'
05/09/03: Abandoned on the dock, drowning in tears
05/06/03: When fanatics wear an ugly face
05/02/03: Can't anybody here read a road map?
04/29/03: News bulletin just in: We're all going to die
04/25/03: Cruising the river with the crow-eaters
04/22/03: The hurt feelings of our Froggie pals
04/14/03: It's better to be rich than sick
04/08/03: Different strokes for the allies
04/04/03: The French insult to shock and awe
04/01/03: When we got it bad, that was really good
03/28/03: Sending the women to save the suits
03/26/03: Fighting the war without a scratch
03/24/03: The scary prospect of American success
03/18/03: The clock runs out for the evil tyrant
03/14/03: If war breaks out, let's blame the Jews
03/11/03: Chirac's girlie game, revealed at last
03/07/03: We're running out of ways to say 'evil'
03/04/03: A gift from Heaven, but not in French
02/28/03: Nothing left to say in this argument
02/26/03: What a cold way to treat a lady
02/22/03: As pesky as France, but with better wine
02/19/03: When can the judge watch the machine?
02/14/03: Evidence to curdle a lot of cheese
02/12/03: Weapons too awful even to think about
02/10/03: Maybe room enough for the freeloaders
02/06/03: Teddy bears be gone with a war at hand
02/03/03: The fresh new wind, blowin' George's way
01/29/03: Not enough splendor for the inspectors
01/27/03: The clock ticks down on our brave 'allies'
01/22/03: The big gas attack on Washington
01/17/03: An 'A' for effort, as far as it goes
01/15/03: On second thought, he's not so bad
01/13/03: When life gets tough, find a hidey hole
01/07/03: The dog bites when the hissing stops
01/03/03: We're fairer to some than to others
12/30/02: Winter wishes and big summer dreams
12/20/02: A Southern strategy for the Democrats
12/17/02: The soggy remains of a 'landslide'
12/13/02: Sending the Senate back to deadlock
12/09/02: Clearing the air over Baghdad
12/04/02: Some stout sermons need a little salt
12/02/02: Some helpful hints for Tom and Al
11/27/02: Not a dreamboat, a bug-squasher
11/25/02: The super snoops are out to get you
11/19/02: Hard lessons from dead white men
11/15/02: From San Francisco, an answer to prayer
11/12/02: A counterfeit assault on human dignity
11/08/02: The earth moved, even for dinosaurs
11/05/02: Making a footrace of a runaway
11/01/02: Rallying the corpses for the Dems
10/29/02: Connecting the dots in the sniper's tale
10/25/02: Saved from terror, but not ingratitude
10/23/02: True confessions, and making out
10/21/02: More hard cheese from our 'allies'
10/17/02: A partisan struggle to help George W.
10/14/02: But this time, Boss, we've got it right
10/09/02: A burning issue for the guvvies
10/07/02: Sweet remembrance of hysteria past
10/02/02: No tolerance for an Arkansas sinner
09/30/02: No politics, please: We're campaigning
09/25/02: Now the fun begins for Herr Schroeder
09/23/02: Restoring suspense to election night
09/18/02: A clear call to arms, and men follow
09/13/02: Finally, George W. speaks for himself
09/09/02: A modest proposal to pay for the war
09/04/02: The rousing chorus of Nervous Nellies
08/30/02: A president woos, best not to watch
08/28/02: Nothing silly about cooling a frenzy
08/26/02: Miss Bonnie and Clod, staying in the news
08/21/02: A dead mouse on the sawdust trail
08/19/02: A woman's work has to be done
08/14/02: The 'phony war' of sweet summer
08/12/02: Our Saudi friends, so eager to help
08/08/02: The grim summer of abducted children
08/05/02: The road to Baghdad: Get a map right here
07/26/02: The tale of grief, as told in two cities
07/24/02: A corpse or not, his time is gone
07/22/02: Terror-fighting tip from North Korea
07/18/02: Gone with the war, a myth in Arabia
07/15/02: Climbing down with the White House
07/10/02: No criticism, please, we're bureaucrats
07/08/02: Big daddy rides to the rescue
07/05/02: No backing down on this one
07/02/02: No backing down on this one
06/28/02: Whose side do we think we're on?
06/26/02: Does a beard make a Baptist a terrorist
06/24/02: The hideous physics of the 'suicide state'
06/19/02: The golden perk of the presidency
06/17/02: When fear attempts to take a shortcut
06/11/02: Secessionist fever in the second city
06/07/02: Looking for thugs where they aren't
06/05/02: The spring fashion in flip-floppery
06/03/02: The salon-keeper's joke on der Fuehrer
05/29/02: When the president has to button his lip
05/22/02: The tar and feathers seem to be missing
05/20/02: When all else fails, find a panic button
05/15/02: A valuable lesson in wooden shoes
05/08/02: Here's moral clarity, in from the fog
05/06/02: The hidden secrets of the Arab street
05/02/02: When the president wears a clothespin
04/24/02: A horse laugh on our dear friends
04/22/02: Let's take a poll: Is evil really bad?
04/17/02: A pregnant pause for breath-catching
04/15/02: When nuance collides with conviction
04/11/02: No law against great expectations
04/08/02: A muddled message to the Middle East
04/05/02: Rhetoric and reality, colliding head-on
04/01/02: Fear but no peace in a handful of dust
03/27/02: Is it time yet to let Bush be Bush?
03/25/02: A threatened species on the evening news
03/20/02: A great leap forward on a learning curve
03/18/02: Persuading a friend to commit suicide
03/11/02: When a cold reality quiets the henhouse
03/11/02: Riding off again to process 'peace'
03/06/02: A little testosterone for Old Blighty
03/04/02: There's still no bell on that darn cat
02/27/02: Down and dirty in California
02/25/02: A security that suffocates us all
02/15/02: Sometimes a chunker can't hit the barn
02/13/02: Fightin' words from the axis of cheese
02/11/02: Blessed be the poor, even the used-to-bes
02/06/02: Those old chestnuts are fully roasted
02/04/02: When the message is as clear as a bell
01/30/02: Sometimes a prisoner is just a cutthroat
01/28/02: A few choice words about a world war
01/23/02: No beards, no fleas, and unhappy allies
01/21/02: The unfriendly skies beckon the wary
01/16/02: Trying to move in on Rodney Dangerfield
01/14/02: It's not Whitewater, but it's all we've got
01/09/02: There's something in the water
01/07/02: The lessons lurking in the Afghan rubble
01/02/02: Not much security, but rousting is fun
12/21/01: A chicken at roost in the liberal rafters
12/19/01: The second thoughts about the tribunes
12/14/01: Evil in all its horror, and all on videotape
12/13/01: When 'going live' can mean going dead
12/10/01: A few false notes in the kangaroo chorus
12/05/01: When it's difficult to stay horrified
12/03/01: When fear can fool even the wise men
11/28/01: The spies go AWOL when Kabul falls
11/26/01: The danger lurking in the good will
11/21/01: Osama plot revealed: How he got the bomb
11/19/01: How to rig the jury for Osama bin Laden
11/12/01: A Clinton chorus of 'America the Ugly'
11/07/01: The slow creep back to business as usual
11/05/01: When mickeymouse offends even Mickey
10/29/01: When a terrorist is just another patriot
10/24/01: America stands up for the long count
10/17/01: When the rhetoric is drowned in fear
10/15/01: Here's a recipe for an Afghan Christmas
10/11/01 What is the terror really all about?
10/08/01 More of the stuff that poisoned No. 41
10/05/01 How to break hearts and bend minds
10/01/01 Some reassurance from George W.
09/26/01 Whiff of the familiar down in Arkansas
09/24/01 The spirit of Pearl, fragile and fading
09/20/01 Destroying America to save America
09/15/01 First the prayer,and then to work
09/12/01 Cheer, cheer before the lights go out
09/10/01 The big opportunity for George W. Bush
09/05/01 Goodbye to Durban: The farce be with you
08/31/01: Some respect, please, for frogs and pigs
08/29/01: But what is a chief without any Indians?
08/24/01: You have to be Bubba to make this work
08/22/01: With these critics, who needs friends?
08/20/01: How not to measure saps for a cleaning
08/15/01: But can Clinton be successfully cloned?
08/13/01: Teaching the doves a deadly lesson
08/06/01: A good lesson for all, even a president
08/01/01: There's something up this diplomatic sleeve
07/30/01: Squashing gringos, and Mexicans, too
07/24/01: A school for scandal and fun for nearly all
07/18/01: Dooming newcomers to the isolated life
07/16/01: Big Brother has a nifty new toy
07/09/01: We're hopping mad, we just can't hop far
07/05/01: The coming shortage of offense and affront
07/02/01: Reprising hysteria over the AIDS threat
06/27/01: Here comes the GOP, down from the hill
06/25/01: Liberal pundits can have a little fun, too
06/20/01: The wine goes flat, the tub grows cold
06/18/01: Navigating the ship of state through a pool of minnows
06/13/01: It's off to see Europe, to get a belly-full
06/06/01: Ignorance or contempt
06/11/01: Measuring Britain's risks by the pound
06/06/01: The race of kings, sprouts for Brussels
06/04/01: One last warning for Yasser Arafat
05/30/01: Hollywood and hype --- and a lot of eggs
05/25/01: No making nice with the Senate assassins
05/23/01: Saddam Hussein gets his victory at last
05/21/01: When the pols want to pander in peace
05/16/01: The villain reopens a grim argument
05/14/01: No more bigotry on the fruited plain
05/09/01: Some war stories are better than others
05/04/01: The slippery slope for Jesse Jackson
05/02/01: Trouble's brewing in the amen corner
04/30/01: Deadly soccer moms amok among us
04/25/01: A game of chicken without the sauce
04/23/01: Scolding Israel from 'the safe distance'
04/18/01: Opening the door on a grisly spectacle
04/16/01: When the thrill goes out of the romance
04/10/01: We have no bananas, they have hostages
04/06/01: Putting a little face on the China 'crisis'
04/04/01: No caving, please, to the cave men
04/02/01: Child abuse, anyone? Try dodging this
03/28/01: In fear of the peril of the Weak Sisterhood
03/23/01: Dubya disowns the dirt dishers
03/21/01: Why can't senators be nice to Mom?
03/19/01: Knocking hard heads at the Pentagon
03/14/01: Second thoughts on the faith initiative
03/12/01: Getting punch drunk on disappointment
03/07/01: The dazzling triumph of Saddam Hussein
03/05/01: How can a real gent tell the lady no?
02/28/01: Who won that war? Best not to look
02/26/01: Bonnie & Clod, gifts who keep on giving
02/21/01: It's Hot Springs week in downtown Harlem
02/13/01: Some of our riots seem to be missing
02/07/01: When a hate crime is something to love
02/07/01: Lifting a few spoons, cutting a few taxes
02/02/01: A few small surprises and a large lesson
01/31/01: Serving fried crow in the press mess
01/26/01: The gathering storm over Jesse Jackson
01/23/01: A graceless getaway, a graceful beginning
01/19/01: Once more to wave the bloody shirt
01/16/01: Bring on the lions, the clowns are ready
01/12/01: The dastardly plot to restore slavery
01/10/01: Mr. Lott's generosity to the Dems
01/05/01: Looking to the past for a bad example
01/03/01: A modest proposal for Arkansas folk
12/19/00: The reflexive sneer at George W. Bush
12/15/00: Taking inspiration from John Birch
12/12/00: It's time to raise high Florida's standards
12/08/00: A President Bush, and about time, too
12/05/00: Here come the judge --- and he's got a hook
11/28/00: Cry no tears for Al, lawyers are the losers
11/21/00: The useful loathing of America's sons
11/17/00: When this is all over, we spray for lawyers
11/14/00: Something murky in the twilight zone

11/10/00: Something sinister in Palm Beach

11/07/00: Low days in the life of the ruptured duck

11/06/00: A little race baiting in the final hours

11/01/00: Creator gets a hard time on the hustings

10/27/00: The sorcerer rides to rescue his apprentice

10/25/00: The founding father with a story to tell

10/23/00: A lonely passion for religious rights

10/16/00: Spending blood on the folly of fools

10/11/00: A big night for the embellisher-in-chief

10/06/00: AlGore's black problem

10/04/00: In headlong pursuit of the bigot vote

10/02/00: A modest proposal for Rick Lazio

09/27/00: When folks at home give up on a scamp

09/25/00: Gore plot exposed! The secret minutes

09/18/00: Playing politics with the blood supply

09/14/00: Al sets out to find his 'tolerance level'

09/12/00: When it's time for a thumb in the eye

09/07/00: Making a daughter a campaign asset

09/04/00: A footnote to the lie: How he beats the rap

08/30/00: Unbearable lightness of a cyberjournal

08/21/00: Clinton chickens on AlGore's roost

08/16/00: The long goodbye to California's cash

08/09/00: Innocence by proxy is a risky scheme

08/07/00: After insulin shock, an authentic rouser

08/02/00: When it gets hard not to get a little giddy

07/31/00: George W.'s legions of summer soldiers

07/26/00: He's set a surprise --- or a trap for himself

07/24/00: How do you serve a turkey in August?

07/19/00: Would Hillary sling a lie about a slur?

07/17/00: Process, not peace, at a Velveeta summit

07/12/00: The Texas two-step, a nudge and a wink

07/10/00: The Great Mentioner and his busy season

07/05/00: No Mexican standoff in these results

07/03/00: Denting a few egos in the U.S. Senate

06/28/00: Bureaucracy amok! Punctuation in peril!

06/26/00: The water torture of American resolve

06/21/00: The happy hangman is a busy hangman

06/19/00: Dick Gephardt finds a Dixie dreamboat

06/14/00: Taking a byte out of innovation

06/12/00: 'Go away, little boy, you're bothering us'

06/07/00: When a little envy is painful to watch

06/05/00: Fire and thunder, bubble and squeak

05/31/00: South of the border, politics is pepper

05/26/00: Running out of luck with home folks

05/24/00: The heart says no, but the head says yes

05/22/00: A fine opportunity to set an example

05/17/00: The Sunday school for Republicans

05/15/00: Hillary's surrogate for telling tall tales

05/10/00: Listening to the voice of an authentic man

05/08/00: First a lot of bluster, then the retreat

05/02/00: Good news for Rudy, bad news for Hillary

04/28/00: The long goodbye to Elian's boyhood

04/25/00: Spooked by Castro, Bubba blinks

04/14/00: One flag down and two memorials to go

04/11/00: Consistency finds a jewel in Janet Reno

04/07/00: Here's the good word (and it's in English)

04/04/00: When bureaucrats mock the courts

03/28/00: How Hollywood sets the virtual table

03/24/00: Dissing a president can ruin a whole day

03/20/00: When shame begets the painful insult

03/14/00: The risky business of making an apology

03/10/00: The pouters bugging a weary John McCain

03/07/00: When all good things (sob) come to an end

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