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09/06/16: The Constitution's perennial promise of liberty
08/22/16: Obama's epic failure to curb gun violence
07/22/16: How Obama abandoned the American ethos of justice
07/11/16: Comey's Hillry probe is deja vu all over again
06/27/16: ACLU fights Dems' dishonest war on due process
05/31/16: MSNBC'S 'Morning Joe' whitewashes Bob Gates' legacy
05/25/16: Revoke Obama's Nobel Peace Prize
05/18/16: Free speech is going to the dogs
05/10/16: Clinton V. Trump: Politics without principle
04/22/16: Will President Trump fill his cabinet with Paul Manaforts?
03/30/16: Obama's feckless defense of human rights in Cuba
03/02/16: Jim Crow redux: Hillary's race baiting past
02/24/16: Washington Warlord: Hillary's child soldiers
02/10/16: Why is Obama still killing children?
01/13/16: Journalists should worry about Obama, not Sean Penn
12/31/15: Who is in charge at Obama's Justice Department?
12/23/15: Obama's DOJ fights judge on actual justice reform
12/16/15: Obama ignores judge's plea for justice reform
11/18/15: Suppression of free speech in academia is out of control
11/11/15: Congressional oversight of intelligence 'is a joke'
11/04/15: A tale of two teachers: the politics of personal teaching
10/28/15: President Obama finally opts in for personalized teaching over standardized testing
10/21/15: In the fight against the surveillance state the past is always prologue
10/07/15: Normalizing U.S. relations with Cuba leads to escalation in repression of Cuban dissidents
09/01/15: Exciting, illuminating book makes the Constitution come alive
07/15/15: Personal teaching breaks through nationally
07/08/15: Oh, I am not retiring at 90 --- retire to what?
04/22/15: Second state ends particular abortion tearing fetuses apart
04/15/15: Certain U.S. abortions tear the fetus apart, ISIS-style
03/04/15: Stop Channeling King in Dealing with ISIS
02/18/15: Obama moves to extend U.S. lives. Impossible for him? Let's see
01/28/15: Do we care about our prisoners in solitary confinement?
01/14/15: Students learning how they learn and how they don't
12/24/14: Obama warmly legitimizes Cuban dictatorship
12/17/14: Wake up, Rand Paul
12/11/14: How our government tricks us into being its careless spies
12/04/14: Rand Paul finds victory and anger on the campaign trail
11/26/14: The uniquely widespread presidential campaign of Rand Paul
11/12/14: Not only did Obama lose (hooray Constitution), but so did abortion
11/05/14: The continuing collapse of the First Amendment. Do you care?
10/29/14: I keep repeating: Is this still America?
10/15/14: Securing individual education of students and teachers simultaneously
10/08/14: Rand Paul vs. current assaults on monstrous ISIS
09/17/14: Struggles to protect free speech on our college campuses continue
09/10/14: The black underclass must look to the future
09/03/14: Living black in Ferguson before and after the furor and continuing racial divisions across this land
08/27/14: We awaken to national militarization of police, not only in Ferguson
08/20/14: Rising anti-Semitism (not just vs. Israel) renews my boyhood
08/13/14: Where in constitution is CIA absolved of its multitude of crimes?
08/06/14: Rand Paul broadens his campaign --- not yet enough
07/31/14: Government's ultimate power: executing Americans, with atrocities
07/23/14: How much digital reading stays inside you?
07/16/14: Without Obama being charged with impeachment, who are we as Americans?
07/09/14: Dangers to U.S. liberties we missed on July 4
07/02/14: Suddenly more Americanized Supreme Court has long way ahead to do more
06/25/14: Teachers' job security more important than kids' futures?
06/18/14: Personalized education while changing places of learning
06/11/14: Expanding the reach and lifelong impact of teachers
06/04/14: In 2016, will enough of us vote for the Constitution?
05/28/14: The distinctive core of Sen. Rand Paul
05/21/14: My imperfect but pro-constitution choice for president
05/14/14: Can the CIA survive Dianne Feinstein's artillery?
05/07/14: Next President must fill Supreme Court vacancies with true constitutionalists
04/30/14: Military judge orders cia to list 'black sites' and other torture info
04/23/14: Powerful force teaching students the very essence of being Americans
04/17/14: Speech on public college campuses liberated in one state
04/09/14: Former inmates learning to avoid going back to their cells
03/26/14: Let's fight back vs. government throttling of Constitution
03/19/14: Obama, Bush, Clinton: U.S. ignores human rights abroad
03/12/14: An Obama tax that can silently take your life away
03/05/14: Schools that turn students into outcasts are un-American
02/19/14: Obama's Attorney General Americanized (in part)
01/29/14: Obama keeps showing why he's impeachable
01/28/14: Bringing 'joy of learning' to biggest school system in U.S.
01/27/14: At last, parent resistance to collective standardized tests
01/02/14: Are heroes of the Constitution bringing it back?
12/18/13: Lifelong supports i learned from jazz masters beyond music
12/11/13: Is justice only for those defendants who can pay for it?
12/04/13: Muslim girl's story reminds me of my anti-Semitic boyhood
11/27/13: Only some of our young are now independent Americans
11/20/13: U.S. prisons thriving on Jim Crow marijuana arrests
11/13/13: Our cruel and usual criminal justice system
11/06/13: Obama betrays future of our very lives
10/30/13: My choice for Principal of the Year
10/23/13: Who will teach our police our Bill of Rights?
10/16/13: Supreme Court teaches students they're outside constitution
10/09/13: When ongoing genocide is no longer news
10/02/13: Unpunished for genocide, dictator tries to come to U.N.
09/25/13: Too many students denied privacy rights
09/12/13: Public school students being tracked continually
09/04/13: Endless extermination of Christians: How much do we care?
08/21/13: Odds now growing our constitution will pulverize Obama
08/14/13: Education reform for individual students' success
08/06/13: How much do you know about new head of FBI?
07/31/13: What ObamaCare can do toyou --- not for you
07/24/13: Cost-cutting board ready to veto your doctor
07/17/13: Second American revolution underway
07/10/13: Congress rises to protect separation of powers
07/03/13: Beyond Orwell: What are the bounds of Obama's spying?
06/26/13: Odds changing: Our liberties can survive Obama
06/19/13: Is Big Brother Obama having his way with us?
06/12/13: Obama tracking whatever you say and do. You're Americans?
06/05/13: Take Obama at his word? Which one --- and when?
05/29/13: Bringing civics classes back to schools: Obama impeachment?
05/22/13: Why Obama is silent on murdered babies
05/17/13: At last, justice for locked-in juveniles?
05/08/13: Is Obama continuing Bush-Cheney torture?
05/01/13: Coming: Judgment day for U.S. torture policies
04/24/13: Supreme Court saves our privacy; media sleeps
04/17/13: Why not teacher evaluations by students?
04/10/13: Media fail primary FIrst Amendment Mission
04/03/13: Keeping low-income students from being throwaway kids
03/28/13: Teachers and education reformers bypass individual students
03/20/13: John Brennan won. Did the meaning of America survive?
03/14/13: Now Brennan globally defines U.S. torture
03/06/13: Our royal Supreme Court chains Fourth Amendment
02/27/13: 54 foreign governments partnered with CIA torture
02/20/13: CIA shames us abroad beyond drones
02/13/13: Goodbye? We've lost who we were?
02/06/13: British courts to decide U.S. drones do murder?
01/30/13: Teaching our schoolkids to be suspects
01/23/13: Confirmation hearing for killer drones master
01/16/13: Obama now brings new historical disgrace on us
01/09/13: More of our doctors are losing independence
01/02/13: 'We just kill a kid?' 'No, a dog.' 'On two legs?'
12/19/12: CIA to be accountable for torture? I doubt it
12/12/12: Senator from the Constitution
12/05/12: How our liberties can survive the Obama-Bush legacy
11/28/12: Here come new sons and daughters of liberty
11/21/12: Needed and possible: Second Declaration of Independence
11/14/12: Can we become Americans again?
10/31/12: U.S. targeted kill lists for next generations?
10/24/12: Should pro-lifers bully pro-choicers?
10/10/12: MLK's niece vs. Obama
10/03/12: Election Day: I'll not vote for pro-death president
09/25/12: Colleges keep supressing free speech on campuses
09/21/12: Republicans urge free speech on college campuses
08/22/12: Does Paul Ryan know or care about Bill of Rights?
08/15/12:Tourists beware of being databased in New York City
08/08/12: Digitalized smart constitution vs. Obama and maybe Romney
07/25/12: Can First Amendment survive imperious presidents?
07/18/12: 2012 elections: Bill of Rights missing
07/11/12: Obama-Holder war on the constitution
07/05/12: Health care rationing wins up high
06/27/12: At home, drones spur anger at Obama
06/20/12: Obama gives a lift to al Qaeda
06/13/12: World's most murderous dictator thrives
06/06/12: Still accused by those we've tortured
05/30/12: Coming: Even more FBI warrantless searches?
05/23/12: FBI free to ambush our Bill of Rights
05/16/12: Questions not yet asked of Mitt Romney
05/09/12: At last, parents rebel against standardized tests
05/02/12: This is happening in America?
04/25/12: Citizens resist King Obama
04/18/12: The main issue in the 2012 election
04/11/12: We can't hide from the National Security Agency
04/04/12: Obama close to knowing all about us
03/28/12: From these schools: Lifelong informed voters
03/21/12: Schoolkids learning to be citizens
03/14/12: Black, hispanic students: school to prison pipeline
03/07/12: As of July 2014: Your doctor could be Obama
02/22/12: Public school principals must be evaluated, too
02/15/12: The new J. Edgar Hoover?
02/08/12: Government will know much more about you constantly
02/01/12: Supreme Court fumbles return of personal privacy
01/25/12: Patience Mhlanga escapes Mugabe's killing machine
01/18/12: The 'Hitler of Africa' still rules
01/11/12: Romney vs. Public Radio and TV
12/28/11: Where in Constitution is High Court allowed to hide from us?
12/21/11: Supreme Court bans our seeing it in action
12/14/11: What does being American mean now?
12/07/11: How many generations before U.S. is post-racial society?
11/30/11: Down Syndrome adult speaks for herself
11/23/11: Down Syndrome genocide
11/16/11: Gov. Perry: Pro-life champion is also pro-death
11/09/11: Future drones: Kill by software, not by humans
11/02/11: Saving America's self-identity in the classroom
10/12/11: Did we assassinate Anwar al-Awlaki?
10/05/11: Know when the government tracks you
09/21/11: The FBI is on your cell phone. do you care?
09/14/11: Under Obama's unblinking eyes
09/07/11: Ladies in white see through Raul Castro
08/24/11: Obama moves more deeply into Bush-Cheney dark side
08/10/11: Texas brings true justice to juveniles
08/03/11: UnAmerican justice for juveniles
07/27/11: 'Our sovereign incumbent' has shown no concern for reviving our individual liberties under the Constitution
06/03/11: U.S. Supreme Court, 8 to 1, suspends Fourth Amendment
05/25/11: Federal courts vs. our privacy at home
05/18/11: Our Constitution: How many of us know it?
05/12/11: Coming soon: The semi-terrorist state of a U.N.-recognized Palestine?
05/04/11: Free speech and free press in a future Palestinian U.N. state?
04/27/11: Can the Constitution be saved?
04/21/11: Real justice comes from real courts
04/13/11: Legacy of 'giant of broadcast journalism' continues
04/06/11: When the Constitution came dramatically alive on TV
03/30/11: Congressional Republicans' gag rule on NPR and PBS
03/23/11: I admit it: My Palestinian dreams have become nightmares
03/16/11: King Obama's Gitmo-style prisons here at home
03/09/11: Our First Amendment protects speech we despise, too
02/16/11: 'Zero tolerance' criminalizing kids
02/09/11: Longtime U.S. ally Mubarak also CIA torture partner
02/02/11: Pro-lifers herald a breakthrough
01/26/11: First and Fourth Amendments arrested
01/19/11: The prison that calls itself a country
01/12/11: Endless shame of the spineless American Library Association
01/05/11: Welcome to the president's private prison?
12/30/10: New principal shows 'what a school could be'
12/22/10: Obama's defense for assassinating a U.S. citizen?
12/15/10: First in history: President can assassinate Americans
12/08/10: The bipartisan approval of life in prison without a judge
12/01/10: Are you losing your property rights in liberty?
11/24/10: Real death panels coming our way
11/17/10: The sickly state of the First Amendment
11/10/10: Lame duck Obama clinging to Obamacare
11/03/10: Free-speech war: Which side for you?
10/27/10: NPR fires Juan Williams for sin of independence
10/20/10: Can we try terrorism in our civilian constitutional courts?
10/13/10: He deserves the Liberty Medal
10/06/10: Obama the master spy --- of us
09/29/10: Meet my teacher of the year
09/22/10: Health czar: 'Zero tolerance' for Obamacare critics
09/15/10: With presidential drones, who needs judges?
09/08/10: Unifying Muslim community after Ground Zero mosque uproar
09/01/10: What hath the Ground Zero imam wrought?
08/25/10: Am I also a bigot? Pols clueless on Ground Zero mosque
08/18/10: Our privacy is vanishing. Anybody care?
08/11/10: J. Edgar Hoover Obama
08/04/10: Tea partiers: How deep into our civil liberties?
07/21/10: Pilotless drones in U.S. skies --- only to watch us?
07/07/10: How free is First Amendment freedom of association?
06/23/10: TV's resounding voice of the Constitution
06/16/10: President cons us into accepting Obamacare?
06/09/10: Health care rationing Obama believes in begins!
06/02/10: Indicting the First Amendment
05/26/10: Kagan bows to inherent presidential powers
05/19/10: Elena Kagan vs. that bothersome First Amendment thing
05/12/10: Taliban near miss at Times Square
05/06/10: Black parents 'have to save your own children'
04/28/10: Teachers union vs. black school-choice candidate
04/21/10: If pilotless drones hit us, deaths will be visible
04/14/10: Obama's favorite weapons
04/07/10: Free religious speech for students in school?
03/17/10: We citizens are still excluded from the Supreme Court
01/06/10: Raul Castro turns into big brother Fidel
01/06/10: Roar, tyrants, you cannot hide your racist deeds
12/29/09: The Castro brothers' big dirty secret
12/23/09: Will Obama send flowers to ObamaCare victims?
12/16/09: Should we entrust our health to Obamacare?
11/04/09: So few know why we are American
10/28/09: In 'community schools' no child is left behind
09/23/09: Key Senate health bill's deadly fine print
08/26/09: The second American Revolution
08/19/09: I am finally scared of a White House administration
07/29/09: The Founding Fathers would have hated hate-crimes laws
07/01/09: Are we ready for a post-racial society?
07/01/09: 'No one feels safe in Zimbabwe. No one.'
06/03/09: Mr. President, here is common ground on abortion!
05/24/09: An Obama I can't believe in, yet
05/13/09: A school where each student is well-known
05/06/09: President applauds House ‘thought crimes’ law
04/22/09: Congressional Black Caucus blind in Cuba
04/08/09: Darfur refugee camps speak directly to Obama
04/01/09: The people the world has forgotten
03/25/09: Obama's educational hypocrisy
03/18/09: Sudan: Sovereign state of evil
03/11/09: President Obama's genocide test
03/04/09: The NAACP versus free speech
02/18/09: Is Eric Holder ‘change we can believe in’?
02/04/09: The United Nations attacks the individual right of conscience
01/28/09: United Nations forbids defaming religion, specifically Islam
01/14/09: Americanizing the CIA
01/07/09: My wishes for 2009
12/29/08: How many more corpses before Mugabe is ousted?
12/22/08: The Castros still rule by fear
12/09/08: High noon at genocide in Darfur
12/02/08: Remember Darfur genocide? It hasn't stopped
11/19/08: The abortion president
11/05/08: Will Obama and Biden curtail freedom of speech?
10/30/08: The still missing: Millions of young voters
09/24/08: Brandeis University dishonors its name
09/17/08: Abortion wars crescendo
09/10/08: The Dems and abortion
09/03/08: Will Biden be more than a hit man?
08/06/08: McCain's excellent British import
07/31/08: Obama, China, and the Olympics
07/24/08: The man of the century, so far
07/18/08: Barack Obama: The flimflam candidate
07/15/08: The shame of Africa
07/02/08: Of what use is the United Nations?
06/30/08: The great censorship wall of China
06/08/08: No computers or ‘The Sopranos’ for Cuba's political prisoners
05/21/08: John McCain, here is your vice president
05/14/08: Which McCain would be president?
04/30/08: Sanitizing the death penalty
04/24/08: Infanticide candidate for president
04/17/08: China's flame of shame
04/10/08: Imperial, exclusive Supreme Court of the United States
04/03/08: Terri Schiavo's lifesaving legacy
03/26/08: Barack Obama vs. Terri Schiavo
03/13/08: John McCain's torture minuet
03/03/08: Genocide Olympics
02/25/08: A crucial question for presidential front-runners
02/11/08: Can only armed intervention end Sudan genocide?
02/04/08: Sudan's chief executioner dances!
01/28/08: The right from which all others flow
01/14/08: Is your pension fund supporting genocide?
12/17/07: Henry Hyde: Pro-life all the way
12/10/07: When lawyers take to the streets for justice
12/03/07: United Nations and Africa disgrace themselves
11/26/07: Restoring our credibility in the world
11/19/07: Challenges for the new attorney general
09/24/07: Bush adds to China's Olympic glory
09/04/07: Questions for Republican presidential candidates
08/27/07: Questions for the Democratic presidential candidates
08/16/07: Shadow of genocide at New Year's Rose Bowl
08/07/07: World record for jailed journalists
07/23/07: A Civil war among U.S. librarians
07/09/07: Darfur still in genocidal crisis
06/25/07: Alberto Gonzales versus Alexander Hamilton
06/11/07: Bush against the wall of China
06/04/07: Why are we still in the United Nations?
05/29/07: Congress enacting thought crimes
05/22/07: Our government versus privacy: Bad news and good
04/30/07: FBI outsourced to secret Ethiopian prisons
04/17/07: Boycott 2008 genocidal China Olympics?
04/08/07: Darfur: Where are America's feminists?
03/12/07: Still getting away with genocide
03/05/07: American Library Association shamed
02/26/07: Read a burned book for freedom
02/19/07: U.S. rejects ban on making prisoners disappear
02/12/07: The no longer mysterious Supreme Court
12/26/06: The abandoned Abu Ghraib whistleblower
12/19/06: Distributing schoolchildren by skin tone
12/05/06: Abortion and the English language
11/29/06: When do we become human beings?
10/23/06: Doing business with Africa's Hitler
10/05/06: Darfur: ‘We will all be slaughtered’
08/31/06: Michael Schiavo versus Joe Lieberman
08/29/06: Dr. Bill Cosby: Master teacher
08/07/06: Will Bush obey the Supreme Court?
07/31/06: Darfur: Edge of the abyss
07/17/06: Prez goes to Constitution school
06/12/06: Insisting on life
06/06/06: Darfur's continued killing and raping
05/11/06: McCain's straight-talk express breaks down
04/27/06: Newspapers remain engines of democracy
04/17/06: Bush is right: ‘Genocide must be stopped!’
04/12/06: Bringing jazz musicians back to life
04/03/06: Will Congress survive an endless war?
03/22/06: A lifeline for Dems?
03/13/06: The genocide minuet at the United Nations
02/16/06: Conservatives rise for the Constitution
02/14/06: The other U.N. scandals
02/07/06: An abortionist's day
01/25/06: A Founding Father on presidential powers
01/19/06: 2006: A pivotal year in U.S. history
01/12/06: Warrantless spying: Which side are you on?
01/09/06: ‘We the People’ in the dark
12/28/05: Darfur: The genocide goes on and on
12/22/05: Major League Baseball's foul ball
12/15/05: Testing Condi
12/05/05: To whom is the CIA accountable?
11/18/05: Lives running out in Darfur
11/07/05: Confirmation questions for Judge Samuel Alito
10/24/05: Justice Scalia excludes you from the Court
10/13/05: Murderous response to Sudan's ‘New Era’
09/29/05: A missing element in the Supreme Court
09/22/05: Darfur: The missing media
09/15/05: A definition of patriotism
08/24/05: Just one day for the Constitution?
08/18/05: Book burning in Cuba
08/15/05: Ideas: The other diversity for colleges
08/04/05: The shame of the African Union
07/28/05: The misrules of judicial confirmations
07/21/05: Free journalism versus government support
07/15/05: Is the CIA above all laws?
07/07/05: The continuing case of Terri Schiavo
06/27/05: The president as head teacher
06/17/05: Darfur: How many more will have to die?
06/02/05: Warring against federal judges
05/26/05: Are we educating for citizenship?
05/20/05: Our genocidal ally in Khartoum
05/16/05: Castro: Rule by fear
05/05/05: Filibustering Janice Rogers Brown
05/02/05: Americans lost in the shadows
04/21/05: High-schooler flunks Harvard professors
04/14/05: Polls distort Terri's life and death
04/11/05: Sunlight on CIA's secret kidnappings
03/28/05: Judicial barbarism may end in horrific death
03/21/05: The White House and torture
03/15/05: Accountability, American style
03/03/05: Clint Eastwood's euthanasia movie
02/10/05: Darfur: The genocide rages on
01/27/05: An American public library versus Castro
01/13/05: Dissent within the ACLU
12/16/04: Censoring the Declaration of Independence
11/15/04: Honoring Swift Boat veteran John O'Neill
11/09/04: A victim of conscience
11/03/04: Annan's rebut to me about Darfur
10/18/04: Should we outsource torture?
09/21/04: Can government be its own watchdog?
09/21/04: Kerry's judicial ‘independence’ has litmus tests
09/13/04: Targeting the Fox News Channel
09/02/04: What is John Kerry hiding?
08/09/04: Are Iraq's beheaders like our Minutemen? 08/09/04: Horrors of Darfur divide the world
08/04/04: Who stops genocide this time?
07/28/04: The FBI's fired whistleblower
07/20/04: Valedictorian of the year
07/13/04: The Constitution trumps the president
05/25/04: The genocidal government of Sudan
05/18/04: A centennial of the American spirit
05/11/04: Improving the Patriot Act
05/04/04: The Patriot Act in trouble
04/26/04: Pickering's reputation restored
04/20/04: Despite Bush's warning, can we trust Sudan?
04/11/04: The new genocide: Have you heard?
04/01/04: Can Kerry reclaim pro-life Dems?
03/22/04: Was Saddam Hussein a feminist?
03/03/04: A silent shadow on National Library Week
02/23/04: Computers will say who you are
02/19/04: A Senate coalition of conscience
01/27/04: Librarians in Castro's gulag
12/10/03: The shame of the American Library Association
12/02/03: The invisible Supreme Court
11/26/03: Demonizing Justice Janice Brown
11/18/03: Janice R. Brown: Too independent for Dems
11/11/03: New hope for Terri Schiavo
11/05/03: Should Terri Schiavo stay alive? A legal answer
10/22/03: Justice denied a good judge
09/29/03: Choosing life or death
09/16/03: 'Hype, hysteria and the Patriot Act'
09/04/03: A true doctor of education
08/12/03: The clueless education establishment
07/29/03: More truth in Tony Blair than Bush war critics
07/22/03: Military tribunals: Misrule of law
07/15/03: O'Connor's huge Constitutional error
06/30/03: TV's voice of the Constitution
06/25/03: Sudan: Children killed, Bush defied
06/17/03: Weapons of mass destruction in plain view
06/12/03: Bush plays into the Dems' hands
06/05/03: Color-coded executions
05/28/03: Affirmative action discords
05/20/03: Conservative civil liberties
05/12/03: The president can stop Democratic filibustering
05/08/03: Protecting Congress, and us, from John Ashcroft
04/29/03: I still think of Elian
04/16/03: A cruel farce in diplomacy
04/03/03: The blindness of anti-war marchers --- and why I refuse to protest
04/03/03: A pro-life advance in the Democratic Party
03/27/03: Teaching why we are Americans
03/18/03: Affirmative action: A different voice
03/11/03: Beyond the fate of Miguel Estrada
03/04/03: Colin Powell meets the teen-age press
02/25/03: It's our Constitution -- not just Ashcroft's
02/13/03: Continuing genocide in Sudan
02/04/03: The other Pickering story
01/15/03: Boy Scouts still under legal fire --- even after winning in High Court
01/09/03: Dick Armey's farewell address
01/02/03: Making affirmative action fair for all
12/26/02: A true police state
12/18/02: The eye that never sleeps
12/10/02: Grassroots resistance to Ashcroft
11/18/02: Breaking the judiciary logjam
11/12/02: Barring Clarence Thomas
11/06/02: Sudan convicted of genocide
10/29/02: John Ashcroft defines patriotism
10/15/02: Unfree speech on college campuses
10/09/02: Picking judges by polls?
10/01/02: Misunderstanding American values
09/23/02: The ABA sees the light
09/18/02: The serial contempt of the Constitution
09/09/02: Sept. 11: Will we stay free?
09/06/02: Who watches the secret court?
08/26/02: The children's circus Salaam Shalom
08/20/02: The children left behind
08/12/02: The Congressman from the Constitution
08/05/02: Sen. Pat Leahy vs. Big Brother's spies
07/29/02: How we were saved from 'Big Brothers'
07/15/02: The necklaces of hatred
07/02/02: Free speech: A Fourth of July tribute
06/24/02: Free markets in slaves
06/17/02: Sen. Tom Daschle, the enforcer
06/10/02: The scary 'new' FBI
06/03/02: John Ashcroft's in your computer
05/28/02: Betraying today's Sudanese slaves
05/20/02: Prejudicial journalism
05/13/02: Moral equivalency's end
05/06/02: Who's Afraid of Clarence Thomas?
04/30/02: Anti-Semitism springs eternal
04/15/02: Rumsfeld's military tribunals
04/08/02: Global suicide bombers?
04/02/02: Liberal bias in the media?
03/25/02: A scar on the Senate
03/19/02: Wanted: Justice
03/11/02: John Ashcroft on comparative religions
03/04/02: The Senate: Advise and disgrace
02/25/02: The FBI among the bookshelves
02/19/02: Blurring the thin line
02/11/02: Ted Kennedy versus a free thinker
02/04/02: Vietnam's state terrorism
01/28/02: The Bush-Ashcroft-Dinh global effect
01/21/02: Who's that knocking at my door?
01/14/02: Bill Clinton confronts posterity
01/07/02: Is free speech un-American?
12/31/01: Once again, our freedom is under siege
12/24/01: Remembering a great American
12/17/01: Rescuing the Constitution
12/10/01: The message we send to the world
12/03/01: Dismantling the Constitution
11/26/01: Our new terrorist ally
11/19/01: Has Ashcroft read the Constitution?
11/12/01: Suspending some of our liberties
11/05/01: Congress betrays its trust
10/29/01: The FBI under cover of darkness
10/22/01: Voice of America lives up to its name
10/15/01: Ariel Sharon spoke to the facts
10/08/01: Coming: a national I.D. card?
10/01/01: An attack on civilization
09/20/01: Sudan: Nurturer of terrorism
09/11/01: Eugenics and abortion
09/05/01: Slavery, free markets, and Bush
08/29/01: Is there biased reporting against Israel?
08/21/01: Back to separate and unequal
08/14/01: Bringing jazz musicians back to life
08/07/01: Targets of terrorism: Two reactions
07/31/01: Killing as a way of healing
07/24/01: The Stem Cell Wars
07/17/01: How Jefferson saved the First Amendment
07/10/01: A foreign threat to a scholar in America
07/03/01: Berlin (1936) -- China (2008?)
06/26/01: Keep the flag flying free
06/19/01: The war against the Boy Scouts
06/12/01: How to make public schools work
06/05/01: Pro-abortion extremists
05/29/01: Bipartisan Senate arrogance
05/22/01: Is Bob Kerrey home free?
05/15/01: Facts are elusive on TV talk shows
05/08/01: Was it a war crime?
05/01/01: U.N.'s Kofi Annan should resign
04/24/01: Congress discovers slavery
04/17/01: '60 Minutes' should be ashamed of itself
04/10/01: A case for public executions
04/03/01: At colleges, a fear of free speech
03/27/01: Constitution bars school vouchers
03/20/01: Torturers as trading partners
03/13/01: Supreme Court rewrites Constitution
03/06/01: Testing compassionate conservatism
02/27/01: Are certain lives not worth living?
02/20/01: Misteaching the rule of law
02/13/01: What a web!
02/06/01: All that jazz
01/30/01: History will also judge Robert Ray
01/23/01: History will not absolve him
01/08/01: Will Rice remember Rwanda?
01/02/01: Expanding the culture of death
12/26/00: Media should stop misleading public about High Court's actions
12/18/00: A government that executes children
12/11/00: Caucus speaks out on slavery in Sudan
12/04/00: This year, give the gift of the Constitution
11/27/00: Is capital punishment a deterrent?
11/20/00: Punishing the Boy Scouts
11/06/00: Joe Lieberman's excommunication
10/30/00: CNN discards journalistic responsibility
10/23/00: The basic flaw in the debates
10/16/00: Nader's American history lesson; or: Silencing Jesse Jackson
10/06/00: Hate-crime laws: The real message
10/03/00: Why Clinton was not convicted
09/25/00: Protecting babies born alive
09/25/00: A selective zeal for justice
09/06/00: The power of nonviolence
08/28/00: Should Dr. Laura be silenced?
08/22/00: Trashing the Bill of Rights in Philly
08/14/00: The repressive hand of China
08/07/00: A racial incident on a train
07/31/00: Attention Jesse Jackson: Sudanese children are still branded and enslaved
07/24/00: Open up the presidential debates!
07/17/00: A stealth attack on privacy
07/03/00: Plea to the Congressional Black Caucus
06/26/00: Burning 'bad' ideas at college
06/19/00: Affirmative action beyond race
06/12/00: Students discover the Constitution
06/06/00: The Liar's legacy and America's delusions
05/30/00: Reining in the majority's will
05/23/00: Press swoons for a bunco artist
05/15/00: The China that tourists don't see
05/08/00: The coverage of Reno's lawless raid
05/01/00: In Clinton and Castro's best interests
04/24/00: Elian's human rights
04/17/00: Crime's down, but arrests keep rising
04/10/00: Teacher brings Constitution to life
04/03/00: The Americans who keep disappearing
03/27/00: The censoring of feminist history
03/20/00: Should there be a chaplain in Congress?
03/13/00: Big labor, big China, spinning Gore
03/03/00: The ACLU violates its principles --- yet again!
02/28/00: Still two nations?
02/11/00: You bet we should disbar Bubba
01/31/00: Where was Jesse?
01/24/00: Is suing church for sexual harassment an entanglement?
01/18/00: Will Miranda make it?
01/11/00: ACLU: Guilty until presumed innocent?
01/03/00: Liberty lion should be Man of Century
12/28/99: Drug tests that tear families apart
12/20/99: Get ready for decisive ruling on school vouchers for religious schools
12/13/99: Guess who is taking the lead in anti-slavery movement? Hint: It ain't Rev. Jesse
12/06/99: When we refuse to buy the 'otherly-challenged' excuse
11/29/99: Expelling 'Huck Finn'
11/22/99: Pleading the First
11/16/99: Goal of diversity needs rethinking?
11/08/99: Prosecution in darkness
11/02/99: The accuracy that's owed to readers
10/26/99: Disappeared Americans
10/18/99: The blue wall of silence
10/11/99: Bill Bradley's speech tax
10/04/99: 'Technicalities' that keep us free
09/27/99: Our 'Americanism'-ignorant generation
09/20/99: ACLU better clean up its act
09/13/99: A professor of infanticide at Princeton
09/07/99: The Big Apple's Rotten Policing
08/23/99: Lawyerly ethics
08/16/99: To Get a Supreme Court Seat
08/02/99: What are the poor people doing tonight?
07/26/99: Lady Hillary and the press

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