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11/12/19: The authoritarian temptation
08/04/17: The guardrails hold
07/28/17: Sessions lessons
07/21/17: What to do for little Charlie Gard
07/14/17: Bungled collusion is still collusion
07/07/17: North Korea: The Rubicon is crossed
06/30/17: Why do they even play the game?
06/23/17: The great Muslim civil war -- and us
06/09/17: You can't govern by id
06/02/17: To die for Estonia?
05/26/17: Why Middle East peace starts in Saudi Arabia
05/19/17: The guardrails can't contain Trump
05/12/17: A political ax murder
05/05/17: Trump: 'normalized' but still scary
04/28/17: Don't mistake the results of the French presidential election for a sign that populism is abating
04/21/17: With North Korea, we do have cards to play
04/14/17: The Great Reversal --- for now
04/07/17: Karma, precedent and the nuclear option
03/31/17: The road to single-payer health care? We still got time to revisit a more ambitious repeal-and-replace plan
03/24/17: American democracy: Not so decadent after all
03/17/17: Republicans and entitlements
03/10/17: Washington has worked itself into a frenzy over two different conjectures
03/03/17: Revolt of the attorneys general
02/24/17: Trump and the 'madman theory'
02/17/17: The case of the cover-up in search of a crime
02/10/17: The travel moratorium: A hopeless disaster
02/02/17: Thank Heaven for Harry Reid
01/27/17: Trump's foreign policy revolution
01/20/17: Obama's self-revealing final act
01/13/17: Trump heading toward divorce even before the honeymoon?
01/06/17: Cold War relic, present day threat --- no, not Russia
12/30/16: Obama's final, most shameful, legacy moment
12/23/16: The bill for Obama's abdication of American authority abroad comes due
12/16/16: The Trump Cabinet: Bonfire of the agencies
12/09/16: Tweets and theater entertain, but Congress is the main event
12/02/16: After a mere 25 years, the triumph of the West is over
11/25/16: Dems' doctrine of tribalism at home and universalism abroad is finally finished
11/11/16: How the new Republican majority can succeed
11/04/16: Final days, awful choice
10/28/16: Is Obama preparing a parting shot at Israel?
10/21/16: My vote, explained
10/14/16: Trump's 'locker room talk' --- that's what's generating uproar?
10/07/16: The stillborn legacy of Barack Obama
09/30/16: When facts, logic and history don't matter
09/16/16: Hillary sharpens, Trump softens. He's rising, she's falling
09/09/16: Incident in Hangzhou: Obama's humiliation in China is a sign --- and the world is paying attention
09/06/16: Trump's proposals for immigration, radical? Hardly
08/26/16: The Clinton Bribery Standard
08/19/16: The price of powerlessness
08/12/16: To each his own Olympics
08/05/16: Donald Trump and the fitness threshold
07/29/16: What's the case for Hillary Clinton?
07/22/16: Notes from Cleveland: The two forms of resistance
07/15/16: Resisting the revisionists: Finally, a first step
07/08/16: Comey: A theory --- Why did the FBI director let Hillary Clinton off the hook?
07/01/16: In seeking a newly sovereign United Kingdom, the Brits might well find themselves having produced a diminished England
06/24/16: Hillaryism: Trapped by circumstance, she is the status quo candidate of uninspired incrementalism
06/17/16: Trump is running as Trump. Surprise!
06/10/16: One can be appalled by Donald Trump but understand why the House speaker would support him
06/03/16: Lovable Bernie whacks Israel
05/27/16: The arrow of history: Despite his apology tour, Obama has evolved into a realist
05/20/16: Hillary needs Sanders, while Trump needs a crisis
05/06/16: Trump and the GOP donít care about principle
04/29/16: The world according to Trump
04/22/16: Our own Mickey Mantle
04/15/16: Clintonism, RIP
04/08/16:The coming train wreck
04/01/16: The four foreign policies
03/25/16: Obama's ideological holiday in Havana
03/18/16: There's an air of menace about this campaign
03/11/16: The Holocaust and the Jewish identity
03/04/16: Donald Trump: Defender of the Faith
02/26/16: While Obama fiddles ...
02/19/16: Win one for Nino
02/12/16: Sanders and Trump: Magic sells
02/05/16: The 'establishment' nonsense
01/29/16: The three-cornered fight for the soul of the GOP
01/22/16: The GOP gets the Iran prisoner swap wrong
01/15/16: The state of the presidency: spent
01/08/16: Defy America, pay no price
01/04/16: Space: The visionaries take over
12/28/15: Food fads: Make mine gluten-full
12/18/15: Legacy or bust
12/10/15: Why take the Trump stunt seriously?
11/27/15: Syrian Refugee Debate Is A National Embarrassment
11/20/15: Obama's phony war
TARGET="_blank">11/13/15: The most revealing debate yet
TARGET="_blank">11/06/15: Squandering victories: GOP should take their winnings and run
10/30/15: Skip the investigations, win the election
10/23/15: Putin marches, Obama watches
10/16/15: Game over
10/09/15: Another massacre, another charade
10/02/15: Obama's Syria debacle
09/25/15: Double suicide: Republicans are lurching toward disaster
09/18/15: The Iran charade on Capitol Hill
09/04/15: One scenario could stop the Hillary juggernaut
08/28/15: What six years of 'reset' have wrought
08/21/15: The immigration swamp
08/14/15: The 2016 Racing Form, third edition: This column is for betting purposes only
08/07/15: Just who is helping Iranís hard-liners?
07/31/15: Syrian Christians and the English Jew who became their saviour
07/24/15: The price of fetal parts
07/17/15: Why Congress must rob the Iran deal of its legitimacy
07/10/15: A reason for hope in humanity's aspirations
07/03/15: The Worst Agreement in U.S. Diplomatic History
06/26/15: On lowering the flag
06/19/15: A new strategy for Iraq and Syria
06/12/15: GOP racing form: Parsing the crowded field of contenders
06/05/15: Why your doctors may be on the verge of quitting, Chapter 2: A follow-up column
05/29/15: Why your doctors may be on the verge of quitting
05/22/15: You want hypotheticals? Here's one
05/15/15: Save Obama (on trade)
05/08/15: Free Willy!
05/01/15: Men wielding power in hellish times
04/24/15: Obama's Nixon doctrine: Anointing Iran
04/17/15: She rides by van: Hillary's inauthenticity problem
04/11/15: The Iran deal: Anatomy of a disaster
03/27/15: The GOP racing form: First edition
03/20/15: No peace in our time
03/13/15: Early Onset Clinton Fatigue
03/06/15: A Churchillian warning: Netanyahu offered a real alternative on Iran
02/27/15: A fatal flaw: America's looming capitulation to Iran
02/20/15: The GOP must finish what Dems started
02/13/15: Crusaders and appeasers
02/06/15: Does the barbarism have a logic?
01/30/15: 'Never Again', again?
01/23/15: Iran's emerging empire
01/16/15: Notice when otherwise outspoken Obama becomes of muted, mealy-mouthed?
01/09/15: Raise the gas tax. A lot.
01/02/15: Nylons for nothing in Cuba
12/22/14: How to fight the lone wolf
12/12/14: A travesty of a report
12/05/14: The real civil war: Dems struggle for footing --- and purpose
11/21/14: The climate pact swindle
11/14/14: The Gruber Confession: Obamacare was sold on a pack of lies
11/07/14: Now, a level playing field
10/31/14: A collapse of trust
10/24/14: Our bewildered president: Obama is determined to remain detached
10/20/14: Ebola vs. civil liberties
10/13/14: Bombing for show? Or for effect?
10/03/14: The party of 'no': Why winning the Senate matters for the GOP
09/29/14: Our real Syria strategy --- yes, we actually have one
09/19/14: Interpreting Islamic State's jihadi logic
09/12/14: An uncertain trumpet: Obama's continues his ambivalence towards war
09/05/14: Ukraine abandoned: Obama and NATO's stunning passivity
08/29/14: Obama should lead on tax code reform. Now
08/22/14: Battling barbarism: Stopping the worst people on Earth
08/15/14: Hillary got it right
08/08/14: Impeachment bait: Obama hopes amnesty will save Dems
08/01/14: Clueless in Gaza: Kerry has legitimized Hamas' criminality
07/25/14: The vacant presidency: Obama seems to believe in his strategy of passivity
07/18/14: Moral clarity in Gaza: Hamas initiated this conflict on its own
07/11/14: The immigration no-brainer
06/27/14: Government by fiat: Obama's aggressions must be challenged
06/20/14: Abdication has a price
06/13/14: Revenge, American-style
06/06/14: Free him, then try him
05/30/14: Emptiness at West Point: One can only marvel at the smallness of it all
05/23/14: Obama Outmaneuvered By Russia In China Gas Deal
05/15/14: Activism by Twitter? It can be a dereliction of duty for those in charge
05/09/14: Benghazi: How to do the hearings right
05/02/14: Obama's foreign policy of self-delusion
04/25/14: An affirmative decision: The Supreme Court gets it right
04/18/14: The zealots win again
04/11/14: Thought police on patrol: Is the Left's intolerance totalitarianism?
04/04/14: Kerry's folly, Chapter 3
03/28/14: Fanciful-Thinking Obama Vs. 'Weak' Putin Is A Mismatch
03/21/14: The invasion will be catered: Ukraine asks for military assistance; Obama offers rations
03/14/14: How to stop Putin
03/06/14: The wages of weakness
02/28/14: Putin Puts Ukraine Gambit Into Motion As Obama Sleeps
02/21/14: 'Settled science' myth: Climate change is not a fact
02/14/14: Obamacare's war on jobs
02/07/14: The health-care myths we live by
01/31/14: No to war on women': The GOP should not focus on female sexuality
01/24/14: Stop kicking Canada around
01/17/14: How in good conscience? Obama never was serious about Afghanistan
01/10/14: Fighting academic bigotry
01/03/14: Stop the bailout, now: How to cut out Obamacare's Plan B
12/20/13: Story of the year
12/13/13: Obama the oblivious: He has shown little aptitude as president
12/06/13: Woe to U.S. allies: Obama, crises, many bewildered friends
11/29/13: The growing breakdown of political norms
11/22/13: A 'sucker's deal': The U.S. offer to Iran is absurdly asymmetric
11/15/13: Why libs are panicked
11/08/13: President's Incompetence Repsonse? Permanent Campaign
11/01/13: Obamacare laid bare
10/18/13: Redskins and reason: It is simple decency to stop using a slur
10/11/13: The way out: The two parties can deal, if Obama will let them
10/04/13: Who Locked Little Johnny Out Of Yellowstone Park?
09/30/13: Deal with an Iranian moderate? The search has been never-ending for good reason
09/23/13: The real Navy Yard scandal
09/13/13: The Fruits Of Obama's Epic Incompetence
09/09/13: Unless he's serious, vote no
08/30/13: Shamed into war? Obama: If you are going to do this, do it seriously
08/23/13:The choice in Egypt: A dictatorship is better for the country and the U.S.
08/16/13: Can Obama write his own laws?
08/09/13: War by wordplay: The world's first lexicological war
08/02/13: How fractured is the GOP?
07/26/13: Detroit Ran Into The Inviolable Rule Of Economics
07/19/13: Disgrace of Zimmerman trial came after it ended
07/12/13: Republican obstructionism is the root of all evil
07/05/13: Obama's war on global warming is economic suicide
06/28/13: Nationalized gay marriage, now inevitable
06/21/13: America sidelined: On Syria, Obama canít hide from history
06/14/13: The consequences of Obama forfeiting our trust
06/07/13: The ruins of Qusair: Assad, Russia and Iran have the upper hand
05/31/13: Obama Doctrine On Terror Evokes Dorothy In 'Wizard Of Oz'
05/24/13: Obama's shameful ad hominem presidency
05/17/13: Redacted truth, subjunctive outrage
05/10/13: Pink line over Damascus
05/03/13: Obama: The fall
04/26/13: The Bush legacy
04/19/13: The language of terror: Why is Obama wavering over using the word?
04/12/13: Obama's Budget And The Appearance Of Reform
04/05/13: The trigger and the poison pill: Obama on immigration
03/29/13: The president recalibrates: What really happened in Jerusalem
03/22/13: How we can get the fiscal Holy Grail
03/15/13: Codify the drone war: The war on terror needs a new rulebook
03/08/13: Why we should not cut off aid to Egypt
03/01/13: Hail Armageddon
02/22/13: The lesser of two evils: Sen. Rubio's imperfect immigration plan
02/15/13: In defense of Obamaís drone war
02/08/13: Republicans musn't wimp-out on the sequester
02/01/13: Immigration: Getting it right
01/25/13: Obama unbound
01/18/13: A new GOP strategy: The partyís split is quite solvable
01/11/13: The meaning of Hagel: His views show where Obama wants to go
01/04/13: Return of the real Obama
12/21/12: Roots of mass murder: Getting serious about stopping the psychotic
12/14/12: The right-to-work dilemma
12/07/12: Nothing but a power play: Obama's designs are not economic but political
11/30/12: Cliff-jumping with Barack: Why is the GOP playing the Dems' game?
11/23/12: 'Ceasefire' in a war against a Jew-free Gaza?
11/09/12: The way forward: Republicans do not need to radically change
11/02/12: The choice: The most important election since 1980?
10/26/12: Obama stoops, doesn't conquer
10/19/12: The great gaffe
10/12/12: The Big Bird counterattack: Obama has only excuses
10/05/12: Romney by two touchdowns
09/28/12: Go large, Mitt
09/21/12: Obama's 'Cairo Doctrine' In Shambles After Libya Attack
09/14/12: The abandonment
08/17/12: Romney's present, Ryan's future: The new face of the GOP
08/10/12: Making The Stronger Case Against Rehiring Obama
08/03/12: Romney's excellent trip
07/30/12: Busted: Mr. Pfeiffer and the White House blog
07/27/12: Why Romney's going where he's going
07/20/12: Did the state make you great?: Virtues Obama discounts
07/13/12: The Islamist ascendancy
07/06/12: The imperial presidency revisited
06/29/12: Why Roberts did it: One of the great constitutional finesses ever
06/22/12: Obama's amnesty-by-fiat: Naked lawlessness
06/15/12: Silly Season, 2012: Despite Obama's slide, the race remains 50-50
06/08/12: What Wisconsin means
06/01/12: Drone warrior Barack's rather strange ethics
05/25/12: The joy of winning
05/18/12: Obama's same-sex contradiction
05/11/12: Echoes of '67: Israel unites
05/03/12: Divider in Chief: Obama stirs fear and resentment to win votes
04/27/12: While Syria burns: Obama stands idly by and embarasses the nation
04/20/12: Farewell, New Frontier
04/16/12: Free-lunch egalitarianism
04/06/12: Obama v. SCOTUS: Dems reel after losing the legal argument
03/30/12: The 'flexibility' doctrine: Hasn't reset been failure enough for Obama?
03/23/12: Obamacare: The reckoning
03/15/12: Obama's oil flimflam
03/09/12: Priority No. 1? Stop Israel
03/02/12: Romney's luck
02/17/12: Obamacare vs. the Constitution: A trifecta of rights denied
02/10/12:The Gospel According To Sebelius: Render Unto ObamaCare
02/03/12: Syria: It's not just about freedom
01/27/12: President Opts For Small-Ball Demagoguery
01/20/12: The GOP's suicide march
01/13/12: Ron Paul's achievement
01/06/12: A worthy challenger
12/30/11: Are we alone in the universe?
12/23/11: The GOP's payroll tax debacle
12/16/11: Wages of appeasement
12/09/11: Running on empty: Obama's campaign for class resentment
12/02/11: Mitt vs. Newt
11/25/11: The Grover Norquist tax myth
11/18/11: Obama's politically strategic inaction
11/11/11: The 2011 elections: A split decision
11/04/11: Who Lost Iraq? He Who Was Handed Victory
10/28/11: Libyan ‘crossfire’
10/24/11: Punch-out in the desert
10/17/11:The scapegoat strategy
10/06/11: Gone in 60 nanoseconds
10/03/11: Land for peace, yes
09/23/11: Return of the real Obama
09/16/11: A Ponzi scheme that should be fixed
09/09/11: The 9/11 'overreaction'? Nonsense
09/01/11: The best show in town
08/26/11: King, in word and stone
08/19/11: Bad luck? Bad faith?
08/12/11: The system works
08/05/11: How the super-committee can strike a Grand Bargain
07/29/11: The great divide
07/22/11: The Half-Trillion Plan
07/15/11: Call Obama's bluff
07/09/11: Is President Finally Serious About Debt?
06/24/11: Who takes us to war?
06/20/11: The union-owned Democrats
06/10/11: Stewardship? Or ideology?
06/03/11: Our salutary debt-ceiling scare
05/27/11: What Obama did to Israel
05/20/11: The news in Obama's speech
05/13/11: Demagoguery 101
05/06/11: Can't Wait For Evil To Die Of Natural Causes
04/29/11: The Obama doctrine: Leading from behind
04/22/11: The racing form, 2012
04/15/11: The grand compromise
04/08/11: After Ryan's leap, a rush of deficit demagoguery
04/01/11: Syria's 'reformer'
03/25/11: Obama and Libya: The professor's war
03/18/11: It's still an empty lockbox
03/11/11: Et tu, Jack Lew?
03/04/11: From Baghdad to Benghazi
02/25/11: Rubicon: A river in Wisconsin
02/18/11: Obama's Louis XV budget
02/11/11: From freedom agenda to freedom doctrine
02/04/11: Toward a soft landing in Egypt
01/28/11: The old Obama in new clothing
01/21/11: Everything starts with repeal
01/12/11: Massacre, followed by libel
01/06/11: Constitutionalism
12/31/10: Government by regulation. Shhh.
12/24/10: Obama's new start
12/17/10: The new comeback kid
12/10/10: Swindle of the year
12/03/10: WikiLeaks founder Assange ought to be hiding from America
11/26/10: The irrelevance of START
11/19/10: Don't touch my junk
11/12/10: Why President Obama is right about India
11/05/10: A return to the norm
10/29/10: Obama's plea for retribution
10/22/10: Obama underappreciation is easily explained
10/15/10: Your pre-election post-mortem
10/08/10: The Colbert Democrats
10/03/10: Why is Obama sending troops to Afghanistan?
09/27/10: Visigoths at the gate?
09/17/10: The Buckley rule
09/13/10: Your move, Mr. Abbas
09/03/10: Our distracted commander in chief
08/27/10: The last refuge of a liberal
08/20/10: Moral myopia at Ground Zero
08/13/10: Sacrilege at Ground Zero
08/06/10: Annals of executive overreach
07/30/10: Iran starts feeling heat
07/23/10: Beware The Dems' Lame-Duck Agenda
07/16/10: Obama's next act
07/09/10: The selective modesty of Barack Obama
07/02/10: Terror --- and candor in describing the Islamist ideology behind it
06/25/10: Afghanistan: The 7/11 problem
06/18/10: Obama and the vision thing
06/11/10: The myth of Iran's 'isolation'
06/04/10: Those troublesome Jews
05/28/10: A disaster with many fathers
05/21/10: The fruits of weakness
05/14/10: Modernizing Miranda: A new consensus
05/07/10: How to modernize Miranda for the Age of Terror
04/23/10: The joys of losing
04/16/10: Obama's Strutting and fretting
04/09/10: Nuclear posturing, Obama-style
04/02/10: Obama's policy of slapping allies
03/26/10: Obamacare's next trick: the VAT
03/19/10: The Biden incident
03/12/10: In praise of the rotation of power
03/05/10: Onward, he said, regardless
02/26/10: Toyota and the price of modernity
02/19/10: Ungovernable? Nonsense
02/12/10: Closing the new frontier
02/05/10: The great peasant revolt of 2010
01/29/10: Soft on terror
01/25/10: What Scott Brown's win means for the Dems
01/15/10: One year out: Obama's fall
01/08/10: Obama's Guantanamo obsession
01/01/10: Obama's dangerous denial
12/25/09: 2009: The year of living fecklessly
12/18/09: An anniversary of sorts
12/11/09: The new socialism
11/27/09: Kill the bills. Do health reform right
11/20/09: A security nightmare, a terror threat, and a stage to proclaim the glory of jihad
11/13/09: Medicalizing mass murder
11/06/09: The myth of '08, demolished
10/30/09: The three envelopes
10/23/09: The 'post-partisan' president makes an enemies list
10/16/09: Amateurishness, wrapped in naivete, inside credulity
10/09/09: Young Hamlet's Agony
10/02/09: Obama's French Lesson
09/25/09: A Great Good Man
09/18/09: Does He Lie?
09/11/09: The Van Jones Matter
09/04/09: Obama, the Mortal
08/28/09: Obamacare: The Only Exit Strategy
08/21/09: The Truth About Death Counseling
08/14/09: The Great ‘Prevention’ Myth
08/07/09: Health-Care Reform: A Better Plan
07/31/09: Obamacare: The Coming Retreat
07/24/09: Why Obamacare Is Sinking
07/17/09: The Moon We Left Behind
07/10/09: Plumage — But at A Price
07/03/09: The Meaning of Ricci
06/26/09: Iran: Desperately seeking Yeltsin
06/19/09: Hope and Change --- but Not for Iran
06/12/09: Obama hovers from on High
06/05/09: The Settlements Myth
05/28/09: Sotomayor: Criticize, then confirm
05/22/09: Obama in Bush Clothing
05/15/09: How -- and why -- torture works
05/08/09: The Hamas ‘Peace’ Gambit
05/01/09: Torture? No. Except …
04/24/09: Obama: The Grand Strategy
04/17/09: The Sting, In Four Parts
04/13/09: It's Your Country Too, Mr. President
04/03/09: Obama's Ultimate Agenda
03/20/09: Bonfire of the Trivialities
03/13/09: Obama's ‘Science’ Fiction
03/06/09: The Great Non Sequitur: The Sleight of Hand Behind Obama's Agenda
02/27/09: The Obamaist Manifesto
02/20/09: Obama's ‘Kick Me’ Diplomacy
02/13/09: Iraq: Good News Is No News Runaway stimulus
02/06/09: The Fierce Urgency of Pork
01/30/09: Outreach, Yes. Apology, No: We've Never Been Islam's Enemy
01/23/09: Obama's inaugural surprise
01/16/09: Exit Bush, Shoes Flying
01/09/09: Will Olmert screw it up yet again?
01/02/09: Moral clarity in Gaza
12/19/08: The U.S. House Of Lords?
12/12/08: The Real Obama: A Centrist? No. A Transformer
12/05/08: A democratic Iraq within reach
11/28/08: From market economy to political economy
11/14/08: A lemon of a bailout
11/07/08: The Campaign Autopsy
10/31/08: McCain for President, Part II
10/24/08: I'm Still Voting for John McCain
10/17/08: Who's Playing the Race Card?
10/10/08: Obama & Friends: Judge Not?
10/03/08: Hail Mary vs. Cool Barry
09/26/08: Catharsis, then common sense
09/19/08: History will judge
09/15/08: Obama's altitude sickness
09/05/08: Palin's problem
08/29/08: The Perfect Stranger
08/22/08: Russia Growls, NATO Meows
08/14/08: How to stop Putin
08/11/08: No Will To Drill: The Democrats Resist Logic — and Politics
08/04/08: Pelosi: Save the Planet, Let Someone Else Drill
07/28/08: Maliki Votes for Obama
07/18/08: Originally, the question about Obama was: Who is he? Now it's: Who the heck does he think he is?
07/11/08: How hostages, and nations, get liberated
07/04/08: A Man of Seasonal Principles
06/27/08: The ever-malleable Mr. Obama
06/20/08: McCain's oil epiphany
06/13/08: Make the Election About Iraq
06/06/08: At $4, Everybody Gets Rational
05/30/08: Carbon Chastity: The First Commandment of the Church of the Environment
05/23/08: Obama's netastatic gaffe
05/16/08: The Miracle, at 60
05/09/08: Too Late to the Duck Hunt: A Farewell to Hillary
05/02/08: The ‘Race Speech’ Revisited
04/25/08: Obama's ‘distractions’?
04/18/08: Deterring the Undeterrable
04/11/08: The Holocaust declaration
04/04/08: The Fabulist Vs. the Saint
03/28/08: ‘A Rank Falsehood’
03/21/08: The Speech: A Brilliant Fraud
03/14/08: Adventures in identity politics
03/07/08: The Great Non Sequitur
02/29/08: In defense of lobbying
02/22/08: Dems dug in for retreat
02/15/08: The Audacity of Selling Hope
02/08/08: Bush begat McCain
02/01/08: Clawing for a legacy
01/25/08: Losing ugly
01/18/08: Black Dreams, White Liberals
01/11/08: A sneer, a tear, a comeback
01/04/08: Crooked roads to democracy
12/21/07: Bush's Axis Scorecard
12/07/07: Huckabee plays the religion card
12/07/07: An overdose of public piety?
11/30/07: Stem cell vindication
11/23/07: On Iraq, a State of Denial
11/16/07: Alliances in ruins?
11/09/07: Marcos . . . Pinochet . . . Musharraf?
11/02/07: The real Bill-ary problem
10/26/07: Well, what about Reagan?
10/19/07: Pelosi's Armenian gambit
10/12/07: The Great Navigator
10/08/07: What Sputnik launched
10/01/07: France flips while congress shifts
09/21/07: Middle East volcano
09/17/07: A ‘realistic chance’ of success
09/07/07: The Partitioning of Iraq
08/31/07: Thinking Beyond Maliki
08/24/07: The Iraqi convergence
08/17/07: Return of the Natural
08/10/07: The Baghdad Fabulist
08/03/07: Your honor, I rise in defense of drunken astronauts
07/27/07: Strike Two: Obama as first-responder-in-chief
06/29/07: The Tax-Free Lunch
06/22/07: Last chance for Abbas
06/15/07: Good fences: If we build it, they won't come
06/08/07: Humiliating the Candidates
06/01/07: Get in line, Einstein
05/25/07: One Short Amendment: The Amnesty Compromise Needs a Caveat
05/18/07: Prelude to the Six Days
05/11/07: Giuliani's Abortion ‘gaffe’
05/04/07: Rewriting history
04/27/07: Boris the Liberator, RIP
04/20/07: A Moment of Silence: Using Grief for Political Gain
04/13/07: The Surge: First Fruits
04/06/07: Britain's Humiliation — and Europe's
03/30/07: Which is “The Real War”?
03/23/07: Unnecessary scandal
03/16/07: Diagnosis: Cheney
03/09/07: Fitzgerald's folly: A textbook case for a speedy pardon
03/02/07: Music Of the Spheres: Why a Moon Mission Is Worth the Money
02/23/07: No way to end a war
02/16/07: The Putin Doctrine
02/09/07: The War And the Words
02/02/07: Who's to blame for the killing
01/26/07: Want Energy Independence? It can be achieved, providing Ö
01/19/07: A plausible Plan B
01/12/07: Stem Cell Miracle? An Advance This Side Of Bush's Moral Line
01/05/07: A rushed, botched, unholy mess
12/22/06: No Dancing in the End Zone
12/15/06: In Baker's blunder, a chance for Bush
12/08/06: That Murder in London
12/01/06: This is realism?
11/24/06: ‘Inspector Borat’ looking for Jew hated in all the wrong places
11/17/06: Why Iraq is crumbling
11/10/06: Only a minor earthquake
11/03/06: A great anti-Republican wave is a-coming?
10/27/06: Winning by losing
10/20/06: World War II is over, allow Japanese nukes
10/13/06: What Will Stop North Korea
10/06/06: Angels and intelligence estimates
09/25/06: Krauthammer's Law: Everyone is Jewish until proven otherwise
09/22/06: Tolerance: A Two-Way Street
09/15/06: The Tehran Calculus
09/08/06: Iraq: A civil war we can still win
09/01/06: Hezbollah's ‘victory’
08/25/06: The perils of using ‘the Allies’
08/18/06: A moment to be seized in Lebanon
08/11/06: Short-term gain, long-term pain
08/04/06: Could a Hezbollah win destroy the US-Israel relationship?
07/28/06: Life in an Orwellian universe
07/19/06: Lebanon: The Only Exit Strategy
07/14/06: Why They Fight: Time to fact-check conventional wisdom
07/07/06: Emergency Over, Saith the Court
06/30/06: Amnesty for Insurgents? Yes
06/23/06: Why I Love Australia
06/16/06: The Palestinian disease: Who Is to Blame for Grief on a Beach?
06/09/06: A ban we don't (yet) need
06/05/06: Beer, hot dogs — and 'roids?
05/26/06: Say no to Tehran's gambit
05/19/06: Why Is Border Security “Conservative”?
05/12/06: Sparing Moussaoui for the wrong reasons
05/05/06: Never Again?
04/28/06: Say it with me: Supply and Demand
04/21/06: The generals' dangerous whispers
04/17/06: Immigrants must choose
04/07/06: First a wall — then amnesty
03/27/06: Fukuyama's fantasy
03/24/06: Of course it's a civil war
03/17/06: Pandora and Polygamy
03/10/06: The Kurd Card
03/03/06: Oscars for Osama
02/24/06: A Dubai finesse
02/17/06: Quell Quailgate: Cheney's Call Was Wrong but Understandable
02/10/06: Curse of the Muslim moderate
02/03/06: The essential first lesson of any newborn democracy is that national choices have national consequences
01/25/06: Marcel, my brother
01/18/06: The Iran Charade, Part II
01/13/06: Hollywood ignoramus Spielberg gives flesh to the argument of a radical anti-Semitic Iranian
01/06/06: Sharon was going to bring stability to Israel
12/23/05: Impeachment nonsense
12/16/05: In Iran, Arming for Armageddon
12/09/05: Man for a Glass Booth
11/25/05: Sweet Land of Giving
11/11/05: Pump some seriousness into energy policy
11/04/05: Distorting Sam Alito
10/28/05: Cold-blooded and wrong-headed on Iraq
10/21/05: Miers: The Only Exit Strategy
10/14/05: A Flu Hope, Or Horror?
10/07/05: Withdraw this nominee
09/30/05: Bad Choice for an Antiwar Voice
09/23/05: China's Moment
09/16/05: Roe v. Roberts
09/09/05: Where to Point the Fingers
09/02/05: A Sensible Iraqi Constitution
08/26/05: The Stakes After Gaza
08/19/05: Israel surrendered because it has no peace partner
08/12/05: Situational libertarianism
08/05/05: Cell Lines, Moral Lines: Research Should Expand — With a Key Limit
07/29/05: Give Grandma a Pass: Politically Correct Screening Won't Catch Jihadists
07/22/05: Roberts is no Scalia
07/15/05: Europe's Native-Born Enemy
07/08/05: Philosophy for a judge
07/01/05: Shelve this deadline
06/24/05: A Party Without Ideas
06/17/05:Assimilation nation
06/10/05: From Thomas, original views
06/03/05: Gitmo Grovel: Enough Already
05/27/05: Profiles in Flinching
05/13/05: Nuclear? No, Restoration
05/06/05: The Same old saw on Social Security
04/29/05: In the Public Interest
04/22/05: Judicial insanity
04/15/05: Suffering a relapse, and loving it
04/04/05: The power of faith
04/01/05: Syria and the New Axis of Evil
03/23/05: Between Travesty and Tragedy
03/18/05: What's Left? Shame
03/11/05: Thou Shalt Not Create
03/04/05: The Road to Damascus
02/28/05: Sharon is competent
02/18/05: 2042: A Fiscal Odyssey
02/12/05: Why the ‘Palestinians’ came to the table
02/04/05: Free to dance in Iraq
01/28/05: Rice and Democratic politics
01/21/05: Tomorrow's threat
01/14/05: Rather biased
01/07/05: The ‘Zionist enemy’ — and her supporters — is in denial yet again
12/24/04: Discoveries, real and imagined
12/17/04: Just Leave Christmas Alone
12/10/04: The Afghan Miracle: Why isn't this stunning U.S. success appreciated?
12/03/04: Why Only in Ukraine?
11/29/04: A Fight for Shiites
11/12/04: 'Moral Values' Myth
11/05/04: Using all of a mandate
10/29/04: The ‘evolved’ candidate
10/15/04: Edwards' loathsome display of demagoguery: I never expected a candidate for vice president to give paralysis sufferers false hope
10/11/04: Terrorists' candidates
10/04/04: The Vietnamization of John Kerry
09/24/04:The art of losing friends
09/20/04: Nowhere Left to flop
09/10/04: Kerry the spectator
08/27/04: The pressure-cooker theory
08/20/04: A better defense
08/13/04: Muffing the Bounce
08/06/04: Muffing the Bounce
07/23/04: Axis of Evil, Part Two
07/09/04: U. N. will go to any length to condemn Israel, including enabling murder
07/09/04: It's a new world and exceedingly dangerous — everything's at stake
07/02/04: In Defense of the F-Word?
06/25/04: Iraq on historic track
The smallness of a man who grantedequal valence to his own indulgences on the one hand and to the fate of nations on the other
06/18/04: Israel's Intifada Victory
06/04/04: Iraq on historic track
05/28/04: Parenthesis to history
05/21/04: Tax and drill
05/14/04: The Abu Ghraib panic
05/14/04:This war is also about — deeply about — sex
04/30/04: The Real Mideast ĎPoisoní
04/23/04: Kerry adrift
04/16/04: This Is Hardly Vietnam
04/09/04: How the times have changed
04/02/04: Phony apology
03/26/04: Sept. 11, lies and ‘mistakes’
03/19/04: Spaniards capitulating
03/12/04: Shooting French in a barrel
02/27/04: NOT AGAIN! Revolution by Fiat
02/20/04: GOPers turning ugly?
02/13/04: The Other Shoe
02/06/04: After Sept. 11, It's Veterans Day
01/30/04: What Kay really was saying
01/23/04: Paradise Lost
01/16/04: A modest proposal
01/09/04: Why We Are Safer
12/26/03: How is it possible to ignore the Iraqi war's most blindingly obvious collateral benefits?
12/19/03: Killing him softly
12/12/03: Gore the Kingmaker
12/05/03: The delusional Dean
11/28/03: Geneva sellout
11/21/03: Man vs. Computer: Still a Match
11/14/03: "Master and Commander": Success On the High Seas
11/07/03: The perfect liberal storm
10/31/03: War by Car Bomb
10/24/03: Lay off Easterbrook
10/17/03: Perfect games
10/10/03: WMD In a Haystack
10/03/03: Our Instant Experts
09/12/03: Ted Kennedy, losing it
09/12/03: Dems and nation-building
09/12/03: Yet another missed opportunity
09/05/03: Dean's passion, and his problem
08/29/03: A Judge Prejudged
08/01/03: On Killing the King
07/25/03: Middle East: The Realities
07/18/03: Why Did Bush Go to War?
07/11/03: Liberal Democrats' Perverse Foreign Policy
07/04/03: Courting a Crisis of Legitimacy
06/27/03: No 'Roe' replay on affirmative action
06/20/03: Energy Fix: Pump the Oil, Raise the Tax
06/13/03: Hoaxes, Hype and Humiliation
06/09/03: Shades of Oslo
05/16/03: Iraq: A moral reckoning
05/09/03: The Roadblock on the Road Map
05/02/03: The Shiite 'menace'
04/22/03: Syrian power play
04/21/03: Lift the sanctions now
04/10/03: Killing a regime, not a people
04/04/03: Plan B -- for Baghdad
03/28/03: This shrink finds the media bipolar
03/21/03: Don't Go Back to the U.N.
03/12/03: Mr. President, call the Vote. Walk Away.
03/07/03: A place for temporary appeasement
02/28/03: Absurd UN is trying to make America a laughingstock
02/21/03: Old vs. New Europe isn't new
02/13/03: Bracing for the Apocolypse
02/04/03: It's time to dream higher
01/31/03: U.N., R.I.P.
01/24/03: No turning back now
01/17/03: Korea follies
01/10/03: Powell and Bush at cross-purposes?
01/03/03: It's time to share the nightmares
12/27/02: The Pariah Chess Club
12/19/02: Lott fiasco exposes conservative split
12/12/02: A clear choice of words
12/06/02: Violence and Islam
11/22/02: The bold road to NATO expansion
11/15/02: The Window of Legitimacy
11/08/02: The uses of political courage
11/01/02: We're going wobbly
10/25/02: The Clinton Paper Chase
10/18/02: Call their bluff
10/07/02: What Good Is Delay?
10/04/02: The myth of 'U.N. support'
09/27/02: Gore's glass house
09/20/02: Is This the Way To Decide on Iraq?
09/17/02: Fictional rift
09/11/02: Year One
09/09/02: Remembrance and resolve
08/19/02: Kidnapped by the Times
08/16/02: Invoking The Hamdi Rights
08/12/02: Open season on Cheney
08/05/02: 'Disturbed Nerd Chic'
07/29/02: Speaking of stupid liberals, angry conservatives
07/22/02: Parsley and Pride
07/15/02: When modern medicine fails
07/08/02: The Strike That Will Kill Baseball
06/28/02: Peace through democracy
06/20/02: The mendacity that pollutes Middle Eastern discourse, or,: How to guarantee more violence
06/14/02: Troubled, but Not Terrorized
06/07/02: Why didn't they call the cops?
06/03/02: A Token for Russia
05/24/02: NATO is dead. Long live NATO
05/16/02: Two can play the aggression game, but only one will win: Wake-up "Palestinians"
05/13/02: Cloning debate is not another monkey trial
05/10/02: Kofi's Choice: The U.N. secretary general gets entangled in l'Affaire Sommaruga
05/03/02: Jenin: The Truth
04/29/02: Europe and 'Those People'
04/22/02: We can't blow it again
04/12/02: Lebanon: The Fuse for Armageddon
04/08/02: Banish Arafat Now!
03/27/02: Arafat's Harvest of Hate
03/25/02: They splutter through the war
03/18/02: I would have acquitted Andrea Yates
03/07/02: Saudi peace sham
03/04/02: Who Cares What Europeans Think?
02/20/02: Who Needs Gold Medals?
02/15/02: The other Enron story line
02/11/02: Why Arafat must go
02/01/02: Redefining the War
01/28/02: The Jackals Are Wrong: Terrorists? Yes. Prisoners of War? No Way
01/21/02: America, Battle-Tested
01/12/02: Ship Of Truth
01/07/02: Where power talks
12/19/01: We don't peacekeep
12/17/01: Unilateral? Yes, indeed
12/07/01: Sharon flinches
12/30/01: Victory changes everything
11/26/01: The silent imams
11/13/01: Now is not the time to stop 'rolling'!
11/09/01: War and the Polar Bear
10/31/01: Not enough might
10/26/01: Anthrax: The new AIDS?
10/19/01: And the winner is?: State Department v. Defense Department
10/12/01: A humanitarian war
10/05/01: The threat is unique, but so is the moment
09/28/01: The War: A Road Map
09/24/01: Voices of moral obtuseness
09/12/01: This is not crime, this is war
09/10/01: Still aiming for the stars
08/24/01: No lock, no box
08/16/01: Mideast Violence: The Only Way Out
08/13/01: A Vacation Bush Deserves
07/30/01: A nightmare of a bill
07/24/01: Quite Simply, the Best Publisher
07/13/01: Affirmative Action Fails Again
07/09/01: If he only had a heart ...
07/02/01: Life in the balance
06/20/01: "Remember George, this is no time to go wobbly."
06/18/01: The campaign to undo FDR
06/11/01: The New Unilateralism
05/29/01: Left turn ahead?
05/21/01: Land Without Peace: Why Arafat will not stop his war
05/14/01: Dense on Missile Defense
05/07/01: The Bush Doctrine
04/30/01: Use the surgeon general post to help nation debate biotechnology issues
04/27/01: What happened to The Powell Doctrine?
04/20/01: Two Very Sorries
04/13/01: Two Very Sorries
04/10/01: How to solve the reparations problem
04/02/01: Conflict to quagmire
03/26/01: McCain's costly crusade
03/19/01: Keepers of the JFK copyright
03/12/01: The trouble with trials
03/05/01: Clinton haters? It's the pardons, stupid
01/26/01: How Israel will survive
01/20/01: Forget conspiracies on power, air problems
01/12/01: Meet Barak's legacy
01/22/01:Tale Of Two Presidents
01/22/01: Disqualified by His Religion?
01/15/01: Middle East madness
12/29/00: Bush's to-do list
12/22/00: Bipartisan blather
12/18/00: Defenders of the Law
12/08/00: Myths of chad
11/27/00: No more rule rewrites
11/17/00: Not by hand
11/13/00: Democracy and Legitimacy
11/06/00: Why Bush will win
10/30/00: Realities of war
10/23/00: Arafat's strategy
10/16/00: The Sleepwalkers
10/06/00: Arafat's War
10/02/00: Slanted to the Left
09/25/00: A Political Lite-Year
09/18/00: Barak's Last Chip
09/11/00: When Liberals Get Religion
09/05/00: Humbled by the Hayden
08/28/00: Man for All Seasons
08/14/00:... Back to the Future
07/31/00: The WWII Memorial: Inadequate and Out of Place
07/19/00: Camp David: Finality
07/12/00: The Oslo Interlude
07/10/00: Buchanan's Gift To Bush
07/03/00: Hafez Assad's Mourners
06/19/00: Hafez Assad's Mourners
06/12/00: Missile Defense Destiny
06/05/00: Let Peacekeeping Rest in Peace
05/30/00: Bush On Track
05/22/00: A Palestinian 'Peace'
05/15/00: Motherhood Missed
05/08/00: Regis Rules!
04/28/00: The Picture
04/24/00: Beware a Clinton Arms Deal
04/17/00: Cold War Kid
04/10/00: Our Russian payload
04/03/00: The Path to Putin
03/27/00: Red Cross Snub
03/20/00: A Nation of Oil Addicts
03/13/00: McCain in 2004
03/06/00: McCain off course
02/28/00: Profile in Courage
02/16/00: Europe's Austria Hypocrisy
02/14/00: A Winner? Yes
02/07/00: Politics in a Golden Age
01/31/00: Why Elian Should Stay
01/21/00: A Network Sellout . . .
01/14/00: Screwball Psychologizing
01/07/00: Desperately Seeking a legacy: Peace of the Anti-Semites
12/10/99: Born to Run
12/03/99: Keep Bubba home --- and his mouth shut
11/29/99: Not for Moi, Thanks
11/19/99: Where's the 2000 Buzz?
11/12/99: Reluctant Cold Warriors
11/08/99: Federalism's New Friends
10/29/99: The Phony Battle Against 'Isolationism'
10/25/99: Still With the Soul Of a Candidate
10/18/99: Nixon On the Couch
10/11/99: Slouching Toward The Center
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