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06/29/15: Supreme Court's White Lie on Obamacare
06/16/15: Student Loan Debt: To Forgive and Forget
06/11/15: Hillary Clinton's Phantom Menace
06/04/15: In Progressive World, there are at least four stages of legally becoming an adult
06/02/15: NSA Debate Weighs Privacy vs. Security
06/01/15: All the World's a Stage --- Even San Quentin
05/28/15: Ruthless Trials Show Iran Can't Be Trusted
05/26/15: From Gateway Drug to VA Medicine
05/19/15: Not Smart to Make the NSA Go Dark
05/18/15: Waterboarding Worked
05/12/15: Rand Paul Is Not Neutral on Anything
05/11/15: Don't Know Much About History
05/07/15: Fiorina, the GOP's Startup Candidate
05/04/15: Hillary Changes on Crime
04/16/15: O Rubio, Rubio, Wherefore Art Thou Rubio?
04/14/15: Not a Perfect Ending but a Better Ending
04/09/15: Rand Paul Helps the Republican Party
04/07/15: Apple, Rehabilitate Thyself
04/06/15: Corn, Scorn and Policy Porn
03/31/15: Onward, Christian Florists
03/30/15: Why are we importing foreigners at American workers' expense?
03/19/15: Who's 'Near Tears' Now? It's Not Bibi
03/17/15: Medical Marijuana Bill Lost in Smoke
03/16/15: I Pledge Allegiance to the 1st Amendment
03/12/15: Does Anyone Believe Hillary Clinton?
03/09/15: Which Leaker Is Worse, Petraeus or Snowden?
03/04/15: Bibi's Speech Is the Dems' Box Canyon
03/03/15: Chris Christie's First-Date Speech
03/02/15: Look Who's Leading a politically motivated 'witch hunt' now!
02/24/15: Clinton Inc. Comes to Silicon Valley
02/19/15: Obama on Path to Imperial Presidency
02/12/15: Let Him Who Is Without Spin...
02/09/15: Eric Holder's Sorry Sense of Justice
02/05/15: Smart Medicine, Foolish Pols
01/29/15: When in Riyadh, Don't Do as Royals Do
01/27/15: That Other Bush Steps in the Ring
01/26/15: Pelosi's Syriana Versus Boehner's Bibi Invitation
01/22/15: Obama Croons: I Did It My Way
01/16/15: Mitt Should Walk Away --- Not Run
01/08/15: Say Islam Is Violent and Jihadis Will Kill You
01/07/15: Officers Turning Their Cheeks
12/30/14: Was there a need for 'The Interview' to diss women, too?
12/29/14: The Deadbeat Candidate
12/26/14: She Is the Very Leader of the Democrat Minority
12/22/14: Spy vs. DiFi
12/18/14: Some men think the Almighty talks to them; others hear scientific warnings
12/16/14: Hacking Sony? It's Near Treason
12/04/14: Facebook Journalism: Is It Such Big News?
12/02/14: Congress Is Not a Drive-Thru Window
12/01/14: Don't Shoot (Your Mouth Off) Before All the Facts Are Known
11/25/14: Hagel's Out, but Inner Circle Remains
11/20/14: Uber Forgot Charm in 'Charm Offensive'
11/18/14: Think Obamacare's Affordable? You're Stupid
11/13/14: Elections Have Consequences 2.0
11/11/14: Silence When Prof Trashes Free Speech
11/06/14: U-turn at America's Ballot Boxes
11/04/14: Brittany Maynard's Storybook Ending
10/30/14: Trying to Silence Bill Maher in the Cradle of Free Speech
10/28/14: Pelosi Looking Past Dems' Grim Present
10/21/14: Spare Me the Sermon on Seizing Sermons
10/20/14: Hillary Walks on a Cloud
10/14/14: Death On Demand Is Not Death With Dignity
10/13/14: Harry Reid and Ted Cruz --- What's Not to Like in Congress
10/02/14: Marijuana Smoke Gets in Your Rights
09/29/14: Peace Protests, R.I.P.
09/23/14: If Only Gary Hart Had Manned Up
09/18/14: Keep the No-Ransom Policy
09/16/14: In Scotland, 'Aye' Means No to England
09/15/14: San Francisco Feminism: Go Ahead, Abort Girls
09/09/14: Obama on Immigration: Deja Vu on Didn't Do
09/04/14: Is Obama Too Cautious, or Does He Not Care About Islamic State?
09/01/14: The Upright and Locked Position
08/26/14: Harry Reid's Gaffes Just Keep on Coming
08/25/14: Hands off My Sharing Economy
08/21/14: Idea of Using a Lottery to Entice Voters Is a Stinker
08/19/14: Can Oil and Sanctimony Mix?
08/14/14: Disruption Inc.
08/12/14: DiFi's Tortured Logic on CIA Interrogations
08/07/14: Nearing 2014 Finish Line, Pelosi Stumbles
07/31/14: Obama's Playbook: Blame Bush and Then Congress
07/24/14: Surge to the Border --- Crisis or Reunion?
07/17/14: Reporter Without a Visa at the Border
07/10/14: Romney Has Done Enough for the GOP
07/08/14: Obama: I Can't Work With Others; Sue Me
07/07/14: Deporting Oneself Well
07/03/14: The Great Pacific Garbage Patch Hoax
07/01/14: Free to Choose vs. Cost-Free Access
06/26/14: Keeping Up With the Clintons
06/24/14: Republicans Won't Pass Immigration Reform
06/23/14: Poll-Tested Pee in a Cup
06/19/14: Deportrix in Chief
06/17/14: Now Unilateralism Doesn't Look So Bad
06/02/14: Edward Snowden, Moscow's Accidental Tourist
05/26/14: Splitting the IVF Baby
05/20/14: Now Trigger-Happy University Students
05/19/14: vs.
05/15/14: Today's College Motto: Shut Up Already
05/13/14: Angry White Men --- aka Journalists
05/08/14: Monica's Emancipation Proclamation
05/06/14: Forgive and Forget Benghazi, Dude
05/05/14: Freed Prisoner of the Drug War
05/02/14: If Lethal Injection Is Torture, Who's Responsible?
04/24/14: Cruder Than Alberta Tar Sands
04/21/14: I See Rich People
04/17/14: Nevada Showdown: All Hat, No Cattle
04/14/14: Government Can't Say No
04/10/14: The GOP's Legacy Underdog
04/08/14: Mozilla CEO Eich Caves In
04/07/14: Get Thee Behind Me, Satan --- But First, Write a Check
04/03/14: The Internet Is Tolerant. Don't Agree? Keep Out
04/01/14: A Repeal by Any Other Name
03/31/14: 'Shrimp Boy' Chow, Yee, FBI -- Your Tax Dollars at Work
03/25/14: CNN's Death-Row-Optional Death Row Series
03/24/14: Political Fight Is Brewing on Race-Based Preferences
03/20/14: Sheryl Sandberg, How About Banning Bossy Billionaires?
03/17/14: Affordable Care Act or War on Conscience?
03/13/14: Torturing the Torture Study
03/11/14: Make Work Pay More
03/10/14: The Silence of the Tax Lamb
03/06/14: Big Hole in Big-Oil Lawsuit
03/04/14: Betsy Ross, Meet Cinco de Mayo
03/03/14: New Order in the Court: Dress Like a Professional
02/27/14: The Good War and the Bad Afghan Leader
02/25/14: The Experts Agree; If You Don't, Shut Up
02/24/14: Gap's Minimum Wage Move Adds Twist to Debate
02/20/14: Liberal Plutocrats and Their Personal Campaigns
02/17/14: Calls on Airliners Are Annoying, but Must We Legislate Them?
02/11/14: The Clintons in the War on Women
02/10/14: Affordable Care Act --- Paying More to Work Less
02/06/14: Heroin and Marijuana Aren't Equally Dangerous
02/04/14: Woody Allen's War on Women
01/28/14: Health Reform or Musical Chairs?
01/28/14: The War on 'Rich' People
01/21/14: Conservative Latinas Need Not Apply Here
01/20/14: Would You Trust the System if Your Kid Were On Trial?
01/14/14: Chris Christie --- Bridgegate Floodgate
01/06/14: Free Edward Snowden -- Really?
12/31/13: Global Warming Researcher Gets Stuck in Ice
12/29/13: Ow! An Ode to Obamacare
12/19/13: The Tonsil Patient: Preserve her Privacy
12/17/13: We Are All Children of the Corn Subsidies
12/12/13: An Ugly Budget Deal but a Deal
12/10/13: Obamacare Prescription: Fair Share of Less Care
12/09/13: Google's Barge Glides by Where Others Hit SF Snags
12/05/13: Obamacare's Next Problem: Doc Shock
12/03/13: No Mercy From Obama This Thanksgiving
11/26/13: Smart Phones, Foolish Choices
11/26/13: How to Win the Assisted-Suicide Debate
11/24/13: Medicaid Dollars Put GOP in Quandary
11/21/13: Obamacare: Three Dems Who Kinda Deserted
11/19/13: Secondhand Smoke Gets in Your Rights
11/18/13: Obamacare: Unaffordable and Incomprehensible
11/14/13: DC Immigration Football Game on Timeout
11/12/13: Benghazi Hoax Begets More Hoaxes
11/11/13: A RINO Won New Jersey; A Dinosaur Lost Virginia
11/07/13: Out With the Old, in With Obamacare
11/05/13: Kerik's Fall From Enforcer to Drug War Critic
11/03/13: The 'Why Can't Everyone Else Be More Like Us?' Tax
10/31/13: Obamacare May Be Beyond Salvaging
10/29/13: Marijuana Moves Into the Mainstream
10/28/13: Lies the Dems Tell Themselves
10/22/13: Math, the Real Kink in Obamacare
10/15/13: Bipartisan Self-Destruction
10/14/13: Jerry Brown Risks Being Swept Up in Leftward Tide
10/10/13: From 'Young Invincibles' to Mature Vulnerables
10/08/13: Obama Sold Voters Bill of Goods on Health Care
10/07/13: How Low Can You Go? DC's Limbo Principle
10/04/13: Baby Farming: Not Fair
10/03/13: GOP Lemmings --- in Their Suicide Vests
10/02/13: Congress Should Cut Food Stamp Program
09/30/13: Real Reporters Can't Be Shielded From Real Insanity
09/24/13: Cheney Goes Fishing for a Senate Seat
09/16/13: Green Acres 94103
09/12/13: Obama's Feckless Saber-rattling
09/09/13: Pelosi's Rocky Road to Peace in Damascus
09/02/13: Freeing Inmates Is Criminal
08/27/13: Listen to the Doctor: Weed Really Can Heal
08/26/13: Prison Hunger Strike a Dangerous Game
08/22/13: Canadian Bacon Meets Presidential Politics
08/20/13: Crossfire or Hackathon?
08/19/13: Lawmaker, Regulate Thyself
08/15/13: Does the President Own ObamaCare?
08/13/13: Get Big Government out of Small Crimes
08/12/13: 3 Reforms for the War on Drugs
08/08/13: Fort Hood Court-Martial Madness
08/06/13: Would Someone Please Slap This GOP Rump Silly?
08/05/13: Killers for Human Rights
07/30/13: White House Briefings --- Where's the News?
07/29/13: What's Wrong With the News
07/25/13: Mrs. Anthony Weiner Hearts the Pixelated Candidate?
07/23/13: Forget Trayvon Martin; Barack Obama Could Have Been Clarence Aaron
07/22/13: Gender Identity Bill Carries Risk of Personal Pain
07/18/13: Nutritional Waterboarding
07/16/13: Vigilantes for Justice
07/15/13: A Student Loan Faceoff
07/11/13: Smoke Gets in Your Smoke
07/09/13: Buckle Your Seat Belt and Stop Whining
07/04/13: Immigration Reform Can Be Much Simpler
06/25/13: Whistle-Blow a Happy Tune
06/24/13: Before Boston Strong, There Was Boston Wrong
06/20/13: Obama Debates Himself
06/18/13: Obama Is No Fool on Syria
06/17/13: Research: a Health Hazard
06/13/13: Young IT Guys Who Knew Too Much
06/11/13: Obamacare Math Won't Add Up
06/10/13: Modest Snooping?
06/04/13: A Dying Drug War and Its Last Victims
05/03/13: Warning: Label Fatigue
05/31/13: Bob Dole's Lament: No Caucus for Old Men
05/28/13: Senate Takes Bite of Apple
05/21/13: Obama Is Stingy With His Pardons
05/17/13: Too Much Information
05/14/13: The Benghazi Cover-up Matters
04/30/13: Can Washington Replicate FAA Fix?
04/29/13: Will Boston Probe Falter Like Benghazi?
04/22/13: Stop Me Before I Buy Food
04/18/13: Immigration: Dream First, and Compromise Later
04/16/13: Free Speech, Hidden Cameras Don't Mix
04/15/13: Aiming at a Compromise, 2 Senators Hit Bull's-eye
04/11/13: Knives on a Plane
04/09/13: From the AP Stylebook: How to Obscure
04/08/13: Feel-Good Bills That Turn Into Do-Nothing Laws
04/04/13: Pipelines and Pipe Dreams
04/03/13: Cruelest Month --- For Taxpayers
03/25/13: One Hand Taketh Away, the Other Hand Giveth
03/21/13: Meet the NRA's Biggest Recruiter
03/19/13: San Francisco's New Muzzle Zone
03/18/13: Smoke Gets in Your Rights
03/12/13: CPAC Speakers Lineup: Who Needs Winners?
03/10/13: If You Cover Your Ears, You Can't Hear the Bomb Go
03/05/13: Obama the Merciless
03/04/13: Woodward-Sperling Flap May Turn Tide
02/28/13: Will Dumb Cuts Trump Smart Cuts?
02/26/13: In Denial Over 'Zero Dark Thirty'
02/25/13: Does This Broomstick Go With My Prison Stripes?
02/21/13: If You're a Taxpayer, You're With Stupid
02/14/13: Treatment of the Fort Hood Victims
02/11/13: Wash Your Bags --- Or Else
02/07/13: Worse Than Waterboarding
02/05/13: What Obama Does Best: Taunt Republicans
02/04/13: He's Mad as Hell and Not Going to Invest Anymore
01/31/13: Running With Scissors
01/24/13: What Doesn't Matter to Hillary Clinton
01/22/13: 5 Things To Like About Obama
01/21/13: Obama's Promise Could Send You to Prison
01/17/13: Obama's Gun Plan: Divide or Conquer
01/15/13: White House Press Corps Going Through the Motions
01/14/13: San Francisco's Dangerous Policy on Unlicensed Drivers
01/08/13: Chuck Hagel Is a Choice To Irritate the GOP
01/07/13: Getting Dirty Getting bin Laden
01/03/13: Once More Unto the Cliff, Dear Friends
12/31/12: Romney at the Bat
12/27/12: Skyfall at the Edge of Fiscal Cliff
12/24/12: Benghazi Questions, State Department Answers
12/20/12: Who Will Pardon the Pardoner?
12/18/12: Reviving a Gun Law That Didn't Work
12/13/12: Cal Logo 2.0: Let There be UC Lite
12/11/12: Airbrushing an Impeachment
12/10/12: Secret to Obama's Success: A Great Ground Game
12/03/12: Save a Life, Mr. President -- Deport Unlicensed Driver
11/30/12: Dems' Unwritten No-Cuts Pledge
11/27/12: On Mercy, Obama is a Gridlock of One
11/12/12: Unlicensed To Kill
11/08/12: I'm Not Bitter -- Much
11/05/12: President's Power of Pardon
11/01/12: The War on 'Obama Defectors'
10/30/12: Is There a Benghazi Media Cover-up?
10/29/12: Romney Can Get the Job Done
10/25/12: League of One-Sided Women Voters
10/23/12: Obama vs. Romney, the Peacenik
10/18/12: Hell Is Paved With Obama's Intentions
10/16/12: Can Either of These Guys Govern?
10/15/12: Ryan's Reason Contrasts Biden's Buffoonery
10/10/12: Even in SF, There Is No Free Naked Lunch
10/08/12: If You Shoot the Sheriff, You Must Kill Him
10/04/12: Why Obamacare and Romneycare Are Not Identical
10/01/12: Pepper Spraying Taxpayers
09/27/12: The Mythology of Obama's Obstacles
09/25/12: 'Obama's Promise' Is a Political Football
09/24/12: Get Rid of the Death Penalty, Get Rid of Plea Bargains
08/23/12: Stark's 'Second Litter' Subsidy
08/21/12: Todd Akin: When Dumb Talk Is Inevitable
08/16/12: Romney's presidential pick
08/14/12: The GOP's 'Hunger Games'
08/13/12: It's Election Season, so Wash Your Hands Often
08/09/12: The Death Penalty and Jared Lee Loughner
08/07/12: Harry Reid's Big Mouth
07/31/12: Bill Clinton's New Best Friends
07/26/12: SF Supes Support (Some) Free Speech
07/24/12: Why Governor Calls Shooter 'Suspect A'
07/19/12: Obama Is Clueless on the Economy
07/17/12: Dems' DISCLOSE Act Would Stifle Speech
07/16/12: Don't Buy Investor-Government Scheme
07/12/12: Romney's Brief Date With the NAACP
07/05/12: If You Can Read This, Thank a Writer
07/03/12: No Way GOP Could Win on Health Care Decision
06/29/12: Roberts Court Takes On Obama Dragoons
06/26/12: Arizona Can't Do It; Washington Won't
06/25/12: Obama's Justice: Upside-down
06/21/12: Prosecutorial Pile-on for San Fran Sheriff
06/15/12: Feinstein Takes On Culture of Leaks
06/12/12: Out of Touch? Not So Much. Out of Gas? Definitely
06/11/12: Farm Bill 'Reform' Stuffed With Pork
06/07/12: So, DiFi Is Taller Than 23 Dwarfs
06/06/12: Once More Into the Drink, Mayor Bloomberg
06/04/12: Romney Follows Obama's Footsteps to Solyndra
05/31/12: When Pelosi Says 'Free,' Reach for Your Wallet
05/30/12: Elizabeth Warren Is Not a Dumb Blonde
05/29/12: When Will Obama Reform Presidential Pardons?
05/24/12: In the House, Is 80 Over the Hill?
05/22/12: Dems' War on Money
05/21/12: FTC vs. Skechers: Overhyped Meets Overkill
05/17/12: O Brave New World That Has Such Romneys in It
05/10/12: First the Circus and Then the 9/11 Trial
05/08/12: Obama's Julia a Woman in Need of Protector
05/07/12: Obama's Afghan War Unhindered by Partisan Fights
05/01/12: Rich Man, Poor Dog
04/26/12: How To Build a Tuition Trip
04/24/12: John Edwards, Campaign Reformer
04/19/12: No Cease-Fire in War on Drugs
04/17/12: They Shoot Rich Guys, Don't They?
04/16/12: Mind-Numbing Protests, Meet Pepper Spray
04/12/12: The Godfather's Italian Table
04/10/12: Where Are All the Moderate Democrats?
04/09/12: Obama, the Happy Drug Warrior
04/05/12: 'The Hunger Games' Bread and Circuses
04/03/12: Dems: Do as We Say, Not as We Vote
04/02/12: How ideologues self-replicate
03/26/12: Doing Nothing in the Town That Bipartisanship Forgot
03/22/12: Washington's War on Synthetic Drugs
03/15/12: Obama Dribbles From Mandate to Man Date
03/12/12: Santorum, the Exorcist Candidate
03/05/12: From a Plea for Choice to a Roar of Entitlement
02/28/12: To Newt, Cheap Gas Is Good
02/27/12: What Have You Done for Me Lately, GOP?
02/23/12: Global Warming and Earthly Lies
02/20/12: Occupy Oakland, Violence Optional
02/16/12: President Obama Punts on US Deficit
02/14/12: Obama Imposes Will in Contraception Compromise
02/13/12: To Make Women Safe, We Treat Them Like Children
02/07/12: Gingrich Should Have Kept It in Vegas
02/06/12: CLASS Act Is Dead, but Obama Won't Repeal It
02/02/12: Why Super PACs Outspend Candidates
01/31/12: Let Oakland Protesters Occupy a County Jail Cell
01/30/12: GOP No Longer Feels Need To Hide Its Incivility
01/26/12: Obama's Game Plan: Do Nothing
01/24/12: Calculating Newt Gingrich
01/23/12: Perry's Death by Debate
01/19/12: Kids' reaction to Perry is what’s shuddering
01/17/12: The Sheriff and the Accusations
01/09/12: Obama's 2012 Slogan: 'Can't Work With Others'
01/02/12: Not a Ringing Endorsement
12/22/11: Ron Paul: Turn on, Tune in, Drop out
12/20/11: Feds Worry His Cup Runneth Over
12/19/11: Driving to Distraction on Information Superhighway
12/15/11: Poison Pill, Veto Bait and Social Insecurity
12/13/11: Gingrich and the Audacity of Audacity
12/12/11: Free the death penalty
12/07/11: Obama's Rx for the Middle Class
12/05/11: Where Windbags Dare To Outlaw Plastic Bags
12/01/11: Norway's Definition of Insanity Is, Well . . .
11/28/11: Where All Free Speech Isn't Equal
11/22/11: For Supercommittee, Failure Was an Option
11/21/11: The Absent-Minded Energy Secretary
11/17/11: Newt and Nancy Together Again
11/14/11: Protest Fatigue
11/10/11: Occupy Fannie and Freddie
11/08/11: Deficit Reduction: Blaming Easier Than Fixing
11/07/11: The Root of All Oakland
11/03/11: Herman Cain: 9-9-9 Meets 1-2-3
11/01/11: Oakland Drowning in Social Justice
10/31/11: Student Loans -- Forgive and Forget
10/27/11: Romney: Proficient, but unloved
10/23/11: Libya: Mission Vindicated
10/18/11: Scrapping CLASS Act Is the Right Thing To Do
10/17/11: Barack Obama, Drug Warrior
10/11/11: A Field in Which Obama Takes No Prisoners
10/10/11: Occupy Wall Street: All Bite, No Apple
10/06/11: Obama Plan Makes Social Security Look Like Welfare
10/04/11: Has San Francisco really gone to the other type of birds?
10/03/11: Is Mitt Romney the Next Meg Whitman?
09/27/11: A Total Eclipse of Solyndra
09/26/11: Stockholm Syndrome From Tehran
09/20/11: A 'Fair Share' of an Anemic Economy
09/19/11: Rick Perry's Bad --- Mixing Sex, Power and Mandates
09/09/11: Perry Punches at GOP Debate --- Both Hits and Misses
09/05/11: Solyndra Debacle Spotlights Obama's Folly
09/01/11: Jobless Workers
08/30/11: The Near Death of a Convicted Terrorist
08/29/11: Perry Delivers on Texas Death Penalty
08/23/11: Obama's Lowest Priority: Some Deportation Cases
08/16/11: Corn, Scorn and Forlorn in Iowa
08/11/11: National Popular Vote --- Law or Ploy?
08/08/11: Their Ways on the Airways
08/04/11: Are GOP Presidential Hopefuls Really Serious?
08/02/11: House Raises the Ceiling
08/01/11: In This Brave New World, 160 Million Girls Are 'Missing'
07/28/11: The Folly in Obama's 'Grand Bargain'
07/26/11: Norwegian Crime and Punishment
07/25/11: Pawlenty's Appeal to GOP: I Won't Embarrass You
07/21/11: Getting Headaches and Giving Them
07/19/11: U.S. Default Wouldn't be Carmageddon II
07/15/11: Obama's Debt Ceiling 'Grand Bargain' No Such Thing
07/12/11: Harry Potter and the Wizardry of Engaging Readers
07/07/11: U.S. and Europe Listing in the Same Boat
06/20/11: Herman Cain's 'Amateur Hour'
06/10/11: Let Weiner Be Weiner
06/07/11: John Edwards, Campaign Reformer
06/06/11: America's Long Slide from 9/11 to Crown Beach
06/02/11: Circumcision and the Special City
05/31/11: John Walker Lindh Is Guilty
05/30/11: Soft-on-Crime Cycle Repeats
05/26/11: Are Voters As Stupid As Insiders Think?
05/24/11: Supreme Court's Scary Power Grab
05/18/11: The Tale of the Governator and the Baby
05/17/11: Ensign Disgraced Himself and Senate
05/16/11: Sarah Palin's Birther Baptism by Fire
05/12/11: Immigration Flight Clutters the Path
05/10/11: Obama Values: Kill But Don't Waterboard
05/03/11: Bin Laden Fall Means Afghanistan Spring
05/02/11: Intolerant Left Strikes Again
04/28/11: Happy Birth Certificate, Mr. President
04/25/11: Cult of 'Three Cups of Tea' Should Have Known Better
04/22/11: The War on Users of Cold, Allergy Drugs
04/21/11: No Poking President at Facebook
04/18/11: Department of Obstruction of Justice
04/14/11: Romney and Obama --- Bipartisan Brothers
04/12/11: Academic freedom and scientific integrity --- until your discovery reveals an unacceptable truth
04/11/11: GOP: Do Less, but Better; Dems: Do a Lot, and Worse
04/05/11: Immelt, the Jobs Czar from Hell
04/04/11: 'No Blood for Oil' Is for Sale!
03/28/11: Gadhafi: The Mad Dog Who Trumped the World
03/21/11: Few Angels in the Budget Brawl
03/17/11: Golf, Cocaine and Budget Talk
03/15/11: Obama at Wheel of Father's Oldsmobile
03/14/11: National Public Racket
03/08/11: In Wisconsin and Washington, Broke Ain't Broke
03/07/11: How the Obama Justice Department is making miserable the lives of former public servants
03/03/11: Who Wants To Be Charlie Sheen?
02/28/11: The Cheesehead Rubicon
02/21/11: Human Nature and D.C.-backed Loans
02/17/11: Birthers, Truthers and Spreaders
02/15/11: NPR, PBS Federal Subsidies Should Go
02/14/11: Berkeley Does Guantanamo
02/10/11: AOL/HuffPo Meet Corporate Greed
02/09/11: PC Military Fails To Detect Fort Hood Shooter
02/07/11: Green Jobs Are Not Evergreen Jobs
02/03/11: Do-gooders Mobilize Against Free Speech
02/01/11: A Spending Problem and a Debt Problem
01/31/11: Where Judicial Activism Morphs into Disregard
01/27/11: Obama's Take on U.S. Innovation
01/20/11: GOP House Right To Vote To Repeal
01/19/11: Gary Johnson's Plate of Choice Cuts
01/11/11: The First Casualty Is Not Partisanship
01/06/11: Governator Flubbed His Exit, Won't Be Back
01/03/11: Intimidation and Tyranny
12/30/10: Is Reading Your Spouse's E-Mail Truly a Crime?
12/28/10: Libya and Oil Spell Commercial Warfare
12/27/10: The Silliest Stories of 2010
12/23/10: The Right GOP Immigration Package
12/21/10: President Obama Governs as Bush 44
12/20/10: The Dems' New Pork: Trains to Nowhere
12/16/10: Larding the Path to Economic Recovery
12/14/10: Kevin Cooper Is Guilty of Murder
11/30/10: Confessions of a Non-Foodie
11/23/10: Not TSA Pat-Downs, but Freedom Fondles
11/15/10: Two Wonks with One Plan About Too Much Debt
11/09/10: Pelosi's House with No Center
11/02/10: Sanity and/or Fear Meet Comedy — or Not
10/26/10: Fundraising Prowess 2010
10/25/10: A Witch Hunt for Bigots Singes American Media
10/21/10: Vote-Buying America to the Brink
10/12/10: Law School Is Obamaland's Boot Camp
10/07/10: Behind the Meltdown of the Climate-Change Bill
10/05/10: An Ex-CNN Anchor's Definition of Bigotry
09/28/10: GOP Pledge Beats Dems' Delays
09/16/10: Authentically Newt-ered
09/14/10: The Harsh Bigotry of Their Expectations
09/06/10: Will Californians really fall for the Endless Recovery?
09/02/10: Obama Delivers on His Iraq Promises
08/31/10: Obama Isn't Being Smart About Arizona
08/23/10: A Federal Law Against Lying
08/19/10: Ground Zero on the Tolerance Issue
08/16/10: Real Tax Increases, Real Consequences
08/12/10: Blood Diamonds Meet U.N. Swells
08/10/10: A Question of Citizenship
08/05/10: The Judge Has Spoken --- Whether You Like It or Not
08/03/10: The Rangel Center for Public Service
08/02/10: Grizzled Veterans of America's Math Wars
07/30/10: Only in Washington Is This Transparency
07/27/10: Tasing Arizona
07/22/10: Another Deficit Spending Measure
07/13/10: Should the U.S. Adopt Compulsory Voting?
07/12/10: From Australia to America, the Concerns Are the Same
07/04/10: Kagan's Harvard Policy Was Vapid and Hollow
07/01/10: Rodney king redux coming?
06/29/10: In Washington, 'Disclose' Means Stifle
06/23/10: Rolling Stone Gathers a General
06/22/10: If You Can't Budget, You Can't Govern
06/21/10: University of Anarchy and No Consequences
06/17/10: Obama's Inaction in the Name of Action
06/13/10: Jerry Brown, California's Prince of Self-Transformation
06/10/10: Old White Guy vs. GOP Woman
06/07/10: Flotilla's Goal Was Not Humanitarian
06/04/10: Flotilla's Goal Was Not Humanitarian
06/01/10: Four Very Beautiful Ugly Americans
05/27/10: The Obama Mantra: Bill, Baby, Bill
05/24/10: Financial Regulation Bill Is Socialism
05/21/10: Grim Milestones in War's Headstones
05/18/10: Starving for Attention at UC Berkeley
05/11/10: Harvard Law's Profile in Courage
05/11/10: Bennett Feels Brunt of Club for Growth
05/10/10: Arizona Law Also Happens To Be Good Politics
05/06/10: Lessons from the Times Square Dud
04/29/10: Everyone Prospers With Free Trade
04/26/10: My Last Goodwin Liu Column --- I Really Hope
04/20/10: Using the Oklahoma City Bombing
04/19/10: When It Comes to Earmarks in DC, It's 'E Pluribus Oink'
04/16/10: Mean and Angry versus Angry yet Determined
04/12/10: Would Goodwin Liu Sink the Left-Leaning 9th Circuit?
04/07/10: Obama's 17-Minute Non-Answer Answer
04/02/10: Clowns to the Left, Jokers on the Right
04/01/10: In the Bay Area, Karl Rove Was Arresting
03/29/10: The Power of Meg's Money
03/25/10: Springtime for Libya and Terrorism
03/23/10: ObamaCare Means: Don't Look Behind the Curtain
03/22/10: Crack Versus Powder Cocaine Should Not Be Black and White
03/18/10: Conyers Is the Wrong Guy To Chair Judiciary Committee
03/16/10: Britain and America both have center-left leaders, but the two nations are further apart than ever
03/08/10: Appointments Are the President's Prerogative
03/04/10: Stark, Raving, Maryland
03/02/10: Why Americans Hate Washington
03/01/10: Sen. Barbara Boxer, D-Fantasyland
02/23/10: Yoo Case About Politics, not Ethics
02/22/10: Governator to Governess?
02/18/10: The Winter of Global Warming
02/15/10: A Sure-Fire Legal Recipe for Airport Insecurity
02/08/10: Holder's Premature Mirandization of Suspect
02/02/10: A Results-Free Cell Phone Law
02/01/10: So Much Wasted Green for Climate Change Talks
01/29/10: Obama Sees Both Sides Now
01/26/10: Pentagon Clueless on Fort Hood Shootings
01/25/10: Federal Court Has Become the New Feelings Forum
01/14/10: Berkeley High's Next Science Experiment
01/12/10: How Harry Got His Groove Backs
01/11/10: Obama at War with al-Qaida
01/05/09: Another Entitlement That's Unsustainable
12/29/09: Yes, Someone Has To Pay for Health Care
12/29/09: Warning, Satire Alert: Lib Take on Terror!
12/24/09: The Year of Living in Everybody's Face
12/22/09: A Cool Wind Braces the Hot-Air Crowd
12/17/09: DINOs and the Next Endangered Species 12/15/09: Electoral Dysfunction from Barbara Boxer
12/01/09: The Inquisition of Global Warming
11/30/09: Sarah Palin: Going Rogue, Getting Even
11/23/09: In New York, Flanked by Lawyers
11/10/09: The Shrink and the Terrorist
11/09/09: D.C.'s ‘Failure to Launch’ national health care policy
11/05/09: There Is No Honor; There's Only Killing
11/03/09: Levi Johnston Stripped Bare
10/27/09: License To Drive While Unlicensed
10/22/09: Buying the Votes of Senior Citizens
10/20/09: Buying the Votes of Senior Citizens
10/19/09: Bipartisan Facade Can't Hide Health Plan's Flaws
10/13/09: What Happened to Global Warming?
10/12/09: Dems Change Stance on Military and Afghanistan
10/06/09: The Second City Becomes Fourth City
10/01/09: Senators Have Wires Crossed on Nation's Security
09/29/09: L.A. Is Not 'Chinatown'
09/21/09: Dems' Quest for Balance in 2009
09/17/09: Inside the Glorious Nation of ACORN
09/14/09: Character and Care
09/10/09: Van Jones Meets America
09/09/09: You Really Don't Know Jack
09/07/09: Too Much Gained in Afghanistan To Exit Now
09/01/09: How They Missed Jaycee
08/31/09: President Obama Should Pardon CIA Interrogators
08/25/09: The Mysterious Case of Scottish Justice
08/20/09: Middle-aged rant
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08/17/09: The flight from hell
08/13/09: Congress jet-sets further into the red
08/11/09: Is crowding criminogenic?
08/10/09: Rally Round the Flag
08/06/09: Hazardous to America's Health
08/03/09: Keep Life Without Parole, Life After Death
07/30/09: No thin line between murder and hate
07/28/09: All-American Kooks
07/27/09: It won't cost anything! — and it won't change anything
07/23/09: Boxer and Feinstein Play Military Hawks
07/20/09: The Gang That Couldn't Shoot — Period
07/16/09: The audacity of self-defense
07/12/09: It's Getting Cold Out There
07/07/09: Palin's ship in the harbor
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06/23/09: Bad times for whistle-blowers
06/22/09: Oil and water mix in Ecuador
06/18/09: How to become a civil libertarian
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06/11/09: Obama's centers of excellence
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05/28/09: Empathy and impartiality
05/27/09: The People's Right! to Self-Governance
05/25/09: A Naked Million
05/21/09: No Home for Savage
05/19/09: Political war vets
05/18/09: Now the Lady Doth Protest Too Much
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05/05/09: News Biz: Unbiased and Out of Business
04/30/09: Pelosi's Tortured Explanation
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04/23/09: Los Angeles or waterboarding?
04/21/09: GOP heads on sticks
04/20/09: Left Coast Tea Party
04/17/09: Homeland Insecurity
04/14/09: Some Get the Tea, Others Get the Bag
04/13/09: Who Wants To Free Mumia Now?
04/06/09: Lost and Found on Fringes of First Family
04/02/09: Europe on the cheap
03/31/09: Obama: Just Say No
03/24/09: Pelosi on 'Un-American' Immigration Law
03/23/09: Congress, overtax thyself
03/19/09: Tree sitter is not in Berkeley anymore
03/17/09: Obama on the Economy: Both Sides Now
03/12/09: Polly Klaas' killer: Safe on Death Row
03/10/09: Get Limbaugh
03/05/09: Plan Obama: Pass the Check
03/03/09: The Heat Is On True Believers
02/26/09: Cutting Off Your News To Spite Your Face
02/23/09: Bad Times Visit Our Betters in Europe
02/19/09: The Celtic Tiger Hits Bad Times
02/13/09: Mr. Credibility
02/12/09: The harder they fall
02/10/09:Harry Beats Goliath
02/05/09: Stimulus in Spend City
02/03/09: Car and driver
02/02/09: Prison or Versailles?
01/22/09: The New Era of Responsibility
01/21/09: The final Bush pardons
01/19/09: Bush showed U.S. is no paper tiger
01/13/09: From Jack Bauer to Leon Panetta
01/12/09: Governator, the sequel
01/08/09: Empty seats
01/06/09: Eric Holder and All Political Prisoners
01/05/09: Big Brother/Backseat Driver
12/23/08: Free the Saddleback One
12/11/08: Bailout Generation
12/08/08: Prohibition's second act
12/04/08: Obama and his new crew
12/01/08: When the warmest in history isn't
11/24/08: Whining, vendettas will do GOP no good
11/11/08: Palin smears hurt McCain
11/06/08: In with the New
11/06/08: Us versus them lives; only the place cards have changed
11/04/08: Bankrupt with the Facts
11/03/08: Is it over yet?
10/30/08: Questions about Obama
10/28/08: Not moderates but GOP wimps
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10/17/08: The growing price of economic rescue
10/16/08: Muck, Inc.
10/13/08: Playing the race card
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10/07/08: The supersize bailout
10/06/08: The Palin-Biden Verdict
10/02/08: Bonanza. Bailout. Bonanza.
09/29/08: The Sheriff and the Professor
09/26/08: Bailing Out the Bailout
09/23/08: Trillion Dollar Baby
09/22/08: Have Degree, Can't Work
09/18/08: The Hyperbole Market — It's the Worst
09/15/08: Old enough to fight, old enough to drink
09/11/08: Lipstick, dipstick
09/08/08: Seeking the old John McCain
09/08/08: Romancing the vote
09/04/08: The Palin Pile-On
09/03/08: The RNC's unconvention
09/02/08: Sarah Palin — Dream Girl
08/29/08: Obama's call to the faithful
08/28/08: Dems Talkin' Like the GOP
08/27/08: The Middle Convention and the Under Convention
08/26/08: Obama, Clinton, Biden and McCain
08/25/08: Renewing America's Promise Means Lots of Goodies
08/18/08: Pimps, Pedophiles: Welcome to S.F.
08/14/08: Boxer bullies senate's birth doc
08/12/08: The Not-So-Pretty Boy
08/11/08: Diary of a Mad Columnist
08/07/08: Free the Oil — and Other Slick Tricks
08/05/08: The war on scientists in America
08/04/08: Tax-Cut nation
07/31/08: McCain talks energy
07/28/08: If It's Thursday, This Must Be Berlin
07/24/08: Somewhere Over Al Gore's Rainbow
07/22/08: Sanctuary Policy Made City Less Safe
07/21/08: The uncensored Jesse Jackson
07/ 17/08: Obama's pander on immigration
07/ 14/08: Wiretapping and Toe Tapping
07/ 10/08: The Bad News Economy
07/01/08: Rights, arms and the man
06/26/08: The GOP Made Obama Do It
06/24/08: McCain's Straight Talk Needs Sizzle
06/23/08: Return of the math wars
06/19/08: The dipstick tipping point
06/17/08: The Russert Weekend RIP
06/16/08: Dems pay scant attention to successes in Iraq
06/13/08: Going for broke, American-style
06/08/08: Foreign climates
06/05/08: Obama-Clinton ticket
05/19/08: The other shoe
05/12/08: Don't Kill ‘The Cartoonist’: Stand Up to Intimidation
05/08/08: Gas-Tax Holiday a Loser
05/05/08: No cure for pandering
04/28/08: Who Wants To Be Part of We?
04/24/08: Long Is Good — Well, Maybe
04/23/08: Rich — Supersized
04/22/08: Soak the Very, Very, Very Rich
04/17/08: Justice ends the holiday
04/15/08: Xenophobia: San Francisco style
04/10/08: Props for the political theater of Hillaryland
04/07/08: Ingrate nation
04/03/08: Less Gas at the Pump
04/01/08: On Race, Rice and Obama
03/31/08: The Torch and The Special City
03/27/08: Some days you get the Bear
03/25/08: How to smear others falsely without fear that your true identity will being revealed
03/24/08: Criticism of Iraq running on empty
03/18/08: Culling Obama's flock
03/12/08: The Emperor's Wife
03/11/08: Everyman's mortgage crisis
03/10/08: Grand gestures, hot air and cold water
03/08/08: Grand gestures, hot air and cold water
03/06/08: Drug Laws' Absence of Justice
03/04/08: At war with history
02/28/08: Say What You Mean, Mean What You Say
02/27/08: He started it
02/26/08: A visual whisper campaign
02/22/08: Bad news
02/18/08: Straighten up and fly right
02/14/08: Target research
02/12/08: Bondage in the Name of Tolerance
02/11/08: Who Wants to Be a Loser?
02/08/08: The Kiddie Wing of the GOP
02/06/08: Berkeley's Marines offensive
02/04/08: He said, she said
02/01/08: GOP — Stronger or Broader?
01/29/08: How Rudy could have won
01/24/08: Even when the left and the right aren't sure if there is a recession, they can always get together on a plan to give away money — especially in an election year 01/23/08: The real conservative Republican?
01/17/08: Old Warrior, Go Home
01/15/08: War — a debatable point
01/09/08: Dishonest on the death penalty
01/07/08: Hucksters stumble on Hustings
12/27/07: The Big Winner: None of the Above
12/24/07: Farewell to spending discipline
12/18/07: No experience and faux experience
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12/10/07: When Big Government Goes Bad
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10/23/07: Return of the chicken hawks
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10/11/07: To link, perhaps to dream
10/10/07: A wide stance and too-long goodbye
10/09/07: In Ess Eff, Some Facts get in the way
10/08/07: Almost free — and for the children
10/02/07: Less hate and loathing in 2008
10/01/07: Gingrich bows out, thankfully
09/24/07: Moral hazard, and panic
09/17/07: Wouldn't it be nice?
08/30/07: Dark cloud over Idaho
08/28/07: Designated punching bag resigns
08/27/07: Bookless versus clueless
08/23/07: No fad left behind
08/21/07: Alien's overdue departure
08/16/07: The man behind the haircut
08/15/07: Decider for the divider, or divider for the decider?
08/13/07: Paralyzing fog of uncertainty on climate
08/09/07: Won't get fooled again?
08/06/07: Whitey, Billy and Mitt
08/02/07: Poll surprises out-of-touch paper
07/31/07: U.N. chief's tepid sense of security
07/30/07: John Doe vs. flying imams
07/26/07: An RX for Failure — Pay More to Teach Less
07/23/07: Free the Border Patrol Two
07/07/07: American terrorist
07/03/07: Libby's Independence Day
07/02/07: A bill too bad even for the Beltway
06/28/07: Good Ol' Boys Empty GOP
06/25/07: Hooey denier deniers
06/22/07: Hillary, Bill, Tony, you and I
06/18/07: Filling in the Bubbles
06/15/07: Major provisions of minor import
06/12/07: Romancing the snow
06/11/07: Poor room service
06/07/07: Disharmony, the New Tolerance
06/05/07: Bush's War — the CliffsNotes
06/04/07: The Fight for America's Soul
05/31/07: The ‘Law and Order’ candidate
05/29/07: Dr. Death still here among us
05/25/07: Coming clean on amnesty
05/17/07: Boomsday — but Days Away
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05/07/07: To the gates of hell
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04/30/07: Neverland
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03/27/07: Mrs. Edwards' class act with cancer
03/29/07: Iraq's future in Dems' hands
03/26/07: The Nice-Guy Attorney General
03/22/07: Deliberately clueless on intelligence
03/20/07: Prankster at the schoolhouse gate
03/19/07: Inexcusable mistakes were made
03/16/07: Don't ask, don't tell — for the devout
03/14/07: Fewer voters, more elections
03/07/07: Questionable prosecution, sure verdict
03/06/07: Do as I say, not as I spew
03/05/07: Higher grades, lower scores
03/02/07: Why I hate race-baiting columns
02/28/07: Josh Wolf — Blogger — Has No Press Pass
02/23/07: Dems' dilemma on Iraq
02/19/07: Prosecutor's discretion
02/15/07: Who makes the tough decisions?
02/12/07: Free the border Patrol Two
02/08/07: Hecklers' paradise
02/07/07: Hot house science
02/05/07: Gavin Newsom, boy mayor
02/01/07: The strawberries in the meat grinder
01/31/07: See no dissent, call it science
01/29/07: An immigration compromise everyone can hate
01/25/07: The lack of conviction and purpose
01/22/07: There ought not to be a law on spanking
01/18/07: Free the Border Patrol Two
01/16/07: Boxer's personal hit on personal price
01/15/07: No place like Home Depot
01/11/07: Waiting for Bush to save the day
01/09/07: A new license for illegal immigrants
01/04/07: Saddam Hussein's last negotiation
01/02/07: Ring out the old bromides
12/28/06: Ford, politics and the pardon
12/21/06: Christmas in rehab
12/18/06: After election, Foley story fizzles
12/12/06: The cows missed the movie
12/11/06: From civil unions to Marriage Lite
12/07/06: A study in bipartisan consensus
11/30/06: Iraq study group: The usual suspects
11/28/06: Cross-bearers should claim their opinions as their own, instead of hiding behind dead soldiers
11/27/06: The dagger at their throats
11/17/06: Return to the swamp
11/07/06: The woman who would be speaker
11/06/06: The woman who would be speaker
10/31/06: The latest Iraqi polling, this time
10/26/06: Iraqis more upbeat than Californians
10/23/06: No force border enforcement
10/17/06: Intolerance: The San Franciscan treat
10/16/06: Inhofe, the apostate
10/12/06: Rice speaks about talks
10/10/06: Crazy like a Fox (News)
10/03/06: The story they didn't want to know
10/01/06:A parent's right to know
09/28/06: Higher ed's senior moments
09/26/06: Angry White Man meets the smirk
09/25/06: Lifestyles of Lear Jet libs
09/21/06: ‘PrIslam’ — the threat from within
09/14/06: Fuzzy memory on fuzzy math
09/12/06: Misinformation vs. missed information
09/11/06: Bring it on?
09/07/06: Surprise, surprise! A death resulting from marriage of dangerous hobby with dangerous conceit
09/01/06: Just a simple case of mistaken identity
08/25/06: The border patrol inquisition
08/21/06: Justice Department on steroids
08/18/06: Go ahead, search granny
08/15/06: A Stark Contrast
08/14/06: London bridges are falling down
08/08/06: Embryos made to order
08/04/06: Don't think outside the college box
08/01/06: The not-so fine art of forgiveness
07/28/06: No peace through weakness
07/25/06: The late, great Governator
07/24/06: Dems' version of John McCain
07/21/06: Global bazaar in body parts
07/18/06: Paula Jones, without the salaciousness
06/22/06: Anderson and Angelina
06/21/06: Feinstein's phased pandering
06/19/06: No death penalty for sex offenders
06/16/06: More ‘bad science’
06/13/06: Global warming fever
06/12/06: Al Gore's convenient fiction
06/07/06: Dare I ‘subsidize’ a peach?
06/05/06: Get smiley face
06/01/06: Morality play from the mob
05/30/06: American inmate
05/25/06: The mortgage you didn't know you have
05/23/06: The real national language
05/22/06: One for the textbooks
05/18/06: A break “in the dike”
05/16/06: Bush talks big on the border
05/11/06: A judge “stands up” for ignorance
05/08/06: DiFi and Boxer at the trough
05/05/06: Not a day without racism
05/02/06: No flight of fancy
05/01/06: Big Oil versus oily bigs
04/27/06: Big Oil versus oily bigs
04/25/06: American vampire
04/21/06: Moussaoui's slouch to justice
04/18/06: Lowball, all the way around
04/17/06: Lowball, all the way around
04/06/06: The Delay House Rules
04/04/06: Prove it
04/03/06: Dianne Feinstein vs. the GOP
03/30/06: It's positively French
03/29/06: Immigration law backlash not likely
03/27/06: Charity begins at home, ends at City Hall
03/23/06: Go Bush
03/21/06: Slobo surely must be smiling
03/16/06: ‘Da Vinci Code‘ trial intrigue
03/09/06: The wisdom of Solomon
03/07/06: An MP3 player for the teacher
03/02/06: What guest workers want — temp jobs
02/27/06: Any storm in a port
02/20/06: Buckshot
02/16/06: Suing for a diploma
02/15/06: How low the shootin' Starr has fallen
02/13/06: Your tax dollars on drugs
02/08/06: Another government land grab
02/07/06: The opposite of intelligence
02/02/06: Selective outrage on free speech
01/31/06: When sexual ‘harassment’ is a joke
01/30/06: Lay off Pombo
01/26/06: Don't be Google
01/23/06: Don't DeLay, clean house
01/19/06: I was wrong about legalizing same-sex marriage
01/12/06: Judging the judge's judges
01/05/06: Artifices of impeachment
01/04/06: Have gun, will travel — to jail
12/29/05: The Governator strikes back
12/20/05: National insecurity
12/08/05: Too many of the same people who demanded the 9-11 commission to protect against future attacks also ready to kick intelligence workers for their every mistake
12/01/05: Tookie's tales
11/22/05: Move over Keating Five — make way for the Abramoff thirtysomething
11/21/05: Knock, knock, knocking on hell's door
11/17/05: Thin green line is bad science
11/14/05: ‘Uno, dos, tres, catorce ...’
11/10/05: Live by the ballot, die by the ballot
11/08/05: French roast
11/07/05: No clemency for Tookie
11/03/05: Parents should be notified
11/01/05: No innocent here — Libby lied
10/31/05: Miers II, Rove and Libby
10/27/05: No more Mr. Nice Guy for animal activists
10/24/05: Dubya does ‘Reagan’
10/21/05: The major's disappointment
10/20/05: Out of jail and in disrepute
10/13/05: One less Better in Europe
10/06/05: Rhymes with Di-Fi
10/03/05: Blair takes heat for global warming remarks
09/29/05: Justice DeLayed is ...
09/28/05: Wall Street caves in to terrorists
09/15/05: Those big spending Republicans
09/14/05: Driving while economizing
09/09/05: Don't evict them from the Big Easy
09/06/05: A flood of Bush-bashing
09/01/05: The ‘Human Zoo’
08/31/05: Supersized nanny state
08/29/05: Grizzly makes grisly
08/25/05: Your land is their land: Part III
08/22/05: The personal argument
08/15/05: Do we want to hold police officers to such impossible standards that reasonable men and women don't want to wear blue?
08/11/05: Presumed guilty
08/09/05: War reports — We'd be Brits
08/08/05: Dreaming of energy independence
08/04/05: A citizen by force is not a true citizen
08/01/05: How U.K. terrorists could win
07/28/05: This land is your land — No, your land is their land
07/27/05: Dubya's school reforms pay off
07/25/05: Blame Blair or Bush, not the bombers
07/21/05: George Bush's Supreme pick
07/20/05: Pork is the terrorist's friend
07/18/05: The new inquisitor
07/14/05: Gotcha, Gotcha, Gotcha
07/12/05: Spielberg's anti-war ‘War of the Worlds’
07/11/05: The age of terrorism
07/07/05: A funny thing happened on the way to the ethics forum
06/30/05: Your home can be Pfizer's castle
06/23/05: Better dead than Fed, Peta says
06/13/05: When bilingual means doublespeak
06/09/05: Hard on drugs, soft on suffering
06/06/05: Amnesty too easy on terrorists in Iraq, too hard on U.S. effort
06/02/05: Europeans halt EU's ‘non-debate’ with their hands
05/26/05: Gang of 14, plus 86 midgets
05/23/05: The Empire meets middle age
05/19/05: Filibuster or bust
05/11/05: Love Labor's losses
05/09/05: Is Dubya D.C.'s only adult?
05/04/05: Runaway country
05/02/05: Why we put pets down, but not people
04/28/05: No conscience over the counter
04/20/05: Going nuclear
04/18/05: Student drug testing is un-American
04/14/05: The Un-Savage Sword of Conan
04/11/05: Bankruptcy bill or welfare for usurers?
04/07/05: All wet on Schiavo story
03/28/05: Delavish, Deloutish, Delayly
03/25/05: No choice for Terri
03/20/05: Female chauvinist digs
03/17/05: Don't bank on it
03/16/05: Roman tragedy
03/07/05: A big hole in a big fence
03/04/05: European justice rules top U.S. court
02/28/05: King of the road
02/24/05: Mob rule in Academia
02/21/05: Is a symbolic pact just hot air?
02/18/05: Where there's smoke, you're fired
02/16/05: When the cash crop is your cash
02/11/05: Drug-war follies
02/08/05: A club too exclusive
02/03/05: Let my illegal nanny drive my SUV
02/01/05: Letting every Iraqi vote count
01/28/05: After the love is gone
01/24/05: European Justice
01/20/05: The party of party-poopers
01/17/05: When Congress plays judge
01/14/05: CBS and the Holy Grail
01/07/05: Death trumps choice
01/05/05: Death with vanity
01/03/05: Fear and fear mongering
12/30/04: The stingy giant
12/21/04: Defending the defense secretary
12/20/04: The real McCain?
12/17/04: Time is on Peterson's side
11/23/04: Small fish in a big sentence
11/22/04: The Pentagon 'strikes' back
11/18/04: Death of a filmmaker
11/16/04: Premature amendation
11/08/04: Better than you are, and out of power
10/28/04: Explosive news
10/26/04: Pundits are Free Speech hypocrites
10/21/04: Why I'm voting for Bush
10/19/04: No further action taken
10/18/04: Pandering is contagious
10/14/04: How the sanctions worked
10/12/04: The Wrong Stuff
10/11/04: Tough talk meets tough cookie
10/05/04: The Beltway inquisition
10/04/04: Bush won the debate with Kerry
09/28/04: With friends like this ...
09/21/04: Love thy newspaper
09/14/04: Bush critics off their guard
09/13/04: Where were the ninjas?
09/07/04: Deserving victory
09/02/04: A Tale of Two Cities
09/01/04: From Rudy to Ah-nold
08/31/04: Return of the compassionate conservative
08/24/04: A taste of their own medicine
08/17/04: The governor's wife
08/11/04: An end to the federal criminal-sentencing system?
08/06/04: Who's afraid of bin Laden?
08/03/04: on Hacking
08/02/04: They should have picked Dean
07/30/04: Herding cats
07/29/04: The squishy middle
07/27/04: From Beantown
07/20/04: Kerry's war
07/19/04: Move to render 'citizen' an antiquated notion
07/15/04: Nuance in the atmosphere
07/13/04: More oil for Hussein
07/12/04: Free ‘Kenny Boy’
07/08/04: A tale of two drug wars
07/06/04: Kerry's mistakes
06/29/04: Rise up like mountains
06/28/04: Oil for Hussein
06/22/04:All about Bill
06/21/04: Bush- McCain
06/14/04: Why the national media were so kind to Reagan this week
06/08/04: Exit, smiling
06/07/04: Licenses for lawbreakers — the sequel
06/04/04: Repudiate or resign
06/01/04: Target of the week
05/28/04: Running on fumes
05/25/04: One slam fits all
05/20/04: Wild kingdom
05/18/04: Tilting at terrorists
05/13/04: Beware of flicks bearing myths
05/11/04: Overkill
05/10/04: Rummy's loyalty card
05/06/04: Prisoners of war
05/04/04: Railroaded speech
05/03/04: Attacks on "Attack"
04/29/04: Ugly ducklings
04/27/04: Padilla's life and times
04/20/04: Hello, Kitty, or Frankenpet?
04/19/04: The war on people
04/15/04: Misery loves Kerry
04/09/04: Swatting at flies
04/08/04: Social engineering 101
03/26/04: The ‘blue pill’ champions
03/23/04: Missed opportunities
03/17/04: Spanish voters say: Viva violence!
03/15/04: If you are what you eat, then sue
03/12/04: It's a jungle out there
03/10/04: The bodies politic
03/08/04: Beyond Bush league
03/04/04: Kerry's complicated exfoliation
02/24/04: Pardon?
02/23/04: Rosa Parks — NOT!
02/17/04: The court that cried wolf
02/13/04: The flimflam defense
02/11/04: A man and his medals
02/09/04: The wrong man
02/06/04: The math Dubya forgot
02/03/04: The victim asked for it
02/02/04: Follow the DNA
01/29/04: The Name is Bond, Recovery Bond
01/27/04: Kerry's "last resort"
01/26/04: Citizenship troopers
01/22/04: Kyoto's last gleaming
01/20/04: Let Judy be Judith
01/19/04: The Yankee Al Gore
01/15/04: GOP goes after Boxer
01/13/04: Who lied, who forgot?
01/12/04: Godless France
01/08/04: Star power
01/07/04: Good news for bad guys
01/05/04: The Law of Unintended Gas Guzzling
01/02/04: Florida's juvenile justice
12/31/03: Gen. Clark's misguided justice
12/29/03: No history, no study, no debate
12/23/03: Free the pusher
12/19/03: Angry white guy?
12/16/03: Justice for Hussein
12/15/03: Return of pamphleteers
12/11/03: Gore's latest midlife crisis
12/09/03: Global lip service
12/08/03: Reckless behind the wheel
12/02/03: Stop GOP "spending" spree
11/26/03: The Cat in the Hat strikes back
11/26/03: Rx for bankruptcy
11/24/03: O Canada, O Cannabis
11/21/03: Razzle-dazzle 'em, Scott and Jacko
11/18/03: Governor/action hero/Mr. Nice Guy
11/17/03: Poster women for peace?
11/13/03: Revenge of the Wal-Mart Nine
11/12/03: The return of puke politics
11/05/03: Fighting the fire
11/03/03: Whither the special city?
10/30/03: Bush's war on chaos
10/28/03: Behind Wal-Mart's happy face
10/27/03: Welcome to vegan elementary
10/23/03: Justice for Justice Brown
10/21/03: They followed the money
10/16/03: Ah, the misunderstood terrorist — our new victim class
10/13/03: Governor taxinator?
10/09/03: Gov. Schwarzenegger
10/08/03: Diamond lanes are forever
10/07/03: Two-ring circus, no real ringleader
10/02/03: First Amendment calling
09/30/03: Foie gras jihadists work out
09/25/03: You say you wanna revolution
09/18/03: Farewell to goodwill
09/17/03: It's not about punch cards
09/15/03: The greatest gift
09/11/03: Ah-nold live
09/10/03: Risky business
09/08/03: Role reversal
09/02/03: Public citizen
09/02/03: The ACLU's punch-drunk lawsuit
08/29/03: License to flout
08/27/03: Liberties — for lefties only
08/18/03: Justice and mercy
08/13/03: Experience something new
07/30/03: States' rights a solution to pot debate?
07/28/03: Gephardt straddles the war divide
07/25/03: Voters can kick Davis out, but they can't choose who replaces him?
07/23/03: Bush's mistakes
07/22/03: How budgets get done --- or not
07/18/03: The man who isn't there
07/15/03: Shooting blanks
07/11/03: Judge not
07/09/03: It's not sporting
07/07/03: Question authority
07/02/03: A royal pain
06/27/03: The case of the Dodgy Dossier
06/25/03: Gumby vs. Mayor Mike
06/16/03: Feeling sorry for Hillary
06/13/03: Recall madness
06/11/03: WMD — relic of a quagmire
06/09/03: Experimenting with drugs
06/02/03: The O.J.-ification of Laci
05/30/03: Ashes to assets
05/27/03: The trivialization of compassion
05/23/03: Why not win?
05/18/03: Testy, testy
05/14/03: Do-nothing city
05/09/03: Holier than Bennett
05/07/03: Springtime for PETA
05/05/03: Victory lap interrupted
04/30/03: Freak show
04/25/03: American's jumbo mistake
04/23/03: Artifact hawks
04/21/03: Tilting at justice
04/16/03: Bay Area's silent majority
04/14/03: U.N. -- The Un-coalition
04/11/03: A disarming man
04/09/03: Noblesse oblige
04/07/03: Hand-out City
04/04/03: 4 legs good, 2 legs bad
04/02/03: The PR war
03/31/03: Anti-billingual crusader deserves muchas gracias
03/28/03: Drill Alaska --- for the children
03/26/03: Tantrum
03/27/03: Of might and "smart" men
03/20/03: Fickle finger of France
03/17/03: Joe Nation nation
03/14/03: No world order
03/12/03: Overblown whistle blowing
03/10/03: Nothing petty about it
03/05/03: Why war?
03/03/03: Hydrogen-powered sticker shock
02/28/03: Blairmania
02/26/03: Does size matter?
02/24/03: European ingrates
02/07/03: Toys before swine
02/05/03: Armed and dangerous
02/03/03: "Signs" for the times
01/31/03: State of approval
01/29/03: Pervs beware
01/27/03: Scouts among us
01/24/03: French kiss off
01/23/03: SUV backlash backlash
01/21/03: Goin' to the dogs
01/17/03: Class warfare
01/15/03: From the Left Coast … a vote on whether schools should be havens for learning or tools for leftist propaganda
01/10/03: Bush is cleaving too closely to the Clinton playbook
12/30/02: The Creator VS. Norton
12/26/02: Hazardous to your health
12/16/02: Bezerkley or Psycho?
12/13/02: Willie Horton's legacy
12/11/02: Only act of compassion by prez can save him
12/06/02: Food fight in tofu-land
12/04/02: Wireless not tireless
12/02/02: Nutritionally incorrect … and right!?
11/27/02: The New New Al Gore
11/25/02: Shaking the foundations
11/22/02: Biting the hand that teaches you
11/08/02: Bush leads
11/06/02: Too big to vote small this month
11/04/02: In a cop killer's name
10/25/02: Off target
10/23/02: Anti-American and not proud of it!?
10/16/02: And now, PC parades
10/11/02: Sitting on the docks by the Bay
10/07/02: For Dems, the mantra ain't "Let every vote count" any longer
09/27/02: Profile in fence-sitting
09/25/02: Achtung, anti-American
09/24/02: Why don't they fear us?
09/18/02: Nobel Peace Prize killer
09/13/02: What you don't see can hurt you
09/06/02: Unequal before the law
09/04/02: To the moon, Jerry
08/30/02: Gold medal in meddling
08/28/02: The summit isn't sustainable
08/23/02: Your tax dollars on drugs
08/19/02: San Francisco, the city of outrageousness, has done it again! Beware and be aware, America
08/16/02:Fraternite, liberte, envy
08/14/02: Academia's swindle
08/12/02: Humane or inane?
08/09/02: See Dick talk
08/07/02: Gore, the Messiah
08/02/02: The compassionate curriculum
07/31/02: No order in the court
07/30/02: West takes on east in the drug war
07/26/02: PC coffee 'brewhaha' Spineless in Seattle
07/24/02: No wonder the rest of the country has been known to sneer at California
07/22/02: Hail, little Caesar
07/19/02: Doctor of the Universe?
07/17/02: Johnny goes to prison
07/15/02: To win or not to win
07/12/02: A paradise for moderns
07/10/02: Hate crime, terror and murder
07/03/02: "Good things" in stir
06/24/02: True justice
06/21/02: How Davey saved California
06/19/02: Delusions of suppression
06/17/02: The Court's on trial
06/14/02: A real-life Mrs. Cleaver
06/12/02: California crude
05/31/02: FBI, investigate thyself
05/28/02: Your tax dollars on drugs
05/24/02: The Bible and the stripper
05/22/02: Who knew?
05/20/02: A modern modest proposal
05/19/02: Euros could don white hats
05/13/02: Home of the brave -- oops, scratch that
05/10/02: Colorblind U
05/08/02: License to spend
05/06/02: Conservatism can survive despite liberal bias
05/03/02:A speech like air kisses
05/02/02: Bush should end bad sentences
04/29/02: Get ready America, California is gettin' into the slave reparations business
04/26/02: Saudis' money for martyrs
04/24/02: Oooh la la, Le Pen
04/15/02: Drill Alaska -- for the children
04/11/02: A good marriage with an esteemed soul mate -- well, nothing beats it
04/09/02: Tied up and Taliban
04/05/02: No justice in reparations
04/01/02: Schools, yes; fat police, no
03/25/02: The government-induced doctor shortage
03/22/02: Conservative hypocrisy on school drug testing?
03/20/02: And now, about Russell Yates . . .
03/18/02: Bush isn't worried about alienating loyalist voters
03/13/02: No exit strategy
03/11/02: Simon hits the big time
03/06/02: He got away
03/01/02: Mary, Luke, Paul, John and Noah
02/25/02: These are good days for veep
02/21/02: Dirty bill for a dirty mess
02/19/02: Score one for Greta
02/15/02: Dose of justice needed here
02/08/02: Sunshine all around
02/04/02: Does citizenship matter?
02/01/02: End the coverup
01/30/02: Try this for "troubling"
01/25/02: Camp X-ray or Club Med?
01/23/02: Let's stop the deluge of porn e-mail
01/21/02: No 'Little Boy Lost'
01/16/02: Son of Supercar
01/12/02: Beware the European view of the death penalty
01/09/02: Other people's children
01/07/02: It doesn't fly
01/03/02: Going from the Atlantic City Boardwalk to Berkeley
12/31/01: In America, punishment should fit the crime
12/28/01: What I'd like to see in 2002
12/24/01: Don't heckle ink monopolists
12/21/01: Mumia finds safety in numbers
12/19/01 The self-help PBS shopping network
12/17/01 Caught on tape
12/14/01 Know when to hold 'em
12/10/01 Old friends
12/06/01 I read the news today, oh boy
12/03/01 It's not cricket
11/28/01 Admissions and omissions
11/26/01 Guns and abayas
11/21/01 Depraved minds think alike
11/19/01 Guilty, a la carte
11/14/01 Interpreting the entrails of Election 2000
11/12/01 Life and liberty
11/09/01 Safety is as safety does
11/07/01 More hot air on global warming
11/05/01 Bumped Pakistani's molehill
11/01/01 Freedom snuffed out
10/29/01 Give war a chance
10/26/01 Airline bill needs liftoff
10/22/01 The Riordan Principle
10/19/01 Before America gets tired of the war on terrorism
10/17/01 Patriot games
10/15/01 I was a 'McCainiac,' and I have seen the light
10/12/01 University of Censorship's fall semester
10/11/01 Poor little rich boy, Osama
10/07/01 Don't feed Israel to the beast
10/05/01: bin Laden is not our Frankenstein monster
10/04/01: Where no man has gone before
09/26/01: Who's bloodthirsty?
09/26/01: What's to understand?
09/20/01: Barbara Lee's line in the sand
09/14/01: You gotta love this country
09/13/01: ENTER TERROR
09/11/01: You can't clone ethics
09/06/01: NOW's goal: equal rights for women without equal responsibility
08/30/01: What's love got to do with it?
08/24/01: A clean, well-lighted place for junkies
08/20/01: Bush should stand up for justice
08/08/01: Don't give Peace (Dept). a chance
08/03/01: Lose a kid, pass a law
08/01/01: Welcome to France, killers
07/30/01: Why it's easy being green (in Europe)
07/26/01: If disabled means expendable
07/23/01: Condit should not resign
07/18/01: Feinstein should learn her limit
07/16/01: A drought of common sense
07/13/01: The catalog has no clothes
07/05/01: It's Bush against the planet
07/03/01: The man who would be guv
06/29/01: Wheeled, wired and free
06/27/01: O, fearful new world
06/25/01: End HMO horrors
06/21/01: Either they're dishonest or clueless
06/18/01: Freedom is a puff of smoke
06/15/01: In praise of going heavy: Yes, you can take it all
06/13/01: McVeigh: 'Unbowed' maybe, but dead for sure
06/11/01: Gumby strikes back
06/08/01: Los Angeles' last white mayor?
06/07/01: Kids will be kids, media will be media
06/04/01: Draw a line in the sand
05/30/01: Just don't call him a moderate
05/29/01: Operation: Beat up on civil rights
05/24/01: Of puppies, kittens and huge credit-card debts
05/22/01: Bush needs an energy tinkerbell
05/18/01: Divided we stand, united they fall
05/16/01: Big Bench backs might over right
05/15/01: Close SUV loophole
05/11/01: Kill the test, welcome failure
05/09/01: DA mayor's disappointing legacy
05/07/01: If it ain't broken ...
05/03/01: They shoot civilians, don't they?
04/30/01: Executions are not for prime time
04/12/01: White House and the green myth
04/10/01: The perjurer as celeb
04/04/01: Bush bashers don't know squat
04/02/01: Drugging our oldsters
03/30/01: Robert Lee Massie exercises his death wish
03/28/01: Cheney's nuclear reactor
03/26/01: Where California and Mexico meet
03/16/01: Boy's sentence was no accident
03/14/01: Soft money, hard reform
03/12/01: Banks, big credit lines and consumer bankruptcy
03/09/01: Free speech dies in Berkeley
03/02/01: When rats have rights
02/28/01: Move a frog, go to jail?
02/26/01: They knew they'd get away with it
02/20/01: How Dems define tax fairness
02/16/01: The jackpot casino Carmel tribe?
02/14/01: You can fight school success
02/12/01: Hannibal -- with guts this time
02/08/01: A family of jailbirds
02/05/01: Reality's most demeaning TV moments
02/01/01: Justice for the non-Rich
01/26/01: Hail to the chiefs of D.C. opinion
01/24/01: A day of mud and monuments
01/22/01: Diversity, division, de-lovely D.C.
01/19/01: Parties agree: Give back the money
01/17/01: Get tough with the oil companies, or forget pumping more Alaskan crude
01/15/01: Mineta better pray that no attending confirmation senator has ever driven to San Jose during rush hour
01/12/01: Europeans should look in the mirror
01/10/01: Dems' reasons for dissin' Dubya's picks
01/08/01: Jerry, curb your guru
01/03/01: A foe of Hitler and friend of Keating
12/28/00: Nice people think nice thoughts
12/26/00: The Clinton years: Epilogue
12/21/00: 'Tis the season to free nonviolent drug offenders 12/18/00: A golden opportunity is squandered
12/15/00: You can take the 24 years, good son
12/13/00: Court of law vs. court of public opinion
12/08/00: A salvo in the war on the war on drugs
12/06/00: Don't cry, Butterfly: Big trees make great decks
12/04/00: Florida: Don't do as Romans did
11/30/00: Special City's hotel parking ticket
11/27/00: No means yes, yes means more than yes
11/22/00: The bench, the ballot and fairness
11/20/00: Mendocino, how green is your ballot?

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