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04/28/09: Driving us to drink
04/21/09: Facebook fatigue
04/14/09: Snookered!
04/07/09: Eavesdropping on Gov't. Motors' helpline
03/31/09: Fried Green Liberalism
03/24/09: The Unintended Successes of Big Government
03/17/09: Religion's Virtue
03/03/09: On Muscle Cars and Saving Detroit
02/24/09: Botching the digital switchover
02/17/09: Guilt Complex (and the Stimulus Package)
02/11/09: Stuck in a SAD State
02/03/09: The Sister We Left Behind
01/27/09: Going Deep on the Super Bowl
01/20/09: Here Come the Food Police
01/13/09: Dissecting the Obama signature
01/07/09: Red Ink Did Me Good!
12/30/08: Home sweet ‘heart home’
12/09/08: Trouble at Sunset Acres
11/26/08: Getting to sit at the big table
11/18/08: The truth about government
11/10/08: Watching our brave Unknowns
11/05/08: A Revised Investment Strategy
10/21/08: Blankity Blank Blanks
10/14/08: Longing for the Clintons
10/07/08: Taking stock of testosterone
09/30/08: Government Failure as Usual
09/23/08: Change we can spare
09/16/08: Campaign jokes are telling
09/09/08: Why the barracuda befuddles
09/03/08: Me for President
08/26/08: Grateful for a Do-Nothing Congress
08/19/08: School lunch dough
08/12/08: Chinese Hot Dogs
08/05/08: Regulation without Representation
07/30/08: Shaping up Our Fat Kids
07/22/08: Fannie, Freddie & the Daybed
07/15/08: Food & gas pains
05/01/08: Banking on food
04/29/08: Gross National Happiness
04/23/08: American as Tag and Dodgeball
04/15/08: Tortured By Taxes
04/08/08: Male alimony
03/25/08: Lessons from the Photo Box
03/04/08: Material kids
03/04/08: Material kids
02/26/08: For the Love of Obama
02/12/08: The screw-up's paradise?
02/05/08: It's taxing without Rudy
01/28/08: Sub-prime illiteracy
01/21/08: Edison's dim bulb
01/17/08: Why Girl Scout Cookies Must Be Banned
01/14/08: Moving in the right direction
01/08/08: 100 Years Is Enough for Me, Pal
12/31/07: Time to stomp out Nature Deficit Disorder
12/17/07: Guys, lose the makeup
12/10/07: Bickering to save the Earth
11/19/07: A very thankful American
11/12/07: What Do Women Running for President Really Want?
10/02/07: Health savings account is a beautiful thing
09/24/07: Bullies, technology & bullets
09/18/07: Men, women & the housework enigma
09/10/07: Schooled about college
08/27/07: Returning to a lettered life
08/20/07: In praise of the good-old picnic
08/13/07: Ethanol is ruining my social life
07/30/07: The name game
07/23/07: Tapped out on bottled water
07/09/07: My terrorist doc
07/02/07: If Washington crossed the Delaware in 2007
06/29/07: Will Rogers on Congress
06/15/07: For Fathers Day — The Window Fan
06/11/07: We've loosened up plenty
06/04/07: The ugly truth
05/29/07: He's not a hitter, he's a baby sitter!
05/25/07: A Veteran's Spirit
05/21/07: Toiling through tears
05/11/07: A Mother's Determination
04/30/07: Uninformed and liking it
04/23/07: Tragedy, American-style
04/16/07: Longing for clarity & harmony
04/08/07: Things aren't so bad
04/02/07: War games
03/26/07: In 2027: Designer babies
03/19/07: Foreclosed: Common sense
03/07/07: Inside the mind-set of fame junkies
02/26/07: A wild & woolly affair
02/19/07: Perfect scheme for reducing taxes
02/12/07: Cold, hard science
02/05/07: The handwriting of Bush, Reid and Pelosi
01/29/07: No respect, no respect at all
01/22/07: Women without husbands
01/15/07: Uncle Sam the meter maid
01/08/07: Trans fat monkey on my back
01/02/07: Citizenship examined
12/18/06: Resist cupcake tyranny
12/11/06: Hey, guys, grow a spine
11/27/06: Happy, happy, happy!
11/13/06: The silver lining
10/30/06: Tom and the fat man
10/16/06: Nightmares: How libs and conservatives dream
10/09/06: Exploring Christopher Columbus
09/26/06: Dinner Bells
09/25/06: Terrorism? No! Wussification? Yes!
09/18/06: The real 9/11 masterminds
09/11/06: Confessions of a Wal-Mart addict
09/01/06: Why I wish I were French
08/28/06: Gippy, Gopher and the terrorists
08/21/06: Our little house grew into a mansion
08/16/06: We know everything, Tom
07/31/06: 5 girls, 1 boy and lots of laughs
07/24/06: Give me that old-time music of living
07/17/06: Boys can't be boys
07/10/06: A connected man
07/03/06: The Corrie Show must go on
06/26/06: Wanted: Will Rogers
06/16/06: Father is best
06/05/06: A veteran's story
05/29/06: A veteran's story
05/22/06: Beautifying the ugly American
05/12/06: A mother's request
05/08/06: Needed: Horatio Alger
04/24/06: Onward! Through middle age and beyond
04/10/06: Taxing quotations
04/03/06: Spring has sprung -- into woe
03/27/06: Beauty & beastliness
03/20/06: Booming with my David Cassidy hair
03/13/06: Seeking Murphy the spy
03/06/06: Learning from pain
02/27/06: The perils of nasty netiquette
02/20/06: Q&A for Presidents Day 2006
02/13/06: Wooing modern males
02/06/06: Enjoying spending other people's money
01/30/06: Outlaw Groundhog Day
01/23/06: Depressed
01/16/06: The fittest and the fattest
01/09/06: Happiness & money
01/03/06: Count your blessings
12/19/05: All Iraqis need to know
12/12/05: Spaced out
11/21/05: Thank Heaven for America
11/11/05: Needed: Better BS
11/04/05: The Veteranís Soul
10/28/05: Politics of the Paranormal
10/21/05: Rude
10/10/05: Exploring Christopher Columbus
09/30/05: Bumper Sticker Wars
09/23/05: The Wrath of Mother Nature
09/16/05: Explaining the Roberts' Confirmation to the Iraqis
09/09/05: How to Respond to Tragedy
08/26/05: The Politics of Coffee
08/19/05: On Sailing with Women
08/15/05: When Heterosexual Men Marry (Each Other)
08/05/05: Space Shuttled
07/29/05: The Catholic Thing
07/22/05: Hot Diggity Dog!
07/15/05: Hooking Up
07/08/05: An Open Letter to Our Islamofascist Buddies
07/01/05: If Howard Dean Were to Update the Declaration of Independence
06/27/05: Housing envy is booming
06/17/05: Fatherís Day, Fashion and the French
06/10/05: Summer Lost
06/07/05: Firing up a fat one
05/27/05: Guards of Honor
05/20/05: Who the (Expletive) Am I?
05/16/05: The day the dam didn't break
05/09/05: For all the moms fighting for their kids
05/02/05: Distressed
04/22/05: Take Your Sons and Daughters to Grandmaís
04/18/05: Female Midlife Crisis
04/08/05: Why I Hate Spring
04/04/05: My Living Will
03/25/05: If Terri Schiavo Could Talk
03/18/05: On American Busyness and What Really Matters
03/11/05: An American Original
03/07/05: Requiem for a crustacean
02/25/05: President Hillary, first lady Bill
02/07/05: Romance enhanced, Medicare style
02/07/05: Booze, the Dems and Teddy Kennedy
01/28/05: Carson's death should remind us of what was good and what we've lost
01/24/05: The Nanny, the Harvard President and Maureen Dowd
01/14/05: I'm a member of ‘Generation Jones’
01/07/05: Why does man suffer from the new car bug?
12/31/04: Oblivious Americans
12/17/04: On male shopping
11/25/04: Flying the Frisky Skies
11/19/04: Thanksgiving Blues
11/12/04: Straw Man
11/05/04: Oh, Canada
10/29/04: The Ghosts of Chicago
10/22/04: My Familyís Public Shame: the Hyundai Sonata
10/15/04: Why I'm Unemployed
10/11/04:Afghani guys are doomed
10/04/04: Killer Burbs
09/24/04: Why are we encouraging the clueless to vote?
09/10/04: On ownership, misery and a better America
08/27/04: When the anti-order and organization crowd ... gets organized
08/24/04: When the anti-order and organization crowd ... gets organized
08/20/04: Boo for America!
08/13/04: Conservative music
08/06/04: A Simpler Tax?
07/30/04: Explaining political conventions to Iraqis
07/16/04: The first metrosexual ticket?
07/09/04: On the Smoking Ban and Irish Pubs
07/02/04: If Michael Moore Explained July 4th to Children
06/25/04: 'Clinthog' Day
06/18/04: The Big Guy
06/11/04: The Real Reagan Eulogy
06/04/04: Ladies' Night: An investigation
05/28/04: If Osama were to speak to the grads
05/21/04: Ask Mr. Terror
05/17/04: Nick Berg's soul
05/07/04: Letter from Beacon Hill: Missing common-sense, blue-collar tough folks
04/30/04: Kerry really needs ‘Regular Guy ’ lessons
04/23/04: On Polio and pulling together
04/16/04: Misery
04/09/04: Bush's Secret Weapon: Bo Derek
04/02/04: On baseball and politics
03/26/04: Guy talk
03/22/04: Kerry meets his master
03/17/04: When Americans pretend to be 'Irish'
03/12/04: Didya hear the Anti PC Irish Joke about Ö?
03/05/04: I Wish I Was Russian
02/27/04: Vinny the Number Cruncher takes on Greenspan
02/20/04: The birds and the bees, updated
02/13/04: Dr. Laura plays Cupid
02/06/04: The Investigation
01/23/04: Weighty adjustment
01/16/04: Bucks for betrothals
01/09/04: Decisions, decisions
01/02/04: Making New Year's resolutions for others
12/27/03: Holiday Pork
12/19/03: FOUND! The captured-Saddam transcript
12/12/03: Peace, Man
12/05/03: Who are you, Miss Manners?
12/01/03: Joyless, selfish children
11/21/03: Thanksgiving, updated for our times
11/14/03: Hang in there, tubby America, your day in the sun will come
11/07/03: Morale at Veterans' Day
10/31/03: The Big Picture
10/24/03: A sorry bunch
10/17/03: Conversation with a typical poll respondent?
10/10/03: Men and women and brains
10/03/03: Iraqi Pork
09/26/03: They would not leave
09/19/03: A radical idea
09/12/03: Food Guide Pyramid has a "stupidity factor"?
09/05/03: Flag waving and football cheering
08/29/03: People who have it all, too often don't
08/25/03: Attack of the 'virus twits'
08/08/03: Why not have a whole slew of the world's dignitaries and leaders come by to visit you?
08/01/03: Do you really want to live until 500?
07/18/03: "Ain't-my-fault" lawsuits are becoming more creative
07/18/03: The real story never makes for good summertime drama in Washington
07/11/03: Government bureaucrats, not elected officials, are really the ones determining what people and organizations can and can't do
07/03/03: Overworked Americans
06/27/03: The Metrosexual Male
06/20/03: Crime Etiquette in Washington, D.C.
06/13/03: My Father, the Thief and the MGB
06/05/03: An Open Letter to Bill and Hillary
05/30/03: We are a busy people
05/23/03: Liar, Liar
05/16/03: Laffer all the way to the bank
05/09/03: My mother's house
05/02/03: Teaching the Iraqis how to protest
04/25/03: Iraqi TV
04/21/03: Explaining Democracy to the Iraqis
04/11/03: Major increases to the beer tax? That's a cheap shot right to the beer gut
04/04/03: War humor
03/31/03: Dolphins, PETA and the USA
03/21/03: Traffic Wars
03/14/03: Ronald Reagan's St. Patrick's Day
03/03/03: My Family's Tragic Secret: We're French
02/21/03: I'm worried about my people
02/14/03: George Washington Makeover
02/07/03: Making quiet sacrifices
01/24/03: "Gimme the, goo-goo, gah-gah, remote!"
01/21/03: "Misunderestimated"
01/10/03: Republican night life
01/06/03: Exercise pills
12/31/02: They provide unending joy to those who are wise enough to let them in
12/13/02: Hurried Man Syndrome
12/06/02: In DC, snowstorms have important ramifications --- or, at least, they should
11/26/02: Police advertising
11/15/02: An Interview with Osama
11/01/02: How to vote in America
10/25/02: On edge in Washington, D.C
10/11/02: Giving new meaning to "selling your body"
10/04/02: Bush's Angels
09/27/02: Conservatives, Liberals, Dick Armey and Barry Manilow
09/20/02: Are SUV drivers are the new GOPers?
09/13/02: Bubba is Dubya's man
09/06/02: The Freedom to Picnic
08/16/02: Ah, the $izzle of anti-terrorist pork
08/09/02: Vacationless prez and gutless Americans
07/26/02: Study gives women permission not to hide their emotions
07/15/02: Patriot food
06/28/02: Eavesdropping on a San Fran classroom
06/21/02: The crowded skies
06/14/02: Contemporary Father's Day: A conversation for the ages
06/07/02: Legal rights for animals?
05/19/02: Advice for prom goers this year: Hold onto your money
05/10/02: Don't take her for granted
05/03/02: Letter to the parents of a tubby teen
04/26/02: Zacarias Moussaoui gets expert legal advice

© 2003, Tom Purcell