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‘Helpful’ lawyer leaves nephew in a bind; tax deduction for assisted-living stay
Child fears exploitation is destroying Mom's nest egg
One estate divided by 20 equals confusion
Nursing home vs. home care: Cost-benefit analysis
Nursing-home resident sees far too much
Nursing home's ‘discharge’ notice improper
Minimize estate tax for heirs — legally; huge financial mistake when dealing with elderly patient
Father needs durable power of attorney
Save Mom from mooching brother; more
Healthcare directives prevent host of problems
Pat on head no compensation for caregiving
What is a ‘fair share’ of the will?
It's never too late to plan
Senior needs extra attention during holidays
Research state tax laws before deciding where to retire
Blood test a new tool for dementia patients
Making your estate trust-worthy
Is the bank holding Mom's assets captive?
Parents lack of life plan leaves siblings feuding
RN angered by hospital's care of seniors
Mom suffers when doctors don't share data
Is Dad's secret adviser preying on him?
Does this will snafu require an attorney?; more on depression in seniors
Depression and aging don't need to go hand in hand
Til poverty do us part
Lack of ‘determination’ leaves spouse in financial nightmare
A clear outlook about AMD
Concerned about parent remarrying
Second marriage brings sticky financial concerns
Delphi offers onboard navigation, traffic
Be wary of ‘trust’ scams
Ex's death still leaves woman out of will; more
Caring for parents a potential strain on family
Fighting for the right veteran's benefits
Protect your estate from greedy hands
Vitamin D's for Dad
‘Kick’ your life into high gear
Can the nursing home throw Mom out?
Do we need a ‘conflicts waiver’?
Oral hygiene, overlooked, leads to health problems
Avoid caregiver burnout
How do we plan for our disabled child's future?
Balancing finances to avoid losing Medicaid
Bad advice gifts away Mom's future
Reverse mortgage one solution for financial woes
Americans risk futures without long-term care plans
Legal advice trumps friendship in planning for family
Children suspect foul play with Dad's estate
What is a Medicaid “resource”?
Medicare versus Medicaid: The fine print
Paying for that long-term care
The high price of long-term care
The rights of “high risk” older patients
Caring for independent, aging parents
The rights of “high risk” older patients
Life after death: Get your wishes in writing
Caring for our aging disabled children
Setting up the right IRA distributions for your kids
How do we make our freeloader child pay up?; more
Revisit old legal advice
Need legal advice to help estranged parents
Lonely senior getting conned
Financial questions you need to answer
Is my Dad being treated well?
Enroll in Part D now
Medicare Part D needs a second look
Stroke: Know the signs
Congress has unhealthy view of seniors' issues
Prenups and the senior spouse
Don't make your will your muddled legacy, Part II
Don't make your will your muddled legacy
No solution for Mom's care provider
Is Dad a tax break?
Who protects them from their guardians?

Dying mom wants embattled son to inherit well
Make sure your house is in order — it can happen to you!
Property deal leaves Mom bitter at No. 1 son
A financial ‘prisoner’ to her children
Stopping the growing problem of elder abuse
Moving out, but keeping your home
Getting your share of Medicaid
Critical concerns about Mom's care provider
Be wary of self-serving care facilities
Lack of planning creates financial mess
Controlling your future through a power of attorney
Controlling your future through a power of attorney
With wills, lawyers trump self-help forms
Providing for your furry family
Death in your financial plans
Nephew wants guardian rights
First things first: Seek shelter
Hunting for a Medicare doctor
Plan ahead, for your health
Don't walk into a care contract blind
The practicalities and pitfalls of caregiving
Dad's sudden wealth disrupts Mom's Medicaid
When the bliss ends, have a plan
Premarital agreement: Good financial sense
Independent living the antidote for homelessness
Mom's financial secrecy may get her swindled
Second time's still not a charm; dividing elderly parents
Mental incapacity may negate legal proceedings
The critical need for a living will
Lack of uniformity in state health directives?; father's medical records were compromised
Consider the risks of premarital agreements; the charitable remainder trust is underutilized planning tool
Poor planning leaves children suffering stepdad's financial ‘abuse’
Joint ownership not always in the spouse's best interest
Siblings battle over Mom's funds
Power of attorney can be a powerful solution
Medicare offers no defense against ‘dump’ job
Seniors crippled by dwindling finances, ailing health
More lessons in understanding Medicare Part D
Deciphering the complexities of Medicare Part D
Depression often misdiagnosed in the elderly
Dementia complicates Dad's future care; a new will should be written in the case of a divorce
Politics impacts an already-tragic life
No clear path to an estate trustee
Bad advice may cause Medicaid rejection; can stock sale avoid paying capital gains taxes?
Governments cutting seniors to the financial bone
Little protection from Medicaid estate recovery
Plan well: Remarriage not necessarily a greener pasture
Should we go for survivor annuities?
How can I undo my late dad's ‘marriage’?
You need to preserve life plan documents
How do I secure my financial future?
Restraining Mom to protect her
Financially, retiring a lose-lose for couples
Battling for Dad's nursing home rights
How do we reconnect with our ailing parents?
Check that your trust complies with the latest laws; DNR signature isn't requirement for assisted living facilities
Why the government wants you to sign a living will
Creating a trust for your specific needs
End-of-life plans for those without close relatives
Poor drug prescription coverage for nursing home residents
Medicare causing cancer-stricken Mom more pain
How do I protect my slacker son's inheritance?; Curbing Medicare costs
Was the will stolen — or revoked?
How can I avoid a taxing legacy?
A prenup could have avoided this nightmare
I want to pick where I'm buried
What about Terri's right to live?
Can I recoup Dad's stolen SSI cash?
Step away from that lying bank
Gambling on long-term care insurance; poor dental health in nursing home
Mom may have written me out of her will
Ensuring gifts to grandkids are used for college
Readers rail against politicians; homes showing less restraint
Can I be paid from my uncle's cash?
How can we afford my husband's rehab?
Rule your money from the grave
Planning from a distance
Our fight to improve Mom's care
The long path to deducting at-home care
Getting respite for adult caregivers
Do we tell the kids they're not in our plan?
HIPAA hurts careless life planners
Son's sins infect Mom's care
The sudden pitfalls of an immediate annuity
Furious at home's poor care of Mom
How the government bilks seniors
Solid answers about osteoporosis
The taxing affair of gift giving
Searching for a facility that offers independence
Does anesthesia enfeeble the elderly?
Warning about 'Do Not Resuscitate' (DNR)
Why is Mom such a hoarder?; Medicaid law may leave child homeless
Brother's reaction to Mom's death angers siblings
Unwisely reducing drug dosages
Why is my sick husband frantic at sundown?
Are Dad's living expenses tax-deductible?
Recovering confidence after a fall
How do I plan my estate?
My parents need a caring lawyer
Can banks reject powers of attorney?
Tech innovations help parents remain home
Looking back for a healthy future
Alzheimer's-stricken Mom is destroying marriage
A cautionary tale of quick-fix mortgages
Why can dad's new wife control his life?
Sister's early death sparks family estate war
Poor financial planning leaves Dad cash-strapped
How do I protect my parents from falling?

Bad 'Will' makes seniors prey
Bankrupt seniors now the debt generation
How can we help ease Dad's depression?
Compensating sister for Mom's care; purchasing life insurance policies from terminally ill individuals
My aunt profited from grandpa's weak will; foreclosing against senior is best
Pay employer taxes for caregivers?
Help Mom organize her finances
Where can seniors get the best health info?
How do we stop our mooching daughter?
Can you stop a double-dealing lawyer?; caregiver red flags
How the government bilks seniors
Dad's new wife took the inheritance
Parents' trustee choice a hidden blessing
Finding the money for home care
Elderly mom is sweet on a hunky aide
'Ziva' gets the scoop on nation's nursing homes
Care decisions for 'elder orphans'
Seeking help for dementia victims
Read admission-package 'agreements'; booting a patient once Medicaid kicks in
Can the kids block our cash flow?; childless couple agonizes over whether to use
powers of attorney or a living trust to manage our assets

Control your assets from the grave
Slacker son will blow his fortune; lawyer's role in "estate-planning"
Mom remarried and spent my inheritance; doesn't want daughter-in-law to receive anything from estate
Can we stop our brother from swindling us?
What Gifting Will Disqualify You From Medicaid
The 'magic' language for a power of attorney agreement
Is care insurance a healthy choice?
Is there protection against Medicaid costs?
Long-term care insurance comes up short
HIPAA -- too much privacy?; nursing home doc could care less
Private pay nursing home residents pay more
Separated families should use care managers
What Makes Up a Caregiving Team?
Who is the client, parents or children?:

© 2005, Jan Warner