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Jewish World Review May 13, 1999 /27 Iyar, 5759

Mona Charen

Mona Charen
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Other high crimes

(JWR) ---- (
AS YOU WATCH those "spontaneous" outbursts of anti-American fury in China, see the rocks and lighted torches fly over the gates into our embassy and consulates, and absorb the slogan "Americans Must Die" -- you might want to reflect that Bill Clinton has consciously permitted Beijing to have access to nearly all of our most sensitive nuclear weapons technology and a lot more besides.

The nation the president once described as our "strategic partner" is doing its level best to gin up the sort of hatred toward us that Slobodan Milosevic so successfully incited among the Serbs toward the Kosovars.

China's state-controlled media have presented the bombing of its embassy in Belgrade not as a mistake but as a war crime, and they have helpfully provided bus transportation to American sites for protesters.

Regarding that accident, one cannot avoid the conclusion that Democrats have been incompetent at fighting wars for 25 years. Lyndon Johnson's "escalation" kept us trapped in Vietnam; Jimmy Carter's rescue mission of the Tehran hostages crashed and burned in the desert; and Bill Clinton's now 47-day-old bombing campaign in Yugoslavia has achieved none of its objectives but has resulted in totally avoidable damage to our interests.

War is a fateful business. There has scarcely ever been a war whose full ramifications were anticipated beforehand. Some things are worth the risk, but we rely on our leaders not to commit war thoughtlessly.

Russia, her political future quite uncertain and her arsenal still bristling with thousands of inter-continental ballistic missiles, is now more hostile to the United States than at any time since 1989. The paranoid elements in the Duma who have warned darkly about NATO's eastward expansion can now argue with a bit more credibility than before that NATO's claim to be a defensive alliance is a lie.

Serbia, Greece and Bulgaria (also bombed accidentally) are now implacably antagonistic. And China, well, how do you mistake an embassy anyway?

Our Apache helicopters, which were supposed to intimidate Serb military and police in Kosovo, have been grounded after two training accidents. We are running out of cruise missiles. And now, having committed the prestige of the U.S. armed forces to a war in which our goals were unclear from the start, the fate of Kosovo will be decided, it appears, by Slobodan Milosevic and Boris Yeltsin.

At the start of this administration, when one colossal screw-up followed another, observers were invited to conclude that the Clinton White House was either incompetent or venal. That choice, we now see, was false. It is both. The war in Kosovo is evidence of unforgivable incompetence. The loss of our most closely guarded military secrets is evidence of venality.

Each day's New York Times brings fresh news of simply jaw-dropping breaches of national security. The so-called "legacy codes" for our nuclear missiles, which permit reverse engineering, are now in the hands of the Chinese. So is the radar technology that protects our submarines. When Clinton came into office, China possessed about 20 unreliable ICBMs capable of hitting the United States. As Newsweek described it: "When the CIA showed the (stolen) material to a team of top nuclear weapons experts, they 'practically fainted.' ... 'The Chinese penetration is total,' says an official close to the investigation."

How did the Clinton administration respond to this catastrophic loss of key weapons technology? First, of course, by lying blatantly. Two months ago, Bill Clinton said at a news conference that no breach of security during his tenure had been brought to his attention -- a lie.

Despite evidence of potentially grievous security breaches, the Clinton administration continued to press for cooperation with the Chinese, dismissed evidence of spying, refused to prosecute or even remove a key suspect, Wen Ho Lee, and helped a Democratic Party donor obtain an export license for the sale of sensitive missile technology to China. Bill Clinton also personally appointed John Huang to a sensitive Commerce Department post, where, Congress alleges, he committed economic espionage.

The amount of money the Democratic Party and the Clinton campaign received from the Chinese is still in dispute. But as shocking as it is to say it, a now critical mass of evidence suggests that Clinton committed treason to get his hands on it.


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