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Jewish World Review April 22, 1999 /6 Iyar, 5759

Mona Charen

Mona Charen
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Hey, hey, ... Bubba

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MY COLLEAGUE COLUMNIST MARK SHIELDS has made a crusade of assailing so-called "chicken hawks," politicians (usually Republicans) who avoided military service themselves but nonetheless were hot to sacrifice other people's sons in conflicts far from home, like Grenada or Iraq.

Today, we have a new phenomenon: Vitriolic haters of the war in Vietnam who cut their teeth chanting, "Hey, hey, LBJ, how many kids did you kill today?" transformed into hard-liners on Kosovo.

It is difficult to make sense of the moral reasoning these new hawks employ. They opposed the war in Vietnam for many reasons, they said. They thought it was a civil war that we knew nothing about and in which we had no business interfering. They thought the North Vietnamese and Vietcong were patriots defending their country against foreign invaders -- first the French and then us.

(Another popular chant during anti-war demonstrations was "Ho, Ho, Ho Chi Minh.")

The United States, they argued, always sided with those "on the wrong side of history," the tyrants and dictators who put people in tiger cages and ruled through repression. The United States was interested, they thought, only in thwarting the world communist movement, which was a McCarthyite delusion anyway.

In truth, the motives of the anti-war protesters themselves were subject to unflattering analysis. As soon as the draft law was altered, effectively saving most college students from the danger of being drafted, anti-war zeal evaporated on campuses.

The domestic conflict over the war in Vietnam, though it is seen in retrospect as a left/right split, really wasn't. The Vietnam War was conceived and designed by a very liberal president, Lyndon Johnson, and came to be critiqued by a radical/liberal coalition. When Johnson lost the battle, it spelled the virtual end of anti-communism in the Democratic Party.

Today, the new internationalist Democrats argue explicitly that because the United States has no conceivable national interest at stake in Kosovo, our intervention is moral and right.

Is that true? Today, we have a totally volunteer army. And they are paid to do what the political leadership of the nation directs. But does that give the administration the right to put their lives at risk for nothing more substantial than the self-esteem of the leaders? It isn't clear that intervention for purely humanitarian reasons is the most moral action for a state.

When the wife or mother of a dead soldier or airman receives a condolence letter from the secretary of defense, it usually reads something like this: "On behalf of the United States, we thank you for the brave sacrifice of your son (or husband). He gave his life to ensure that America will remain safe and free." A citizen can make peace with that.

It's a bit more difficult to justify asking for sacrifice when the United States has no interests at stake and is merely chasing an impossible dream of world harmony. But even that would have been preferable to what we face: the prospect of sacrifice because this president so badly misjudged an aggressor.

The original purpose of this bombing (so reminiscent of LBJ's selective bombing in Vietnam) was to prevent Slobodan Milosevic from inflicting further harm on the Kosovars. The bombing achieved the opposite result. And now, we are being asked to sacrifice for something worse -- to maintain the credibility of those who have blundered.

"Dear Mrs. X: It is with greatest sorrow that we report the death of your son in Kosovo. He was on a very important mission to pull NATO's chestnuts out of the fire after the civilian leadership ignored military warnings that their 'pinpoint' bombing of a few Yugo plants and empty government buildings would not do the job. Unlike President Bush, who could (and did) warn Milosevic away from Kosovo, President Clinton has sent unfortunate signals of vacillation and empty bluster to tyrants around the world. It should hearten you to reflect that your brave son gave his life in an area of the world that has been fighting for centuries and in which we have no vital interests at stake. Sincerely yours."


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