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Jewish World Review March 16, 1999 /28 Adar 5759

Mona Charen

Mona Charen
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St. Hillary

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THAT HILLARY CLINTON should generate excitement as a potential Senate candidate in New York is so obvious to most people that it requires no explanation.

She has star power, that is clear. Her very name causes big donors in Manhattan to swoon. But based on what? Her liberalism? Every Democrat in New York is a liberal, and most have clearer records than she.

Mrs. Clinton is best known for her Rube Goldberg health reform plan, which was defeated and arguably led to the worst electoral disaster for the Democratic Party in 50 years. Still, among liberals, it was a valiant cause.

And great honor goes to the soldier who stumbles while holding the standard aloft. But as to most of the rest of the liberal agenda, the first lady has not been heard from. Did she support the welfare reform bill of 1996 that so many liberals opposed and her husband signed? Does she support the death penalty as he does? Would she support racial and sexual preferences? Does she agree with Al Gore that the next great challenge for our time is traffic control?

Since Mrs. Clinton's policy views are more presumed than known, her appeal must lie elsewhere. She is more loved, it seems, for what she has endured than for what she has accomplished. In that sense, she is America's Diana.

It is a measure of the pathetic state of official feminism that their chief heroine is now the woman scorned. Health care notwithstanding, Hillary Clinton's most important and visible role in her partnership with Bill Clinton has been to play the wronged but loyal wife. Whenever his despicable, reckless and utterly compulsive use and abuse of women has gotten him into political trouble, the lovely and articulate Hillary steps forward to say, in effect, "If it's OK with me, it should be OK with you."

If the point of feminism was to destroy the traditional family, this may be a great stealth strategy.

But the public pose was one of a loving couple. If Mrs. Clinton had not appeared on the "Today Show" in January 1998 to say that the Monica Lewinsky story was a tissue of lies concocted by a right-wing cabal, who knows what trajectory the scandal might have assumed? When it became indisputable that the story was true (The Dress), Bill Clinton faced impeachment, but Hillary's reputation suffered no diminution for her contribution to the cover-up.

Though each new chapter of their relationship is analyzed the way Kremlinologists once studied the May Day seating chart on Lenin's tomb, it is impossible and, in fact, not terribly interesting to guess at what goes on between the two Clintons in private. There have been reports -- some perhaps correct -- of gothic scenes in the private quarters.

On the other hand, these reports of private torment may be disinformation designed to help us forget that Hillary is Bill Clinton's chief apologist and co-conspirator. Surely Paula Jones and Juanita Broaddrick and who knows how many others must believe that Hillary Clinton climbed to the first ladyship by stepping on their heads.

So why in the world does this compromised figure set the pulses of liberal New Yorkers racing? How, exactly, does Hillary fulfill feminist fantasies?

Or has Bill Clinton's ascendancy confounded all of the familiar categories? All of the women who truly were his victims -- Paula Jones, Kathleen Willey, Juanita Broaddrick -- have been disdained and dismissed not just by Bill Clinton but by most leading feminists. And yet the wife who served as enabler and apologist is hailed for her "courage" and "fortitude."

The Hillary canonization marks the sure slide into drawing all the wrong conclusions from the crisis of the past year. Rather than resent every aide (George Stephanopolous very much included), pundit and wife who helped sell this defective product to the electorate in 1992, we seem determined to conclude all over again that character doesn't matter. Mrs. Clinton stood by and stood for one of the worst men ever to sit in the White House.

A smidgen of honesty from her at any of several key moments could have spared the nation much pain. And the proper reward for this is a Senate seat?


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