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Jewish World Review /Dec. 22,1998 /3 Teves 5759

Mona Charen

Mona Charen

Party of shame, party of shamelessness

THEY BLINDSIDED HIM. President Clinton, the master of political tactics and jujitsu, was caught by surprise when the Republican House impeached him. And the reason he was caught unawares is written in his character.

Bill Clinton could not possibly have imagined that the Republican members of the House, along with five Democrats, would do something so strange and unexpected as to risk their own political futures for the sake of the nation. They are already paying a price in popularity. Certainly he would never put the interests of the nation above his own narrow self-interest.

The division between the two parties was more stark last week than at any time in recent memory. President Clinton's was the party of shamelessness, while the Republicans showed themselves the party capable of shame and therefore capable of honor.

Though the Democrats used strong language in their proposed censure resolution, accusing the chief executive of, among other things, having "disgraced his office," they vitiated those words by their actions. Standing shoulder to shoulder with the president in the Rose Garden after he was impeached, they cheered him as if he had just won the Nobel Peace Prize.

Their arguments were contradictory. They urged, on the one hand, that the president's sins were entirely personal and yet, on the other, that he deserved to be censured by Congress. But if the offenses were purely personal, surely censure was out of place, too.

The Democrats' shamelessness was on display when Rep. Bob Livingston delivered his shocking and dramatic speech before the House. When he encouraged the president to heal the nation's wounds by doing the honorable thing and stepping down, the Democrats in the House began to jeer. They booed and shouted, "You resign!" For a moment, the House of Representatives sounded like the House of Commons but with none of the saving humor.

And when Livingston announced that indeed he would follow his own advice, the Democrats were thunderstruck. As soon as the vertigo wore off, several speakers (and later the president, for utterly self-serving reasons) rose to discourage Livingston from following through on his decision. The subtext was clear: This sort of thing cannot be permitted. This might set a new standard for public officials, and we reject all notions of sexual morality.

In the days that followed, a number of Democrats amplified on this theme, decrying the new "sexual McCarthyism" and insisting that if the Livingston model stands, only residents of monasteries will be suited to hold office.

Now, where personal morality intersects with public standards is actually a tangled and complex matter. A good case can be made that for the president, the sphere that can really be called "personal" is quite limited, while this is not true of legislators. But however you define what private is, and how much private sins impinge upon public duties, surely it is remarkable to argue that simple marital fidelity is too high a bar to expect public officials to clear.

The Democrats have resorted throughout this sordid mess to character assassination and name calling again and again. The White House, devoid of any sense of shame and remote even from a seemly silence, analyzed the impeachment vote as the triumph of "partisanship," "hate" and "extremism."

Alec Baldwin, friend of Bill, actor and donor to the Democratic Party, encouraged Americans to march on Washington and kill the wives and children of members who voted for impeachment. Alan Dershowitz, Harvard Law professor and O.J. defender, stopped short of Baldwin's hysterics but not by much. He called a vote against impeachment "a vote against bigotry, against fundamentalism, against anti-environmentalism, against the radical right and against the pro-life movement."

Meanwhile, leading Republicans like Robert Dole and Gerald Ford are filling op-ed pages with pleas for leniency toward Clinton. Republicans who think he deserves removal are phrasing their views in the measured language of constitutional duty. And two Republican leaders have tendered their own resignations -- not, as the Democrats believe, in the fevered desire to "get" Clinton -- but out of passionate hope that their sacrifice will advance the larger struggle for honor and truth.


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