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Jewish World Review Feb. 9, 1999 /23 Shevat 5759

Mona Charen

Mona Charen

Prepare for

(JWR) --- (http://www.jewishworldreview.com) GOP SENATORS ARE HEAVING great, huge sighs of relief now that the impeachment trial is limping to its lamentable conclusion.

One would have hoped for some faint sign of moral life among the Democrats, but since they offered nothing more substantial than the portentous but ultimately empty words of Sen. Joseph Lieberman and the fulsome fulminations of Sen. Robert Byrd, there is now another matter to attend to: the post-impeachment spin. It is not just Bill Clinton but the entire Democratic Party that has shown itself adept at the instant reinterpretation of events. We all recall the tectonic shock that the country underwent during Clarence Thomas' confirmation hearings.

Do we recall as well that most people, at the time, believed him, not her? A year later, thanks to a spin machine that would make the old authors of Soviet history books envious, most Americans came to believe that Anita Hill, not Clarence Thomas, was the truthful one.

And so it went with Pat Buchanan's 1992 Republican Convention speech (a good speech now remembered as a right-wing rant), Bill Clinton's second-place finish in the 1992 New Hampshire primary (now memorialized as a victory for the "comeback kid"), and the economic boom of the 1980s, which -- unlike the boom of today, seen as an unmixed blessing to all and sundry -- was decried as a decade of greed and increasing inequality.

(Note: Inequality has increased more under Clinton than it did under Ronald Reagan.)

The liberals do not always win political battles. But they are masters of winning the battle of interpretations.

Accordingly, let's imagine what the preferred liberal lessons will be from the impeachment of Bill Clinton.

Lesson One: no more prying into politicians' private lives. Bunk. If we had paid more attention to the ample evidence of Bill Clinton's compulsive womanizing in 1992, the country would have been spared all of this muck.

Moreover, though the president persists in calling this an inquisition about his "private" life, it was nothing of the kind. This behavior took place in one of the most public rooms in the world, with a government employee. If Bill Clinton had had an affair with a non-employee in some Georgetown townhouse, it would have been bad but not as morally outrageous, and -- this is key -- it would have been utterly irrelevant to Paula Jones' suit, as the "affair" with Lewinsky was not.

Lesson Two: no more independent counsels. Well, perhaps we can agree finally on a cease-fire in this area. But don't count on it. Last week, the Internal Revenue Service cleared Newt Gingrich of the charge that his famous college course violated the tax laws.

The course, the IRS ruled, was a true academic enterprise and not a ruse for plotting Republican ascendancy in America. Are the Democrats going to rescind their censure of Gingrich? Pay back the $300,000 fine? They called him every name in the book, perhaps forgetting their leader's exhortation to eschew the politics of personal destruction.

Lesson Three: Impeachment can never succeed if it is partisan. Perhaps, but the lesson of this impeachment is not -- as the Democrats will spin it -- that the Republicans were hellbent on getting Clinton for something and the Democrats refused to cooperate. Instead, what this episode revealed is that the Democrats are so unprincipled that they will countenance even clear felonies rather than permit their side to suffer a defeat.

Why use the harsh word "unprincipled"? Because it was the Democrats who gave us sexual harassment law in the first place, the laws that require defendants to answer embarrassing questions about sexual matters. If there is "sexual McCarthyism" in America, it is the consequence of sexual harassment law run wild, not Kenneth Starr's feeble efforts.

It was Democrats, and their strong allies in the "official" feminist movement, who insisted that sex between bosses and low-ranking employees could never be considered "consensual." And it was they who preached, in the Nixon days and following, that lying to the American people was an impeachable offense.

In the coming weeks, the Clinton forces will work overtime to convince the nation -- and history -- that the president was the innocent victim of a partisan witch hunt.

In the absence of a spirited counter-argument from Republicans, they will succeed.


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