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March 31, 2004

Abe Novick: Morphing of terrorist image

Elliot Gertel: Along Came ‘Toxic Jewish Women’

March 30, 2004

Rabbi Avi Shafran: The magnificence in the mundane

Yaffa Ganz: A matter of life and death

Dennis Prager: What does 'Judeo-Christian' mean?

March 26, 2004

Rabbi Hillel Goldberg: Do thoughts count?

Joel Mowbray: Why are Jews lending legitimacy to dangerous Muslim groups?

Jonah Goldberg: Palestinians' use of kiddy bombers appalling

March 25, 2004

Mark Steyn : We tried appeasement once before

William Neikirk: The Pledge finally gets its day in (High) Court

March 24, 2004

Jonathan Tobin: Yassin's death is justice long overdue

Paul Greenberg: NI-I-CE TERRORIST

Cal Thomas: Living and dying by the sword

March 23, 2004

Wesley Pruden: A sheik departs, very, very quickly

Joel C. Rosenberg: And when Israel actually applies the Bush Doctrine?

March 22, 2004

Rabbi Y. Y. Rubinstein: When political discourse misses the point

Nate Bloom: Grammy Jews

March 19, 2004

Rabbi Hillel Goldberg: Is intimacy holy? For whom?

Jonathan Tobin: No Way Out of War

March 18, 2004

The Jewish Ethicist: Do I need to report an undercharge if it will indict the cashier?

Libby Lazewnik: Person To Person

March 17, 2004

Jay D. Homnick: Yanqui go home

Tom Purcell: When Americans pretend to be 'Irish'

March 16, 2004

Dennis Prager: It's the heart versus the Bible

Carrie Devorah: Murder at the Hague

March 15, 2004

James Kuhnhenn: Jews' loving embrace of Dem front-runner is far from certain

Jeff Jacoby: The cancer of anti-Semitism in Europe

March 12, 2004

Rabbi Hillel Goldberg: The world is not the Divine's place

Bill Tammeus: 99 years of proof: Albert Einstein is still right after decades of verification

March 11, 2004

Lawrence F. Kaplan: Tim Robbins' Devious Plot

Julia Gorin: Will we fail to learn from another experiment in Muslim diversity?

March 10, 2004

Jonathan Tobin: Tap dancing to Washington: Instead of partisan spin, supporters of both candidates should hold their men accountable

Lisa J. Huriash: Myths easily spring up, but take them with grain of kosher salt

March 9, 2004

The Jewish Ethicist: Q: When do I have to return a lost object? When can I keep it for myself?

Daniel Pipes: Capturing Osama

March 8, 2004

Jeff Jacoby: Same-sex marriage vs. civil rights

Rachel Raskin-Zrihen: Are lunatics running the Arab asylum?

March 5, 2004

Rabbi Yonason Goldson: Purim and the Ultimate Question: Why?

Rabbi Hillel Goldberg: The highest presence is absence

March 4, 2004

Rabbi Nathan Lopes Cardozo: The Book of Esther: The Story of Human Importance

Leo Lieberman: The Wise, the Wicked and the Fool

March 3, 2004

Jeff Dunetz: Is Kofi Annan missing?

Ethel G. Hofman: Sunny, Zesty Shalachmones

March 2, 2004

Alan M. Dershowitz: Stop terrorists' vehicle of choice


March 1, 2004

Jonathan Tobin: A safe place for what?

Jonathan Gurwitz: The other fence

Diana West: Building fences in Israel and America

Feb. 27, 2004

Rabbi Hillel Goldberg: The Real Wonder Bread

Paul Greenberg: The U.N., the Hague and justice

Feb. 26, 2004

Frank James: High Court rules states can deny scholarships to divinity students

Stephen Henderson: U.S. Supreme Court takes up issue of art looted by Nazis

Feb. 25, 2004

Rabbi Avi Shafran: Zero-sum game

George Will: The Left's Anti-Semitic Chic

Feb. 24, 2004

Rabbi Nathan Lopes Cardozo: What Bach could have taught Spinoza about Judaism

Jonathan Tobin: The Children of 'Commentary'

Feb. 23, 2004

Joel Mowbray: Alleged traitor's Saudi influence

Jeff Jacoby: The courage of Muslim moderates

Feb. 20, 2004

Rabbi Hillel Goldberg: Rethinking verbal abuse

Rabbi Berel Wein: Jews and money

Feb. 19, 2004

The Jewish Ethicist: Should I tell a clerk about a petty shoplifter?

Ask Wendy: Purse v. propriety; poor sport or do the right thing?; changing wills after breakup

Feb. 18, 2004

Evan Osnos: At Arab bastion of ‘enlightenment’ student politicians campaign on which party has killed more Israelis

Joel Mowbray: Don't be fooled by European Union's move against Palestinian Authority

Feb. 17, 2004

Joe Aaron: Our own worst enemies?

Ken Garfield: Keeping kosher the Krispy Kreme way

Feb. 13, 2004

Rabbi Hillel Goldberg: Between ten and seven: A spiritual distinction

Binyamin L. Jolkovsky: Destiny: A Chassidic love story

Feb. 12, 2004

Edward I. Koch: Yes, Jews do engage in anti-Semitic behavior

Jonathan Tobin: Don't Bow to the 'Beeb'

Cal Thomas: Do Sharon and Bush grasp they are helping create a terrorist breeding ground?

Feb. 11, 2004

Michael Freund: A CALL TO PSALMS

Jordan "Gorf" Gorfinkle's Everything's Relative --- the Jewish Gen-X strip that crosses cultures and generations. Online exclusively at JWR

Feb. 10, 2004

Daniel Pipes: About Those Israeli 'Settlements'

Steve Lipman: Google Goes Yiddish

Feb. 9, 2004

Jonathan Tobin: The Bones of Our Dead

Vincent J. Schodolski: Californian wants Bibles in schools for academic study

Feb. 6, 2004

Rabbi Hillel Goldberg: Is the supernatural still evident?

Judy Gruen: Tu B'Shvat: More Than Just 'Jewish Earth Day'

Feb. 5, 2004

The Jewish Ethicist: Q: Should I tell a business owner that a job applicant has a criminal record?

Jonathan Rosenblum: Mikey's song (INSPIRING!)

Feb. 4, 2004

Steve Young: Jewish War Veterans: A Wee Bit Slower But Still Fighting The Good Fight

Ethel G. Hofman: Thai made easy

Feb. 3, 2004

Jonathan Tobin: Joining the Party

Daniel Pipes: Hizbullah's Victory, Israel's Decline

Feb. 2, 2004

Jeff Dunetz: Groundhogs and human rodents

Suzanne Fields: Amnesia marks a grim anniversary

Jan. 30, 2004

Rabbi Hillel Goldberg: Why don't we get it?

Jan. 29, 2004

Daniel Pipes & Asaf Romirowsky: Hamas in the classroom: A response

'Hamas U' goes into damage control mode

Jan. 28, 2004

The Jewish Ethicist: Q: Should I tell a business owner that a job applicant has a criminal record?

John Chadwick: Candidates finding piety a must in politics

Jan. 27, 2004

Daniel Pipes & Asaf Romirowsky: Hamas in the classroom

James Lileks: When the battle over artistic freedom goes over the edge

Jan. 26, 2004

Omer Bartov: Did Hitlerism die with Hitler? (SUPERB!)

Jonathan Tobin: Politically Incorrect Historian

Jan. 23, 2004

Rabbi Berel Wein: What Pharaoh can teach us about being stubborn

Rabbi Nathan Lopes Cardozo: 'Not yet' Jews by choice

Mona Charen: Lady killers

Jan. 22, 2004

Debra N. Cohen: Giving new meaning to ‘Who is a Jew?’: Ukrainian chief rabbi makes emotional plea for Church to open Holocaust-era baptismal records

Ask Wendy: Boyfriend refuses to remove dead wife's ring; travel cross-country with estranged mother who is alone?

Jan. 21, 2004

Stacey Dresner: Jews swarming to WASP schools

Jordan "Gorf" Gorfinkle's Everything's Relative --- the Jewish Gen-X strip that crosses cultures and generations. Online exclusively at JWR

Jan. 20, 2004

Jonathan Tobin: Opening the Gates

Libby Lazewnik: Winner Takes All — one for the books

Jan. 16, 2004

Rabbi Avi Shafran: More things in Heaven and Earth

Rabbi Berel Wein: You are in the (Divine's) army now


Jan. 15, 2004

The Jewish Ethicist: When do I have to let customers know about defects?

James Lileks: Of Martians and Jihad

Jan. 14, 2004

Evan Gahr: The Moral Minority

Ask Wendy: ‘Middle-aged dummy’ wants to hold a job; divorcée won't accept responsibility; kids hope their divorced parents would grow-up

Jan. 13, 2004

Gary Rosenblatt: How wide should our open doors be?

Zev Chafets: Right man, right note

Jan. 12, 2004

Y. Elchonon: Holy Cow? Why there is no such thing as Meshuga Cow Disease

Judy Lash Balint: Arik Sharon's wake-up call

Jan. 9, 2004

Rabbi Hillel Goldberg: What is important in prayer?

Rabbi Berel Wein: In defense of ‘separate but equal’ About
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