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Victor Davis Hanson Archives

02/22/18: The paradoxes of the Mueller investigation
02/20/18: Radioactive Trump
02/14/18: Who's really winning the North Korea standoff?
02/07/18: Why FISA-gate is scarier than Watergate
01/31/18: Rethinking the geography of power
01/25/18: The Need For Missile Defense
01/22/18: What the 'Dreamer' fight is really about
01/18/18: The trillion-dollar chameleon
01/11/18: Trump threatens to deal another blow to the Palestinian cause
01/04/18: Will nuclear North Korea survive 2018?
01/02/18: America's Versailles Set
12/28/17: Civilization's 'Darkest Hour'
12/26/17: The End Of Identity Politics
12/21/17: The Internet Executioner
12/19/17: As physical jobs decline, something is lost
12/14/17: Why Trump should consider a post-Twitter presidency
12/12/17: Trump's Constructive Chaos
12/07/17: Pearl Harbor and the legacy of Carl Vinson
11/30/17: Who polices the police?
11/28/17: China's new Greater East Asia Co-Prosperity Sphere
11/23/17: A Thanksgiving Toast To The Old Breed
11/21/17: The Destiny of Cities: Throughout history, forces both natural and human have made cities rise and fall
11/16/17: America's indispensable friends
11/09/17: Remembering Stalingrad 75 years later
11/07/17: Whatever doesn't kill Trump only makes him stronger
11/02/17: Who gets to have nuclear weapons --- and why?
10/26/17: The Islamic State and the limitations of cruelty
10/19/17: North Korea knowns and unknowns
10/17/17: The Islamist Minotaur
10/12/17: It's 1968 all over again
10/05/17: The glass house of the NFL
09/28/17: How Silicon Valley turned off the left and right
09/21/17: Allegations of foreign election tampering have always rung hollow
09/14/17: What if South Korea acted like North Korea?
09/07/17: Beware of narratives and misinformation
08/31/17: Innocent words (and names) are under attack
08/28/17: The Fire And Fury Of Presidents
08/24/17: The progressive war against the dead
08/17/17: Silicon Valley billionaires are the new robber barons
08/10/17: Is California cracking up?
08/03/17: The problem of competitive victimhood
07/27/17: Trump's circular firing squad
07/24/17: America's Media Meltdown
07/20/17: Putin's playthings
07/13/17: West can neither live with nor take out North Korean nukes
07/06/17: Fracking industry deserves our gratitude
06/29/17: The progressive boomerang
06/22/17: Trump and his generals
06/15/17: Can a divided America survive?
06/08/17: Mr. Nunes went to Washington
06/05/17: Trump … Our Claudius
06/02/17: The old German problem
05/25/17: Has globalism gone off the rails?
05/23/17: An Optimistic U.S. Foreign Policy
05/18/17: Lessons from the Battle of Midway
05/11/17: Can Trump successfully remodel the Republican Party?
05/04/17: Potemkin universities
04/27/17: Will 2020 be another 1972 for Dems?
04/24/17: The Tar Pits Abroad
04/20/17: Apocalyptic progressivism
04/13/17: Obama is America's version of Stanley Baldwin
04/11/17: The Civic Cost Of Illegal Immigration
04/06/17: Ancient laws, modern wars
03/30/17: The Yanks over there --- 100 years ago
03/23/17: Law takes a holiday
03/16/17: Deterrence and human nature
03/09/17: Don't sweat the big stuff
03/06/17: Presidential payback
03/02/17: Is the American elite really elite?
02/27/17: The End Of Identity Politics
02/23/17: The labyrinth of illegal immigration
02/15/17: The three-headed hydra of the Middle East
02/13/17: Postmodernism By Another Name
02/09/17: California goes Confederate
02/02/17: When normalcy is revolution
01/26/17: The world turned upside down
01/17/17: It's no revelation that intelligence agencies are politicized
01/17/17: Obama's Legacy Of Deceit
01/12/17: Hate crime legislation a good idea that went bad
01/05/17: Why the anti-Israeli sentiment?
12/29/16: The resilience of Israel
12/27/16: Who Are Those Darned 'Elites'?
12/22/16: The Trump nail in the media coffin
12/19/16: Trump's Russia 'Reset'?
12/15/16: Has Trump nominated too many military leaders --- or not enough?
12/08/16: Assessing the Obama legacy --- against his own mileposts
12/01/16: Beware the law of unintended consequences
11/24/16: Enemies of language
11/17/16: Trump's bizarre winning formula
11/14/16: Hillary and friends are shocked to learn radical fringe politics is not the new normal
11/10/16: A blow to the non-elite elite
11/08/16: The Alienated American
11/03/16: Has Clinton topped Nixon?
10/31/16: The Clintons as Farce: Should we laugh or cry at the latest developments in a madcap campaign?
10/27/16: Lessons from the Highway of Death
10/23/16: America's Civilizational Paralysis
10/20/16: This election year features more than one presidential race
10/13/16: Medieval America
10/06/16: From Greek tragedy to American therapy
09/29/16: The next president unbound
09/22/16: A hard rain is going to fall
09/15/16: The legacies of Barack Obama
09/08/16: Trump up, Hillary down, Obama out
09/01/16: The more things change, the more they actually don't
08/25/16: Diversity: History's pathway to chaos
08/18/16: Where's the letter from Dem security officials opposing Hillary?
08/15/16: The Immigrant's Dilemma
08/11/16: Hillary's neoliberals
08/04/16: Donald Trump, postmodern candidate
08/02/16: Why borders matter --- and a borderless world is a fantasy
07/28/16: When a war went worldwide 75 years ago
07/21/16: The dream of Muslim outreach has become a nightmare
07/14/16: Enemies see America as vulnerable prey
07/07/16: Will California ever thrive again?
06/30/16: Dr. Frankenstein elites created populist monsters
06/22/16: Ideologues make for dangerous politicians
06/20/16: America In Free Fall: This election year so far has emblemized the perfect storm of unrest and confusion --- and an even more worrisome response to it
06/16/16: Politics, not personalities, will likely determine presidential election
06/14/16: Same Old, Same Old Horror: The Orlando massacre brings up familiar lessons that we never quite learn
06/09/16: America: history's exception
06/06/16: Why Republicans Will Vote For Trump
06/02/16: Walls and immigration --- ancient and modern
05/26/16: The lessons of Pearl Harbor 75 years later
05/19/16: Lack of American commitment makes this a dangerous time
05/12/16: Elites can afford to support looser immigration policies
05/05/16: Protestors have so jumped the shark
04/28/16: Setting the record straight on Great Britain, America and World War II
04/21/16: The horrors of Hiroshima in context
04/14/16: Is NATO worth preserving?
04/07/16: The politicization of the English language
03/31/16: Why Westerners make inviting targets for terrorists
03/24/16: The hypocrisy behind the student renaming craze
03/17/16: The buck never stops here
03/10/16: Can our colleges be saved?
03/03/16: Log cabin candidates
02/25/16: The tough choices of overseas intervention
02/18/16: The return of appeasement, collaboration and isolationism
02/11/16: In search of fixes for a fossilized economy
02/04/16: The regrettable decline of higher learning
01/28/16: Obama administration needs to abandon its Petraeus obsession
01/21/16: The many contradictions of Hillary Clinton
01/13/16: Dr. Obamastein and the Trump 'monster'
01/06/16: Rendezvous with reality in 2016
12/31/15: California leading from behind
12/24/15: The death of gratitude
12/17/15: Families of terrorists see no evil, speak no evil
12/10/15: Baffled by Trump?
12/03/15: Erdogan's Turkey is a dubious ally
11/26/15: Campus administrators are reaping what they have sown
11/19/15: Did O'Reilly finally go too far?
11/12/15: The fiction of 'Truth'
11/05/15: Conventional wisdom proves ignorance in the presidential race
10/29/15: The decline of modern Germany
10/22/15: Can California be saved?
10/15/15: Are sanctuary cities the new confederates?
10/08/15: Beware Putin and his 'anti-Hitler coalition'
10/01/15: Pope burnout
09/24/15: The sleeping dogs of Europe
09/17/15: Migration monotony
09/10/15: America's descent into lawlessness
09/03/15: The exhausting Ms. Clinton
08/27/15: The modern malleability of gender and race
08/20/15: Big government as the new Terminator
08/13/15: The Trump catharsis
08/06/15: History's complexity should discourage retroactive morality
07/30/15: America needs a sensible approach to illegal immigration
07/23/15: The way of all appeasement
07/16/15: Contrary to progressive belief, human nature can't be changed
07/13/15: Putin's Recipe for Power
07/09/15: America's greatest threat
07/02/15: We are all Californians now
06/25/15: Debt has been redefined as equality and fairness --- abroad and here
06/18/15: The new world map
06/11/15: When everything seemed possible
06/04/15: Crossing the global border
05/28/15: Knocking on war's door
05/21/15: Think like a lib --- or else
05/14/15: The forgotten realities of World War II
05/07/15: No law, no civilization
04/30/15: An ironic drought in California
04/23/15: Clinton vs. Clinton
04/16/15: Ethnic constructs are pointless in our multiracial society
04/09/15: Is the modern American university a failed state?
04/02/15: The ghastly shadow of Munich
03/26/15: Sen. Tom Cotton, tragic hero
03/19/15: Keystone Kops government
03/12/15: E-gate epidemics
03/05/15: The audacity of weakness
02/26/15: Illiberal approach to immigration only invites more acrimony
02/19/15: Reliving the 1930s
02/12/15: True lies --- and liars
02/05/15: Appeasement as narcissism
01/29/15: Can Israel survive?
01/22/15: Remembering the last lion
01/15/15: Offenders of the Western faith
01/09/15: Have liberals lost the middle class?
01/02/15: The ironies of oil
12/25/14: A one-man revolution
12/18/14: Are drone strikes more defensible than torture?
12/11/14: The other America
12/04/14: War clouds
11/27/14: An inconvenient law
11/20/14: Meet the snobocrats
11/13/14: Voting 'no' on Obama's immigration policies
11/06/14: A Democratic Waterloo
10/30/14: Our make-it-up world
10/23/14: Our new missiles of October
10/16/14: Ethnic aristocracies have no place in modern America
10/09/14: Is the French Revolution our new model?
10/02/14: When the United States pounds an enemy, then just ups and leaves
09/25/14: Old and in the way?
09/18/14: Where have all the allies gone?
09/11/14: Few interests, fewer friends in Middle East
09/04/14: War works well
08/28/14: Obama fails History 101
08/21/14: Opportunists fan the flames of racial unrest
08/14/14: Occupation of Cyprus underscores hypocrisy of Gaza outrage
08/07/14: Will NATO end with a whimper?
07/31/14: Obama and the road not taken
07/24/14: George Patton's summer of 1944
07/17/14: When America fell apart
07/10/14: Hypocrites take a selfish stance on border crisis
07/03/14: Obama seeks an escape from the Middle East
06/26/14: Revisionist history prevails on Iraq invasion
06/19/14: Middle East holds few attractive options for Obama
06/12/14: Sgt. Bergdahl and the US departure from Afghanistan
06/06/14: The troubling plight of the modern university
05/29/14: What was D-Day?
05/22/14: President Obama's ethical vacuum
05/15/14: Modern world is still premodern in many ways
05/08/14: What do the Putins of the world want?
05/01/14: Finally, the end of affirmative action
04/24/14: Reid has become a McCarthy for our time
04/17/14: Who are the real saboteurs of immigration reform?
04/10/14: The new Inquisition by intolerant leftist Torquemadas
04/04/14: One California for me, another for thee
03/27/14: Massaging of critical data undermines our society
03/20/14: Technology is not wisdom
03/13/14: Is Obama walking the trail blazed by Nixon?
03/06/14: Science and reason vs. political correctness
02/27/14: America's quiver of outrage is empty
02/20/14: The outdated business model of Diversity Inc.
02/13/14: An Orwellian nation of Obamathink
02/06/14: A tale of two droughts
01/30/14: The poison of postmodern lying
01/23/14: Robert Gates and the taint of the insider tell-all
01/16/14: The cowardice of the new anti-Semitism
01/09/14: Is China copying the old imperial Japan?
01/02/14: The year of the dud
12/26/13: The orphaned middle class
12/19/13: The lost generation: Young people have been had
12/12/13: Nuclear gangbangers have upper hand on global police
12/05/13: History casts doubt upon non-aggression pact with Iran
11/28/13: America's coastal royalty
11/21/13: Obamacare-speak fails to mask an evolving fiasco
11/14/13: America jumps off the tiger's back
11/07/13: Looking for a different sort of president
10/31/13: The wages of presidential deception
10/24/13: Beware the hidden costs of beautifully misnamed laws
10/17/13: Obama has failed to follow his own example
10/10/13: Mr. Netanyahu and the end of days
10/03/13: 'Game changers'
09/26/13: The late, great middle class
09/19/13: The decline of college
09/12/13: California: Bipolar state of mania
09/05/13: Same old, same old in Syria
08/29/13: The Israeli Spring
08/22/13: Two Americas
08/15/13: Don't know much about geography
08/08/13: The American pill bug
08/01/13: Is populism dead?
07/25/13: Back to our 20th-century future
07/18/13: The strange case of Mexican emigration
07/11/13: Hate thought
07/04/13: The press and Dr. Faustus
06/27/13: How will America hold together?
06/20/13: When untruth undermines democracy
06/13/13: America's vast margin of error
06/06/13: The stagnant Mediterranean
05/30/13: The old order is dying
05/23/13: Paranoid or prescient?
05/17/13: It's 1973 all over again
05/09/13: Hoping for change in Syria
05/02/13: The monotonous Middle East
04/25/13: The D-word
04/18/13: Postmodern prudes
04/11/13: Iran's North Korean future
04/04/13: After Obama
03/28/13: Iraq a convenient scapegoat
03/21/13: America's big fat advantage
03/14/13: From affirmative action to diversity
03/07/13: The California 'Mordida'
02/28/13: American recessional
02/21/13: Gilded class warriors
02/14/13: Why do societies give up?
02/07/13: Incoherent immigration reform
01/31/13: War is like rust
01/24/13: Europe's wishes came true
01/17/13: The war between the amendments
01/10/13: When big deficits became good
01/03/13: The Great New-Year Stampede
12/27/12: 2012: When dreams died
12/20/12: The new racial derangement syndrome
12/13/12: Let the real fat cats pay their fair share
12/06/12: The Kingdom of Fairness
11/29/12: T-ball war in the Middle East
11/22/12: Let Obama be Obama
11/15/12: Oh, we forgot to tell you…
11/08/12: Groundhog Day in America
11/01/12: The uncool president
10/25/12: What the debates taught us
10/18/12: A bright and shining Libyan lie
10/11/12: Obama's game changes
10/04/12: Left wants multiculturalism to trump free speech
09/26/12: Election could mirror 1980 race
08/30/12: The Humpty-Dumpty Middle East
08/23/12: Eating America's seed corn
08/16/12:There is no California
08/09/12: Who gets a pass?
08/02/12: 100 days is a long time
07/26/12: Iraqi ironies
07/19/12: Blowing up history
07/12/12: The world is changing minute by minute
07/05/12: Supreme Court hypocrisies
06/28/12: Legal illegal immigration
06/21/12: Greece alone and broke --- again
06/15/12: The new American Helots
06/07/12: From hope and change to fear and smear
05/31/12: Culture still matters
05/24/12: The bad/good idea of removing Assad
05/17/12: Let sleeping Germans lie
05/10/12: Chameleon Nation
05/03/12: Cabinets gone wild
04/26/12: Decline or decadence?
04/19/12: When administrations implode
04/12/12: Enemies of the people
04/05/12: Freedom or Fairness in 2012?
03/29/12: The second oil revolution
03/22/12: Faith-based energy policy
03/15/12: Who's to blame in California?
03/08/12: Sick and tired of the Middle East
03/01/12: History never quite ends
02/23/12: Jeremy Lin: Achievement trumps identity politics
02/16/12: Please, a little honesty about illegal immigration
02/09/12: Iran 1.0, 2.0, 3.0, 4.0
02/02/12: The un-Obama
01/26/11: Fidelity and the presidency
01/19/12: Civilization in reverse
01/12/12: Defense spending is a shovel-ready investment
01/06/12: 2011: Out with a whimper, not a bang
12/29/11: The new old Europe
12/22/11: Two bad September days
12/15/11: The Hundred Years' German War
12/08/11: Oil-rich America?
12/01/11: A tale of two surges
11/24/11: The castor-oil candidate
11/17/11: Why does America defend the weak and small?
11/10/11: Obama Unbound
11/03/11: Who Are These Fat-Cat Few at the Top?
10/27/11: Global Warming --- RIP?
10/20/11: Railing Against Reality
10/13/11: Predator in Chief
10/06/11: Democracy's New Discontents
09/29/11: Postmodern Class Warfare
09/22/11: Can Israel Survive?
09/15/11: Obama Becomes the Fall Guy
09/08/11: Myth and Reality After 9/11
09/01/11: What's Off the Table in 2012?
08/25/11: The Old 'Not Enough' Excuse
08/18/11: Young Westerners --- Deprived or Decadent?
08/11/11: What if the President Liked Businesspeople?
08/04/11: Spare Us the Sermons, Mr. President
07/28/11: Is the President in Recovery?
07/21/11: Green, Shovel-Ready Stimulus --- 100 Years Ago
07/15/11: A Dumb and Dumber War in Libya
07/07/11: Illiberal Immigration
06/30/11: An Exceptional Fourth of July
06/23/11: The Department of Food Subsidies
06/21/11: Our Reactionary President
06/10/11: Europe Is Warning Us
06/02/11: The Factory of Selective Moral Outrage
05/26/11: Back to the Pre-American World
05/19/11: Alligators, Moats and Other Such Nonsense
05/12/11: Tough Times for Radical Islam
05/05/11: Rules for Killing Rogues
04/28/11: Are Sky-High Gas Prices Good?
04/21/11: Make the Rich Pay!
04/14/11: Dreamland, USA
04/07/11: Did We Give Up on Libya?
03/31/11: Obama's Most Amazing Libyan Achievements
03/24/11: Energy Fantasyland
03/16/11: President Hamlet
03/10/11: The Put-Off, Postpone and Procrastinate Generation
03/03/11: Caught in the Middle East Minefield
02/24/11: After Obama, the Deluge
02/17/11: Pruning Farm Subsidies
02/10/11: Jerry Brown, a Modern Sisyphus
02/02/11: Bubbles, Bubbles Everywhere
01/28/11: The Loud Passing of the Old Order
01/21/11: The Bloomberg Syndrome
01/13/11: The Tab Comes Due in 2011
01/06/11: The New Sophists
12/30/10: The American 21st Century
12/23/10: Every Man a King
12/16/10: In Defense of the Liberal Arts
12/09/10: Why Not Soak the Rich?
12/02/10: Jerry Brown's Last Hurrah
11/25/10: Is Illegal Immigration Moral?
11/18/10: The George W. Bush Fixation
11/11/10: The Politics of Budget-Cutting
11/04/10: America Just Checked Into Rehab
10/28/10: American Groupspeak
10/21/10: Three Wars, Little News
10/14/10: Deficits and Depression
10/06/10: The Obama Rope-a-dope
09/30/10: Americans Still Cling to Ignorance
09/23/10: A Nation of Peasants?
09/15/10: Rethinking George Bush?
09/09/10: October Surprises
09/02/10: The New Old World Order
08/26/10: The Dangerous Dog Days of Summer
08/19/10: Please, No More Teachable Moments
08/12/10: Everyone a Bigot?
08/05/10: Illogical Immigration
07/29/10: Why Are We Beginning to Hate Congress?
07/22/10: The New Racial Mess
07/15/10: Holder's Hypocrisy
07/08/10: American Decline Is a State of Mind
07/01/10: (Even a Few) Words Matter
06/24/10: Saving Obama From Himself
06/17/10: 'Bush Did it' Is Not a Foreign Policy
06/10/10: The New Wannabe Ottomans
06/03/10: History Returns to Europe
05/27/10: Our Chief Confessor
05/21/10: Marinestan
05/13/10: A Nation of Profilers
05/06/10: Soldier-Citizens to the Rescue?
04/29/10: Of Laureates and Cowboys
04/22/10: Why, until now, has America always bucked the tide against Israel?
04/15/10: So What Happened to Iraq?
04/08/10: The Ongoing Melodrama of Victims and Oppressors
04/01/10: Remember the Pacific War
03/25/10: Is It Go Easy or Go for Broke, Mr. President?
03/18/10: Another Partisan Push for Another ‘Comprehensive Reform’?
03/11/10: Our Reset Reset Foreign Policy
03/04/10: No Allies --- But Plenty of Enemies
02/25/10: Obama --- Too Little, Too Late, Too Cynical
02/18/10: Beware of ‘Comprehensive’ Anything
02/11/10: The Trouble With Elitist Theories
02/04/10: America Rides off Into the Sunset
01/28/10: Trashing the Job Makers
01/25/10: Our Philosopher-King Obama
01/14/10: When Conservative Felonies Become Liberal Misdemeanors
01/07/10: 2010: Our Year of Decision
12/31/09: 2009 Chickens and Their 2010 Roost
12/24/09: The War Against the Wannabe Rich
12/17/09: Our Flip-Flopping Wars
12/10/09: Has War Really Changed?
11/26/09: We Ain't Seen Nothing Yet
11/19/09: Circling Sharks Smell American Blood
11/12/09: Same Old, Same Old at Fort Hood
11/05/09: Afghan Mythologies
10/29/09: Voting Present on Illegal Immigration
10/22/09: The Kitty-Cat Who Roared
10/15/09: Dear Europeans: Obama Is Just Not That Into You
10/08/09: Guru America
10/01/09: Three Dangerous Stooges 09/24/09: A Fishy Tale
09/17/09: No Rules in the Arena?
09/10/09: Rep. Charles Rangel — Sign of the Times
09/03/09: The Second World War — Seventy Years Later
08/27/09: War — What War?
08/20/09: Divine Debt Trumps All
08/13/09: Our Road to Oceania
08/06/09: Obama's great race to change America
07/30/09: Our angry aristocracy
07/23/09: Big Government Medicine
07/16/09: Presidents Aren't What They Used to Be
07/09/09: Who was Michael Jackson?
07/05/09: Missing Our Moment in Iran
06/25/09: Thuggery 101
06/18/09: A handy guide to the Age of Obama
06/11/09: Our historically challenged President
06/04/09: The Diversity Mess
05/28/09: Israel's Cuban Missile Crisis — All the Time
05/21/09: Is America Premodern or Postmodern?
05/14/09: Once Upon a Time in 2002
05/07/09: Americans want it both ways
04/30/09: Our Jekyll and Hyde president
04/23/09: Crazy times --- crazier ones to follow
04/17/09: Our new sort of war
04/09/09: The politics of blame
04/02/09: American mob rule
03/26/09:American mob rule
03/19/09: Dr. Obama: First, do no harm
03/12/09: Now Obama tells us?
03/05/09: Accounting for California's suicide
02/26/09: A funny sort of depression
02/19/09: An ‘impulsive’ America?
02/12/09: Hardly the best and brightest
02/05/09: Been there, done that in the Middle East
01/29/09: Time to beam down to earth, President Obama
01/22/09: Unreal expectations? President Obama asked for them
01/15/09: Don't waste a crisis?
01/08/09: Try a little honesty in 2009
01/01/09: The Gaza Rules
12/25/08: 2008 — Our ‘that was then, this is now’ year
12/18/08: Campaign rhetoric and presidential reality: A brief history
12/11/08: Blame Bush, Obama — or us?
12/04/08: Back to the old 9/11 world
11/28/08: The hysterical style
11/20/08: Failure is not an option
11/13/08: The same old change
11/06/08: Make haste slowly, President Obama?
10/30/08: America compared to what?
10/23/08: The Obama enigma
10/16/08: It's the debt, stupid
10/09/08: WALL STREET 101
10/02/08: America's nervous breakdown — and the world's
09/26/08: Dr. Frankenstein's Wall Street
09/18/08: Just another 'bam politician after all
09/11/08: What was feminism?
09/04/08: Want real change? Quit nominating lawyers!
08/28/08: Farewell, NATO
08/21/08: Blame Everyone But Russia!
08/14/08: Brave Old World
08/07/08: Hillary's growing shadow
07/31/08: What if Iraq… works?
07/24/08: The '60s won't go away
07/17/08: America isn't a post-anything
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01/26/06: Deconstructing bin Laden
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12/29/05: Hollywood's misunderstood terrorists
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11/25/05: Terrorists and tyrants.
11/17/05: Riots in France offer wake-up call to U.S.
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10/27/05: Out of Saddam trial, more in-your-sleep moralizing
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09/29/05: It's a mad, mad, mad, mad Europe
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01/06/05: Pledging blood and treasure for popular reform in a death struggle with Islamic fascism