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04/28/06: eBay, the Soap Opera: For every auction, there's an equal and opposite re-auction
04/21/06: E-I-E-I-Oh No! When good children's songwriters go bad
04/12/06: Barely Working: Warning: 10 % of telecommuters are in the buff
04/07/06: A Dramatic Turn for the Worse: Can you believe people paid 10 grand to see me act?
03/31/06: Directory Persistence ... in which I stalk a smooth operator
03/24/06: I'll Always Have Jersey: Discovering my need for speed
03/17/06: Giving ‘Go to hell!’ a new meaning: Monetizing the Afterlife
03/10/06: Gmail Intuition: Google just knows. Doesn't that fill you with confidence?
03/03/06: Let's keep our heads
02/24/06: The Babble Belt: Filibusters, faith and the Washington tradition of faking it
02/17/06: Making Sense . . . of Recent Events: If the news has no reason, at least it can rhyme
02/10/06: Born to Raise Heck: My not-so-shocking memoir
02/03/06: Two Too Many: How many lawyers does it take to contest a speeding ticket?
01/27/06: Confessions of a Ringer: I'm back to my old 1-800 tricks
01/20/06: Inviting trouble
01/13/06: This lobbyist tells the truth — salty as it may be!
01/06/06: The (very) old college try
12/30/05: Eau de Toilet: Confronting my fear of fragrance
12/23/05: Going Postal
12/16/05: Humor Cop: Just the cracks, ma'am
12/09/05: The Bark Stops Here
12/03/05: A Pop Quiz: Are you as American as apple pie a la mode with whipped cream, hot fudge and a cherry?
11/25/05: Extra! Extra! Read All About You!: Pandermonium strikes the newspaper industry
11/18/05: McNuggets of Wisdom: Are chickens smarter than dogs?
11/03/05: The Jury Is Out . . of the Question: Thoughts on how not to get picked
10/28/05: Funny Names
10/21/05: Spray It, Don't Say It
10/14/05: Raining on Parade
10/07/05: What If Gene Were a Genius?
09/30/05: It's Enough to Make You Sick
09/23/05: Mojo League Baseball
09/16/05: Important Medical News . .
09/09/05: Using the Old Bean
09/02/05: The Nine of Hearts
08/26/05: Million mile drive
08/19/05: Bland Justice
08/12/05: Phoning It In
08/05/05: News to a Muse...
07/29/05: Self Styled Book Critic
07/22/05: Renaissance Man
07/15/05: A Real Estate of Anxiety
07/08/05: Weird naming of children
07/01/05: A Source of Embarrassment
06/24/05: Just Plane Funny
06/17/05: I am a charm school survivor
06/10/05: A treatise on Big Weddings
06/03/05: Is This a Great Country, or What?
05/27/05: Weight, Weight, Don't Tell Me
05/20/05: There is much to be said . . .
05/13/05: Playing Catch-Up
05/06/05: Train of Thought
04/29/05: Why TV interviews of authors are so lame
04/22/05: Suit Yourself
04/15/05: Hi, Finance!
04/08/05: Dog Gone: A Liquor Store Dog Gets in a Snootful of Trouble
04/01/05: Going Postal
03/25/05: DreamWorks This Ain't: Seinfeld isn't the only one who can make a show about nothing
03/18/05: Hall of Lame
03/11/05: Big words are yukky
03/04/05: Oh, Rats
02/25/05: Take My Column, Please
02/17/05: EXTRA! EXTRA!: Stories Too Good to Check
02/11/05: Whee the People
02/04/05: Dial M for Mischief
01/28/05: The Feminine Mistake
01/21/05: A Head of His Time: Exploring the commodious nature of art
01/11/05: You can't buy this kind of PR ... But then, you wouldn't want to

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