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July 30, 2004

Aharon Granot: His role for life

Kaukab J. Smith: Dems becoming the party of Muslims?

July 29, 2004

The Jewish Ethicist: When do we cross the line from good corporate citizenship to irresponsible management?

Steven Stalinsky: Arab Guide to the 2004 Election

July 28, 2004

Zev Chafets: 9/11 panel IDs the enemy: The time has come to call the West's foe by its name

Jonathan Tobin: America's Europhile candidate needs to address the continent's anti-Israel tilt

July 27, 2004

Rabbi David Aaron: Tisha B'Av: Celebrating Jewish sadness

Jonathan Rosenblum: Knowing what we are missing

Dennis Prager: Explaining the Arab-Israeli conflict through numbers

July 26, 2004

Judy Lash Balint: Third longest ‘human-chain’ in history sends message to Israel's Sharon — and the world

Jonathan Tobin: Media tales of victims leave out the real culprit

Joel Mowbray: Arafat's poisonous reign finally being challenged

July 23, 2004

Rabbi Avi Shafran: The road taken

Yossi Klein Halevi: Real danger in Hague ruling is a lot more sinister than about right to a security fence

July 22, 2004

Zev Chafets: The intifadeh is over — just listen

Frida Ghitis: West Bank and Gaza Arabs fearing what life will be like after Israel leaves

July 21, 2004

The Jewish Ethicist: The Corporation and the Community, Part 1 Corporate Philanthropy

Jonathan Tobin: There's nothing wrong with a pandering platform

Nate Bloom: Jewz in the Newz

July 20, 2004

Dennis Prager: Presbyterian Church defames Christianity

Frank J. Gaffney, Jr.: Just say 'NO'

Daniel Pipes: Palestinian anarchy

July 19, 2004

Herbert London: Why the world hates Israel

Richard Z. Chesnoff : Return the ‘Palestinians’ back to where they originated?

July 16, 2004

Rabbi Berel Wein: On the road again —
and again and again

Tom Siegfried: Asimov's ‘Foundation’ theories on society move from fiction to academia

Charles Krauthammer: U. N. will go to any length to condemn Israel, including enabling murder

July 15, 2004

Douglas Bloomfield: She's baaaack!

Erick Stakelbeck: Will the Peach State give America its first significant electoral victory for a champion of the radical Muslim cause?

July 14, 2004

The Jewish Ethicist: Q: Do I have to cooperate with co-workers if we're in competition for benefits?

Jonathan Tobin: International court grants Arabs a right to terror and Israelis a right to die

Binyamin Netanyahu: A fence of last resort

July 13, 2004

Rabbi Aryeh Spero: French Indifference to Evil Escalates

Soraya Sarhaddi Nelson: These Arabs fear being branded traitors — and you know what that can mean! — because they find the security fence beneficial

July 12, 2004

Alan Dershowitz: Hague deserves world's contempt for anti-Israeli bigotry

Yossi Klein Halevi: The pattern of Palestinian rejectionism

July 9, 2004

Rabbi Abraham J. Twerski: Mastery over oneself

Jonathan Tobin: Political pulpit-phobia

July 8, 2004

Adam Dickter: Hamas Link On Madison Avenue?

Geneive Abdo: Can a parliament of leaders from traditional religions and those with a more New Age flavor save the world from itself?

July 7, 2004

S. Horowitz: The Wandering Jew, updated

Jackie Mason & Raoul Felder: Islam is a religion of WHAT?

July 6, 2004

Daniel Pipes: The FBI loses its way

Steven Stalinsky: Saudis behind surge of beheadings

July 2, 2004

Rabbi Abraham J. Twerski: The hallmark of a person

Nate Bloom: Rivers of Babylon Piece Creates Flood of Reader Letters — Here's My Answer to a Few

July 1, 2004

Soraya Sarhaddi Nelson and Michael Matza: Israeli High Court orders changes to placement of security barrier, even at risk to Jewish state's security

Joel Mowbray: Nice talk can't hide U.N.'s anti-Jewish bigotry

June 30, 2004

Jonah Goldberg: The New N-Word

Betsy Hart: When girls' civilizing influence turns brutal

June 29, 2004

Zev Chafets: When both houses of Congress voted to show support of Israel last week Kerry was MIA --- that should be sending a potent message to friends of the Jewish state

Daniel Pipes: Israel's wayward prime ministers

June 28, 2004

Steven Stalinsky: Must-see Saudi TV

Lisa Haddock: New book looks at life and love in a Jerusalem few see

June 25, 2004

Rabbi Abraham J. Twerski: A spiritual budget

Jonathan Tobin: Attempts to cast the war in Iraq as a plot should give its critics pause

Jeff Jacoby: Anti-Semitism and the UN

June 24, 2004

The Jewish Ethicist: Q: What does Judaism say about the work ethic?

Dr. Ergun Mehmet Caner: Moore's 'hate-riotism'

June 23, 2004

Amy H. Lederman: The good, the bad and the human

Walter Williams: Will the West survive?

June 22, 2004

Dennis Prager: So, we're hated

Frank J. Gaffney, Jr.: The company Powell keeps

Michael Freund: How Wen-Jing Became 'Shalva'

June 21, 2004

Suzanne Fields: One noisy nation, under …?

Jeff Dunetz: Let Madonna — OOPS! I mean ‘Esther’ — take the blame

June 18, 2004

Rabbi Abraham J. Twerski: Quantum leap to evil

Charles Krauthammer: Israel's Intifada Victory

June 17, 2004

Rabbi Avi Shafran: Creatures and teachers

Toby Klein Greenwald: The Mommy who busted the bomber

Jason Maoz: JWR in the news

June 16, 2004

Jonathan Tobin: Too high a Wall

Michelle Malkin: America's insane asylum for terrorists

June 15, 2004

Dick Polman: Jews for Bush?

Bret Stephens: Book seeks to end Jewish support for Israel

June 14, 2004

Rabbi Yonason Goldson: Thrill-seekers don't know what they're missing

Jeff Jacoby: Mutilations and Muslim law

June 11, 2004

Rabbi Abraham J. Twerski: Emotion v. intellect

Steven Stalinsky: The Making of A Mid-East Conspiracy: Nicholas Berg Was Not Beheaded

June 10, 2004

Zev Chafets: The only good infidel is a dead infidel

Gal Luft: How would Reagan end the Muslim madness?

June 9, 2004

The Jewish Ethicist: Can a gift to charity ever substitute for paying what we owe?

Jonathan Tobin: Reagan's place in Jewish history rests on more than record number of votes

June 8, 2004

Natan Sharansky: The prisoners' conscience

Daniel Pipes: 'Don't Be Afraid, We Won't Kill Muslims'

Dennis Prager: Taliban come to L.A.

June 7, 2004

Doron Kornbluth: Ronald Reagan's Jewish visions

Lewis A. Fein: Now he belongs to the ages

June 4, 2004

Rabbi Abraham J. Twerski: Humility: The finest of all traits

Nate Bloom: More Tears by the Rivers of Babylon: Jewish Servicemen Killed in Iraq

June 3, 2004

Rabbi Avi Shafran: Articles of faith

Jonathan Tobin: Pause and Remember

June 2, 2004

Michelle Malkin: The ambulances-for-terrorists scandal

Dayle Shockley: A child's lessons start early

June 1, 2004

Greg Crosby: How we will lose the Islamo-Fascist War

Daniel Pipes: 'If you are Muslim, you are suspect'

May 28, 2004

Rabbi Abraham J. Twerski: In quest of spirituality

Jonathan Tobin: The same old song

Zev Chafets: Cold feet and cold beers

May 25, 2004

Rabbi Yonason Goldson: Shavuos: The eternal vow

Jay D. Homnick: Desert (brain)storm

Dennis Prager: The greatest sin

May 24, 2004

Martin Peretz: Lonely crowd

Alan Dershowitz: Does oppression cause homicide bombings?

Stefan Kanfer: On the Fritz

May 21, 2004

Rabbi Abraham J. Twerski: Beyond physical limitations

Rabbi Berel Wein: Not ‘man of the people’, but
‘man for the people’

Jonathan Tobin: Politics and pictures

May 20, 2004

The Jewish Ethicist: Does favoring local labor discriminate against the truly needy?

Ask Wendy: Wife letting herself go; kid wants to ban dad from bar mitzvah; visiting mom has nerves rattled

May 19, 2004

Michael Freund: Who does Powell think he's kidding?

Bob Alper: To die for

May 18, 2004

Rabbi Avi Shafran: Why interfere with ‘love’?

Daniel Pipes: Threat to the West is European import with Islamic accent

Dennis Prager: The news media and Nick Berg

May 17, 2004

Jay D. Homnick: To be a Jew: What the murderers of Nick Berg and Daniel Pearl knew

Nate Bloom: Jewz in the Newz

May 14, 2004

Rabbi Berel Wein: Striving

Faygie Levy: Hoagies & Hasidics

May 13, 2004

The Jewish Ethicist: Q: Right now I can't find an employer who needs an MBA, so for the jobs I'm seeking I'm overqualified. Can I omit my MBA from my resume?

Jonathan Tobin: Tortured reasoning

May 12, 2004

Sharon First: Blessing the tree of life

Joe Berkofsky: Videotaped execution of U.S. Jew not shaking commitment to bringing democracy to Iraq

May 11, 2004

Daniel Pipes: The human comedy of the coming Muslim Europe

Dennis Prager: Shame on the news media, too

May 10, 2004

Sidney Zion: Sharon is down, but far from out

Jeff Jacoby: Making the case for parochial school

Jimmy Breslin: No joke, he stole it all

May 7, 2004

Rabbi Abraham J. Twerski: The world is a mirror

Jeff Jacoby: Abandoning Gaza will not end terrorism

May 6, 2004

Roger Severino: Score one for the faithful in the culture wars!

Jonathan Tobin: Why Did They Do It?

May 5, 2004

Joel Mowbray: About that Israel-bashing letter to prez, consider the source

Michelle Malkin: CAIR's war on talk radio

May 4, 2004

Jonathan Mark: Yakov Birnbaum’s Freedom Ride

Rachel Raskin-Zrihen: And the world still remains silent

May 3, 2004

Joel Greenberg: Likud referendum a blow to Sharon, party's stability

Jonathan Tobin: Unilaterally Yours

April 30, 2004

Rabbi Abraham J. Twerski: The Divine is present where He is welcomed

Yossi Klein Halevi: Kabbalah goes Hollywood

Charles Krauthammer: The Real Mideast 'Poison'

April 29, 2004

The Jewish Ethicist: Can I defend myself against workplace blame-shifting?

Mortimer B. Zuckerman: A wall — and a way forward

April 28, 2004

Michael Feldberg: The Making of a Jewish Citizen

Mark Steyn: Why the Palestinians are in such a state

April 27, 2004

Jonathan Mark: Satmar's Sisters of Mercy

Zev Chafets: Columbia U's new friends

April 26, 2004

Mark Steyn: Mideast instability? Bring it on

Jeff Jacoby: America-hatred among the Arabs

Bret Stephens: The meaning of Vanunu

April 23, 2004

Rabbi Nathan Lopes Cardozo: The secrets of ‘Ein Keloh-enu’

Jonathan Tobin: A historic shift

Alan Dershowitz: Back Bush on extra-judicial killings

April 22, 2004

The Jewish Ethicist: Q: Is it ethical to buy from low-wage suppliers?

Melanie Phillips: The hard lessons of terror (BRILLIANT!)

April 21, 2004

Rick Jervis: Your institution doesn't deserve government protection, you're religious!


April 20, 2004

Dennis Prager: People are beautiful, the world stinks

Daniel Pipes: The Palestinians' unmitigated disaster

Cal Thomas: Sharon's big gamble

April 19, 2004

Jeff Jacoby: Faith in the depths of hell

George Will: Mideast Realism: Why the prez backed Sharon

April 16, 2004

Rabbi Y. Y. Rubinstein: Big Worries (MUST READ!)

Jonathan Tobin: The Javits Factor

April 15, 2004

Sidney Zion: Sharon's master move

Hillel Halkin: There was a plan

April 14, 2004

Michael Freund: White House Lessons

Ask Wendy: Bat mitzvah gift bounced — now what?; senior wants to move to new facility in another daughter's town; CFO opens employee's mail

April 9, 2004

Rabbi Nathan Lopes Cardozo: To be a matza

Andrew Silow-Carroll: He's making a list, checking it twice…

April 8, 2004

Rabbi Yonason Goldson: Passover: The freedom to serve

Jonathan S. Tobin: There's no such thing as an intellectual justification for Palestinian murderers

April 5, 2004

Rabbi Harvey Belovski: Multimedia tool of antiquity

Rabbi Avi Shafran: The Karpas conundrum

JPaul Greenberg: The search

Leonard Felder: Meshuganeh relatives are good for you

April 2, 2004

Rabbi Berel Wein: The Hagadah: Story of a People in flux

Rabbi Yaacov Polskin: A truly American Passover

Jacob Berkman: Tastes great, less chametz

April 1, 2004

Jonathan Tobin: Tenth Plague Revisited

Suzanne Fields: Hope and fear in Germany

Michael Arnold Glueck: The Horseradish Chronicles: The Pain of chrain

March 31, 2004

Abe Novick: Morphing of terrorist image

Elliot Gertel: Along Came ‘Toxic Jewish Women’

March 30, 2004

Rabbi Avi Shafran: The magnificence in the mundane

Yaffa Ganz: A matter of life and death

Dennis Prager: What does 'Judeo-Christian' mean?

March 26, 2004

Rabbi Hillel Goldberg: Do thoughts count?

Joel Mowbray: Why are Jews lending legitimacy to dangerous Muslim groups?

Jonah Goldberg: Palestinians' use of kiddy bombers appalling

March 25, 2004

Mark Steyn : We tried appeasement once before

William Neikirk: The Pledge finally gets its day in (High) Court

March 24, 2004

Jonathan Tobin: Yassin's death is justice long overdue target="_blank"

Paul Greenberg: NI-I-CE TERRORIST

Cal Thomas: Living and dying by the sword

March 23, 2004

Wesley Pruden: A sheik departs, very, very quickly

Joel C. Rosenberg: And when Israel actually applies the Bush Doctrine?

March 22, 2004

Rabbi Y. Y. Rubinstein: When political discourse misses the point

Nate Bloom: Grammy Jews

March 19, 2004

Rabbi Hillel Goldberg: Is intimacy holy? For whom?

Jonathan Tobin: No Way Out of War

March 18, 2004

The Jewish Ethicist: Do I need to report an undercharge if it will indict the cashier?

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