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Jewish World Review May 5, 1999 /19 Iyar 5759

Don Feder

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Expecting the impossible
of parents

(JWR) ---- (
EXCEPT FOR THE NATIONAL RIFLE ASSOCIATION, no one has taken more hits over the Littleton, Colo., killings than families.

Where were the parents? critics cry. Why weren't they omniscient? The president says he'll file legislation to hold Ward and June Cleaver criminally liable when the Beav misbehaves with a gun.

Liberal child-rearing advice is a mishmash of contradictions: Monitor your child, but don't invade his privacy. Raise him to behave decently and respect the rights of others, but don't discipline him.

While they're lecturing us about our responsibilities, the elite has created a cultural sewer for adolescents to swim (or sink) in.

The most inane observation on Littleton came from Time magazine contributor Amy Dickinson, who admonishes: "We must take responsibility for the world our children inhabit. We make the world for them."

Unless we are Marilyn Manson or Quentin Tarantino, I think not. We did not produce "Payback" (Mel Gibson's latest gore-fest) or "The Matrix," a film with the firepower of a NATO sortie.

We do not market videogames with names like "Doom" and "Killer Instinct," or write lyrics that exalt anarchy, sexual assault and suicide. We do not defend teens' access to Web sites that approximate the lower depths of hell.

The Beaver
Try to imagine a teen rampage where the killers were obsessed with the film versions of Jane Austen novels, or spent hours playing Monopoly and listening to Bach.

How could their families have raised monsters like Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold? the experts ask.

But too many children are raised by their surrogate parent -- the culture. When concerned parents try to protect youth from the more invidious aspects of the same, they're called censors and control freaks, and told their repression is apt to provoke an adolescent backlash.

The United Nations Convention on the Rights of Children, of which Clinton is much enamored, declares that children of any age have a right to freedom of expression and association, as well as a "right to privacy."

If the parents of Harris and Klebold had searched their sons' rooms for armaments and explosives, they would have violated the boys' privacy. Wearing swastikas and shouting "heil Hitler" in school was protected by the teens' freedom of expression.

Attempts to keep the kids from hanging with neo-Nazis on the Internet would have abridged their freedom of association -- so say the United Nations and Bill Clinton.

For generations past, mine included, the key to successful child-rearing was moral instruction backed by stern discipline. Transgressions brought an excursion to the woodshed for a philosophical encounter with a razor strap.

Today, parents who heed the Biblical injunction about rod-sparing are likely to find themselves facing a felony rap. The Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court will soon decide if the Rev. Donald Cobble is guilty of child abuse.

When his 11-year-old son Judah is especially bad, the minister gives him a whack or two on the behind with a belt. This brought down the wrath of the state's officious child-welfare agency.

"Who are they to decide what's best for me and my family?" Cobble asks. "Of the three social workers who came and spoke to me, none were married and none had kids."

The experts counter that the minister is teaching violence at home. Why couldn't the lad have a "time out," instead. To which Cobble replies, when a policeman stops you for speeding, he gives you a ticket, not a time out ("Now, just sit in you car and quietly reflect on your violation of the traffic laws.")

In Boston, Carole Collins faces 2 and a half years in prison for giving her burly, 15-year-old son the back of her hand.

Mother and son conferred with the assistant principal of his high school to discuss discipline problems. The boy got into a shouting match with the administrator and Collins slapped her son in the face. Instead of thanking her for helping them with a fractious student, school officials called the cops and Collins was led away in handcuffs.

Parents can't win. The impossible is expected of them -- direction without discipline, monitoring and control while respecting the "rights" of 12-year-olds all in the context of a culture that undermines their authority and seduces their children by playing to their darkest instincts.

Liberals -- those universal Buttinskis -- want to raise your children then blame you when they pack a high-powered rifle in their school bag.


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