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Jewish World Review /Jan. 25,1999 /8 Shevat, 5759

Don Feder

Don Feder Whose choice?

(JWR) --- (http://www.jewishworldreview.com) THE LEFT IS PRO-CHOICE on abortion (except for the unborn child, who has no say at all in the matter) and nearly nowhere else.

As the rest of their agenda illustratespro-choice is a euphemism. Driven by a zeal to limit population, liberate women from maternity and separate sex from procreation, they are pro-abortion.

Last week, the Christian Coalition of Maine submitted 70,000 signatures for a ballot question to ban partial-birth abortions. The initiative is opposed by a group that styles itself The Maine Coalition for Choice.

Choice. A woman's right to choose. It sounds so all-American. After all, is not individual freedom our defining national characteristic, that which makes us unique?

Given their professed attachment to choice, one would expect liberals to extend the concept to the furthest horizons. One would be mistaken. Many parents consider the ability to decide where and how to educate their children significantly more important than whether or not to kill them in the womb.

To frustrate this legitimate desire, teachers unions have deployed their Praetorian Guard, the Democratic Party and William Jefferson Clinton, to block all exits from a clearly dysfunctional public school system.

Last year, the president vetoed opportunity scholarships, worth up to $3,200 annually for 2,000 poor children in the District of Columbia, for fear their families would use the grants to flee public schools that resemble free-fire zones.

The middle class is staggering under the property-tax burden, much of which goes to public education. For the left, giving these families a choice in educating their children, through tuition tax credits, is simply unthinkable.

Education aside, liberals would limit parental discretion through mandatory sex education and the misapplication of child-abuse laws, and by harassing mothers who leave a toddler in a car for 5 minutes to grab a gallon of milk. Choice in retirement plans is as elusive as educational choice.

Most Gen-Xers and not a few Boomers believe their chances of actually collecting Social Security benefits to be slightly less than their prospects of winning an Olympic gold medal for figure skating with both of their legs in a cast.

Here is a choice with profound consequences for our golden years (it could spell the difference between dining out occasionally and eating dog food). Clinton's answer to the looming Social Security crisis? Use 60 percent of the budget surplus to shore-up a structure with a "condemned" sign out front.

While he'll generously allow us to invest in some sort of government-subsidized 401(k)-type account, we still will have no choice on how our Social Security taxes are invested. Three-quarters of Americans pay more in Social Security than in federal income taxes.

Taxes themselves are another way liberals limit choice. The average family's combined tax burden has climbed from 21.8 percent of its income in 1983 to 24.9 percent today.

Bill Clinton would cut off his right arm before cutting your taxes. The deficit was the excuse in years past. Now it's saving Social Security. Who knows what it will be tomorrow?

Liberals are afraid that if you get to keep more of your income, you'll choose to spend it frivolously. They have it earmarked for socially responsible projects like child care, arts funding and fighting suburban sprawl.

On an issue as vital as self-defense, liberals again are intent on foreclosing options. Los Angeles is one of a growing number of municipalities weighing a liability suit against gun manufacturers for supposedly facilitating crime.

The plan is to put firearm companies out of business, sharply reducing supply and making it harder to exercise the Second Amendment right to keep and bear arms, and the basic human right of self-defense.

Even with something as mundane as transportation, liberalism's penchant for coercion is conspicuous -- witness the war on sport-utility vehicles, the latest greenhouse-gas culprit. Al Gore would raise their cost by subjecting them to the emissions standards of cars, instead of trucks, putting them beyond the means of most consumers.

Significantly, the alternatives liberals would allow us are all lethal -- abortion, assisted suicide, drug legalization (death by addiction) and access to child pornography on the Internet (you know what that spawns).

Where choice really matters to those with their faculties intact -- how to educate your children, plan for your retirement, spend your income, defend your home and family, commute -- liberals want you to do it their way and have a sumo wrestler in their corner to see that you do.


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