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Jewish World Review March 17, 1999 /29 Adar 5759

Don Feder

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Hollywood's party line in 1999

(JWR) ---- (
THE HOLLYWOOD LEFT (that is to say, Hollywood) is bent out of shape over legendary director Elia Kazan receiving a special Oscar at the Academy Awards ceremony Sunday evening.

Kazan, you see, "named names" before the House Un-American Activities Committee in 1952. He named the names of those who were communists during an era when the party supported purge trials, the Hitler-Stalin pact and the subjugation of Eastern Europe. Had he exposed members of the German-American Bund, Kazan would be hailed as a hero.

The party exercised only a modest influence on the movies of the '30s and '40s. Screenwriter Dalton Trumbo, one of the Hollywood 10, explained that the reds were more successful in blocking anti-communist films than in making movies with their own message.

Communism's impact on movies half a century ago is insignificant compared to the hegemony of Hollywood's current political commissars.

The party line of producers, directors and screenwriters is an outgrowth of the '60s. It is anti-American, anti-business, feminist, hostile to organized religion, down on the military, censorious of conservatives and addicted to liberal cliches. Here is Hollywood's party line, circa 1999.

1) Business is bad, bad, bad. Corporations ruthlessly downsize, cheat customers, poison the environment ("A Civil Action") and corrupt the political process.

The romantic comedy "You've Got Mail" has a bookstore chain putting a charming, customer-friendly little book shop out of business. But isn't that just what corporate capitalism does, Hollywood rhetorically asks. Whenever a Bill Gates-type appears on screen, it's a cue for audiences to start hissing and booing.

2) They're after you. There are so many security agencies running around the country bumping people off to cover up their sinister plots that it must be hard for hit men to get a clear shot. Last year's "Enemy of the State" followed the paranoid tradition of "Conspiracy Theory," "JFK" and "The Pelican Brief" in a chain stretching back to "Three Days of the Condor."

3) Religion is the whatever of the masses. Faith doesn't have a prayer when filtered through Hollywood's skeptical lens. Western religion is depicted as anachronistic, inane and repressive -- the province of the weak-minded, the fanatical and the hypocritical. Last year, as a break from its relentless anti-Catholicism ("John Carpenter's Vampires," "The Saint"), Hollywood took a dull blade to Hasidic Jews in "A Price Above Rubies."

4) The American military is a conscienceless killing machine. In "The Siege," Bruce Willis plays a general who responds to domestic terrorism by imposing brutal martial law on New York City. Willis' character would cause Saddam Hussein to sleep with a night light . Even the kids' movie "Small Soldiers" was a nasty swipe at GIs and a perpetuation of the Vietnam myth (Americans went to Southeast Asia to slaughter a gentle Third World people).

5) Conservatives are evil -- ignorant, bigoted and greedy. Liberalism saves. It's SOP that any movie with a political theme will have a conservative villain (the White House chief of staff in "Dave," the antagonist in "The American President).

Like the latter, 1998's "Bulworth" was an extended liberal homily. In the title role, Warren Beatty exalts "the only 'ism' that's worth a thing, and that's socialism." Beatty must believe Cuba and North Korea are economic miracles. 6) Gay is good. Homosexual characters are invariably sympathetic, from the teacher Jennifer Anniston falls for in "The Object of My Affection" to the artist-neighbor in 1997's "As Good As It Gets." They are charming, witty (if a bit acerbic), wise and kind. In fact, what priests were to '40s films, gays are in movies today.

7) A woman without a laptop and a cell phone isn't a real woman. Anything he can do she can do better. Hollywood goes to absurd lengths to atone for June Allyson and June Cleaver, locating feminist role models (strong, self-reliant, sexually adventurous) in 16th century France ("Ever After"), Renaissance Italy ("Dangerous Beauty") and the Old West ("Bad Girls"), not to mention turning Demi Moore into Jackie Chan on steroids ("G.I. Jane").

8) Sex is swell. What religion was for Medieval man and science was for 19th century intellectuals, sex is for Hollywood in the '90s. Everything short of rape is heartily endorsed, including adultery ("Pleasantville," "Shakespeare in Love"), prostitution ("Dangerous Beauty") and incest ("Lolita," "The House of Yes"). Hollywood makes Planned Parenthood look like the Southern Baptist Convention.

Alec Baldwin and Barbra Streisand aren't party members -- even communists have standards. But what comes out of Hollywood today is as rigidly doctrinaire as the Stalinist agitprop in "Mission to Moscow." Popular culture has been infiltrated and subverted not by a foreign ideology, but by a home-grown dogma masquerading as entertainment.


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