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Jewish World Review /Jan. 11,1999 /22 Teves, 5759

Don Feder

Don Feder If he isn't removed,
watch out for Bill!

(JWR) --- (http://www.jewishworldreview.com) HERE'S A SOBERING THOUGHT: If Bill Clinton isn't removed from office, what will the last two years of his presidency be like? If you read this before bed, be sure your night-light's on.

Clinton supporters prophesy doom for the republic if the Senate, which began the impeachment trial on Thursday, adheres to the Constitution and decides that presidential perjury requires removal from office.

But what if Clinton once again eludes justice? For the next 24 months, he'll be less like a whipped puppy (the conventional view) than a bruised barracuda.

First, being the shameless scoundrel that he is, he'll run around saying he's been exonerated. "Ken Starr persecuted me. The House was a kangaroo court. But the Senate has judged me blameless." We'll need a federal program to distribute air-sickness bags.

If Clinton is acquitted, he'll have to wonder: "Is there anything I can't get away with?" He seduced a 23-year-old intern in the White House, lied to a federal grand jury, tampered with witnesses, obstructed justice and emerged unscathed. What will he do for an encore?

For a guy who's addicted to the adrenaline-rush, the urge to up the ante could prove irresistible.

If Clinton survives this crisis, it will be payoff and payback time.

In betraying their creed, feminists really crawled out on a limb for a man they would have called a chauvinist pig, if he'd been anyone else. How will their loyalty be rewarded? Women assigned to combat? More gender Jacobins on the bench?

Clinton will be a slave to his party's left wing (the Barney Franks and Maxine Waters), never knowing when he may need them for another rescue mission. No more new Democrat. No sensible solution to the pending Social Security debacle. Instead, he'll gratefully sign on to all of their loonier schemes.

Hillary will present her own IOUs for payment.

The first zipper quite literally owes his political life to the faux little lady. If Hillary hadn't maintained the pretense of forgiving and believing in him over the past year, Clinton would be waiting on the South Lawn for a helicopter to whisk him away to an early retirement.

For the next two years, the policies and appointments will be hers. Clinton defenders, who profess high regard for the Constitution, should ask themselves what it means for a president, bowing to blackmail, to unconstitutionally cede such authority to an individual neither elected nor appointed.

Until January 2001, America's security and the defense of the free world will rest on Clinton's sagging shoulders.

He will attempt to lead without credibility, with the belief in many quarters abroad that this is a president who manipulates foreign crises to maintain his standing at home, like his pre-impeachment attack on Iraq (Operation Diversion Storm). They'll have to start building pharmaceutical factories protected by surface-to-air missiles in the Third World.

Worst of all for the country and the world, Clinton will try to redeem himself in the eyes of history, to earn a slightly higher place in future ratings of presidents than somewhere below Franklin Pierce.

Expect more mad foreign adventures, like Bosnia and Haiti. Israel and Taiwan, traditional American allies, should prepare for the worst. They are the most likely to be sacrificed to secure Clinton's reputation as a peacemaker.

At home, the nation will be subjected to the cynical spectacle of a criminal picking federal judges. Between now and the end of his term, Clinton could appoint another 12 percent of the federal judiciary.

Honest people should shudder at the thought of the nation's most prominent lawbreaker, after O.J., selecting those who will sit in judgment and decide the great constitutional questions of the day.

Since August, Clinton has played the penitent. This is the man who may ask forgiveness but rarely gives it, who believes (as the cliche goes) that revenge is a dish best served cold.

If the Senate acquits the president, there will be nothing to restrain him. James Carville and Larry Flynt will lead the pack of salivating attack dogs.

The same vicious tendencies that were displayed in covert White House efforts to ruin the reputations of Reps. Henry Hyde, Bob Livingston and Dan Burton can be given full reign.

Anyone who thinks Bill Clinton is above this sort of thing hasn't thought the matter through.

Recall that famous photo of our boy president in Africa last April, triumphantly banging on a tom-tom, while chewing a cigar, when he heard that Paula Jones' sexual harassment suit had been dismissed. That's nothing compared to the celebration he'll have if the Senate fails to convict him -- a blowout that will last for the next two years.


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