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Jewish World Review April 22, 1999 /5 Iyar 5759

Don Feder

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McCain plays to the media

(JWR) ---- (
IF SEN. JOHN MCCAIN, R-ARIZ., is our next president, will his cabinet consist of Dan Rather, Tom Brokaw and Anthony Lewis?

It's become trite to say that the Arizonan is the media's favorite Republican -- trite, but true. News stories and columns on McCain have the ardent and wistful quality of anonymous mash notes from high-school nerds to the prom queen.

I caught up with McCain in Manchester, N.H., before his speech to the Rockingham Republican something or other. The senator, whose adept at ingratiating himself with the media, greeted me with "Good to see you again." It was our first meeting.

Not only are the media McCain's biggest boosters, his agenda is exclusively media-driven.

On Kosovo, McCain's mantra, repeated endlessly on political talk shows, has become: Don't rule out ground forces.

In the Balkans, the media have traded their love beads and peace symbols for flak jackets. That Clinton's war on Yugoslavia is untainted by (selfish) national interest -- a purely humanitarian crusade -- has won the media's approbation.

"Whether or not we should have gotten in is a very legitimate question," McCain admitted to me. But now, "the credibility and future of the United States is at stake."

McCain warns that if we don't defeat this tinhorn tyrant with "antiquated Russian weapons," guys in black hats from Pyongyang to Tripoli will be encouraged to act up.

But we stood up to Saddam Hussein in the Gulf War, even sent in troops.

That didn't deter the Red Chinese, North Koreans or Slobodan Milosevic himself, all of whom have been behaving quite badly.

We could spend the next century galloping around the globe, challenging Third World despots, so that other unsavory characters will quake at the sound of our voice.

But the media long for a ground war in the name of diversity, so McCain is scrapping for a fight.

The senator's supporters are quick to point out that he has respectable conservative credentials (a lifetime American Conservative Union rating of 86 percent, which dipped to 68 percent in 1998).

True, but when has McCain ever led the charge for a conservative cause? He's nominally pro-life, but in more than a decade in the Senate, McCain has yet to sponsor a single pro-life amendment.

He's best known for pushing a mega-tax hike to counter the only addiction the media seem interested in fighting (it being another cudgel with which to bludgeon business) and rationing political speech in the guise of campaign reform.

McCain's tobacco bill would have cost taxpayers $50 billion a year and led to the micro-managing of advertising appeals.

The Cato Institute's Robert Levy notes the following irony: We treat flag-burning and gansta rap as protected speech, but under McCain's bill, "If Tiger Woods shows up wearing a jacket emblazoned with a Joe Camel emblem, our new speech guardians will hold the executives of R.J. Reynolds accountable."

His tobacco bill was sparring with the First Amendment. The McCain-Feingold Campaign Finance Reform saw the senator as a censorship heavyweight.

Among other provisions, the legislation sought to ban issue-advocacy ads within 60 days of a federal election, at all other times under certain circumstances.

McCain argued that this would limit the ability of those sinister "special interests" to have their way with a supine electorate. Special interests like the National Right to Life Committee, whose members contribute $35 on average?

Politicians don't like criticism. McCain-Feingold would have made it illegal to say "Sen. Kennedy voted against a ban on partial-birth abortions," on the air or in print, within two months of a national election.

Advocacy groups across the spectrum were in an uproar. It's no mean feat to unite National Right to Life and the ACLU, the Coalition to Stop Handgun Violence and the NRA. In this sense, McCain is bringing Americans together.

Limit the ability of interest groups to broadcast their message, and you make the media that much more powerful. Of course The New York Times and networks want to get "special-interest money" out of politics. They resent the competition.

Unfortunately for McCain, the Republican primaries are dominated by conservative activists who have been alternately sneered at and slandered by the media for years. By championing their causes, McCain earned the esteem of the media elite.

Pity Dan Rather doesn't vote in Iowa's Republican caucuses.


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