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06/11/19: Terminate abortion, please
01/23/19: Sometimes, a picture is just worth one word: Wait
12/20/18: What more could you want in a senator than Martha McSally?
11/19/18: Paradise lost
11/05/18: Our prince of scribes
10/29/18: Creepy Porn Lawyer's white-man offense and red-hot lies
10/24/18: Why don't Republican women run the way Dems do?
10/22/18: Step right up for this cannabis cure
10/17/18: 23andMeToo
10/10/18: Nikki Haley's comet has a long tale
10/03/18: The attempted ruin of Kavanaugh is about more than Ford's allegations
09/30/18: Senator Jiminy Cricket
09/26/18: The Kavanaugh circus features plenty of sideshows
09/19/18: Is there a Kavanaugh doppelganger?
09/17/18: Eleventh-hour slander
09/13/18: Things left behind
09/09/18: No, I'm Spartacus!
09/05/18: Advise and dissent
08/20/18: A time to mourn
07/11/18: Catholics rock the courthouse
07/04/18: Supreme hysteria
06/11/18: My dear Charles
05/25/18: Unnecessary war on Catholics in the 'City of Brotherly Love'
05/02/18: An assassin in Wolf's clothing
04/25/18: This should make anyone with an ounce of decency go barking bonkers --- providing we still recall what decency is
04/04/18: A 65,000-acre wildfire whodunit that will make your head spin
03/28/18: The shame of it all: Porn star disproves time-tested conventional wisdom
02/15/18: Just stop, Hillary. Please
02/07/18: Karma loves football. Just ask Tom Brady.
02/06/18: The justified #MeToo backlash is inevitable
02/01/18: Can Trump sustain newfound aura of gravitas?
11/27/17: Black Friday has lost its bang. Hallelujah
11/23/17: Because Sarah sez so, that's why
11/15/17: What to my wondering ears did Mitch McConnell say?
11/08/17: Respect, he may not get. But the would-be wise ignore his lesson at their own peril
11/06/17: This is all Bill Clinton's fault
10/30/17: Teddy Roosevelt didn't deserve this
10/18/17: #MeToo: Tipping point, or outrage du jour?
10/15/17: A dearth of virtue and the death of hypocrisy
09/27/17: 25 years later, we still don't know what happened to Dail Dinwiddie
08/23/17: The eclipse made America real again
06/21/17: The health-care debate we're missing amid all those memes
06/21/17: Can words kill people?
06/19/17: We can each try to stem the madness with small gestures of kindness
05/18/17: Trump just can't seem to stop telling the truth (No sarcasm intended)
04/19/17: Murder while you watch: I worry about the next hideous act to be 'shared'
03/22/17: President Trump's sanest decision reminds us that there are still grown-ups in public service
03/06/17: R.I.P., DNC?
02/27/17: Spicer makes an impossible job even harder --- Adjectively speaking, of course
02/15/17: Meet Rick. Meet the football. Hike!
02/06/17: The left's boogeyman vision of Gorsuch
01/04/17: What made the losing-est loser do it?
12/19/16: The parable of Mother Emanuel
11/30/16: Don't give Fidel Castro the last laugh
11/28/16: How does one revile the man who now says what you believe?
11/23/16: The Meaning of Mitt
11/21/16: 2016's biggest loser: Truth and consequences
11/16/16: Is Steve Bannon really as bad as all that?
11/14/16: Is the White House already changing Donald Trump?
11/10/16: What Hillary didn't grasp
11/07/16: Calm down. We'll be fine no matter who wins
11/02/16: Perving the presidency
10/19/16: How Trump could still win
10/16/16: Don't be afraid. Be worried
10/05/16: Whither, Comma?
09/26/16: The real question this debate
08/24/16: Hillary's heel
08/22/16: A Nice Column About Trump
08/10/16: John Oliver has given us the best defense of newspapers ever
08/03/16: Fox and friends with benefits
07/18/16: The massacre in Nice will loom over Cleveland and Philadelphia
07/13/16: David Brown, the voice America needs
07/06/16: How 'smart' people pooh-pooh 'dumb' people who like Donald Trump
07/04/16: Did Bill Clinton unconsciously trip Hillary on the road to the White House?
06/29/16: With Warren on Clinton's stump, it's double trouble for Trump
06/27/16: Brexit, meet America's Trexit
06/22/16: Did Trump ditch his campaign manager to appease evangelical Christians?
06/14/16: Freedom to kill, permission to die
06/08/16: Mourning a Florida we lost long ago
05/23/16: A nose-holding word to the disaffected: Vote
05/18/16: Hillary Clinton’s viral nightmare: A video of her 'lying for 13 minutes'
05/11/16: Rules Are For Breaking
05/09/16: Farewell, Grand Old Party
05/04/16: After Carly Fiorina’s fall, Ted Cruz's end
05/02/16: Trump deals Hillary a winning card
04/27/16: Plato would be horrified by Trump's rise
04/25/16: The candidate from Vermont seemed dismissive of Dixie. That didn’t go over well
04/18/16: In our new, more humane economy, karma can be good business
04/11/16: And then the Vatican called Bernie Sanders
04/06/16: Paul Ryan could make 2016 normal again
04/04/16: Donald Trump turned an easy hypothetical into more questions about himself
03/30/16: Can we save ourselves from the future?
03/26/16: Sinking to Old Lows
03/16/16: Understanding the Islamic State
03/14/16: Are you starting to soften on Donald Trump? Don't
03/07/16: Throw the bums out: How to vanquish the GOP establishment once and for all
03/02/16: Trump supporters are inoculated against the truth
02/29/16: The Donald and Hillary are as different as the racial makeup of their audiences, but the pandering is the same
02/24/16: Why the world loves the South Carolina primaries
02/22/16: The fabricated fight between Pope Francis and Donald Trump
02/15/16: There will be blood in South Carolina
02/10/16: What Steinem, Albright, and Hillary don't get about millennial women
02/01/16: Trump isn’t politically incorrect. He’s just simply incorrect
01/27/16: Hillary's historical problem with honesty --- What difference, at this point, does any of it make?
01/20/16: Trump is the choice of voters who want a Daddy State
01/18/16: Nikki Haley's righteous gamble
01/13/16: Lowered expectations are a blessing in disguise for Jeb Bush
01/11/16: Trump's playing of the Bill Clinton card is foul --- but fair
12/16/15: Donald Trump comes to Hillary's rescue
12/14/15: Women in combat will put men at greater risk
12/09/15: Obama is solemn and sober on terrorism, while Trump's rhetoric aids the enemy
12/07/15: The few, the foolish
12/02/15: Premature finger-pointing after the Planned Parenthood shooting
11/30/15: The nastier Donald Trump gets, the more some people like him
11/25/15: For thin-skinned students, we have nobody to blame but ourselves
11/23/15: Defeating the Islamic State will take more than bombs and boots
11/16/15: In Iowa, Trump begins his meltdown
11/09/15: Jeb Bush, free at last
11/04/15: Channeling Cassandra for our troubled times
11/02/15: Jeb doesn't know how to fight
10/28/15: Jeb Bush: No more Mr. Nice Candidate
10/21/15: Taking the bait: How Jeb can handle attacks on Bush 43
10/14/15: The Sanders-Trump magical mystery tour
10/10/15: Don't do it, Paul Ryan
09/21/15: The money question during the GOP debates
09/16/15: Will the most important debate question Be Asked?
09/09/15: An ode to joy, Or: Hey, Hillary, you can't manufacture trust
08/17/15: Time to think: August in Washington
08/10/15: Carly Fiorina's stunning debut --- and yet the winner is . . .
08/05/15: How will the GOP candidates tackle Obamacare on the debate stage?
08/03/15: The tipping point on Planned Parenthood
07/27/15: The coming Alzheimer's crisis in America
07/22/15: Why we can't dismiss Donald Trump
07/20/15: A 'Modest Proposal', Planned Parenthood edition
07/16/15: How South Carolina heals
07/13/15: A new day in South Carolina as the Confederate battle flag comes down
07/08/15: Age of the #showoff
07/06/15: Beware, voters: Thrill rides are also scary
06/29/15: A blueprint for changing the way we talk about race
06/26/15: Charleston waits nervously for Obama
06/22/15: Let me tell you about Charlestonians
06/17/15: What I learned from covering the Bushes for more than 30 years
06/14/15: Bill's Clintonesque rebuttal
05/26/15: PO the GOP?
05/20/15: Trigger warnings, colleges, and the 'Swaddled Generation'
05/13/15: Jeb Bush's eloquent defense of Christianity
05/04/15: What it's like to be the wife of the party
04/27/15: With a song in prisoners' hearts
04/22/15: Mr. Hughes goes to Washington: Gyrocopters and campaign finance reform
04/20/15: The case for a national Powder Room Initiative
04/15/15: Hillary's past and future problem
04/13/15: Rolling Stone's damaging journalism
04/08/15: Shhh! White House secrets revealed
04/06/15: What parents teach kids about drinking
03/30/15: A monster in the cockpit of the Germanwings airliner
03/23/15: Revolution as desirable as re-warmed coffee
03/18/15: Why can't Hillary resist falling into scandal?
03/16/15: Only a woman could come up with Hillary's lame excuse --- it's all about the purse
03/04/15: Another GOP meltdown bodes ill for 2016
02/25/15: America's conscience?
02/18/15: Answering the atrocities of ISIS
02/11/15: Why did Brian Williams do it?
01/28/15: The sacrifice of Sarah Palin
01/21/15: When the pope talks . . .
01/07/15: Al Sharpton's ace card
12/31/14: In 2014, the joke's on us
12/24/14: A holiday gift for all the wrong reasons
12/17/14: A wildfire of corruption
12/10/14: Can conservative women be feminists?
11/26/14: Torching due process: From Bill Cosby to Ferguson
11/12/14: Obama's spiteful legacy
10/29/14: America's political pendulum swings to the right
10/15/14: Avoiding the question
10/08/14: Words from the unwise: President Obama's remarkable dispassion
09/24/14: Cry, your car's on hidden camera
09/17/14: Sanford's pathetic saga: His ridiculousness knows no bound
06/02/14: Eating Obama's lunch
05/25/14: Our clueless leader
05/21/14: Fair warning, provoking a thought is literature's job
05/05/14: Washington's twisted love affair with the WHCA dinner
04/30/14: The sobering message from Cliven Bundy's and Donald Sterling's words
04/23/14: A grandchild might just be the push Hillary Clinton needs to run
04/16/14: Erasing the race card
04/09/14: I was condemning Southern stereotypes, not reinforcing them
04/07/14: Harry Reid, apologize publicly
04/02/14: Anticipating November, Democrats act desperately
03/26/14: Hobby Lobby case creates unexpected allies in Dershowitz and Starr
03/19/14: Being Vladimir Putin
03/12/14: President Obama's unbecoming appearance
03/10/14: The new SAT don’t care 'bout no fancy words
03/05/14: 'Gov. Moonbeam' finds his center
03/03/14: Obama's minority initiative can only help
02/26/14: Bobby Jindal comes out swinging
02/19/14: The GOP's flash of brilliance
02/17/14: The poetry of bad news around Obamacare
02/10/14: Obama's blind spot on religious liberty
02/05/14: In Christie saga, keep calm and gossip on
02/03/14: The hard knocks of pro football
01/29/14: High education, low return
01/22/14: Christie's demolition: Why is he being attacked now?
01/15/14: The War on Poverty's secret weapon
01/13/14: Finding a new villian: Christie's coming comeback
01/08/14: Inequality of language: Dems aren't really fighting poverty
01/06/14: Their own worst enemy: Republicans may undo their bright future
01/01/14: The American Dream can be reclaimed
12/30/13: Thanks for the memories
12/11/13: How to woo women
11/28/13: Talking turkey about Bleak Friday
11/24/13: Why are many still obsessed with JFK?
11/20/13: The comparisons you should never make
11/18/13: Obamacare is sinking
11/11/13: What Obama forgot to apologize for
11/06/13: Obama's sin of omission
10/27/13: The White House Comedy Club
10/16/13: A brave new centrist world
10/07/13: A monumental mistake
10/02/13: Shutdown, schmutdown
09/29/13: The GOP's lose-lose proposition
09/23/13: The GOP's best ObamaCare option
09/18/13: Off-target: After a shooting, the same myopic debate
09/16/13: Putin has a good time at Obama's expense
09/12/13: Commander-in-Chief Can't-We-Just-Talk-About_it?
09/09/13: Just a little bit of war against Syria
09/04/13: U.S. credibility runs deeper than Syria
09/02/13: Obama's Syrian conundrum
08/28/13: Miley: Be prude again
08/26/13: Victim in chief is no role for a president
08/21/13: Steve King's inhumane farm bill measure
08/12/13: Of pleasure and parenthood
08/05/13: The newbie mavericks
07/31/13: Weiner and our primitive use of technology
07/22/13: Doubling down on double standards
07/17/13: The road to bedlam: Unanswered questions in Trayvon Martin case
07/15/13: The GOP's principled suicide
07/10/13: Get cameras out of court
07/07/13: A bullet through the heart
07/03/13: Wendy Davis' sainthood
06/26/13: The Zimmerman trial as a joke
06/24/13: George Zimmerman's jury of peers
06/17/13: Googled to tears
06/12/13: IRS taxing of tanning beds and other Obamacare absurdities
06/10/13: Tweaking real life
06/03/13: The new F-word
05/29/13: War on terror isn't over just because Obama says so
05/27/13: Surrogacy exposed
05/17/13: Not-so-strange bedfellows
05/08/13: Yes, Ted Cruz is Hispanic 'enough'
05/03/13: Prude or prudent? The debate over access to Plan B
04/29/13: Bush's legacy is more than Iraq
04/22/13: The wronged wife's say: What post-scandal comebacks still need
04/17/13: The day after Boston: What does it mean that we've already moved on?
04/15/13: Beauty and the beast
04/10/13: An impotent gun solution
04/08/13: 'Lean' on, ladies
04/03/13: A monument to reconciliation
03/25/13: For Hillary Clinton, the time may finally be right
03/20/13: The Uncaring Network: Steubenville, social media and the bystander effect
03/18/13: A TV cop helps victims get a shot at justice
03/13/13: Media myopia in Rome
03/11/13: Obama's feeble gesture to GOP senators
03/06/13: The mommy war that no one will win
03/04/13: Why the 'threat' on Bob Woodward matters
02/27/13: Madonna Obama
02/25/13: Sensitivity training that leaves a listener numb
02/18/13: Guns are a loaded issue in the South
02/13/13: Myths of the Mystique: Betty Friedan's treatise shows signs of aging
02/11/13: Hillary and the ghosts of Benghazi
02/06/13: Silenced no more
02/04/13: Combat women and Congress' wimps
01/28/13: Combat puts women at unique risk
01/24/13: Obama: No patsy now
01/20/13: Lance Armstrong's confession without contrition
01/13/13: Gun control proposals hardly draconian
01/09/13: Can't we aim higher than 'Honey Boo Boo'?
01/07/13: The GOP's future speaks Spanish
12/31/12: Digital books leave a reader cold
12/26/12: Things better left unsaid: Phrases that should not come with us into 2013
12/24/12: The Kennedys through a lens, lightly
12/19/12: In the midst of all this madness can we shut-up for a few moments?
12/17/12: Love, baby carriage . . . but no marriage
12/13/12: America's reluctant First Father
12/10/12: Obama the instigator
12/03/12: A lunchtime serving of fiscal reality
11/29/12: Affair double standards
11/14/12: Wait to pass judgment: Much at stake in the Petraeus scandal
11/12/12: The party that doomed its nominee
11/07/12: The worst race ever: Goodness was sucked from the candidates
11/05/12: Poll dancing: Why this is the un-callable election
10/31/12: Sorry, dealer's all out of race cards
10/29/12: 'Bull ---- er' and binders
10/24/12: Mitt Romney's 'peace' strategy
10/21/12: 'Binders' are what's wrong with politics today
10/17/12: Clinton's classy mea culpa
10/15/12: The Dems' phony smiles
10/10/12: What women (voters) want
10/08/12: KO'd in Denver
10/03/12: Obama and Romney ready to enter the ring
08/22/12: The Republican need for a lesson on the fairer sex
08/20/12: Our Roman election: Pols trying to pacify and distract the masses
08/15/12: Helen Gurley Brown's stiletto feminism
08/13/12: Rise in independent voters imperils moderates
08/08/12: Run for your life
08/05/12: When being first is a no-win situation
08/01/12: Mitt Romney, preacher
07/23/12: Obama's desperate campaign: The Bain of truth
07/18/12: Get smart: Dumbness permeates our lives and our media
07/16/12: Baiting Romney's critics
07/11/12: A sane voice lost
07/09/12: A South Carolina man of deeds
07/04/12: The ladies of Mount Vernon have preserved Washington's home
07/02/12: Roberts' resurrection: Libs laud him, though they didn't actually win
06/27/12: Romney may soon be feeling the Arizona heat
06/22/12: The war on success
06/20/12: The other war on women: NOW co-founder insults Laura Bush
06/18/12: Watergate's legacy to America
06/13/12: The Ordinary American, RIP
06/11/12: Nobody likes a loser
06/06/12: Barack on Broadway
05/29/12: When popular Dem mayor tells the truth, it has consequences
05/23/12: Libs threaten Justice Roberts before ObamaCare ruling
05/21/12: Examining Obama: Is mentioning Jeremiah Wright racist?
05/16/12: Obama's popularity contest
05/14/12: A gay marriage proclamation? Bullying? Much ado about the wrong things
05/09/12: The sweet tooth that spawned an epidemic: Will obesity's costs create a federal food police?
05/07/12: Sometimes only the blind can see
05/02/12: The unknown celebrity
04/30/12: Jamming the presidency: Is Obama grown up enough?
04/25/12: Obama's foolhardy trip
04/23/12: Dog bites campaign
04/19/12: Presidential race has really gone to the dogs
04/12/12: All in a day's whisper
04/04/12: Are women just not that into Mitt?
03/28/12: ObamaCare can't hide behind Civil Right Act
03/26/12: American Id-eology
03/21/12: A Javelin or a Petrus in the White House?
03/19/12: The silence of the lions
03/14/12: Kiss my gritsies: Candidates lose their way heading South
03/12/12: A GOP war on women?
03/07/12: Dear Mitt: Ignore the man in the bow tie
02/29/12: Santorum's failed pandering to blue-collar workers
02/27/12: A dream opponent
02/22/12: The trials of Saint Santorum
02/20/12: Can 'manners for democracy' be saved?
02/15/12: What really killed Whitney Houston
02/13/12: Freedom of loser-ness
02/08/12: A question of faith
02/06/12: Komen, Catholics and the cost of conscience
02/01/12: Mitt Romney's trouble is his near-perfection
01/30/12: The Yale QB and the New York Times' rush to judgment
01/25/12: Newt in Wonderland
01/23/12: What Newt knows about forgiveness --- and America
01/18/12: Over-scrutinizing Michelle Obama
01/15/12: Denigrating Michelle Obama with the 'angry black woman' slur
01/12/12: Romney's rivals serve up a heaping helping of pious baloney
01/09/12: The battle of the GOP nice guys
01/04/12: Marco Rubio has what Mitt Romney needs in a vice president
01/03/12: Iowa's three uneasy pieces
12/21/11: The temptation of Callista
12/14/11: Romney's $10,000 wager was a safe bet
12/10/11: The GOP's death wish
12/05/11: Why Republicans like Newt
11/30/11: Behind Romney's change of heart on abortion
11/18/11: When a wink just won't do
11/11/11: Perry's 'OOPS!' moment wasn't highlight of debate
11/09/11: Herman Cain and the parked car
11/07/11: President Robin Hood
11/01/11: What Herman Cain recalls
10/31/11: Herman Cain's smoking gun
10/24/11: The 2012 candidates, running for America’s Next Top TV Personality
10/19/11: Obama's black supporters shouldn't play the race card
10/17/11: How we succeed by failing
10/10/11: Obama, Hitler and Hank Williams Jr.
10/05/11: Saving the world one finger at a time
10/03/11: Our unprepared graduates
09/26/11: Obama's woman problem
09/19/11: Smart money betting on stupid politicians
09/11/11: An America that no longer knows itself
09/05/11: A president who punts
08/29/11: Rick Perry, the Republicans' Messiah?
08/21/11: What's wrong with these bleeping people!?
07/25/11: The education of Herman Cain
07/18/11: Obama's not-quite-true story
07/11/11: Just-vote-no Republicans
07/03/11: Dominique Strauss-Kahn: Sex, drugs and then . . .
06/20/11: Why fathers will always matter
06/06/11: The danger in 140 characters
05/30/11: ‘The Big Thirst’ and the miracle of water
05/23/11: Health reform and obesity: Eat, drink and watch out
05/16/11: Mitt Romney's preemptive strike
05/09/11: There's nothing to cheer about in bin Laden's death
05/02/11: Birthers, buffoonery and a sad discourse
04/25/11: The NLRB fires a shot South Carolina can't ignore
04/18/11: The Donald: The GOP plays a crazy Trump card
04/11/11: Demonizing the GOP, losing the budget battle
04/04/11: Women aren't pet rocks
03/28/11: Has Nikki Haley doomed her promising career?
03/20/11: The generosity of Wings Over Haiti
03/14/11: David S. Broder: Let me call him sweetheart
03/07/11: Eager to know the GOP field for 2012? I'm not.
02/21/11: An era of 'hard-core women'
02/14/11: Tanks vs. Twitter in Egypt
02/05/11: In Egypt, the 'lamestream media' shows its courage and value
01/31/11: President Obama and that 'exceptional' thing
01/24/11: Disarm the language police
01/17/11: From Russia with envy, a lecture on 'freedom'
01/09/11: Leave Twain alone
01/03/11: Eat, pray, love and other resolutions for 2011
12/19/10: In Washington, newspeak on deficits, debt and the financial crisis
12/13/10: Can we become an America WikiLeaks can't assail?
12/06/10: Gut-check time for a land of financial gloom and doom
11/29/10: Can a centrist movement succeed?
11/21/10: Enduring the bare necessities in airport screening
11/08/10: Goldman Sachs program raises up women worldwide
11/04/10: Blindsided by their own blindness
11/01/10: Obama's missing sense of humor
10/25/10: We overreact to prejudice instead of airing it out
10/20/10: 'Mean Girls'? The GOP women's bad rap
10/18/10: Neither political party has kept touch with ordinary Americans
10/13/10: The economic crisis was an 'inside job'
10/04/10: Let's try friending decency
09/29/10: When do rules for the common good cross the line?
09/27/10: Can a president lead with Woodward watching?
09/22/10: Obama's legacy: Mourning in America
09/15/10: Obama is an 'anti-colonialist'? Political poppycock!
09/08/10: Americans are sad and mad, and the Disappointer in Chief is banging pots at a bogeyman that doesn't exist
09/06/10: Facebook and social media offer the potential of peace
08/30/10: The sexual assault song: Only in America
08/23/10: Cut Dr. Laura slack
08/16/10: A new way to compare colleges
08/11/10: Michelle Obama: Tone deaf on the Costa del Sol?
08/02/10: Mayberry is where you decide to make it
07/28/10: Where's the aid for the oft-ravaged Gulf Coast?
07/21/10: A Gump on the stump? Alvin Greene is a man of his times
07/18/10: Americans must not be cowed by Muslim objections to cartoons
07/11/10: Revisionist fire at author Harper Lee should be dampened
07/07/10: The hard truth : How human touch influences our emotions
07/04/10: Following up on 'the first female president'
06/30/10: Obama: Our first female president
06/27/10: Why I'm teaming with Eliot Spitzer on CNN
06/23/10: Who's a real feminist?
06/20/10: A Father's Day reminder: They're still essential
06/16/10: The real gold in Afghanistan
06/13/10: Voters just say no to dirty politics
06/09/10: The little engine that might
06/06/10: Scandals turn politics into persecution in pursuit of perfection
06/02/10: Reid's Tea Party bet
05/30/10: Ready to clean House
05/23/10: True Marines don't lie
05/12/10: Obama's flawed Kagan operating narrative
05/05/10: The Tea Party's allegiance to no one
05/02/10: Women should be informed before they abort
04/28/10: Freedom of . . . sketch
04/26/10: Congress should quickly counter court's animal abuse ruling
04/21/10: George Washington read here
04/18/10: What Americans can do to discourage future McVeighs
04/14/10: A sprig of verbena and the gifts of a great teacher
04/12/10: The U.S. can't ignore Karzai's tantrum
04/07/10: Pride or prejudice?
04/05/10: In Canteyville, USA, a warning for Washington lawmakers
04/01/10: The party's over for RNC head Michael Steele
03/28/10: Federally funded abortions are in our future
03/24/10: Stupak's original sin
03/22/10: America is neither left nor right but centrist
03/17/10: Rushing health reform could be a death wish
03/15/10: Only good can come from empowering women
03/10/10: The candy men can
03/03/10: Political theater with a point
03/01/10: When a whale ‘sees red’
02/22/10: From Rubio and other young GOP stars, Obama-style inspiration
02/10/10: Men: The original shovel-ready project
02/07/10: The only reason to end 'don't ask, don't tell': military effectiveness
02/03/10: If only Edwards' enabler turned betrayer had Salinger's sense of privacy
02/01/10: Abortion's reality show
01/27/10: A faux fighter
01/20/10: A new national mantra has emerged from the electorate that bodes ill for Dems
01/13/10: Cruel reflections from the White House's glass ceiling
01/10/10: A Republican Senate upset in Massachusetts?
01/03/10: National security is in President Obama's court
12/20/09: Overreaching leaves Obama with few friends
12/16/09: The anti-feminist attack on Hadassah Lieberman
12/13/09: An American triumph at Oslo
12/09/09: Santorum's resurrection
11/25/09: A minority gal in a six-way GOP primary in the heart of bubba-land
11/23/09: Palin's cover wasn't blown
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11/11/09: When abortion isn't a choice
11/09/09: A spark of passion in the newsroom
11/02/09: The good-news story
10/28/09: Obama vs. the full PC press
10/26/09: Thirty Republican senators have been unfairly smeared
10/21/09: The marijuana lobby goes mainstream
10/14/09: Four women who might lead the GOPers out of the wilderness
10/12/09: The ‘Women's Issues’ Deeds Doesn't Get
10/07/09: A Miscarriage Of Propriety
10/05/09: Defining Deviancy Down
09/30/09: The World Is a Fire Hydrant
09/27/09: Not Far From the Tree: ACORN and Its Political Seed
09/23/09: ACORN's Overdue Unraveling
09/16/09: Injury In the Insults
09/14/09: Oh, Mr. Wilson…: Tut-tutting on TV has begun to sound like a drum corps
09/07/09: Obama's Abortion Minefield
09/02/09: Tackling the Great Divide
08/26/09: Shock Waves From the Google Bombs
08/23/09: Obama's Brick Wall: The American People
08/19/09: Whole-Grain Health Reform
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08/12/09: Easing the ‘death panel’ fear
08/10/09: Anxiety Attacks
08/05/09: A Tip for The GOP: Look Away
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07/29/09: Redemption on Tap: Why Cambridge Could Use a Cold One
07/27/09: Health reform Utah's way
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07/15/09: Nancy Drew, Supreme: What a Girl Detective Helped Teach a Judge
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06/29/09: Please cry for me, South Carolina
06/24/09: Murder of a martyr and birth of a symbol
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06/08/09: In Cairo, campaign '09
06/03/09: Carnival of the fire-breathers
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05/27/09: The deadliness of certainty
05/24/09: Mars and Venus collide
05/20/09: Steele, but No Magnet
05/17/09: Torturing lawyers
05/13/09: Why Is That Man Smiling?
05/06/09: Welcome to Air Pandemic
04/29/09: The principle at stake at Notre Dame
04/20/09: You'll Love Diversity — Or Else
04/15/09: Time to retire the hakapik
04/13/09: How Do You Say Faux Pas in Austrian?
04/08/09: If George W. Bush was a cowboy, Obama is a group hug
03/30/09: Turn Off, Tune Out, Drop In
03/30/09: Biblical view on taxes fuels political conversion
03/25/09: Another McCain Throws Down a Challenge
03/23/09: Our Foundering Father
03/18/09: Bring the Boys Along: The White House Council Obama Forgot
03/11/09: Behind the Cell Curve: Why Is the President Ignoring a Scientific Gift?
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03/02/09: Bring back the real Bobby Jindal
02/25/09: What Would Cartoon Giant Marlette Say?
02/22/09: Dysfunctional infrastructure? Yes
02/18/09: Be calm and prosper
02/13/09: Sometimes a Smoke Is Just a Smoke
02/11/09: So Far, Amateur Hour
02/06/09: No Jobs on Wall St.? How About Sudan?
02/04/09: Phelps takes a hit
01/30/09: Barack W. Obama?
01/23/09: Unabashed Karmic Justice
01/21/09: Not change from, but a continuation of the American experiment toward its hoped-for destination
01/16/09: Cynicism is downright unpatriotic
01/14/09: Young, Over-educated and Outta Work
01/09/09: Laying Dead Ideas to Rest
01/07/09: Who Will Run the RNC?
01/02/09: Don't Read 'Em... and Weep
12/31/08: Sayonara and good riddance
12/19/08: Comparing apples to … zebras
12/17/08: What's So Wrong With Dynasties?
12/12/08: The Rules, Washington Edition
12/10/08: Ink and Stain: Zell and Blagojevich make their mark
12/03/08: Rise of the Twitterati
11/28/08: Looking for Change in the Wrong Places
11/26/08: Voters fail the test
11/21/08: The word for freedom
11/14/08: A statute of limitations for stupidity
11/12/08: Banish into the darkness those who were merely looking for the light?
11/07/08: Light in November
11/05/08: Not the Best of Times, But Hardly the Worst
10/31/08: The Final Hours
10/29/08: The Other Bush Legacy
10/24/08: Maverick's tragic flaw
10/22/08: It's not the economy; it's the ugliness
10/17/08: The Buckley Son Rises — and Runs
10/16/08: How Palin Can Save Mainstream Media
10/10/08: To Appalachia With... Respect
10/08/08: Put the gloves back on
10/06/08: Sarah Palin's bridge to somewhere
10/02/08: The omen in my mail
09/26/08: The Palin Problem
09/24/08: Illegal immigration and the mortgage mess
09/19/08: A time to worry
09/17/08: Charles Dickens Hearts David Zucker
09/15/08: Giants Among the Lilliputians
09/10/08: Arugula fatigue
09/05/08: Palin's palliative
09/03/08: Palin the impaled
08/29/08: The Billification of Barack Obama
08/27/08: Pope Pelosi At the Gate
08/22/08: Obama's Born-Alive Problem
08/20/08: Purpose-Driven Politics
08/15/08: The Beauty of Imperfection
08/13/08: Vlad, You've Got Mail
08/11/08: Who let the kitten in?
08/06/08: Musings from the mountaintop
08/04/08: Who Wants To Know?
07/30/08: McCain: The Best or the Wurst of Times?
07/28/08: Pride Clouds Obama's Vision
07/23/08: Is Bobby Jindal the One GOPers Have Been Waiting For?
07/18/08: Laugh, Obama, laugh
07/16/08: America's satire-a-thon
07/11/08: El Panderosa
07/04/08: Bush's dreamscape
07/02/08: Courage Under Fire
06/27/08: An Illegitimate Culture
06/25/08: Politically Incorrect Domestic Violence
06/20/08: Domestic dustups
06/18/08: Calling all fathers — and mothers, too
06/06/08: Braking for euphoria
06/04/08: Over the Hill With Bill
05/30/08: Revenge of the Nerd
05/28/08: Hillary's last hope
05/23/08: The ‘CRISIS!’ Crisis
05/21/08: Oh Yes, He Will Make Us Better
05/16/08: Dems Offer Thrills n' Chills
05/14/08: Getting Bubba
05/12/08: Has Hillary Clinton learned that for female voters, gender is an issue, not the issue? Trying to be all things to all people is losing proposition
05/09/08: Send money in lieu of flowers to veterans' moms
05/07/08: Hillary Clinton: Terminator IV
05/02/08: ‘Bad Dads’ a Bad Idea
04/30/08: Wright Still Wrong
04/25/08: White Males Aren't Feeling the Love
04/23/08: Dumbing down the presidency
04/16/08: Bowling for Obama
04/11/08: The Drudgery Report
03/28/08: Iraqis for McCain
03/26/08: White America's Blind Spot
03/21/08: Teaching Hatred Or Harmony
03/19/08: Guilting America to the White House
03/14/08: Monsters and Racists and Sexists, Oh My!
03/12/08: Desperate White-Housewives
03/07/08: Crime and Punishment for Reading
03/05/08: Steinem's Last Stand
02/29/08: Won't You Come Home, Bill Buckley?
02/27/08: Mann Overboard
02/22/08: The Ecstacy of Barack
02/15/08: Canterbury and Other Tales From the Dark Side
02/13/08: The Skinny on America's Diet Mayor
02/08/08: The Audacity of Compromise
02/05/08: What If?
02/01/08: The Wrath of Feminism Scorned
01/30/08: Oh, Camelot!
01/25/08: Truth Squads and Robo-Politics
01/23/08: Getting stupid in South Carolina
01/18/08: Stalking Condi Rice Stalking
01/16/08: The Perils of Pandering
01/11/08: Tear-Jerking America's Chain
01/09/08: That Obama Feeling
01/04/08: Bipartisanship on the Hustings
01/02/08: Tea for two
12/21/07: Tabloid politics
12/19/07: The King and the First Lady
12/14/07: He's not Satan, he's my brother
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11/09/07: Rudy and Robertson: Making a choice between relative goods and lesser evils?
11/07/07: Disincentivizing illegal immigration
11/02/07: When girls insist on playing hardball with the boys, they don't get to cry foul — or change the game to dodge ball — when they get bruised
10/31/07: Sometimes a picture is worth diddly
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10/01/07: Slavery by any other name
09/26/07: Freedom of speech is a messy affair
09/21/07: You can't say that. Ever
09/19/07: Hillary's real rivals are called Mrs.
09/17/07: The war against politics
09/12/07: The good, the bad, and the very ugly
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08/31/07: Republicans unzipped
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08/17/07: Oh, Allah, Won't you buy me a Mercedes Benz?
08/15/07: Innocent in Haditha
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08/03/07: Dethroning that woman: Judith Giuliani
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07/27/07: Dumb and Dumber Debates
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06/29/07: Rage Boy vs. Civilization
06/27/07: Hate Crimes and Special Victims: An Un-American Story
06/22/07: When Cool is Too Cool
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06/15/07: Happy Father's Day, Jerk
06/13/07: General Pace's collateral damage
06/08/07: From conception to the shroud, women rule
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05/25/07: Peering through a glass half-full, darkly
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02/28/07: Calling all fathers: Save the girls
02/23/07: Dying to be divas
02/21/07: Hillary's Once in a Lifetime
02/16/07: Yo, George, Wassup?
02/14/07: Valentine's Day is now feminist political vehicle in the gender wars
02/09/07: Pigtails and porn
02/07/07: To flip is to flop — or not
02/02/07: Ivans was one great broad
01/31/07: But he's Barbaro
01/26/07: Ambitious politicians should hide their ambition
01/24/07: Not Your Friend Flicka
01/19/07: To be un-famous
01/17/07: Duke case: How did so many smart people allow things to reach the level of hysteria we've witnessed in the past several months?
01/05/07: Clicking on death: We are all executioners now
01/03/07: Poor thing, he's still running for president — and nobody seems to care
12/29/06: Mea Culpa, Tua Culpa, Everybody Gotta Culpa
12/27/06: Parody at Duke
12/22/06: They call it ‘Semper Fi’
12/20/06: Hillary's calculated hindsight
12/15/06: Children last
12/13/06: The wolf who cried racist
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11/29/06: Americans are rich in embarrassments
11/17/06: The phenomenon known as Borat
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11/01/06: Calling a clone a clone
10/27/06: Dying to win
10/25/06: When good men look away
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09/22/06: The Axis of Oil and Nuts
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09/13/06: Before and after 9/11
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09/06/06: Bleeping history
09/01/06: That Religion of Peace — at Gunpoint
08/30/06: The virtue of power
08/25/06: YouTube, not me
08/23/06: Intellectually Curious George
08/18/06: Macaca happens
08/16/06: The West cannot survive if we continue to avert our eyes from the obvious
08/11/06: Joe Lieberman's War of Independence
08/09/06: Photoshopping history
08/04/06: The Christianists are coming, the Christianists are coming!
08/02/06: Hezbollah's twilight zone
07/31/06: Remembering 9/11 through a lens darkly
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07/14/06: Scoping Katie Couric's career
07/12/06: Superman or deadbeat dad?
07/07/06: Putting words to rest
07/05/06: Tweaking the boy crisis
06/30/06: ‘I believe in Larry, Moe and Curly Joe’
06/28/06: Security v. freedom in a world gone mad
06/28/06: Security v. freedom in a world gone mad
06/23/06: WMD: Lost and found
06/21/06: Sue the bums — I mean the mothers
06/20/06: Dads are the awesome-est
06/14/06: In marines we trust
06/07/06: Abortion's Dead Poets Society
05/19/06: Saddam Hussein's trial and tribulation
05/17/06: Breathing while white
05/12/06: Parental alienation gets a day
05/10/06: When date rape is a life sentence
05/05/06: Condomania
05/03/06: Sex, lies and prison
04/28/06: Allen ain't nothin' but a hot dog
04/26/06: She coulda been a celeb
04/21/06: Hate the striptease, love the human
04/18/06: Fact and myth Duke it out
04/17/06: Rush to judgment at Duke
04/12/06: How do you say ‘pandering’ in Spanish?
04/10/06: English spoken here
04/05/06: English spoken here
03/29/06: When illegal is right, what is wrong?
03/24/06: What would Hillary do?
03/22/06: Deleting dad
03/17/06: Bringing the Church to its knees
03/15/06: Steak and ale soothe ailing soldiers
03/10/06: I'm home, dear ... and dear ... and dear
03/08/06: How do you spell ‘terrorist wacko nutcase’?
03/03/06: Free to hate ... and dine alone
03/01/06: Just because you're Islamophobic doesn't mean you're wrong
02/24/06: Just because you're Islamophobic doesn't mean you're wrong
02/22/06: The Bush isle of Thanatos
02/15/06: Gored in Jeddah
02/10/06: Ayatollah Fidel and Iran's Cuban vacation
02/08/06: The end of civilization was a joke
02/04/06: The night Hillary's funny bone went missing
02/01/06: First they came for the funny ones
01/27/06: Fibbing for fame and fortune
01/25/06: Attention, Wal-Mart shoppers: Let your conscience be your guide
01/20/06: Shuckin' 'n' jivin' with Hillary
01/18/06: When all else fails, make like a fool
01/13/06: Getting serious about child visitation
01/11/06: The dangers of cussin' like a sailor
01/06/06: With friends like Jack …
01/04/06: From one human to another
12/30/05: Spies like us
12/28/05: Lord of the blogs
12/16/05: Victory's tipping point
12/14/05: Adult-child ‘intimacy’ is wrong — always
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12/07/05: What media bias?
12/02/05: Tookie's timeout
11/30/05: For instructions on how to lose war, consult flow chart
11/25/05: Moral turpitude ain't what it used to be
11/23/05: Saving newspapers from their owners
11/21/05: Our enemies can smell scent of America's weak will
11/11/05: Homage to the Amish
11/09/05: ‘I love Baghdad in the springtime … ’
11/04/05: Parents take another hit in the culture wars
11/02/05: Was the feminist movement some sort of cruel hoax?
10/28/05: Guessing the news
10/21/05: Retiring Hitler
10/20/05: Vetting the news through a glass half-empty
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09/09/05: Perceptions of race and the faces of poverty
09/07/05: Shock and awe in America
09/02/05: Katrina's rage
08/31/05: Sheen, Sheehan and Sharpton star in theater of absurd
08/26/05: The devil made him say it
08/24/05: John Roberts' attitude
08/22/05: The bona fides of grief
08/17/05: Happy birthday — or else
08/12/05: It must be August
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08/05/05: Looking for intelligent design in America
08/03/05: The amorphous world of Hillary Clinton
07/29/05: Parent A and parent B — and baby makes C?
07/27/05: See Jane's magical mystery tour
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07/20/05: Big Mama Hillary and Bad Boy John
07/15/05: There might be something about Islam
07/08/05: In free-press America, it's Miller time
07/06/05: Spain's bullheaded men being cowed into domesticity
07/01/05: Family's feud with a fascist future
06/29/05: They shoot women, don't they?
06/24/05: There's something (else) about Hillary
06/22/05: De-feminizing torture
06/17/05: Fathers deserve more than a day
06/15/05: Where have all ze (real) men gone?
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06/07/05: Getting tough with the terminally ill
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05/25/05: Jeannette Walls' recipe for lemonade
05/20/05: Irony hath no shame
05/18/05: Seeking sanity in the asylum
05/13/05: Hate the SUV, but don't shoot the driver
05/04/05: Laura the Entertainer
04/29/05: The politics of pregnant girls
04/27/05: Let logic join the global warming debate
04/22/05: Growing pains
04/19/05: Seeking balance in an either-or world
04/15/05: Media elite debate whether the media are elite
04/14/05: Florida politics key to next presidency — again
04/08/05: Some girl soldiers just wanna have fun
04/06/05: When Bill Bennett listens, people talk
04/01/05: The day ‘reasonable doubt’ fell from grace
03/30/05: If you're really bad, we'll make you a star
03/23/05: Crimes of compassion
03/23/05: Giving the devil his due
03/17/05: What they don't know can hurt them
03/11/05: Nothing much to celebrate
03/09/05: Seeking sanity on planet Massachusetts
03/04/05: Mahvelous Martha comes home
03/02/05: Undoing the damage of male-bashing, one daughter at a time …
02/25/05: George Washington, say who? …
02/23/05: With friends like him …
02/18/05: Truth and consequences
02/16/05: Speak now and forever wish you hadn't
02/11/05: A billionaire and his dog
02/09/05: The Marines: A few sensitive men
02/02/05: Flipping the finger for freedom
01/28/05:The courage to vote
01/26/05:The virtuous vs. SpongeBob
01/24/05: Are we having fun yet?
01/19/05: Give class a chance
01/14/05: When a man seeks justice for all
01/12/05: A housecleaning in the mainstream media
01/07/05: The weird wielding of charity
01/05/05: Being John Kerry
12/22/04: M - - - - C - - - - - - - -, if you know what I mean
12/17/04: Violent games aren't just child's play
12/15/04: American spirit takes root in Iraq
12/10/04: Iraqi elections a test of American faith
12/08/04: Bush the un-zealot
12/03/04: The meaning of Galileo in America's heartland
12/01/04: A broken window into civilization
11/24/04: Hubris watch
11/19/04: Nobody second-guesses beheaders
11/17/04: The making of the Christian-jihadist myth
11/12/04: Faking religiosity
11/10/04: These days, it's hard to be humble
11/05/04: Who you callin' 'ordinary'?
10/29/04: In praise of lizard brains
10/27/04: On the trail with John Wayne Kerry and the artist formerly known as George Bush
10/20/04: Not ‘yo mama’ or my daughter either
10/13/04: Finally reunited with my Vietnam soldier pen pal
10/06/04: Playing the draft card
10/04/04: Voting for a worldview
09/29/04: The meaning of Dan
09/24/04: Wooing mom
09/22/04: Dan, what's the frequency?
09/20/04: CBS goes oogedy-boogedy
09/15/04: Bloggers knew!
09/10/04: The weird, unhappy life of a Dick Cheney sentence
09/08/04: Windsurfing through history
09/03/04: The Zell factor
09/01/04: As Bush likes it
08/23/04: Black like Obama
08/17/04: McGreevey's gay grievance
08/13/04: Kerry's quagmire
08/11/04: Did they say Nader?
08/06/04: Missouri voters vow 'I don't' to same-sex marriage
08/04/04: American cynicism becomes terrorist tool
07/30/04: The Heinz maneuver
07/28/04: Dems struggle to push the positive
07/23/04: Be paranoid, be very paranoid
07/21/04: Beyond bashing Bush
07/16/04: Fact and farce in the romance of states' rights
07/14/04: Sex, lies and yellowcake
07/09/04: Un-civil rights and same-sex marriage
07/07/04: 'Tabloiding' America and the threat to democracy
07/02/04: Same sex marriage and the disposal of fatherhood
06/30/04: Iraq handover and the arrogance of despair
06/25/04: Gay 'marriage's' unforeseen consequences
06/23/04: Newspapers looking for love in wrong places
06/18/04: Politics unveiled
06/16/04: Yikes — they're baaaack!
06/11/04: Big Brother really is watching
06/09/04: Reagan's exiting stage right with perfect timing
06/04/04: Depressed and dosed in the absence of time
06/02/04: The man who wouldn't be president
05/28/04: Dying of Political Correctness
05/24/04: Unashamed in Athens
05/19/04: The fog of war is us
05/12/04: Hysteria skews perspective on Iraq
05/07/04: When dumb is deadly
05/05/04: A few bad apples, tens of thousands of good men and women
04/30/04: When pain is a spectator sport
04/28/04: Abortion march is ugly spectacle
04/16/04: Prez makes no mistake in responses
04/14/04: Competition swells in 'Who Knew' sweepstakes
04/09/04: In a parallel universe called "What if . . . "
04/08/04: Condi takes the heat
04/02/04: You say Fallujah, I say Rambo!
03/31/04: Kerry's lessons of the fall
03/26/04: If you're a terrorist and you're happy, it must be March
03/17/04: Freedom of speech means not having to listen to Howard Stern
03/12/04: On Planet California, children know best
03/10/04: Martha Stewart: Just deserts or did justice desert?
03/05/04: On being black like Clinton
03/03/04: A lamb in Wolf's clothing
02/25/04: Nader's dreamscape
02/20/04: John Edwards: Not just a pretty face
02/13/04: Playing the Vietnam card
02/11/04: For Bush, actions speak better than words
02/06/04: Election '04: The tutu in the living room
01/30/04: Palmetto State heartbreak: Politics is a one-night stand
01/25/04: The importance of being presidential
01/24/04: Sex selection: A dangerous road to toddle down
01/16/04: Seeking the enigmatic Mrs. Dean
01/14/04: Getting rid of Saddam was U.S. policy long before Bush
01/09/04: Bush plan is empty pinata
01/07/04: Jesus is just all right with Dean
01/02/04: 2003: PHFFFT! WHAT WAS THAT?
12/31/03: Moral men learn it's lonely at the top
12/19/03: Strom's daughter shows what class — not race — is all about
12/17/03: 'Tis the season not to gloat, but ...
12/13/03: The ungentlemanly antics of Al Gore
12/10/03: Howard Dean's search for the south's poor 'n' oppressed
12/05/03: Justice shouldn't be black or white
12/03/03: It ain't funny until the fascist laughs
11/26/03: Unsung heroes have a thousand faces
11/19/03: Jessica Lynch's story is about a girl, not a soldier
11/14/03: Flynt found his moral compass, sorta
11/12/03: 'Just say no' to gun-wielding cops in school
11/10/03: Howard Dean's 'amazing foot-eating trick' wows voters
11/05/03: Courting Bubba with bumper sticker rhetoric is lost cause
10/31/03: Politics are out of place in time of war
10/29/03: Pursuing happiness is not only fun but necessary
10/24/03: Right to die sounds nice unless it's your turn
10/22/03: Free speech means sometimes saying you're sorry
10/15/03: Read less Kobe, take fewer showers
10/10/03: Action flick: California voters choose manly man
10/08/03: Psssst, imminent threat, pass it on
10/03/03: Fall scandals secrete the scent of politics
09/24/03: Hillary's curse
09/19/03: A monk, a hurricane and a news cycle
09/18/03: Politics win over principle in gender game
09/13/03: Let's roll the Sept. 11 tapes again and again
09/10/03: The kiss that went 'yuck' in the night
08/29/03: Media, darlings, your abortion bias is showing again
08/27/03: O'Reilly and Franken deserve each other
08/25/03: The Worm turns (on us) — and we dream of revenge
08/18/03: California recall makes perfect sense — on drugs
08/13/03: Just because you're heterosexual doesn't mean you're wrong
08/08/03: Naming rape victims may liberate mostly the rapist
08/01/03: Goddess craze gone goofy
07/30/03: So you say you wanna be a star
07/25/03: Sex, Lies and Videotape in Las Vegas
07/23/03: Eat, drink and sue
07/16/03: In Nanny Nation, being fat is not your fault
07/11/03: Blogs breaking logjam of journalism
07/09/03: Scientific research 'proves' what children know
07/05/03: Forced patriotism invites the unpatriot
07/02/03: Hepburn was a classic feminist — independent AND FEMININE
06/27/03: Security without freedom is meaningless
06/25/03: Truth is non-story in 24/7 media culture
06/22/03: Pols and polls show disconnect on WMD
06/18/03: Jessica Lynch: From 'Go Girl' to 'Get Girl'
06/13/03: Brinkley's death evokes memories of Fathers' Days
06/11/03: Hillary Clinton's book shows she specializes in denial
05/28/03: No WMD? Let's be realistic, folks
05/23/03: 'Powder puff' hazing suspensions offer rare lesson in consequences
05/21/03: Jayson Blair's truth and a nation's consequence
05/16/03: Jayson Blair: A study in compassionate racism
05/14/03: What are little girls made of? Not sugar and spice, but fish guts and beer
05/09/03: It's a Byrd, it's an S-3B Viking ... it's the Taco Bell dog!
05/07/03: Bennett's gamble on vice and virtue
04/30/03: World Trade Center memorial struggles to recognize 'heroes'
04/25/03: Corporate media is a shame, but not necessarily a conspiracy
04/21/03: Hot air sometimes prompts a chilly wind
04/16/03: No wonder "they" hate us; I hate us, too
04/14/03: Iraqi liberation tastes like crow to antiwar crowd
04/09/03: Saving Private Lynch from an artificial legacy
04/04/03: U.S. soldiers pave Arab street with decency and hints of freedom
04/02/03: Mystery mind virus infects media, distorts reality
03/31/03: Instawar coverage tests America's patience
03/26/03: Embedding with Hollywood is shallow duty
03/24/03: Alienation of war hits home
03/19/03: CURTAIN CALL: Time for Ed Smart to step off stage
03/17/03: The unbearable irrelevance of being a celebrity
03/12/03: Saddam's supremacy in the PR wars proves the power of evil
03/10/03: White House could use a Department of Humor
03/03/03: On Planet Offended, eenie-meenie-ain't-no-mo
02/26/03: Is Central Park Jogger 'abusing' the media?
02/19/03: To wage war when necessary is to be grown up
02/12/03: An interminable night in the ER as seen through the eyes of a terminal optimist
02/10/03: Feeling is lost in sensitivity sweepstakes
02/03/03: If you drive an SUV, park next to me
01/29/03: Would Einstein have survived the petri dish?
01/22/03: It's Happy Anniversary . . . for the millions who missed their birth day
01/21/03: PETA attacks white males in campaign to save animals
01/15/03: Rangel's draft proposal dodges the facts
01/06/03: Rangel's affirmative-action theory of involuntary servitude
12/30/02: American fatwa coming to a bookstore near you
12/23/02: Hate Trent Lott's words -- love the First Amendment
12/18/02: Trent's lot and the Cardinal's sin: A tale of two denials
12/11/02: A whole Lott of trouble
12/09/02: Next: Secrets to making your dictatorship last and last and last
12/04/02: In Islamic countries, dogs dream of America
11/27/02: Thanksgiving for not living in a predominantly Muslim country
11/25/02: In a child's nightmare, Jackson is 'Dad'
10/29/02: If you're not paranoid, you're not paying attention
11/18/02: Wake me when Augusta controversy is over
11/11/02: GOP sweeps no mystery 'out yonder'
11/06/02: A killer who loves children is still just a killer
11/04/02: No one running for office dare utter these unspeakable truths
10/30/02: A plea for passion
10/23/02: Feelings, whoa-whoa-whoa feeeeeee-lings
10/21/02: Zigzag to avoid a bullet? Why not pull a rabbit out of your hat?
10/16/02: Rooney's gender comment sidelines no one I know
10/14/02: Coming face to face with the consequences of one's actions
10/09/02: Where there's a need, there's a Miss Ethel
10/07/02: Re Saddam: The question isn't "Now?" but "How?"
10/02/02: If only unborn children could vote
09/30/02: Jackson, Sharpton and buddies need to chill-out
09/25/02: Toogood's choice
09/23/02: Still missing after all these years
09/18/02: Racism isn't just black and white anymore
09/17/02: Sept. 12: The peace that passeth all understanding
09/11/02: Be angry, be very angry
09/09/02: Sept. 11 best remembered with silence, dignity
09/03/02: The Beverly Hillbillies just got dumber
08/28/02: Janet Reno provides cure for insomnia AND capitalism
08/26/02: Fly me to the moon, but I'd rather drive to Florida
08/21/02: "Some days I get so frustrated I just want to go up to the closest black person and say, 'You can't understand this, it's a white thing,' and then slap him, just for my mental health"
08/19/02: Georgia voters should retire McKinney, raise the bar
08/14/02: What has soft-core pornographer Eszterhas been smoking?
08/12/02: Biology burdens and marriage
08/07/02: On Sept. 11, we were all to blame
08/05/02: In drug war, honesty is best policy
07/31/02: In war on fat, it's the food's fault
07/24/02: I just want to focus on my salad, too
07/24/02: Oh, heck, just book everybody, Dano
07/22/02: Spy vs. I, even though I just wanted to pick up the mail
07/17/02: Quiet lives lend dignity in celebrity times
07/15/02: This is your captain speaking: 'I am armed and you are safe'
07/10/02: Don't hate me for not hating Martha
07/08/02: The Eleventh
07/03/02: Ramgoc: Requiem for a Renaissance Man and JWR Reader
07/01/02: Conspiracy theory No. 19
06/26/02: President Goody-Goody is beginning to get on my nerves
06/24/02: Fat fliers pick bones with airlines over engorged fares
06/19/02: The event currently known as 9-11 needs a new name
06/10/02: Ashcroft's modest proposal a battle cry for hysterics
06/05/02: Too tidy lives suppress the spontaneous spirit
06/03/02: Oh, yeah? Well, yippee-yi-o-ki-yay to you, too
05/30/02: Out of the mouths of babes . . .
05/28/02: Bush caving in to the puppeteers
05/22/02: In a parallel universe, Sept. 11 never happened
05/20/02: Honk if you knew about 9-11
05/13/02: Alert: Disturbing evidence of common sense found at Harvard
05/08/02: Death, be not political
05/06/02: Shanley is testing my faith in the likelihood of a more rational mankind
05/01/02: On Bush's ranch, diplomacy keeps on truckin'
04/29/02: Karen Hughes' choice a lesson in balance
04/24/02: Conspiracy theories laughable
04/22/02: McKinney's minions march to different, dangerous drummer
04/17/02: Ought to be award for McKinney's idiotic 9-11 comments
04/15/02: Straightforward success
04/10/02: Vast Left-Wing Conspiracy invents 'Clinton complex'
04/05/02: Apologizing for slavery is small price for peace
04/01/02: Jesse Jackson: Man of the moment, nation of one
03/27/02: In the wake of 9/11, even Oscar has grown up
03/25/02: Finally, the monster under the bed identified
03/20/02: RIP: The Vast Right-Wing Conspiracy
03/18/02: Osama and Tony, brothers in banality
03/13/02: '9/11' redefines family TV hour
03/11/02: War betrays gulf between politicians and The People
03/06/02: Protesting war is luxury of the protected
03/04/02: Don't blink: Common sense visits D.C.
02/27/02: Pearl and "Amerika's" foreign policy
02/25/02: From the federal bureau of 'White Lies for Winning Wars'
02/21/02: Powell didn't go far enough with condom comment
02/19/02: NAACP: If the flag keeps on flying, blacks keep on driving
02/13/02: The genderfication of America - looking for meaning in all the wrong places
02/11/02: Come fly with me . . . if you dare
02/04/02: A great notion from the Vatican
01/30/02: State of the Union: Declaring War against 'Enronistas'
01/28/02: Hello, Mullah, hello, Faddah/ Here I am at Camp Guantanamo
01/23/02: Do we always have to admit to abject misery even when we're pretty happy?
01/21/02: Diversity diversion is boon to terrorism
01/16/02: Three white guys and a flag: symbols or truth?
01/14/02: Be young, be professional, but don't be sexy
01/09/02: Smile … you're on Court TV!
01/07/02: A terrorist is a terrorist, but a son is a mama's boy
01/02/02: The rest of the story
12/31/01: Real heroes need no fame
12/24/01: Where's Waldo … I mean, Geraldo?
12/19/01: Uncle Sam wants you to stop terrorism
12/17/01: This just in: Osama did it!
12/12/01: TV martyrdom is to die for
12/10/01: By any other name ...
11/28/01: Pacifism is nice, but war doesn't care
11/26/01: With George W. Bush, they're going to have to invent a new fluoropolymer
11/21/01: Being responsible isn't the same as censorship
11/19/01: George and Vlad: Honk if you hate Osama
11/14/01: Gender equality isn't a fair question in war
11/12/01: Veterans of this war -- New York firefighters -- deserve better
11/07/01: Attention, shoppers: This is your president speaking
11/05/01: For warrior symbolism, Bush is pitcher perfect
10/31/01: Gimme one war, hold the casualties
10/29/01: Forget the kiss -- seal my letters with Cipro
10/24/01: War puts truth back in vogue
10/22/01: When the going gets tough, the tough get popular
10/15/01: Thwarting TV's talking heads
10/11/01: Know thine enemy, or else ...
10/08/01: The good news about the bad news is that we are united
10/04/01: Arm the women of Afghanistan
10/01/01: Save us from the saviors!
09/26/01: All is fair in war except insensitivity
09/24/01: Are we at war yet?
09/20/01: Color me Red, White and Blue
09/17/01: Over our dead bodies: nation stands together to face terrorism
09/12/01: Reactionary response greatly exaggerated
09/10/01: Rambo Reno: Das hoot!
09/06/01: Won't you be my neighbor?
09/04/01: Guns in wrong hands are a problem; guns in right hands aren't
08/27/01: How easily it could be my family, even me --- even you
08/22/01: Don't give dads the brush-off
08/20/01: Issues surrounding Yates case divide the sexes
08/13/01: Yates should not face death penalty for child drownings
08/08/01: After sex, what's left? Some things never change
07/30/01: Adding fuel to Castro's fire
07/26/01: Dying to do the wrong thing
07/23/01: A great time to be a kid in America? Hardly
07/20/01: Enough already, you tacky, tacky blow-dried males!
07/18/01: Bush should decelerate stem-cell debate
07/16/01: Do we really want the state deciding who can have kids?
07/11/01: To tell the truth
07/09/01: The other 'Chandra Levys'
07/05/01: Child deaths serve wake-up call
07/02/01: Time to come clean
06/28/01: Social hangover: Mixing beer, girls, politics
06/25/01: Fast and furious about Hollywood's hypocrisy
06/20/01: In abortion debate, it's time to say we're sorry
06/18/01: Dad received no recognition, just the satisfaction of being a man
06/13/01: Next lawsuit? When Big Mac attacks
06/11/01: Time to execute your TV sets
06/07/01: Freaking: Dance craze is out of step with decency
06/04/01: Jenna Bush's brush with the law
05/29/01: A defensive howl from members of The New American Family
05/23/01: Mainstream or not, wrong is not right
05/21/01: And you think you live in a free country!?
05/17/01: Timothy McVeigh doesn't deserve to die
05/14/01: Mother's Day mayhem
05/10/01: Torment of memory already punishes Kerrey
05/07/01: Caveman justice isn't the answer
05/03/01: Keeping abreast of feud proves udderly absurd
05/01/01: Pay attention: The ability to ignore is a lost art
04/25/01: Connecting the dots between day care and bullies
04/23/01: A modest proposal for saving the world
04/18/01: Encouraging marriage makes good political sense
04/10/01: Wage-gap equation is calculated on spurious assumptions
04/04/01: Angry little yuppie children
03/28/01: Overzealous policies make all men targets
03/26/01: Protecting newborns with compassion
03/22/01: Be careful: Here comes the son
03/19/01: Student should have been allowed to draw gun ... with a pen
03/15/01: American dream lives in Havana?
03/12/01: School shootings: It isn't so much the "R"-rated movies and video games ...
02/26/01: Fathers fight paternity fraud
02/21/01: Clarence Thomas is a courageous patriot with guts to spare
02/16/01: Trapping dads
02/13/01: Oh, for the sweet strains of 'How can I help you?'
02/08/01: Age is mostly a function of attitude
01/31/01: No class
01/26/01: Let's listen to children of divorce
01/23/01: If we could read Jackson's mind during prayers for Clinton ...
01/18/01: Don't look for lesson in this tale
01/15/01: It's a dirty job, but somebody has to do it
01/08/01: Middle-school fanny slap or sexual assault? You decide
12/28/00: Doesn't take village to see through this
12/26/00: Guess who's whining about Bush's Cabinet of Diversity?
12/21/00: Kiss our coarse era goodbye
12/19/00: Ready to lay to rest the past and press onward
12/13/00: Court has Supreme authority
12/06/00: Legal relief: Attorneys in Florida court are welcome shift
12/04/00: When rules become flexible, children misbehave
11/29/00: Hard to forgive Dems' divisiveness
11/23/00: The answers aren't so complicated
11/21/00: The devil -- or is it really Nurse Ratchet? -- in Mr. Gore
11/16/00:In the end, the winner may be loser
11/13/00: Eliminate popular vote -- at least in Palm Beach County
11/07/00: Lesser of 2 evils? It's more like the lesser of 2 lies
11/02/00: Latest Jones' saga exposes a big irony
10/31/00: Hate-crime legislation and anti-Bush ad are flawed
10/26/00: Taking it to the streets
10/23/00: Headlines blur fiasco of family
10/13/00: Forget polls: Bush passes turtle test
10/06/00: Feminism: A cup that's half full?
10/04/00: Election-year reality check: Abortion is here to stay
09/29/00: For Gore and Hollywood, the mirror has two faces
09/26/00: Oprahfication of presidential political: It's all about feelings
09/19/00: It's not subliminal: Hypocrisy of moral outrage is obvious
09/15/00: So wear, oh wear, are we headed?
09/11/00: Do Steinem's wedding bells sound feminist death knells?
09/08/00: Grounded in her fears about flying
08/31/00: Dudettes that don't
08/29/00: AlGore wants to be his own man -- does he know who that is?
08/21/00: Dems manufacture emotions at convention
08/17/00: Hollywood divine? AlGore is miscast
08/08/00:Outreach: Good strategy and long-run policy
08/04/00: A sharp look back at the Vietnam War
08/01/00: Bush's choice of grown-up Cheney is a stroke of genius
07/24/00: Fired up and grossed out over stupid Canadians
07/20/00: Lack of judgment --- our critical flaw
07/18/00: 'Progress' for women often a step back
07/11/00: School essay watchdogs cannibalize our children
07/06/00: Youths fear marriage --- blame boomers
06/28/00: Eminem might just have a point
06/21/00: Bridging the day-care divide
06/15/00: N.Y. baby case ends up with multiracial scrambled eggs
05/31/00: The war only time wins
05/25/00: The opposite of sex
05/18/00: World War II gave us our true heroes
05/11/00: Boy Crazy! stacks deck against guys
05/09/00: Finding out where the boys are
05/05/00: A born Ms. Leader -- Barbie for prez
04/25/00: From here to paternity
04/14/00: Boys should be boys, not viewed as criminals in training
04/11/00: Oh, for a standard of what is socially, morally acceptable
04/06/00: Womyn's Contempt for Commitment --- and the bastards it creates
04/04/00: Sue-happy American society is out of control
03/30/00: Duct-taped baby serves as warning
03/28/00: Stay-home parents know that their kids need them
03/24/00: No 'Great Expectations' when schools shun the classics
03/21/00: It's common sense to restrict Internet usage in libraries
03/17/00: You want to be just a mom? For shame!
03/14/00: Colonoscopy: Important, but bad TV
03/10/00: I made a mistake about trigger-locks
03/08/00: After this school shooting, no easy target for our contempt
03/03/00: Car crash helps bridge our divide
02/28/00: Nasty politics? Americans like it down, dirty
02/14/00: College testing via Lego-building -- yeah, right
02/02/00: Bubba should spare us phony love theatrics
01/26/00: What sets off Those Who Speak for Women
01/13/00: Fools in love: Premarital counseling could help school kids
01/11/00: Who funds these studies!?
12/29/99: Grandparents' rights impinge on family autonomy
12/13/99: When did fathers become fair game?
12/09/99: Don't be stupid about at-risk kids
12/07/99: Pokemon is no substitute for a father
12/02/99: Blaming the victim --- men
11/30/99: Baby-killer's story has less-than-Precious ending
11/23/99: Pendulum swings back toward discipline, responsibility
11/18/99: Put the babies first in this mighty mess
11/11/99: Skip the applause for this baby news
11/09/99: Gore could benefit from a secret in Wolf's clothing
11/03/99: Who needs 'birds and bees' when we have MTV?
11/01/99: Women Can't Hear What Men Don't Say
10/26/99: Children's needs must take priority in divorce system
10/19/99: The deadbeat dad is less a scoundrel than an object of pity
10/15/99: Bullying boys ... and girls
10/12/99: Divorced dads ready to wage a revolution
10/04/99: A father's best gift? His presence
09/30/99: Sorry, guys, Faludi is no friend of yours
09/28/99: Science's new findings: Scary future for families
09/23/99: The great blurring of need and want
09/21/99:Focus on more than baby's first 3 years
09/16/99: Commentary from kids sheds no light on day-care debate
09/14/99: Fathers' group seeks to right inequities
09/09/99: Son now has a license to grow up
09/07/99: A slap in the face of domestic violence
09/01/99: No, ma'am: Legislation on manners misses the mark
08/26/99: For better boys, try a little tenderness
08/24/99:The ABC's of campaign questions
08/19/99: Male 'sluts'
08/11/99: Language doesn't excuse bad behavior
08/09/99: When justice delayed is still justice
08/03/99: Unemployment? Not in this profession
07/30/99: It's not about race -- it's about crack babies
07/22/99: Tragedy tells us what's important
07/19/99: Study denouncing fathers sends danger signals
07/15/99:'Happy marriage' belongs in the Dictionary of Oxymorons next to 'deliciously low-fat.'
07/11/99: 'Brother Man': An American demagogue in Paris
07/08/99: Only parents can fix broken families
07/06/99: America is home, sweet home
07/01/99: Tales out of Yuppiedom
06/28/99: Men aren't the only abusers
06/23/99: Is the entire country guzzling LSD punch?
06/20/99: The voice remains -- as always -- there beside me 06/16/99:Stating the obvious, a new growth industry
06/14/99: Calling for a cease-fire in the gender war
06/10/99: We owe children an apology


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