Jewish World Review Nov. 12, 2003 / 17 Mar-Cheshvan, 5764

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Not so Rosie; do you believe in miracles?; catalogue of sins; My Heart Belongs to Koppel | NEW YORK — Magazine writer Judith Newman must rank fairly high on Rosie O'Donnell's enemies list.

On the witness stand Monday in Superior Court, O'Donnell likened the 42-year-old Newman — who wrote a Vanity Fair piece about the nasty death of Rosie magazine — to "the nebbishy Jewish girl who worked for the (audiovisual club)" in high school.

On Tuesday, Scarsdale High School alum Newman responded to's report of O'Donnell's under-oath comments. "I can only say what I said to all my friends: If you're under 10 years old, she definitely loves you. If you're a Jewish girl or a breast cancer survivor, it's a little iffier," Newman said. "For the record, I wasn't in the AV club."

Newman added that when she was doing interviews for her Vanity Fair story last year, she bet O'Donnell a lunch that Gruner + Jahr would sue her over the magazine's demise. But O'Donnell, the loser of the bet, has yet to pay up.

"I sent Rosie an e-mail saying that I may be a nebbishy Jewish girl, but I don't welsh on a bet," Newman said, in what I sincerely hope was not yet another derogatory ethnic reference. "Listen, I don't think Rosie is an anti-Semite, and she's not against people with breast cancer. She just has a big mouth."

Meanwhile, Newman predicted that O'Donnell will prevail in court. My prediction: No lunch with Rosie will be forthcoming.


Ted Koppel's rendition of "My Heart Belongs to Daddy" is no match for Marilyn Monroe's, but I sure liked the way he changed the words Monday night when he led the audience in a singalong during the Broadcasting & Cable Hall of Fame dinner at the Marriott Marquis.

The ABC News star couldn't resist taking shots at CBS, the state of television journalism in general and fellow Hall of Fame inductee Frank Magid, the human behavior research czar who invented the "happy talk" local news format.

Here are Koppel's lyrics: The market's changed,
It's rearranged;
An e-mail or two
And in no time . . .
Acute distress
Afflicts CBS;
Ron and Nancy play on Showtime.

What happened to
Those giants who
Took on the establishment proudly?
I just confess,
These days we do less,
But we do it
Much more loudly.

It's great to know
What surveys show;
How Magid and Co. would've played it.
But run that plan
When 'Nightline' began,
And I never would've made it.

The Hall of Fame
Now adds my name.
It's great to be out of the traffic.
But if you please,
These co-honorees
Are a lousy demographic.
So consider what you're doing, Just remember you may want to strive For a demo' that's really worth having . . . Only males, who are sub-25.


CATALOGUE OF SINS: Abercrombie & Fitch's soft-porn Christmas Catalogue has stirred up a hornet's nest of morality groups who are outraged by alleged debasement of the popular culture. Tuesday the National Coalition for the Protection of Children and Families, an Ohio-based nonprofit funded by 4,000 donors, launched a campaign on Christian radio stations in New York and elsewhere calling for a boycott of all A&F outlets. "We're saying that people should protest against their sexualized marketing philosophy aimed at teenagers," the group's leader, Rick Schatz, told me. A&F rep Hampton Carney responded: "We are marketing this magazine to customers who are over 18 and can prove it with a photo ID. . . . We agree with parents — it is not appropriate for kids. And that's why we put these procedures in place."

DO YOU BELIEVE IN MIRACLES?: Sometimes even the paparazzi take direction. At Glamour magazine's Women of the Year event Monday, a respectful hush fell over the press room in the Museum of Natural History when Iraqi war veterans Jessica Lynch and Shoshana Johnson arrived for their photo op. Lynch, who is recovering from grievous injuries, hobbled up the steps on crutches with the aid of two security men. Then Johnson, who was also wounded, made her way on her own. The two faced the cameras, and the shutterbugs, instead of their usual shouting, actually whispered to the two war heroes to turn this way and that.

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