Jewish World Review June 12, 2003 / 12 Sivan, 5763

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Giving both parties the needle | WASHINGTON "You want a Botox shot?" former House member John Cooksey asked us. He has been posing that question ever since he started injecting patients in his Monroe, La., ophthalmology practice with the trendy wrinkle-reducing muscle relaxant.

Last year, Cooksey was a Republican congressman waging a losing battle to become his party's Senate nominee. This year, he's sticking needles containing Botulinum toxin right between the eyes.

"I've been doing Botox injections for about four to six months as an adjunct to eyelid surgery in my ophthalmology practice," Cooksey told us. His ads touting "The Botox Experience" promise to "reduce or eliminate wrinkles, including forehead lines, frown lines between the eyebrows and crow's feet around the eyes. . . . Dr. Cooksey will have you looking younger in no time." The 61-year-old Cooksey has even used it on himself. "I had my nurse inject me in the forehead," he said. "It's very safe."

Does the good doctor have any cosmetic advice for his former colleagues? "I think some of the people on the far right of the Republican Party and some of the people on the far left of the Democrat Party -- the way they stand there squinting their eyes at each other and giving themselves wrinkles -- could be helped," he replied. "I think Hillary Clinton could have used some Botox the day Bill told her about Monica Lewinsky."

Cooksey also suggested that frequent Pentagon briefer Torie Clarke might benefit. "No," Clarke replied with a laugh. "I'm trying to emulate Secretary Rumsfeld in every way."


President Bush's twin daughters, Jenna and Barbara, are free, legal and 21. They took full advantage of all that during a recent visit to a karaoke bar in Washington's Adams Morgan neighborhood.

All the fun started at the Peyote Cafe around 11:30 p.m. on May 29, the same night President and Laura Bush were hosting a Yale 35th-year reunion dinner at the White House, and kept going till 2 a.m. The highlight, according to deejay Phil Schneider, was when Jenna sang backup in James Brown's "Sex Machine." Dressed in a knee-length brown skirt and a white top, she belted out the chorus of "Get up! Get up! Get up!" Barbara, in dark brown tight pants and a white top, joined in "Thank G-d I'm a Country Boy" and "Sweet Home Alabama."

"Barbara was dirty-dancing with her boyfriend, or the guy she was with by the end of the night -- they closed down the bar," Schneider said. "The guy Jenna was with was kind of rude. He kept grabbing the mike from other people and would not return it when I wanted it back. . . . If I didn't think that I would wake up in Guantanamo Bay, I would have punched him in the face!"

Noelia Rodriguez, the first lady's press secretary, told us: "We have a longstanding policy of not commenting on the daughters."


-- Reflected Glory? Sidney Blumenthal, whose recently released "The Clinton Wars" enjoyed brief bestseller status, was bound to be overshadowed by his patron Hillary Rodham Clinton. On Monday in New York, Sen. Clinton, D-N.Y., drew a huge crowd to her kickoff book signing for her memoir "Living History." Blumenthal strolled into the Midtown Barnes & Noble and joined the gaggle of about 200 reporters watching the senator commune with her public. "I'm just trying to get close enough to wave to her," the former White House aide explained as he maneuvered toward Clinton. Then he was spotted signing a copy of his own book. Next he was spotted giving an interview. Blumenthal e-mailed us: "I did not know Hillary would be there."

-- Does a television star dress in the woods? Yes, if it's "60 Minutes" correspondent Steve Kroft, who, with his wife -- writer Jennet Conant -- and their 9-year-old son, John, got terribly lost on their way to a wedding in the farm country of Rappahannock, Va. Conant told us: "We were looking for the farm where we were supposed to spend the night, but you have no idea how many 'dirt roads behind a Baptist church' there are in the country." Not wishing to be late for the party, they drove into a rain-drenched, muddy, wooded area, stripped to their undies and exchanged their jeans for formal wear -- with Conant slipping into a chic Marc Jacobs cocktail dress.

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