Jewish World Review Sept. 13, 2002/ 7 Tishrei, 5763

Marianne M. Jennings

Marianne M. Jennings
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Erudite buffoons | A toxic occupational hazard of writing opinion pieces is dissenting reader mail. Liberals are kindly to flora, fauna and pornographers, but conservative columnists? "Off with their heads," they shout.

Most liberalentia mail begins or ends with a puzzling, but heartfelt concern: "How can someone with your views be a professor?" they query. When the American Enterprise study on professorial political party affiliation was released just weeks ago, I finally understood this near-universal gripe. According to the study, there are about 27 registered Republicans on campuses around the country, only 3 of whom voted for George Bush. Political views are a screen for tenure-track positions.

Mail dissenters and many of my colleagues are part of the ruling class of erudite buffoons, a term of the 19th century. E-buffoons feign brilliance through left-field solutions. One of my E-buffoon colleagues once proposed having 2 department chairs when we all couldn't agree on one candidate. E-buffoons wreak havoc with their solutions, i.e., 2 bosses, yet status makes them the ruling class, immune from criticism.

Despite intellectualism and because of emotionalism, they ignore facts and ward off sudden spats of reasoning. Snobs, mortified of common sense, they dismiss facts as tools of the riff-raff. Beneath the self-labeled open minds of E-Buffoons lie percolating inconsistencies and boiling desires not to know.

At training seminars I imagine being held in Oregon or Santa Fe, E-buffoons learn how to be consistent in their inconsistencies. For example, E-buffoons fling insults about possible psychiatric ailments from which I suffer. E-buffoon training must include "Diagnosing Mental Illness From 800 Words or Less of Op-ed Writing." However, E-buffoons are also trained by Tipper Gore to chant, "Not that there's anything wrong with mental illness." Mental illness insults are hurled only at conservative columnists. Such twists and curves of erudite logic are as challenging as the switchbacks of the Grand Canyon, another possible training location with many Euro Erudites (E2) attending.

E-Buffoon language training must be outsourced to The Berlitz School of Obfuscation. George Carlin offered some translations: "rainforest" means "jungle" and "wetlands" are "swamps." I've learned that "urban sprawl" means "suburbs."

Erudite buffoons coin these phrases to use the power of language. "Urban sprawl" sounds like headquarters for brown recluse spiders trained to deposit mold in tract homes. "Suburbs" is too upbeat a word. It brings to mind trees, Red Flyer wagons and no annoying street musicians begging for money.

Language also conceals inconsistencies. Erudite buffoons abide in loft apartments located next to three forms of mass transit and a Starbucks. They desire all to have such utopia. Yet, what do erudite buffoons do in the summer, besides attend refresher courses entitled, "Using Yoga to Enhance Affirmative Action Programs" sponsored by city parks and recreation? Why, they raise money so that the youth of urbia can spend time in urban sprawl!

We say "abortion;" E-buffoons say "choice." We say "reforestation;" they say "Loggers raping the land." We say "bum;" they say "homeless." We say "dumb;" they say "learning disabled." We say "brat;" they say "attention deficit disorder." We say "men making passes;" they say "sexual harassment." We say "illegal immigrant;" they say "unnaturalized citizens." They say "gay;" we say "homosexual." An E-buffoon scholar of religion on Fox News last week explained that references to homosexuality in the Bible, when properly translated, indicate God was addressing "issues of hospitality" in those scriptures, not condemning sin. They say "issues of hospitality;" we say "fire and brimstone, Sodom and Gomorrah."

E-Buffoons emit gut-wrenching sensitivity. Oh, the feelings they harbor for trees, even more for animals. E-buffoons wouldn't hurt a fly, even a non-endangered species. However, they want me killed, even those E-buffoons who got the death penalty eliminated for the mentally ill, which they assure me I am.

This year's E-buffoon training had new breakout sessions because my mail, from Belgium to Broadway, has a new mantra, "The U.S. is the greatest threat to world peace."

Saddam Hussein, a nut case ("special needs despot") has stockpiled nuclear weapons and added the punch of weaponized small pox to his Third World Nation ("developing economy") ("nation of concern") arsenal. He had connections to the suicide bombers (Islamic fundamentalists) and won't allow inspections. The U.S. has a pansy secretary of state, Congress, the media, and E-buffoons wringing their hands and whining a president into submission. Such a ragtag group is some threat to an armed fascist. ("misunderstood dictator"). Perhaps I should get the E-buffoons to define "world peace."

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JWR contributor Marianne M. Jennings is a professor of legal and ethical studies at Arizona State University. Send your comments by clicking here.


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